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  2. Kwikset smart key door lock

    If you have ever tried perusing the market for home locks, the chances are that you might have come across Kwikset quite often. This is because it is considered to be a big name in the home lock niche. With its touch-to-open Bluetooth smart lock, it has successfully dominated the smart lock market. The product is equipped with the ability to be opened with both Bluetooth and radio frequency identification. This means that customers are provided with the option of either opening the locks from their smartphones or using a key fob that accompanies the system. For someone who has a habit of forgetting keys in the most unfortunate of times, I found this feature to be a source of massive convenience. Additionally, the smart lock is compatible with iOS and Android alike. This allows the smart lock to extend its services to the masses. You can also alter the settings to allow unlocking of the door when your synced smartphone comes into proximity to it. Hence, you will always be provided with an unlocked door upon your arrival without compromising the security of your house. While most smart locks can only be operated from one smartphone, this product offers you the chance to add two devices with full access. Moreover, you can provide eKeys to your guests as well. One of the things that make me cynical of smart locks is the fact that they put you in a compromised position if the synced smartphone is lost. However, this is not the case with this lock since it is accompanied by a lost phone option that resets the access system so that people with eKeys can no longer unlock the doors of your house. It is true that Kevo has its share of flaws. However, none of them lead to the compromised security of your house. At the end of the day, if a lock can make you feel secure and is convenient, it is easy to overlook the minor flaws. Also take a look at top 10 best smart locks
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  4. Just to throw this out there; I've not had a good experience with that Bosch motion sensor. It's the only product I have for my iris system that is completely unusable. It constantly detects motion (like every 5 minutes) when there is no motion... to the point I had to remove it because it was filling up my logs and made it impossible to find anything. I have been told by someone here to call iris and request a firmware update that they say fixes that problem, but I've not had the time to do it. From the various posts I've read here, I'm not looking forward to ever calling their support in the future.
  5. Push Notification to Alexa

    I gave up. However the next best thing was to download an app to my phone called "Voice Notify". It speaks your Notifications. You can uncheck all except Iris by Lowe's app. Then in the Iris app add the notifications you want.
  6. Stelpro Baseboard Thermostat

    Just as an FYI in case anyone is interested in an inline voltage baseboard heating thermostat, I have solved my issue by spending the time to break open the Smartthings box and set the hub up. Paired the thermostat with zero problems and it works pretty darn well (both the SmartThings Hub and the thermostat). Not making this an “Iris vs Smartthings” thread. But if you have these types of heaters and would like to control them remotely, I can confirm that they do not work with Iris, but work great on the Smartthings platform. I’m now pretty interested to play with both platforms side by side for a bit to compare.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I don't have have pets so I can't speak to these personally, but a lot of forum members have had success with this type of motion sensor:
  8. Hey all, Rather new to the forum so I figured I'd start here. Essentially in a situation where I have a 12 year old who is notorious for not turning off lights. We have a 2 story house so that's a decent amount of lights. I've been tempted to go down the path of automation but have been hesitant as Iris products aren't cheap. So if something doesn't work I'd have to go back and forth between items to figure out which one does. Additional issue is, we have a lot of animals (4 dogs, 1 cat) that could potentially set off a motion detector. I don't want them to turn on for the animals. Suggestions??
  9. Water heater adjustment not sticking

    Wow! I didn't see that before. Thanks.
  10. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Agreed, there is no such thing as indisputable evidence.
  11. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I'm not an attorney, but this makes sense to me:
  12. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Says who? I have supplied videos from a crappy Night Owl system as evidence on 3 occasions. Just dumped it on a usb drive and handed it over to an officer. Video not as good, and just a downloaded file with a funky file name same as Iris. Pulling a video file from Night Owl is same as downloading from Iris web page. Search for date and time frame, select file, download to pc & then copy to usb drive. It has worked 3 times on 3 separate cases.
  13. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    This wouldn't be allowed as evidence.
  14. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I have a mix of Iris and Dahua cameras and I do not use Iris for anything camera related. I use a third party software to create the timestamp overlay for my Iris cameras. The time stamp in the screenshot I posted is live and it not being recorded for my Iris cameras but it is on my Dahuas.
  15. Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout

    I received this from IrisByLowes last Thursday: Re: Regarding "Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout" Hi Jim, We wanted to send an update that the motion sensor issue you flagged to us has been resolved. A firmware update was released this morning that should address this issue. Let us know if you experience something of this nature again. Thanks again, The Iris Team I assume the firmware update is a hub update as I'm now running
  16. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Back to the original topic though. I think many other brands have ignored Iris because they don't play with others. All the Iris V1 stuff was not compatible with other hardware thanks to custom firmware that Iris used correct? So my bet is since Iris chose not to support other brand equipment they reciprocated and don't support Iris for the most part. However, having said that when I go into the SmartThings app and want to add a device all the 2nd Gen Iris stuff is listed so apparently it will work with ST. I've never tried moving any of my Iris devices over to ST, maybe I will do that with a some of my spare contact switches and smart buttons to see if they do connect and work as expected. I believe that all the Z-Wave Plus (2nd Generation Z-Wave) stuff is supposed to be compatible with other brand equipment, at least from what I read on the Z-Wave Alliance website about a year ago. Does Iris adhere to this or are they still rogue?
  17. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I would suspect you are correct. The file names do match history when the events occurred. And the event is time stamped on the website. It seems like it would serve the purpose as a time stamp. I mean, depending on the circumstances of why you need the video of course. If you had to download it to supply as evidence, then you may lose the time stamp if you changed the file name.
  18. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Vettester, you're not viewing the Iris camera using the Iris app or web interface correct? I see that you have the date/time stamp visible in the lower right corner. Is that live or a recording and is that from the camera or overlaid by the software or app you are using?
  19. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I suspect you are just seeing the file name with a timestamp for when it was created. If you change the name of the file you downloaded does the "timestamp" stay the same?
  20. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Not a "true time stamp" as in your screen shot, but does indicate the time of the recording start. It matches up with the time stamp that is indicated on the "clips" page while viewing clips on the web.
  21. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Is it actually a timestamp or is it just showing the file name of the clip being viewed?
  22. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I was on a pc at that time.
  23. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    A true timestamp is embedded in the video and updates as the video is played. I didn't mean to sidetrack the OP. Iris needs to be more open to integrating with third party vendors. The cameras are a prime example of what can be done with integration When Iris made it possible to use a third party interface on their cameras it opened up a lot of possibilities. Currently I am using an Iris camera at my front door to capture video based on a schedule that is controlled through presence of my iPhone. This is accomplished via geofencing through a third party app. Besides just recording, it is also setup to send me a text message that includes a still image of who is at the door when I'm not home. One other thing I've done with the camera is to have it ring a my doorbell when someone is walking up to my front door. I have this scheduled to only occur during specific times so that stray animals can't trigger the doorbell in the middle of the night. These are just a few examples of what you can do with third party integration. Now if Iris would just quit being so closed minded, the possibilities could be endless.
  24. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Are you on Android or IOS? I do not see that on my Ipad.
  25. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    The videos in Iris are time/date stamped. I just downloaded and played one to confirm. "Front porch camera_20171127_143831" The video was from 11/27/2017 at 2:38 pm. It is visible in the upper left corner while playing as well as the actual file name.
  26. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    V1 recorded videos had a date and time stamp. V2 nope. After Iris missed an event here I moved to third party video recording. Just can't trust Iris.
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