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  2. Found another stash of some IRIS 1g motion sensors and a couple door switches. I also have some tilt switches and door hinge switches which from what I have been able to descern are not compatible with SmartThings because they are the C4/IRIS version not he HA vesion. So if anyone has a need for these let me know. If anyone is interested let me know. Otherwise I'll hang on to it and sell it at the next local Hamfest in August 2021.
  3. sparc

    New Ring Devices

    Found this YT video that shows off a bunch of new Alexa products coming soon. It also shows three new Ring devices. The link here is cued to the segment on the new ring devices, but the whole video is worth watching, if only to keep abreat of how invasive these types of devices are becoming.
  4. SOLD ! It''s all gone. Sold it at a Hamfest this weekend. 2 Iris 1st gen hubs 1 Vera Hub 2 Iris cameras (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) 14 1G Motion sensors 6 1G door switches 1 1g Repeater All for $30 Good riddance. Tired of looking at the junk.
  5. It was a shame as Systronic got the V1 keypads working, but I am not sure what went on with them. Their development just seem to stop. I am using almost all V1 stuff in my shop with Hubitat, Contact sensors smart plugs and Buttons. but HE never got the V1 keypads working. I had hoped to use them when I moved over to HE.
  6. Yeah, none of the v1 hardware works with ST.
  7. Well, maybe there is hope yet, just found this. Spoke too soon. Looks like this will only work with the v2 and later keypads.
  8. I like the v1 over the later versions. Too bad they are useless to me now.
  9. I have a few as well, I never liked the looks of them but I liked the battery life and reliability.
  10. I have three v1 keypads looking for work. 🙂
  11. I agree I'm using a number of my old v1 hardware (mostly contact sensors but one button as well) on my parents Hubitat, in fact I was running that system offline for about 6 months with an Aeotec Gen 5 Doorbell loaded with a bunch of pre-made mp3 files for speech notifications and a variable in the user interface for text notifications with all automations and notifications for water leaks and doors left open working perfectly. However since then they've gotten internet so they could get notifications when not at home as well. The only v1 device I know doesn't work with Hubitat is the keypad
  12. Sparc, you should really take a look at Hubitat. You could use your Iris V1 gear and not have to deal with all of those Smatthings outages. With Hubitat everything is local.
  13. If anyone is interested I have a bunch of mostly 1st Gen Iris hardware available. Many motion sensors but a list of other stuff I won't bother to list. If you're looking for something list it here and I'll get back to you. I hung on to this stuff for a while because I thought I might go over to Arcus or some other system that was compatible with these devices. Since I can't get them to work with SmartThings without creating a bunch of custom device drivers I have decided to sell them. Thanks.
  14. I just setup a Ring doorbell with the inside chime. I had been using a SmartThings SmartButton and the Aerotec doorbell but the Ring is better in a couple ways. First it has a built in camera which I dodn't have with the Iris button I was using as a doorbell or with the ST SmartButton. I have cameras that cover the entrance from two directions whose fields of view overlap so you can't approach either camera from any direction without being seen by the other but I have no audio setup with those particular cameras and if you're standing facing the door then your face can not be seen or reco
  15. Nothing has really changed or degraded with these Z-Wave locks. What's more likely is that you or your neighbors have added more devices, and as the Z-Wave spectrum becomes increasingly congested, you'll need improvements in the Z-Wave protocol and radios to compensate. The BE469 works fine if you keep it close to a hub; in my testing environment I've had no issues with 15-25ft away from the hub.
  16. Any chance these controllers are still available? If so PM me please.
  17. sparc

    Z-wave Locks

    "These Schlage locks are pretty old, it's probably time to start swapping them out." Funny, if they were the old 'dumb' locks they would last forever just about, but now that they are 21st century tech they are cr@p in only a couple years. Makes me wonder if we are really moving forward or just found a way to empty our wallets faster thanks to engineered-in obsolesce .
  18. For me in the original Iris environment they were reliably unresponsive. I never got them to work reliably period and I had 6 of them. That was over $1200.00 invested. I worked with the developers off an on for years and it was a losing effort. When I sold that house, I left all of them with the house and never looked back. One of the best decisions that I ever made. I am now using Kwikset Zigbee locks and I also have two Kwikset Z-Wave plus locks and they are 100% rock solid,
  19. Terminal

    Z-wave Locks

    These Schlage locks are pretty old, it's probably time to start swapping them out. Z-wave in general seems less robust than what I got with ST. Several devices that are the furthest away from the HE hub would not pair until I brought the HE Hub close. I did not have to do that with ST. I started adding devices close to the Hub and moving away from it so as to keep minimal distances between z-wave repeaters. I just added in an Inovelli dimmer yesterday that paired fine in it's current location with ST, but I had to move the HE hub in the same room. The Inovelli has a test you ca
  20. In my experience, the original Schlage locks (e.g. the BE469) aren't very reliable. In my Arcus test environment, I have a BE469 a few feet away from the hub and it's almost flawless, but if you take it say 25ft away, you'd be lucky to get events about the door being unlocked or locked. You can try all sorts of range extenders (I personally use the Ring Range Extender with Arcus, as it has a built in backup battery, but really any mains powered Z-Wave device will work), but I've not had great luck with those and the BE469. Upgrading to the BE469ZP (Z-Wave Plus model) fixes all the issues I've
  21. Terminal

    Z-wave Locks

    Thanks for the advice. As I mentioned I was thinking of moving them back to ST but if I do that I will probably have to add a couple of the other Z-wave Iris 3210-l repeaters back to ST as well. As two of the locks are on the opposite end of the house from the ST HUB, So once I move all my other Z-wave devices on to HE I won't have any repeaters for ST. Something I found, is if you do a get codes to any of the three that have issues they will do about 5 or 6 slots and then just stop. I then have to pull the battery to get them to talk again. The FE5999, which is a much newer loc
  22. Schlage Z-wave locks can be a bit finicky. The Hubitat team recommends pairing the locks in place, but I could never get them to work right by doing this. The only way I could get them to except the lock codes was to pair them in close proximity to the hub. Once you get them paired and the codes working you can reinstall the lock and then run a Z-wave repair. There are a few other things I have found to keep them working reliably. First is to keep the battery level up, I'm not exactly sure what the minimal level is but I change mine out once they fall below 70%. Another nuance is for wh
  23. Terminal

    Z-wave Locks

    I have read through a bunch of threads over on the HE forums, but I wondered if you guys had any experience with Z-wave locks on HE. Below is what I posted over in a HE forum thread The forum is so busy and so much info to go through I thought I would ask over here since you guys have been using HE for awhile now. Did you guys have issues with your Z-wave locks, maybe you didn't have any. Unfortunately all of mine are, one train of thought over on the HE forum is to switch to zigbee locks, but that will get expensive. A couple of my Schlages are pretty old but they have worked reliably
  24. I gave up on SystronicRF early on mainly because I felt they were taking way too long to develop profiles for some of my key devices. The main reason for moving to their platform was because of their support for Iris V1 devices. Even though Lowes reimbursed us for these I didn't want to throw away thousands of dollars if I didn't have to. I spent hours working with Andy in the early stages of development and I learned a lot about a Raspberry Pi so it wasn't a total loss. When Hubitat started supporting V1 devices I quickly baled out of the Systronics beta program and have never looked back.
  25. I don't have any v1 devices here but I have a number of them on my parents hub and they haven't had any issues with them. I had issues with multiple devices on one side of the house dropping off every week or two and battery life issues on those devices then the battery died in one of my Iris v2 sensors and I couldn't get to it to replace the battery for a few months and everything was stable in that time. Spring finally came around and I could replace that battery and all of a sudden things on that side of the house started dropping off again so I've had the battery out for about a mont
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