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  2. Notifications Not Working

    I did go to drop down menu. The image I tried to insert was not existing or a url
  3. Notifications Not Working

    I haven’t changed it from week one. Worked fine until this weekend, yesterday, today. Again., naming or scene hasn’t changed at all. Pic attached.
  4. Notifications Not Working

    Also, for future reference, to attach an image to a PM click the "Insert other media" in the lower right hand corner of the message.
  5. Notifications Not Working

    I notice this rule has the default name. Do you have others with the same name?
  6. Notifications Not Working

    Is this rule scheduled?
  7. Notifications Not Working

    Actually, I could not attach in private message.
  8. Notifications Not Working

    I don’t have many devices, so I just put them on favorites so I can see the status of them if needed. I’m going to private message screen shots since my real name is in it. I have not changed any of the rules on the arm/disarm since the first week I got this setup.
  9. Notifications Not Working

    Another thing I just noticed from your screenshot, why would you want a keypad, a siren, a contact sensor and a motion sensor in your favorites?
  10. Notifications Not Working

    Can you post a screenshot of the scene or rule you have setup to enable the push notification for the partial alarm?
  11. GE In-wall Switches Dropped Off Network All At Once

    Have you tried re-starting your hub?
  12. Notifications Not Working

    Vetester, i just armed house to partial. No push notification. Here’s my app and here’s my iOS
  13. I installed two GE In-wall switches ten days ago. The install went smoothly and they were paired to my hub with zero hiccups. Exactly seven days later (three days ago) they lost their connection to my hub. I have power-cycled them, rebuilt the z-wave network multiple times (which worked...the first time...intermittently...for about five minutes), forcibly removed one from the hub and factory reset it in the hopes that I would then be able to re-pair it. NOTHING! Iris does not see my switches. I'm quickly losing hope of ever getting them working with Iris again and I'm kicking myself for not choosing Philips Hue bulbs since they ALWAYS work when I expect them to. Help? NDB
  14. Notifications Not Working

    Ok....did it. I will wait in the morning when I disarm house and when their lights turn off in the morning. Thanks again. I will post results.
  15. Notifications Not Working

    Just for giggles try it again.
  16. Notifications Not Working

    Vetester, Thanks. That was the first thing I did when I got the Iris up and running. It was also the first thing support told me to keep doing as well as deleting and creating scenes in both the app and web portal. I took it as far as deleting the app and installing it again. I tried it all.
  17. Notifications Not Working

    To those that did not see the pictures, the text still remain on the posts. It’s shows the app history against my push notifications on my iPhone. Iris notifications did not go through.
  18. Notifications Not Working

    No problem... Try going into your iPhone's settings and scroll down to the "Iris by Lowe's" app then select "Notifications" and toggle the "Allow Notifications" off and then back on again.
  19. Notifications Not Working

    Thanks Vetester for responding to my private message on keeping pics up for a little time only. I appreciate it!
  20. Yesterday
  21. Notifications Not Working

    My family room notification light. Just turned on and it works(push notification on top). Just like it worked yesterday. And I had issues before. This was one of my big complaints early on and support even walked me through creating the scene and they looked at it from their professional end. Everything checked out and it worked and then stopped working and worked again. We will see how long it lasts.
  22. Notifications Not Working

    7:00am scene light off was supposed to get pushed notified as well. Everything checks out too. Support told me to try making the rule on the Irisbylowes web portal. I got the email for that too. But im not posting that because since I don’t have permission from other part. So..I’m waiting for tomorrow to see if this runs. Door scensors work fine, lock is finally working fine (it just started working after I notified is that coincidence?)
  23. Notifications Not Working

    Vetester, Iris App....disarmed 7:21am. iOS-nothing on my notifications got pushed. I have not changed my rules, scenes or anything before this weekend. Seems like it’s not working for me.
  24. Notifications Not Working

    Hmmm... I haven't had any issues on iOS. I just tested it again and it appears to be working just fine.
  25. Notifications Not Working

    I am working with the frame from Feb 26 when it was first installed until now. So about 3 1/2 weeks I had this. I would say it worked seamlessly for about 5 days straight after a terrible first 10 days. So for me. I will expect it. For others, maybe...” don’t be surprised if the system seems glitchy every now and then”. I had smarrthings for 4 months before I switched to Iris. I had basically the same set up minus a keypad. Same number of sensors on doors, motion, lights and door lock. Not once did I had an issue. Straight from the box...none. No headache, no missed notification. I have given my kids their own codes for the Iris system so I can see when they unlock the door and disarm house and this Sunday I received no notification from the hour time frame they were supposed to get in. The only way I knew was constantly checking my history on the app. I have even had support look over my rules and scenes. Everything checked out from day one and even deleted and changed rules/scenes and left them the way they were from the time it worked for 5 days straight. Then this weekend and last couple of days occurred. So to others...don’t be surprised if things are glitchy. Roll with the punches (if you want to).
  26. Notifications Not Working

    I have had this system since the beginning of V1 and notifications have been usually solid except the startup of V2. Something was just glitchy that day for several hours and it went away. It has been working perfect ever since, if not too perfect. (Back yard camera notifications drove me crazy this weekend from yard work and I didn’t feel like turning them off) lol. Joe, if you are having that many issues maybe something needs to be checked on your system/internet connection?
  27. Notifications Not Working

    While notifications have worked great over the last few years, including text messages from the V1 days, they have been very sporadic the last 10-14 days. I didn't receive any notifications for a few days, so I rebooted the hub from the app. That worked for a day, but they are gone again. I would not say to expect it, as it has been a very reliable function for a long time. Your timing just happened to coincide with whatever issue is going on right now.
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