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  3. Connected Bulb Experience

    Good reasons.
  4. Hub Replacement Automation

    The thing is, they developed a tool for upgrading from V1 hub to V2 hub without having to unpair or repair any devices. I upgraded manually, so I don't know how well it worked. So it's possible and they have obviously spent time in the area, just seems like it dropped off the radar.
  5. Hub Replacement Automation

    My guess...and it's only a that the devices wouldn't see the new hub as their existing pairing mate. In other words, the devices would be looking for a hub and they wouldn't know the difference between your new hub and a neighbor's hub. The new hub would have a different MAC address on the wireless interface, or whatever they use in these protocols. Of course they could get around that by cloning the address of your old hub into the new.
  6. I have two used Outdoor Wifi Camera's forsale, Model # OC821. They come with power supply. Nothing is wrong with them, I just upgraded to a new system have have no need to use these anymore. I would like $ 40 each plus shipping. Please PM me.
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  8. Connected Bulb Experience

    Thanks for all the replies. Here is what I decided to do and why. I went with Philips Hue. I needed two connected bulbs because I had three outdoor fixtures on my driveway. I wanted to replace one of them with a Ring Floodlight Camera which needs the power on all the time. I did not want the other two lights on 24/7 so I decided that connected bulbs would solve the dilemma. If the switch to the lights accidentally got turned off, I did not want it to affect the rest of my Iris system because the bulbs are repeating devices and contribute to the Zigbee network mesh. With Philips Hue, you pair their hub to Iris which has its own Zigbee network and you can change the channel so that it does not interfere with, and is isolated from the Iris Zigbee network. Otherwise you can control the bulbs in Iris just like you can any other connected device. Since it is also connected to the Philips Hue app, my firmware stays up to date.
  9. So my buddy that runs ST picked up a couple of Watercop auto-shutoff valves and suggested I give one a shot to see if it works with Iris. Well it pairs right away but comes up as an uncertified device. It is kind of sad there are all these other devices out there that we can't use. Right now everything on Iris seems to be working well for me but I really wish they would open up the platform. This is probably the sixth device I have tried that doesn't work on Iris but works on ST. I think ultimately this closed mentality is going to be its demise. It would be one thing if they were coming out with new devices of their own, but really nothing is happening. It makes me want to jump ship before I have to, anyone else?
  10. Keen Smart Vents

    Good to know. Maybe I’ll snag one from eBay. Thanks for the insight, all! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Connected Bulb Experience

    They initially had issues with old firmware, turning on by themselves, disconnecting, etc. When they did the latest update on the bulb firmware (had to get a lightify hub for this) they have all been perfect since then, this was a long time ago. Firmware is:1020492
  12. I have one brand new in factory sealed box. $150.00 plus shipping.
  13. Keen Smart Vents

    I've had one for a long time with no connectivity issue. Lowe's no longer sells them but they are still and will be supported.
  14. Keen Smart Vents

    Yeah, I saw the price increase too. I also found a CNET review that said Keen had implemented updates that fixed a number of the previous issues. That said, there’s NO WAY I’m paying 100+ for a product with flaky connectivity. There are a few products that work directly with Nest. Maybe a solution exists there... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Keen Smart Vents

    Hmmm... I wasn't aware that Lowe's had discontinued these. I wonder if it has anything to do with Keen's price increase. I think I paid $79.99 each for the ones I have and I noticed that if you go to Keen's web site they are now selling for $109.99. Anyway, I have seven of these and they work great if you can keep them connected. Even though they are a zigbee device they seem to have an issue staying connected to the Iris hub. Whenever one falls offline I just pull the battery pack out and put it back in and it reconnects. I haven't spent anytime trouble shooting these so I don't know if removing and re-pairing them would help or not. I do know that when they were initially paired they were within 5' of the hub.
  16. Keen Smart Vents

    I finally got around to pulling the trigger on a Keen Smart Vent, only to discover that they are no longer listed on the Iris product page or the general Lowe’s site. Anybody know why or have any experience with them? Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Connected Bulb Experience

    Phillips Hue works great with Iris. Set up Hue with hub, bulbs and remotes. Link accounts and use Iris for everything schedule related. I use Alexa to set colors and brightness. I was using Wink for all of my bulbs prior to purchasing a Hue hub. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. lowes sale

    I'd snap up the motion sensors and make some money on eBay!
  19. Connected Bulb Experience

    Otto: I have 3 different types of Sylvania smart bulbs on Iris. One of them is the dimmable bulb you posted. I had initial trouble with several of the Osram bulbs. However, they've all been completely stable for the past 5 months. I recommend getting the Osram Lightify hub (eBay - $17) and updating the bulbs through it. Once I did that, I had stable bulbs that did what Iris told them to do. Here's a string that might be helpful:
  20. Connected Bulb Experience

    I am also curious about Phillips Hue which shows as a pair-able device with Iris.
  21. Connected Bulb Experience

    These are the ones I was referring to: If you look at the Community Q&A at the bottom of the page in the link there are people that are reporting that these work with Iris.
  22. Connected Bulb Experience

    I have never had need for a connected bulb but have recently come up with a reason to get a couple. I know that things were rocky early on with respect to connected bulbs. I think that Iris is much more stable now. If you use connected bulbs could you please state which ones you are using and whether of not they have been stable? Thanks
  23. lowes sale

    My lowes has V1 contact sensors and motion sensors for $5. Spring Hill Fla
  24. Hub Offline

    Figured it out... Router went bad. Wifi worked but wired connections did not. Master reset on router didn't help. Wired hub direct to modem and hub went back on line. replaced router and all is well.
  25. Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    No joy. It installs pretty easily, and paired right away, but showed up an "Unknown Device" with no controls. Darn.
  26. Hub Offline

    Also when you unplug it you need to remove at least one battery (all of the lights should be off) then plug it back in after a minute and replace the battery. What lights are on after the hub has been on again for a few minutes?
  27. Hub Offline

    When you used the reset button on the Iris hub did the hub beep after holding it in for about 3 seconds? If so, have you tried pinging the IP address of your hub to verify that its still on your network?
  28. Hub Offline

    Lost my internet connection a few nights ago. It was out for about an hour and came back on. Since this happened, my hub has not come back online. I have tried resetting multiple times using the reset button, unplugging, resetting my modem and router. I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions.
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