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  2. Thank you sir for the reply. I think I'll rig up a solenoid with a smart plug to suffice for now that Alexa can handle.
  3. For those of you who are using Blue Iris as a 3rd party app for your Iris cameras there have been some recent updates that now adds still images to push notifications. The Iris devs could learn a few things from this type of addition to notifications.
  4. The hose timer is currently not an Alexa supported device in Iris so this isn't possible right now. I'm not sure if it's planned for future updates, but it's not a bad idea.
  5. I bought the cheap Orbit Hose Timer just to turn on a soaker hose. It works fine with Iris app but would rather just be able to tell Alexa to turn it on rather than pulling out phone for Iris app. Anybody know of a way to have Alexa do this? Alexa doesn't "see" the timer in devices.
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  7. Otto and Terk had it right. I forced the hub to cellular and back and the message has disappeared from my screen shots. Thanks for the help.
  8. This morning at 12:15 am my Iris system alarmed on a water leak. The drain hose on my non-Iris water softener malfunctioned and started spraying water everywhere. The leak sensor I had placed on the floor next to the softener detected the water leak, setoff the alarm and turned off the main water valve so there was minimal clean-up required. This is the third time Iris as saved me from potential major water damage. Thanks again Iris!
  9. The camera rules this is referring to provides the ability to utilize cloud storage for your video clips. A camera can still be used as motion sensor for any rule involving motion on the basic plan.
  10. The only rules there are for cameras and you do need a premium plan to use them. You should be able to find any rule you need for sensors under the doors and locks or lights and switches.
  11. Not sure exactly how to interpret this but under Rules Library/Camera & Sensors it says; "Your current service plan does not support Cameras & Sensors rules."
  12. I was just reading through the iOS 11 features and noticed this: HOMEKIT Developers can now experiment with HomeKit without needing to apply for Made for iPhone (MFi) approval from Apple. That means developers can start creating and testing products before bringing them to market and Apple is even permitting experimentation popular custom-fit boards like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. HomeKit products also no longer need a hardware authentication chip, which means new and existing product manufacturers will be able to add HomeKit support to devices through a firmware update. I believe they have finally seen the light! I feel like that crazy requirement for a hardware authentication chip is what has been holding back homekit all this time. Lift this restriction and I believe you will start to see tons of manufacturers update their products with homekit support!
  13. Same is happening to me. I'll try disconnecting / reconnecting the ethernet when I get home and see if comes back.
  14. The temporary solution is to unplug the Ethernet cable and wait for the hub to roll over to cellular and then plug it back in. A permanent fix should be included in the next release.
  15. Thanks Terk. I called support (T1) yesterday and was told there was nothing they could do other than report it to the developers. I'll try your solution.
  16. The devs are.
  17. I had that same message about a year ago or more but I couldn't stream as it disabled the buttons. I called support and had to mess around with taking out the modem, putting it back in going back on cellular by pulling the RJ45 waiting a minute and putting it back in, eventually the message went away and streaming was working so support said they would look into that if they could replicate the issue.
  18. The above message is showing on each screen shot of my cameras on the Camera Card. It's been there for the last two days even though I'm not on backup cellular. Streaming and recording of live video is currently fully functional. 1) I don't know why the message is there -- maybe an artifact as they prepare the next update. 2) If the statement is accurate, this is an additional limitation to the cellular service that I was not aware of. With the limited hours per month now provided by the cellular option, it seems an unnecessary limitation. My need for access to live streaming may well be greater when wifi is unavailable. (Think natural disaster when you are away from home, with a need to see the condition of said home.)
  19. Thanks for letting me know. Tier 1 is not aware of this. I tried twice.
  20. This is a known bug which was reported at device release.
  21. My app, and @Gillions portal -- which can only report the data that Iris sends it -- do not show when I have tested my Halo's. Whether I test them manually or through the app, they only report the initial installation test, not subsequent tests. Am I alone in this?
  22. Yeah, WU uses much more granular (read local) info than Yahoo. They incorporate monitoring from private parties. On another issue, I imagine this would make Shane's calculations much more complicated, but temperature is not my only variable when deciding whether to open windows. I monitor humidity levels almost as closely as temp levels. It doesn't help my indoor climate to bring in cool air that is overly humid, so I don't open windows unless humidity levels are low as well. Can Shane make that assessment?
  23. Just a suggestion... Weather Underground has an API that you could get current weather from that would be a lot more accurate than Yahoo.
  24. SHANE gets his weather from Yahoo due to its simple API commands. This is how that part works. if(HouseTemp != ""){ ------------------------------ Checks to see if you have a thermostat and if it is reporting temp if(weather.currently != "Rain"){ ------------------------|---Checks to see if the current weather is not Rain or Thunderstorms if(weather.currently != "Thunderstorms"){--------|/ if( (parseInt(HouseTemp)+3) >= parseInt(weather.temp)){----------------|\ if( (parseInt(HouseTemp)-3) <= parseInt(weather.temp)){-------------|---------- Checks to see if the outside temp reported by Yahoo is with in 3 degrees of the thermostat SHANEtable = SHANEtable + '<tr><td>SHANE</td>' ------------- If everything is true then it write it to the portal. + "<td>It is currently nice out open up some windows and doors to save some money.</td></tr>"; } } } } } Now what you see in the weather report is a forecast and not current weather.
  25. This doesn't seem right. Why would I want to open some windows and doors if it is raining outside? Also, I'm not sure where you are pulling the outdoor temperatures from, but most of the time they are not even close to being accurate. I have noticed SHANE is reporting temperatures from 5 to 15 degrees cooler than actual temps on both the high and low side.
  26. I suspect the next hub firmware update will fix this problem.
  27. Yeah, that's how I read it, too. Sometimes auto-dictation/transcription will pull stuff like that on my phone.
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