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  2. In the absence of an IRIS-compatible standalone humidity sensor, I've started installing Radio thermostats in my crawl space to monitor moisture. The CT-101 I have installed is working pretty well. Does anyone know if the CT-100's also report humidity well through the app?
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  4. I forgot about the Echo Look...definitely a dud! Is "Alexa, do these Levi's make my butt look big?" next? I'm sure the Echo Show will get loads of accolades tomorrow...time will tell if it fizzles after launch. If it doesn't we'll be bombarded ad-naseum with advertising for it this holiday season as it's only 150 days until Black Friday. LOL It will be interesting to see what Iris, Wink, ST & others do with it.
  5. What about the "echo look"...? I can't understand HOW this would not be a dud. It seems like a ridiculous concept. I don't need machine learning algorithms to track my wardrobe choices and give me fashion advice...
  6. You're probably right about that Sparc. I'm definitely holding off a few months before even thinking about buying one of these. The days of me pre-ordering alpha/beta tech are over...been burned too many times already. Amazon is due for a dud after Echo's grand entrance...Echo Show could be it...I'll let others test it first.
  7. I have a connected bulb I use as a night light. I have it done on at 10% dusk till dawn (though I wish it let me do 1%). Anyway to have it brighten on an event (motion, door open etc) then return to its previous state rather than off?
  8. Under the hood I bet the Echo Show is nothing more than a kindle with a speaker and power supply built into the unit for thrice the price.
  9. @FHL Here is a video V1 sensors are better for this
  10. Last week
  11. There is no way to change this within the app. It's a bit confusing, but the app highlights the available action. In the screenshot below the TP LINK EXTENDER and TV are both on while the other four devices are off. The device icon is always highlighted when the device is on.
  12. I have a Gen 1 Smart Plug and a WiFi Smart Switch. The IRIS app on my phone and tablet shows them on when they are actually off and off when they are actually on. The Web Portal correctly reports the status of each switch. What can I do to make the IRIS app show the right status?
  13. I've had mine give me a false "GDO opening" message three times since my last post. Observing the process, I see that it will stay in "opening" mode for about 10 minutes, but never report such to the history. Then it does report in History that it has closed the door. All the while, the door hasn't moved. A camera is a great idea for verifying its status.
  14. Recently called Iris support and Megan? was in Wisconsin. Super helpful
  15. I put contact sensors and a camera staring down both my garage doors. GD itself often doesn't report correct status.
  16. On a recent flight sat beside a guy who works as a partner with Home Depot. Says overall HD is eating Lowe's lunch at the moment. Based on my local Lowe's I would believe it. Service there is non-existent.
  17. I have 2 Echo Shows on order. Guess Amazon pulled an Apple and sherlocked them.
  18. I was in Lowe's today and see the Nucleus intercom is down to $99.00 yellow tagged. I feel like it's about to be blown away by Echo Show when it launches. I haven't kept up with Nucleus as far as Iris is concerned. Did Nucleus ever integrate with Iris in any way? $99 is tempting, but I guess I should wait for the dust to settle on Echo Show after it launches as I'm sure it will be promo priced by November Black Friday. I have a feeling Nucleus will not be able to keep up with Amazon as Jeff Bezos' pockets are much deeper.
  19. So, it looks like you have to have it paired with the halo account instead of iris if you want to use IFTT, so it really doesn't matter in my case. Same with Alexa... I guess you can't test the alarm via Alexa if you are paired with iris. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Mine is a beagle-Jack Russel mix. He is also a very sweet dog, but can be pretty high strung at times! I just got a bosh sensor and it is a great product. Makes me want to replace all my existing motion detectors with these! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Thank you. It records freezing temperatures without flaw. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. When is Lowe’s hiring you to get their portal up to snuff with yours.
  23. Thanks for the explanation and for all the work you've put into the portal!
  24. @Vettester SHANE does not store any data with the web portal it's just code I am working on to make the portal smarter because how SHANE was going to work is now blocked by Iris. Here are some examples I am working on. If SHANE see you have an irrigation system (Not on rain delay) and it sees rain coming it will ask if you want to do a rain delay (Like Iris should) If SHANE sees that outside temperature and inside are close to the same it will suggest to out windows and turn off your AC.
  25. The event log is awesome, but before I allow "SHANE" to start logging my system's activity could you please provide some details as to what this actually does? I would like to know where the data is being stored and who will have access to it.
  26. Update 1.2.4 -Added Event Log page under Troubleshooting -Added SHANE to system status. -Cleaned up the code some.
  27. My beagle she is a sweetheart.
  28. What kinda dog is that in the video preview image? Looks a lot like mine!
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