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  2. Good CR2 battery recommendation???

    I've been using Duracell CR2's from Amazon.
  3. Im looking to buy some good CR2 batteries for the sensors. Any recommendation on what brand to get that would last? Thanks
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  5. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    I think it was supposed to be wired that way, but some idiot (me) bought our own electrical fixtures to save some money. All three of those remote receivers have now failed and have been replaced by GE z-wave fan switches.
  6. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    Good point. I had checked for that possibility when we moved in, but no luck. Some one was really thinking forward when they wired those rooms for a fan not knowing if they would be installed or not. Thoughtful electrician or maybe it was specified in the plans.
  7. Smoke Listener

    I found a work around many years ago, it was posted on this forum somewhere. If you have a Kiddie System, they sell Smoke or CO relays which connect to the existing system. When Smoke or CO happens that relay closes the circuit on the relay output. This is normally designed for alarm panels but if you get a Utilitech Water flood sensor and hook the two wires to the output of that relay, when the smoke goes off, it will tell the utilitech sensor to trigger a "water alarm". I just tell that to NOT shut off my real water valve and instead send me an alert on my phone. The utilitech sensor is like $35 and the relay from kiddie is like $20. Much much cheaper than even replacing 1 smoke alarm. I have two of these setup, one for CO and one for Smoke in a rental property. Works wonders when the renter sets off smoke alarm and 2 minutes later i am on the phone calling them.
  8. Desuperheater Water heater

    Hi Everyone, A desuperheater is known as a secondary heat exchanger device that transfers heat efficiently from the earth in the winter season and from your house in the summer, into your domestic hot water tank. Desuperheaters are crucial components used in the thermal management of heat from power generation sources to industrial uses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. When gas is used for heating or other heat transfer or in industrial processes, it is most efficient when saturated. It is a device that lowers the temperature of superheated gas so that it can be used efficiently for heating or for other industrial use. This gas temperature minimization is also called as attemperation, is performed by the desuperheater water heater (a device that injects a prescribed amount of water into a gas flow stream). The general purpose, of this device is to provide effective and continuous heat transfer between gas and water. And a highly effective desuperheater application and design ensures that costly problems to be avoided, including general wear of downstream piping and equipment, long startup and shutdown times, and reduced process efficiency. Thanks, Sonal Dhake +91 - 20 - 24 321 770
  9. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    Sorry, I should have clarified the switches. GE on/off switch for the light and GE fan switch for the fan. I have another room that I used a Wink Relay just to gain Alexa control over the fan and light. I just set fan to medium with pull chain and turn on/off with the Relay or Alexa.
  10. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    How are you controlling the fan speed with a light switch? I have the same type of fan and opted not to install the light kit. However, I did use a GE Fan switch so that I could control the speed.
  11. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    Just a heads up for some of you. When my house was built, we selected Hunter remote control ceiling fans. They are designed to be connected to a single wall switch and were wired as such by the electrician. When I gutted the faulty receiver in one of them, I found the wire stubbed off in the wall box and the ceiling box. I added a GE switch for light and another for fan, then connected the proper wire from ceiling to the fan motor. Not saying yours are done like that, just that it may be worth a look.
  12. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    I have the same situation with 5 fans and would love to enable them all under Iris.
  13. Smoke Listener

    No, there is not a smoke alarm listener currently supported by Iris.
  14. Smoke Listener

    Is there a smoke alarm listener that works with IRIS? For those who have existing interconnected smoke alarms, it's way cheaper and easier to install a single listener, instead of having to change all of them. I founds this link but it has never been released:
  15. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    Thank you for all your comments. I was mostly concerned about situations when I'm away for an extended time and my sensors just disconnect from the network and don't come back on their own, and there is no way for me to fix it, so the whole system becomes useless in the most critical task of keeping the house safe. Or not being able to arm the system when I'm rushing out the door. It seems like those kind of issues are relatively isolated and overall the system is pretty reliable. If I have just one or two sensors disconnect couple of times a year, that is tolerable (although I've also heard an anecdotal example of someone buying a 100ft cat5 cable so he could walk the IRIS hub around the house to re-connect the sensors, which sounded terrible). I also like the fact that you can specify 2 devices to trigger an alarm, although I think this idea need to be improved to be more configurable as opposed to just specifying the minimum number of sensors.... for example, if my front door sensor it tripped, that alone should be enough to sound the alarm, but if a motion sensor is tripped, then you would want to wait for one more device to trigger, etc.
  16. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    Hi Mojo2600, Thank you for providing your experience with the Gardinier receiver and remote installation in a non-smart fan. I have essentially done the same with an old Hunter fan and all seems to work fine with the Wink Hub2 controls through the phone. However, I am running into an issue with the Gardinier remote, and I thought you might be able to provide some insight if yours worked. Only the light button on the Gardinier remote works to turn on and off the light; the other buttons do not seem to turn on the motor or modulate the speed of the fan. The 4 digit codes are correct between the receiver and the remote because I can turn on and off the light. The wires are connected correctly because I can use the Wink App to control the light and fan speed. Is it possible that I have a bad Gardinier remote where only the light button works? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  17. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    I've found the system itself to be pretty reliable in regard to security. It's the monitoring service that worries me. See this post for a description of my experience: Even thought I posted over a month ago, I've never received a response from an Iris representative in the community forum. When I raised the issue with a Development Team member this week, he apologized profusely and said he would send the report up the chain again. He did say that I posted in a part of the community forum that may not be monitored as closely now that Professional Monitoring is up and running (It was an invitation-only section for early adopters of the service). I don't take much comfort in that, and still haven't heard anything back from my phone inquiries either. I'd at least like to be told that the third-party monitoring service was made aware of their failure that night, and that more resources are being added to that service's phone staff.
  18. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    1st gen contact sensors and motion sensors worked great for me, I have no problem getting more at this price. There are newer versions of Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols that will no doubt be included in the next generation devices. When they come out then these devices won't stand a chance of selling (at least the way I see it), so they are unloading old stock now while they can still get something more than cost for them is my guess.
  19. A buddy of mine that is running ST is going to pick up one of these and I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these to see if they work on Iris.
  20. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    I have used iris for security around 3 years now. I've only had a couple of false alarms in that time and I've found it to be pretty reliable. Once I had a newly install contact sensor that I didn't secure properly fall off a door, but that was user error. The other times it has been one particular motion sensor... it happened two times around the same time of day and same time of the year. I attributed it to something with the sunlight coming through the windows and shadows. If you have too many issues with motion detectors you can also enable a setting that requires 2 sensors to be tripped to trigger the alarm. I will say I've had a few issues with keyfobs leaving and reconnecting in the middle of the night also, but there is always a good reason. We have a designated place to hang our keys, and if we put them where they go we've never had a problem. In the event my wife leaves her keys in her pocketbook and it gets placed in certain areas it can happen. Also with my keys in my pants pocket, if they end up at the bottom of a laundry pile it sometimes happens. I have also experienced this with low batteries. I have found a few things to do to mitigate this issue. #1 Have a designated place for your keys where they should have clear communication with the hub. Key hangers work well. Try to avoid placing them in wire frame baskets that might interfere with the signal. #2 Ensure batteries are not low. This might sound obvious, but I've not found the battery monitoring in iris to be reliable. #3 Create schedules for presence based rules. My keyfob rules which lock/unlock doors or modify the state of the alarm system are not active between midnight and the time we normally get up. This way, if something did go wonky while we were sleeping the doors would not be unlocking and nothing would change with the alarm.
  21. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    Thanks for the tip. I got one for the same price. I wonder why these are getting put out now? They are clearly old stock -- the package has the old logo/1st gen hub pictured, and the battery was dated 7/13.
  22. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    "Keep in mind that all these systems you are looking at use some type of wireless protocol and are battery operated so there is always a possibility for interference or power related issues that could cause a system failure." And that would be true no matter whose system you were using. If it has wireless and/or battery powered devices then that possibility will always exist. It did take some time but I would say reliability is as good or better than it was with the 1st Gen hub. We don't have all the features that we had with V1, but as far as reliability I would say Iris has been doing well for the past 6 months.
  23. YouTube video for pairing Lutron Caseta

    @thegillion, Not needed at the moment as long as it Lutron can still connect to Iris. I switched all of my bulbs from Wink over to Hue. When doing this, I ended up with a bunch of Lutron remotes. I was hoping to put them back to use and Lutron gives me that option. The Lutron Connected Bulb Remote works with Hue bulbs, but the 2 button Pico remotes only work with Lutron switches.
  24. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Thanks John, I'll check this out on my iPad when I get home tonight.
  25. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    I have had my Iris system for over 4 years now and I have to say that it has served me well as a security system. The handful of times that I have received a false alarm can be attributed to user error or as @sparc pointed out, key fob presence rules gone awry. There have been some significant improvements since Gen 2 was first introduced and I would say that most of the connectivity issues are have been resolved. Keep in mind that all these systems you are looking at use some type of wireless protocol and are battery operated so there is always a possibility for interference or power related issues that could cause a system failure. I would say that Iris would be a good fit for you and can honestly say that if I had to start over I would would more than likely stay with my first choice. However, if you decide you want to include video surveillance as part of your security system there are better solutions out there than what Iris has to offer.
  26. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Update 1.3.1 Added icon size dropdown to control panel.
  27. YouTube video for pairing Lutron Caseta

    @rdisom Just in case you need them. Install the Lutron bridge as described in the manufacturer's instructions. Download the Lutron app and create a Lutron account. Pair your Lutron devices to the Lutron bridge using the Lutron app. Tap 'Next' to log into your Lutron account. Linking your account to Iris allows information sharing between Lutron and Iris.
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