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  2. Alexa scene with thermostat control ?
  3. Is there any news about an updated keypad for V2? My local stores in SC barely have any IRIS products, and I really need a 3rd pad to "close the loop" in my setup where I am comfortable arming the security portion more often. My original keypad lost a battery holder, and while I can make it work off one battery, it loses connection almost daily, while my other two keypads are steady, even the one further away, with more walls in the way. I am happy with my system, I use it daily for monitoring things at the house, but this keypad thing is frustrating, and seems so simple.
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  6. Outdoor camera disconnected

    With the V1 cameras at least you can hear what sounds like a shutter click when you plug it back in to make sure it is getting power. I had one drop a few weeks ago and last night I remembered to unplug it and plug it back in. Sometime between then and this morning it is back online again.
  7. Outdoor camera disconnected

    I should have asked earlier if we are talking about V1 or V2 cameras?
  8. Outdoor camera disconnected

    My cameras wireless range has gotten crappy over the last two weeks. I checked for channel interference and all that and it is fine. I have a wireless garage door controller in the same spot and it shows 95% signal and the camera shows 45-50% in the same spot. Well the camera is in line of sight through a window and the garage door controller is through three walls. Not sure why the cameras signal is so low.
  9. iOS v2.9.0

    And it supports the full screen of the iPhone X now.
  10. Outdoor camera disconnected

    I would also power cycle your router as one of my outdoor cameras went offline and that was the issue.
  11. Outdoor camera disconnected

    I've had a couple of these where the power adapter has failed. When you power cycled the camera did you physically unplug it? If so, you might want to give the adapter a sniff test to see if it smells burnt.
  12. iOS v2.9.0

    Actually it does ask for Touch ID after exiting the app but leaving it running in the background it just has a longer timeout before it requires Touch ID then I was thinking it would. Nice.
  13. iOS v2.9.0

    And it adds support for touch ID, it only seems to take effect if you swipe the app away between uses (force close the app) but it is better in my opinion than on new logon only. However when I installed the update I had to logon using my credentials for some reason, wasn't expecting that as it hasn't happened with previous updates.
  14. iOS v2.9.0

    Is now available on the app store.
  15. I have an outdoor camera which is showing as disconnected. I have tried power cycling the camera and a 2 second reboot on the hub. Anything else I should try before taking it down and physically connecting it to the network?
  16. Cover Magnet Issue

    Keen has excellent customer service. They sent me a replacement with no questions asked. Apparently there was a design issue with the glued on magnets. The new design has magnets that are held in place with a screw.
  17. Alexa scene with thermostat control ?

    Has anyone figured out how to get a scene to work with Alexa and thermostats. I have a bunch of C101 thermostats (4 to be exact) and have an iris scene to set 2 of them to 71 degrees. The Alexa app sees them as scenes but I can’t see them if I create a routine . Anyone have any luck with a work around or anything?
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  19. When a Halo smoke alarm is assigned to certain rooms in the Iris app, the Halo system reports the incorrect room or no room at all when conducting a self-test: "Upstairs" is reported as "Study" "Kids Bedroom" is not reported as any room "Basement" is not reported as any room
  20. Cover Magnet Issue

    Good customer service. Will remember that if/when I decide to automate vents. Always like to support companies that stand behind their products and provide a good service. Unfortunately that isn't that common anymore.
  21. Cover Magnet Issue

    Not sure why it failed, but I reached out to Keen support and they are sending me a replacement.
  22. Cover Magnet Issue

    Do you think the heat may have softened the adhesive enough that the bond to the magnet failed? They were probably not thinking of overhead use when they designed them. Some 5 minute epoxy might solve this.
  23. Avi-on . . . the un-IRIS

    I now have 8 or 9 of the Avi-on products installed, and every night they do exactly what I've programmed them to do. With those units spread around the house, the Bluetooth "repeater" network is robust. Although it would be nice to have a Remote Access Bridge (especially since it will now integrate with Alexa), I can't find them for less than $100, and I just don't have that much need for remote access for what are essentially lights scheduled to look like the house has people in it even when it doesn't.
  24. Avi-on . . . the un-IRIS

    I picked up a few of the indoor plugs for $29.99 at Target. I am currently using them to reboot my network and hubs. Modem, Orbi router, Orbi satellite, Iris hub, Wink hub, Hue hub. I have a couple of extra indoor, and outdoor plugs which will be purposed soon. Most of the time I come across a problem with the network, it's when I'm at home anyway. This just made it easier for me to reboot this stuff without having to go under a cabinet to unplug something. I had the hubs on Iris wifi smart plugs for remote reboot, but just found I was never rebooting them when I was away. All of those systems have been pretty stable, unless I'm messing with something. In which case, I'm at home anyway. I may eventually get the RAB so I can reboot the hubs remotely, but for now, it does what I want.
  25. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Worked for me as well. To be honest I don't use web access much anyway. I always felt it was a dumb move to get rid of web access and only have mobile, but to Iris's credit I hardly ever use the web to do anything to my system. The one thing I do use is filter hours. I still can't believe Iris has not added this back. If it were not for this portal I probably would have moved my thermostat over to smart things as well. I figured I would move it over if this did not work. With this workaround I will keep it here for now.
  26. Is something going today 1/28?

    Do it in the name of science! If anything, if the devices drop off, perform a 2-second hub reset and that should generally speed up the repair process for most/all your devices.
  27. Cover Magnet Issue

    I have several Keen vents which are mounted to the ceiling in my basement. Since these are mounted out of reach they never get touched. Recently I had one fall down because the magnets that hold the cover in place came off. Anyone else experience this?
  28. Is something going today 1/28?

    Well, it has been about a week since I removed the DVD drive but have had the fan running in that time with no dropped devices. I was going to reconnect the drive, but I so rarely use it I decided against it. If for some reason it is causing interference I don't want to deal with the instability for a day or so while it tries to recover. So while not conclusive...if anyone is having some funky connection issues look to see if you have an external DVD drive nearby.
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