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  2. Local Processing Is Here

    I've actually got leak sensors from PEQ, SmartThings, Iris V2 and Utilitech and they're all on local.
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  4. Local Processing Is Here

    Just saw that myself. How did that make sense to them? All of my sensors are Leaksmart so they can't even say they are only supporting local processing for Iris stuff only. Also noticed that the batteries I replaced in two of my sensors a week ago still haven't updated their status. So flaky.
  5. Local Processing Is Here

    That did it! Verified alarm is triggered with Ethernet disconnected. Thanks!
  6. Local Processing Is Here

    @TreeFiddyTech on your hub Firmware is that or If then go here. and click "Set Hub To Local" and go back to home page to see if you have local processing. If you need to call support so you can get an FW update.
  7. Local Processing Is Here

    It was not. I removed everything except my three contact sensors from my on and partial device list, rebooted hub, refreshed irisWebPortal page. iPhone App version 2.6 / iOS 11.1.2 Hub Firmware Version Iris Web Portal V1.2.9 Internet Explorer Version 11.674.15063.0 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Local Processing Is Here

    The leak sensors are also local but not the shutoff valve which renders the sensors useless for local processing.
  9. Local Processing Is Here

    @TreeFiddyTech Is that tilt sensor part of your on and partial devices list?
  10. Iris Camera Quality

    Good point on the IR and B&W. Color would be nice. I have a pair of 60W equivalent LED lights on all night but not sure they would be enough without IR. If I go any brighter they will wash out one of my other cameras unless I put a scrim up to block out the hot spot. At 60w it is tolerable, but any brighter and I would need to do something, probably should now as it may do damage to the camera over time. Auto-tracking could be a problem as one side of my property is a fairly busy road, even late at night there will be a couple cars an hour go by. So might lose sight of something happening on the property if the camera is tracking a car going by. Can you adjust anything to ignore faster moving objects like cars. The Alibi camera you can mask out areas you don't want to react to or record.
  11. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    A empty beer can balanced on the doorknob works well and is pretty cheap. Plus you have the joy of emptying the can in preparation for setting it up.
  12. Local Processing Is Here

    I did a soft reset and when the hub was back online it still was playing the sounds so I closed the browser window to the web portal and it seems to have stopped. The stop button didn't work for me. If you try using the sound check just be aware this could happen to you.
  13. Local Processing Is Here

    I clicked on the Sound Check button and now the hub won't stop blasting out various sounds. Alarm, Paired, Intruder, Unpaired, Safety, Low_Battery, etc. Clicking on the Stop Sound Check button has no affect.
  14. Local Processing Is Here

    The cloud icon next to the alarm status on mine still. I had two Nyce tilt sensor that I have removed. Still no change. I do still have a nyce tilt sensor on my garage door which is part of the Iris Garage door opener I have. Maybe that is the culprit?
  15. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    Great work Gillion! Up until 3 days ago I had not checked on this forum for a year or so. I was debating on switching all of my compatible devices to SmartThings and starting over with my build out. I have to say you have changed my mind. Your IrisWebPortal is the single thing that has changed my mind. I am still figuring it out and look forward to catching up on all the threads. I just finished reading this one and I am pumped. Thanks for the hard work. I will be donating to the cause for sure!
  16. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    OK... i tested the ALARM this morning, my alarm WORKED without internet connection...This is a big step in the right direction. Thanks!
  17. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    Update 1.2.9 Added icon to the home page to see if your hub is on local or cloud processing. Updated All Devices page to show if a device is running on local or cloud.
  18. Local Processing Is Here

    You are the man!! It was a hinge pin door sensor that was causing the issue. Everything is working now. Thanks again for all of the work you put into this!
  19. Local Processing Is Here

    @Vettester I would start removing cloud-based devices on and partial devices list. I had to remove a GE hinge pin door sensor to get mine to work.
  20. Local Processing Is Here

    I found the new set hub to local option, but it didn't change the cloud icon next to the alarm status.
  21. Local Processing Is Here

    Thank you for your efforts John.
  22. Local Processing Is Here

    @Vettester Look here You should see a new button hope it works.
  23. Local Processing Is Here

    You can test local processing by enabling your alarm and then disconnect the ethernet cable from your hub (also disconnect the backup modem if you have one). After this is done just open one of your contact sensors that is participating in the type of alarm you set (on or partial). If it is working your local siren should go off. Since the alarm is being processed locally you will not get a notification on your phone or from the monitoring service if you are using the pro monitoring service. However, if you reconnect the internet connection while the 'local" alarm is activated, you should receive a notification.
  24. Iris Camera Quality

    It is an IP camera that supports PoE. However, it came with a power supply instead of an injector so I just used that. This camera does NOT have infrared, but since I leave my outside lights on at night and there is a street light nearby I didn't care. One thing to note is that without IR you get a full color video instead of black and white. The image below was taken from the camera at 1:30 am. . I have had this camera up for a few weeks now and I have learned there is a downside to using auto-tracking. When there are two objects moving in different directions the camera can only follow one object at a time. You actually lose track of the second object as the auto-tracking continues to follow the first. So that I don't miss anything I have mounted a fixed Iris camera on the other side of my garage. The Alibi camera you are looking at is actually a rebranded Hikvision so it should be a decent camera. The thing I didn't like about this type of design is the size and bulkiness. They are typically mounted on an arm that extends out from the wall. The camera I mounted is more like a can light with a much lower profile. The downside is that I had to cut a 7" diameter hole in my soffit.
  25. Local Processing Is Here

    The local icon shows next to my alarm. This is because local processing is turned on for me. So I can disconnect my hub from all internet sources and it will still sound the alarm. I am looking to find the command to set local processing to true.
  26. Iris Camera Quality

    That looks great. This is an IP camera with POE? I need to see if I can add a pair of these to my camera system. I've been looking at this one which has auto-tracking and variable or 'smart' IR as they call it and they claim can see over 600 feet at night.
  27. Local Processing Is Here

    Interesting decision on Iris' part: my Panic buttons show the Cloud icon beside them. I would have expected them to be included in alarm-associated devices and therefore part of local processing.
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