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  2. My part of S.C. too. I was talking with tech support. Said she's in Wisconsin and said a good portion of their customers are in The South.
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  5. I got the pro monitoring yesterday. Seems like a good deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So I just won an auction on ebay for one of these. In fact, it's the dual latch version... so technically I have 2 to play with. I'm thinking it shouldn't be hard to straight wire an AC adapter to the solenoid inside and plug it into a smart switch. Apparently the guy that makes these has a large stock of the old versions that he is converting from battery only to AC powered... so it shouldn't be that difficult. I also plan on setting a rule so that if an alarm is triggered, the smart switch for the kennel is turned on. This way if there is a burglary while he is locked up he would be immediately set loose. Also, he could get out the kennel if there was a fire.
  7. @accessdenied79 Easter egg
  8. Awesome, thanks for posting this!
  9. I was finally able to pair the lock and after some fidgeting get it to work again with the scenes. I had to remove the orphaned device in Zwave Tools but it still took a few tries afterward to get it to pair, but was still unable to be controlled remotely and on some screens would still show up as an unknown device until I used the code on the keypad to unlock and lock it again. Weird. I've given up on the GE bulbs. The ones that I have are all two years old and are getting moisture beads inside the clear lens even though they're inside and no where near water or steam. I've also not been able to get them to repair after removing them. I suppose because they need to be reset but I don't want them paired for now anyway. So I'm back to "normal" except my Sylvania bulb is still disconnecting every few minutes and two of my motion sensors pop offline for half an hour or so once or twice a day... that could be because they're more than 50 feet from the hub but the mailbox sensor has been fine for a year and just started barking (Drives the neighbor's dogs nuts ) I did recently replace the battery so maybe the new battery was crap. I guess it's just individual issues with specific devices that just happened to happen all around the same time, rather than a systemic issue... but it's still a pain in the butt.
  10. I haven't explored it fully to find everything yet but the Security card is active.
  11. @accessdenied79 Update 1.2.2 -Fixed no favorites bug.
  12. The GE Link bulbs have always been problematic on V2, but they seem to be more stable now than they ever have on the new platform. I am using 6 of these and I rarely have any connection issues. If a bulb disconnects, you should be able to turn the light off and on once and then put your hub in pairing mode. The hub should triple beep and the light will flash three times. At this point just back out of the pairing mode and the connection to the bulb should be reestablished. If this doesn't work you may have to factory reset your bulb. To do this first force remove the bulb from the Iris app and then turn the power on and off to the light 6 or 7 times. The bulb should dim slightly and then return to full power indicating the factory reset was successful. You should now be able to re-pair the bulb to your hub. As for the lock, distance makes a huge difference in successful pairing. How far away is your lock from the hub when you are trying to pair it?
  13. I think its something specific to your system. I have 67 devices here with no issues. I have some of the same devices as you (Osram stuff, Schlage lock, motion sensors, etc...) The one time I had issues with a couple of devices losing connection (back a few months after the V2 transition) a 2 second hub reset solved my problems and everything has been reliable since.
  14. It will and also check that motion in a couple of minutes to confirm it's participating.
  15. Thank you very much for your reply. I will try the double tap as you suggest and hopefully this will resolve the issue.
  16. Everything was A-1 stable for over a year but since the April update everything seems to be going haywire. I've had two bulbs drop connection never to respond again (I had to replace them with Osrams because they were the GE bulbs, they've been paired for over a year but suddenly (at different times) showed up as disconnected never to reconnect and of course can't be paired now), one Sylvania bulb that did that and repaired but now does the connected-disconnected dance all day long, two motion sensors losing connectivity at least once a day or more, not sending alerts half the time in the meantime, and my Schlage lock started acting crazy so I unpaired it, tried to pair it again but it paired as a unknown device, removed it again and just tried to pair it no less than 30 times and it just won't repair even after factory reset on the lock. This feels as miserable as it was when v2 was first released. Anybody else or is this just my good fortune?
  17. One of if not the latest update allows for a sensor otherwise not available or in use at the time of arming to rejoin as a participating device after the fact. If you're arming on the keypad double tap the mode to bypass offending sensor, if using the app select continue to arm. Once motion ceases the sensor should become a participating device if it was configured as such originally.
  18. Hello, I hope to get some help regarding arming the system with a motion sensor being still awake from a recent movement. It looks like before the recent firmware update a few weeks ago this was not a problem - the system would arm, and all sensors including the one that was still awake would become active. However, after the update this is not the case anymore. My motion sensor is not far from the entrance door, so when I am ready to leave and arm the system using the keypad, it is usually still active from a recent movement. So after the update I have to wait (without any movement!) for it to get asleep again and only then I can arm. Which is very annoying and inconvenient. Would appreciate any help with this. It is frustrating that the system was working just fine before the update, and now not... Thanks again.
  19. I will look into this.
  20. Found something that may help. I didn't add any favorites to the list after they disappeared the second time. I went in just now and added the devices back to the favorites list (on the site) and it started showing things again in status. Strange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. If I happen to catch it there again I will. Although I wouldn't call it a problem device . It's reporting the correct temperature. Right now it's at 3 and it is showing in the list. It only stops when it hits 0.
  22. No I can't. This one should show an offline thermostat that keeps dropping lately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. @Terminal When the temp shows 0 again can you send me the device info for the problem device.
  24. @accessdenied79 Can you see the device offline in the device list?
  25. Keep an eye out on ebay... more have got to pop up at some point. Usually you can get them for $10-$15 each...
  26. Not the best price I've seen, but it looks like the only thing that's available at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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