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  2. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I haven't had lag issues with my 5 Arlo Qs 4 of which are the Q plus and one is the Q. You can setup zones on the Q or Q plus, and the Q plus has a Micro SD slot for local recording if desired however they will always record to the cloud if accessible, if not then it will record local only if you have the card in. You can also pay extra per camera if you want 24/7 recording to the cloud so you minimize the chance of missing anything however I have found the event based (motion) recording to be extremely reliable and don't want to pay the extra or have that much impact on my network so I haven't tried that. Here is an example of the motion zones I have setup to minimize false alerts from my cat.
  3. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    When I mentioned that I had a wireless smart plug to cycle the hub remotely, I didn't mention that you have to remove the batteries for that to work. Instead of using the internal battery unit, I have a UPS that the hub is plugged into through the smart plug. Since the wireless plug doesn't communicate through the hub, you can still operate it remotely with the hub offline.
  4. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    As an update, the indoor cameras that went offline -- nothing wrong with them, it was the hub. Power cycling hub didn't help as it had batteries, pressing reset button on hub also didn't seem to work, removed the batteries and the AC power did do the trick. Cameras came back online after hub restart. Looking at history, apparently on the 14th - there was a restart due to firmware update. The hub restarted, but not properly....most functions kept working, but not camera.
  5. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I'm looking into the Arlo Q Plus cameras, but it's hard to justify needing another app or software when I've invested so much into IRIS. Indeed, the new web ui has a nice camera section and for the most part, IRIS cameras have been reliable. Somethings happened lately though.....perhaps new hub or camera firmware is buggy. Also looked into the Nest Cam IQ...but Nest is owned by google, and google's business model is training their AI's to sell me more stuff by grabbing as much data as they can anyway, I'd rather not give google another way to monitor everything I do.
  6. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    There are a lot of negative reviews for the Arlo Q Plus camera with one of the biggest complaints being lag time. For me, the piece of mind of having 24/7 recording, setting up motion zones to only notify me of people walking in my driveway for example, but still have the camera see out into the street and record a larger field of view (which you can't do with the Arlo or Iris), lead me to go with Blue Iris as a third party app for my recording needs.
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  8. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I have a lot of time and money invested into my surveillance system, which includes both Iris and other IP based cameras, and if I had to start over I would definitely take a different approach and go with Dahua 2MP Starlight cameras. Even though there have been some huge improvements made in the new indoor/outdoor cameras vs the original ones, there are still a lot of things lacking to make these a viable solution for surveillance monitoring. My two biggest complaints with the Iris cameras would have to be the limited storage space and not being able to configure motion detection to suit the end user’s needs. You can use a 3rd party software to overcome these limitations, but in my mind we shouldn’t have to. If all you want to do is look at a live stream of what’s happening now the new indoor/outdoor cameras are OK, but there is so much more that can be done to improve the functionality of the cameras and the app as well for recording video.
  9. Nest now compatible with Iris

    I have, but after buying a CT101, which didn't work reliably, and then buying a nest, which works well but isn't as flexible, I think my wife is tired of me blowing money on this stuff. It doesn't help that I've bought about 80 smart home devices in the last couple of years... I'm pretty much cut off for a while... haha
  10. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Have you ever looked into the Ecobee products? They do exactly as you've described. I have one and love it. In addition, they have remote sensors you place around your house that help to average out the temperature across the entire house.
  11. Fan circuitry/fan switch weirdness

    Try removing one light bulb at a time or are you running LEDs? If you are running a lot of lights then the load on the switch is too much.
  12. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Just curious if anyone else has noticed a discrepancy in relative humidity between the nest app and the iris app? Looking at the nest thermostat in the nest app always shows humidity 2% higher than in the same thermostat in the iris app.
  13. I installed a GE fan switch on a circuit with a 20 year old fan. It would adjust the three speeds accurately (and would dim the light kit accordingly, which I could put up with, since I didn't want to run separate wiring). Then I replaced the fan with a basic Harbor Breeze fan from Lowe's. As long as the light kit pull chain switch is set to off, the fan adjusts to all three speeds accurately using the GE fan switch or the app (although when I change speeds from the GE switch, it isn't reflected in the app). Here's the weird part: If the light kit's pull chain is on, then the fan only works at the High setting. If, when the light is on, I set the speed to Medium or low, the whole unit loses power -- both fan and light kit. If I pull the light's chain to off, the fan blades start turning again. Set it to High, and I can turn on the lights again without the unit losing power. Any theories?
  14. Changing Order on Climate/temp tab

    Vett is correct. The iOS version of the Temp tab is simply maddening. If you use a lot of contact sensors, then you have a sea of temperature readings that not only are not editable, they aren't even alphabetical. I posted this in the IRIS Community in January ( ) Once it hit 20 "Kudos" in July, they finally changed the status to Investigating. However, they had this to say: "We are currently investigating creating editable lists for all devices, although this is not currently a top priority for us. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this." If you want to keep it on their radar, please go to the link above and kudo it.
  15. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I had 3 of the original outdoor Iris cameras and 1 of the indoor and they worked well but I wasn't happy with the night vision quality or limited field of view so when I had a couple drop off I decided to replace all of mine with Arlo Q Plus cameras. I have been pretty happy with the Q Plus and the free 7 day storage plan that supports up to 5 cameras. They have pay plans if you need more than 5 cameras and/or longer retention.
  16. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Which is preferable in my mind. The Nest interface is very refined. I primarily want nest integration to provide temperature and humidity triggers for Iris rules and scenes. Schedules and settings through the Nest interface is good with me.
  17. Nest now compatible with Iris

    You preserve nest settings.
  18. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Can you add it to Iris without having to create a Nest schedule from scratch? Or can I preserve all my Nest settings?
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  20. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of flexibility in what you can do with nest in iris. It's a reliable, nice looking thermostat, but I kinda regret purchasing it. I was hoping the integration with iris would open up more options to do what I want, but it didn't. The natively supported zwave thermostats (Radio Thermostat and Go-Control) in iris have much better options for programming schedules, and nest forces you to use their app and their rules for scheduling nest thermostats. I just want the ability to have different schedules run depending on presence. Its just not something you can do with nest. If you use their auto away feature in the summer, you have to come home to a hot miserable house and then it takes all night to cool down again! The nest operates exactly the opposite from what I want. I want a hold temperature when someone is home, and a schedule when we are away (which I can configure to pre-cool the house based on our typical arrival times). You can also set your away temperature on nest to heat well beyond what they consider "energy efficient". However, you aren't allowed to do the same with cooling. They force efficiency over comfort for cooling, but allow comfort over efficiency for heat. The ONLY thing I really want from a smart thermostat is for it not to run all day long while I am away, but have the house comfortable and ready for me when I get home. The nest fails miserably at this task in the summer... the only way to do it is to disable the smart features and set a simple schedule just like you can do with a dumb $35 programmable thermostat. It seems to me that Nest was designed for people who live in cold climates. If you live in the south, and you don't like your house 76 degrees when you come home, the nest isn't really the best option for you!
  21. I've been an IRIS user for almost 3yrs now and during the upgrade to IRIS 2.0, I started deploying my first 'IRIS Cameras'. The cameras were generally useful, especially for monitoring the home while on vacation. I haven't been happy that the storage of the cameras is relatively limited or that I can't just use POE ethernet cables to power them, but they have mostly worked out until this month. Three Weeks Ago: All cameras drop off network Two Weeks Ago: I purchased two of the new indoor/outdoor camera's and they both became highly unstable after the hub updated their firmware to the latest release. Had to return them. Last Week: Went on vacation, shortly after the first streaming use, the camera disconnected from the network and had to be power cycled. Camera was useless until I returned home.
  22. Tapatalk

    It's working for me now again. I guess 4-8 hours ago it was broke and by the two hours ago mark they fixed it.
  23. Tapatalk

    Working for me. In fact this is being posted with Tapatalk. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  24. Tapatalk

    Isn't working here too.
  25. Version 2.4.1 is in the app store

    I have the exact same barometer on my water heater control. Device offline, 10 seconds later (about) device online.
  26. Tapatalk

    Broke again? Mine isn't working this morning.
  27. Nest now compatible with Iris

    I just updated my app and paired my Nest thermostat looks nice in Iris, hopefully they are working on adding the Protects and cameras as well eventually.
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