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  2. Update 1.2.4 -Added Event Log page under Troubleshooting -Added SHANE to system status. -Cleaned up the code some.
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  4. My beagle she is a sweetheart.
  5. What kinda dog is that in the video preview image? Looks a lot like mine!
  6. Either way, it cost them a sale. I ordered mine from Home Depot... Loyalty only goes so far. A 30% price hike is a bit much.
  7. The only problem I see with this is the light only stays on for a max of 20 mins. This is a power saving mode in the Halo.
  8. I just ordered a halo smart labs smoke/co detector. I noticed that they recently added IFTTT support. I wonder if it is possible to change the color of the light to indicate rain in the forecast? I don't see any existing applets to let you do something like that...
  9. Huh, either Lowes just raised the price or they have made a mistake. They were $99 and $129 Last time I looked. I'll send off a note to see what the deal is.
  10. Actually... it looks like Home Depot has the same price as the Halo website... Getting it from Lowes right now is actually more expensive than ordering direct or from HD.
  11. Really? I must be looking at something wrong... Looks like the: Halo (Model# HSR761H) is $99 at HD and $129 at lowes Halo+ (Model# HSR781H) is $135 at HD and $149 at lowes
  12. No that is the same price. The Halo+ is $30 more.
  13. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but the basic halo smoke detector is about $30 cheaper at HD than Lowes. The one that does weather alerts also is about $15 less.
  14. There was an outage with Amazon web services. I got an email from SmartThings about it, last night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I was having issues at about the time you posted this, but it seems to be OK now.
  16. Anyone having any issues with Echo failing to execute an Iris command at this time?
  17. Last week
  18. Probably not until fall
  19. Thank you. That is now a very useful rule, which I will use instead. It puzzles me that they didn't make the same change to the similar Care Rule.
  20. Notifications, who left a door open, 1 to 10 minutes, 15, 30, 45, 1 hour.....
  21. I have heard from several CS sources that a new keypad is in process and should be out soon.
  22. The only Care Rule I use, "Door Left Open", still has the same minimum duration of 30 minutes in my app. Which Rules have new "less than 30 minutes" options?
  23. I have had somewhat of a similar experience (aside from my rate of system expansion). I'd say I'd give it a B+ or A-. I started with security and a thermostat (I think it was called the "smart kit"), but have went crazy adding new devices. I held out for the V2 changeover also, and it was mostly a flawless transition other than some issues with my thermostat. Eventually I got tired of fooling with the t-stat and switched over to nest. Fast forward 2 years from my initial install and I have 71 paired devices including all my light switches and fan speed controls, lamps, led under cabinet lights, contact sensors for all exterior doors and windows, motion detectors in every room, cameras, door locks, smoke detectors, sirens, a leak detector, hose timer, 40G water heater, etc... I also have a contact sensor in the mailbox as well as one protecting a gun safe. I also have the 4G cellular modem with the pro monitoring package. We use echo dots from one end of the house to the other, and also have an echo dash wand with alexa which can be used as sort of a handheld voice remote (can also be done with our fire tv remote). We use the harmony hub with alexa to control our entertainment system, and I have even rigged up a remote/emergency release for our dog's kennel. I say all that to say I am constantly adding devices, and rarely have I had any issues. In fact, the thermostat issues I had seem like they have been resolved because I gave my thermostat to my parrents to use on their iris system and they have had no problems with it.
  24. I seem to be in the minority. I give my system a solid to high B. I was originally looking to get a system for simple security, thinking it would relieve some of my son's anxiety at night. I started with a Vera Edge and bought Iris V1 contact sensors thinking they would work. Once I learned they did not, I realized it would be cheaper to go full Iris instead of keeping the Edge and buying more expensive sensors to cover my needs. I actually caught one of the security package deals at the right time and I think paid $50 or $100 for the package. I had a workable home security system in no time. I was not worried about other capabilities, although I was certainly interested. I was also not a premium member because I did not want to pay the monthly fee. The system has served me well with minimal issues. I waited to migrate to hub V2 until after the migration tool, or whatever it was called, was available. and the migration was successful and pain free. I believe I have only replaced batteries in one sensor plus the keypad since the original install. I have since added three smart plugs, a few Cree bulbs and two Z-Wave GE toggle switches. I don't really think I need any more switches or lights automated, so I am probably set there. The schedules I have set for these work near flawlessly with only an occasional issue. Mostly with one of the Z-Wave switches losing connection. I also have an Echo Dot that integrates as advertised with Iris, which I mostly used during Christmas time to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off as needed. Otherwise, the schedules I use take care of the job. I have taken advantage of the basic plan expansion to include rules and scenes and have a number of them active and working as expected. I sometimes need to adjust when I don't have them setup correctly at first, but it is normally my setup issue. I currently have 32 devices and am very pleased with my level of investment and how the system performs. I wouldn't mind adding a few more things like a thermostat, smoke & CO detectors, water shut-off and some other items but I am in no rush, not because of Iris, but they are nice-to-haves in my opinion. Perhaps my experience is due to the somewhat simple setup and my gradual build up from the security foundation, however it has met my needs. I would feel comfortable purchasing something on the "wish list" when ready with full expectations that the addition would work as expected, based on my experiences to date.
  25. Sad part is when they do add new devices most people bitch about parity. Personally I think parity should have happened long ago, but if they don't add new products there won't be new people to the platform and it is doomed to wither on the vine. I just hope we get local processing soon and a bunch of new products. Not just the same types of devices either. I really hope they look at other sensors out there and come out with turn key solutions. I too see Iris as the Apple of HA, it is pretty much plug and play, where ST often requires the end user to find new device handler to make something work. Not terrible hard but does scare a lot of people off, if Iris could market their system more effectively I think they really have a lot of room to grow.
  26. Unfortunately Iris does not want to be compatible with other brand devices, at least most of them. There are few that are recognized for what they are, they will pair up but as an unsupported device so that doesn't you do you much good. It's the Apple syndrome, keep everything in house with little support for third party equipment forcing everyone to buy from you. It hurt Apple in the beginning when they were battling IBM in the early days of PCs and I think it has hurt them now against Android. Yes they have plenty of sales and die-hard fans but they could have more, and I believe Iris could be so much more and have a huge share of the market if they were more supportive of other brand equipment as others have said here before many times.
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