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    https://proxy.iriswebportal.com/ Portal is up and running. Thanks, @IrisUsers and a 6 pack of beer for the help
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    Notifications Not Working

    Iris just released iOS Version 2.9.5. You might want to try updating to see if that helps.
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    Hub Replacement Automation

    With Gen2 Hubs now getting older, units are going to begin failing and needing replacement. With all the control logic in the cloud, there is NO REASON why one has to repair every existing device with a replacement hub. You have all the information already......use it to automate hub replacement.
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    Watercop is a no go

    So my buddy that runs ST picked up a couple of Watercop auto-shutoff valves and suggested I give one a shot to see if it works with Iris. Well it pairs right away but comes up as an uncertified device. It is kind of sad there are all these other devices out there that we can't use. Right now everything on Iris seems to be working well for me but I really wish they would open up the platform. This is probably the sixth device I have tried that doesn't work on Iris but works on ST. I think ultimately this closed mentality is going to be its demise. It would be one thing if they were coming out with new devices of their own, but really nothing is happening. It makes me want to jump ship before I have to, anyone else?
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    Keen Smart Vents

    I've had one for a long time with no connectivity issue. Lowe's no longer sells them but they are still and will be supported.
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    Keen Smart Vents

    Hmmm... I wasn't aware that Lowe's had discontinued these. I wonder if it has anything to do with Keen's price increase. I think I paid $79.99 each for the ones I have and I noticed that if you go to Keen's web site they are now selling for $109.99. Anyway, I have seven of these and they work great if you can keep them connected. Even though they are a zigbee device they seem to have an issue staying connected to the Iris hub. Whenever one falls offline I just pull the battery pack out and put it back in and it reconnects. I haven't spent anytime trouble shooting these so I don't know if removing and re-pairing them would help or not. I do know that when they were initially paired they were within 5' of the hub.
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    Hub Offline

    Figured it out... Router went bad. Wifi worked but wired connections did not. Master reset on router didn't help. Wired hub direct to modem and hub went back on line. replaced router and all is well.
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    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    I did a search here and found nothing on this. Has anyone tried this thing? Looks interesting... I can't find any definitive answer if it will pair with Iris. If no one has any insight, I'll buy one and let yinz all know. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R883YKU/ref=pe_2511330_279690540_em_1p_0_ti
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    It sounds like you have an open sensor somewhere. Try arming from the app and see if it warns of an open sensor.
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    Notifications Not Working

    If you reboot your hub 10 times, power your iPhone off and on 6 times, stand on your head and hold your mouth at just the right angle maybe it will start working again.
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    I have seen this. I think they are hiding the camera images now. I will look into this.
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    TG, without this Iris loses a lot of functionality. I can again check all my battery levels at a glance again, among other features that were sorely missed. Glad you got it working again.