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    Iris 2.5?

    A Tier 1 CSR said that they are aware of the issue and that programmers are working to fix it. Hope he's right because that buzz is REALLY annoying.
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    When Irma blew through South Carolina, my power stayed on (probably because I made sure my generator was working the week before ;>), but my broadband has been down for days. The really good news: the cellular modem worked like a champ and largely kept Iris up and running. While I still pine for local processing, this was a good second best. My main disappointment is the disabling of camera streaming/recording while the system is on cellular. I've said this before: camera functionality is especially important when natural disasters hit. At the least, the system should allow streaming, even if recording and playback have to be curtailed. The other quirk I experienced was the reaction of the wireless (non-hub) smart switches. Of course with wireless down, the switches couldn't interact with the Iris system. Irritatingly, they kept audibly cycling -- looking for the wireless signal I guess. The result: lamps that had been on when the broadband went out would blink out and then back on each time the switch cycled, and the wireless switch inline on my hub's UPS would turn my hub off/on as well. I had to physically take the switch out of the circuit to keep the connection up on the cellular modem, because the modem (powered by USB from the hub) would cycle as well when the hub was turned off.
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    Hurricanes and Iris - Observations

    I think we will see local processing sooner than later.
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    That's because more than likely you're lightyears ahead of everybody else anyway. I wouldn't say it's a joy detecting an update, it's more of a nuisance. In my opinion, updates should be seamless with no disruptions in functionality to the end user.
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    Interesting Read on Will Saake

    Life at Lowe’s: Meet Manager of Software Engineering of Mobile/Iris Smart Home Solutions Will Saake: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/101769/life-lowes-meet-manager-software-engineering-mobileiris-smart-home-solutions-will-saake/ Some of the "user experience gurus" mentioned in this article are right here on this forum.
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    Alexa now supports multi room audio

    You can now create groups (Alexa devices) in Alexa for Multi Room Music. When you tell Alexa to play music you add the group name to end of the command and every device in the group will play the music and be synchronized. Settings > Audio Groups > Multi-Room Music.
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    The ARM NOW feature has disappeared. Given the keypad now ignores the silence while arming toggle, it is pretty important to immediately arm the system so the beeping (while arming) doesn't wake the family.
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    Iris 2.5?

    The door chime noise is fixed. Got to give them credit on a quick fix on this one.
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    What gets me is there is rarely any notice of what IRIS changed in their updates. Features change and drop off with no notice. A simple notice that you should check your connections/pairings after the update would be a (small) step in the right direction. After one update, I found out my thermostat settings changed to the default settings while I was on vacation and overrode the Hold I had placed. Another update affected one of my window sensors and I did not realize it had not re-paired until a few days later. They're affecting people's safety yet don't seem to do the due diligence to ensure the sensors, cameras, locks, chimes, etc will work afterward.
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    Door Chime Noise Changed?

    This sort of issue makes me wonder if they are just rehashing old code. If the issue was fixed with an update, what would cause something like this to happen again? It sounds like the programmers are ignoring the current working version and copy/pasting some superseded code into the system.
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    Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    An easier way would be to just log into the app using the primary account with the same user name and password for each device. This should give you the ability to enable push notifications on each device.
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    Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    When you first set up the system you get a free 3 month premium trial. I guess you still do. It used to be that a user you set up when under premium will remain after you go back to basic. As long as you never try to change anything about the user they will remain. Now whether or not that still occurs I don't know.
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    Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    Set up an email account that forwards to two people and use that email for your Iris account.
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    Clearance items

    It's not involuntary, you have a choice to not use the product if you feel you are a beta tester. Personally I would jump on the opportunity to be a beta tester if such an option exists.
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    Clearance items

    Looks like some Iris compatible stuff is being clearanced at Lowes (in store). Lightify bulbs on big discounts. Bulbs, floods, can lights. I went to 2 Lowes last night, both were fairly well cleaned out of regular bulbs (but still a few left), but had lots of floods and can fixtures. Many of the types were under $10. Some were in the regular light bulb aisle, then additional stock with the smart home/camera area (not the Iris display). One of the two also had the hinge sensors on clearance. Unfortunately they only had 1 left and it was open...but at $2.50 I bought it anyway
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    Here we go again!

    Sounds like a new major release (v2.5) and I am leaving for vacation! Just got an email about platform maintenance... It seems like major update hiccups always happen when I am away.
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    Nest now compatible with Iris

    Yep, all good.
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    Nest now compatible with Iris

    Scunny, it's good to hear from you! I assume this means you weathered the storm?
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    3rd party cam viewer ?

    This thread was started prior to Lowe's enabling local viewing. Things have changed and you can use third party apps while the camera is still paired to the hub. The local streaming specifics can be found in the camera settings within the Iris app.
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    Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Mine has been working as expected for a while now. My problems occurred when scheduling odd intervals, like "water every 3 days" on V2. May not be a one-size-fits-all solution but sometimes when schedules on this timer gets screwed up, I've found it effective to force the hub to push a new watering schedule to the timer. I usually water using the "Weekly" mode. I switch it to interval mode, wait for the push to occur in the "History", then switch it back to "Weekly", and then see that represented in the History. I didn't have to unpair the device in this case.
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    Oh contraire... Look under Notifications | Motion Detected.
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    3rd party cam viewer ?

    Have you read through this thread?
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    Temperature hold on CT101

    Open you climate card, touch schedule at the top of the screen and then uncheck your schedule.
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    My system has been okay but I am still quite frustrated with it so I can imagine you guys that have major issues could be pretty upset. Like you ii is getting pretty annoying that they keep charging me 9.99/month when they have taken away features and it mostly works. Yesterday my hose end controller starting watering at 6:30, even though it was in rain delay. It just so happens I get up early on Wednesday and I noticed it came on as I was getting ready for work. I was sure I had put it in rain delay as it had rained the night before. Sure enough when I looked at the app it was in rain delay mode, I have two and the other that should have watered at 6:00 did not come on, so it worked. I then went through a back and forth game with the app. I would cancel rain delay and it would then show the controller was watering. I then hit stop to halt the watering, it would then go back into rain delay., the water did not stop. After about the third time of doing this it stopped watering, after going into rain delay. So I stopped the rain delay thinking it was back on track and it then started watering again. I then went through this loop again and then just left it in rain delay after I got the watering stopped. It seems to be okay now. This morning I ride the bike and after pulling out of the shop I hit the scene to close all the doors and turn off lights. I then set up my phone for Pandora so I can listen on the way to work and when I finish I notice the shop GDO is still not closed I wait another 30 seconds and finally use the remote. Last night sitting in my TV room I have a lamp(V1 smartplug) and a ceiling fan(GE switch) set to come on when I am in the room via a V1 motion sensor. I have the motion detector sitting right next to my chair and the lamp and fan will occasionally turn off and I just move my arm and they come back on. This night the fan goes off, not the lamp, and no matter what I do the fan will not come back on. I can see the motion detector is seeing motion I finally have to get up and turn the fan on at the switch. First world problems right? These are all minor things but these little minor things happen almost every day and when you have to pay for it it gets a little annoying.
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    On main screen tap the + sign on top right hand corner Goto Rule>Lights & Switches Select Motion detected, Activate switch. There you go.