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    I made the switch to Smart Things last week (and no, I'm not lingering around to troll, I have 3 other family members on Iris, and I don't anticipate talking them into spending the money to switch anytime soon). I had read the threads mentioned above, and knew they had a database issue, but it looked to be pretty much resolved, so I made the leap. The first day was a little rough with some lingering errors, but even by the next day things were better, and it's been relatively smooth sailing ever since. I know this will sound crazy to the Iris developers, but the ST staff even announced that a hub upgrade was coming and when it would happen! It *might* be fair to say that Iris and ST are at the same level right now regarding stability and reliability, but what I'm really thinking about is investing for the future. The ST staff are active in their forum (that they actually own and run) and they are often talking about all the staff they are hiring. There are functional and supported API's, and a bunch of active community developers. I've been very impressed by how hard it is to find a device that *isn't* supported (even if it's sometimes a bit of a hack). Basically, one developer has made all of the Iris v2 stuff work very reliably - the Iris smart fob is now much more powerful on ST than it is on it's native platform! And we're using those fobs as random remotes because we don't need them anymore because our phones are our presence sensors now. Bad things? Well, ST does have a fairly steep learning curve to go with all that power. It would be great if ST had more local processing (some devices process locally, but only a few - though as far as I know, Iris does none of that yet), and there is sometimes a little bit of lag. Both platform's apps have a pretty crappy UI, but Iris is slightly less bad, especially for quick access. Iris seems to have a slight lead on the home security aspects (the only real security keypad for ST is the Iris keypad), but it's painfully obvious that ST was in the middle of implementing that and got derailed by their database issues. There is no speaker in the ST hub, so that's a bit jarring for a former Iris user. There is also no cellular modem available yet. I can't compare the camera functionality of the two systems, as I've used separate Hikvision cameras all along. I don't think either platform is all that great for cameras. I have no love for Samsung, so that doesn't excite me, but at least the ST group does seem to be able to work independently yet also seem to have vast resources at their disposal. Switching platforms cost me about $350. I had to buy the hub for, 3 door sensors (all of my Iris ones were v1), and I was able to replace my other 15 window sensors with two cheap, reliable, and pet-safe motion sensors. There are mixed reports of the RadioThermostat working with ST, but I couldn't mine working, so I sent it to another family member. I could have replaced that with a non-Iris equivalent for $79, but I found an open-box Ecobee 3 for a great price (so I'm not factoring that into the $350). My Iris keypads, keyfobs, glass break, garage door opener, leak detector, wall switches, smart outlets, and smart button all worked fine with ST. The only thing I lost besides the v1 windows sensors was one v1 smart button. Saving $10/mo helps with the cost of switching and everything that I had to replace is an improvement over what I had before. At the end of the day, it's not that ST is currently more reliable in any quantifiable sense, but when something doesn't work (or doesn't work the way I want), I have more options available than waiting for Lowe's to fix it. It's not all unicorns and rainbows, but I'm content, and I'm not taking daily flak about Iris from the SO anymore.
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    This is why this forum is so important to our community.
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    It would be nice if the Iris team would release an IDE that allowed the ability to edit the device handlers. It would make it so that we could help them with the development of features. If a device pairs as an unknown device, we could look up the Zigbee/Zwave/Wifi commands that it supports and write a handler for the device. Would allow for a lot of possibility, mainly for those power users, who have devices that are Zigbee/Zwave, compliant but Iris doesn't want to add them in.
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    And he's done it with one hand tied behind his back, he's got talent on loan from God.
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    Or gillion's since that is the only thing that stays 100% working. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I really do think thegillion is already miles ahead of the official portal with his. The addition of the energy monitoring just really proved that it's possible to be done with the hardware, even if the iris team refuses to accept the fact that they caused the "lack of use"
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    Interesting read.... http://www.wfaa.com/news/investigations/we-asked-86-burglars-how-they-broke-into-homes/344367279
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    I find myself using the portal more than the Android app and the new Web UI.
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    I recently (yesterday) got my hands on something we have now called the AirTV. It is a pretty cool TV box that uses Sling TV, is an Android device so it has the google play store, and you can plug in an AirTV adapter (USB) on the back to hook up an OTA antenna right on the box so your locals come in to the AirTV box and you don't have to switch inputs etc. Also since it has the play store you can load Plex, Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, etc on the box also. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone interested. https://www.airtv.net Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It appears that Care alarms are excluded. Panic alarms and CO2 alarms cause automatic notifications to Emergency Personnel: (From "What To Expect With Iris Professional Monitoring" in the IRIS Knowledgebase) Grace Periods When a Security alarm is triggered, a grace period begins, giving you time to cancel the alarm before the monitoring station is notified. After the grace period ends, and the alarm has not been cancelled either from your keypad or the Iris app, an attempt to notify the Monitoring Station will be made. Emergency Dispatch – Smoke & Security In the event of a true emergency, confirming the alarm in the app will expedite emergency dispatch. If the alarm is not confirmed through the app, the monitoring station will call the account owner and also the 2nd person in the notification list. If those 2 people are unable to confirm or cancel, the Monitoring Station will attempt to dispatch the authorities. Once verbally confirmed, emergency personnel will be asked to dispatch. In the event that no one can be reached by phone, an emergency responder dispatch will be attempted. Emergency Dispatch - CO Because carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and highly dangerous; detection of unsafe levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home will result in emergency personnel automatically being alerted without requiring the alarm to be confirmed. Once authorities are notified, the Monitoring Station will then call your Notification List until someone is reached to inform them that the authorities have been notified. For your safety, emergency responders cannot be cancelled if dispatched in carbon monoxide emergencies. Emergency Dispatch - Panic A Panic alarm in your home will result in emergency personnel automatically being alerted. Once authorities are notified, the Monitoring Station will then call your Notification List until someone is reached to inform them that the authorities have been notified. Cancelling an Alarm To cancel a Professionally Monitored Security, Smoke, or Panic alarm, simply answer the call from the Monitoring Station or call the monitoring station directly at 1-844-571-6006 to cancel the dispatch. Alarm TrackerTM will notify you if the police or fire station does not dispatch. If the authorities decide not to respond, you should call 911 or your local authorities immediately
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    That's because you've not torn it apart yet.
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    People get angry when things that they buy do not work as advertised.
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    The Centralite Dimmer Outlet looks just like the Iris branded Smart Plug and has most all the same features (reduced current capacity) plus its a dimmer. One feature that looks interesting is that it you try to turn on a light manually like we did back in the stone age (you remember, with your hand) it can sense this action and will turn the outlet on. https://store.centralite.com/products/3-series-smart-dimming-outlet
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    Seriously? That's all we have to do? Lol. I will give it a shot. Update: what a croc of [emoji90], can't believe that worked. Lol.
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    I wonder if things will go smoothly? This sounds like a fairly big update, I'm anticipating a day or two of chaos!
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    Bathroom window - usually in the back, and the one most often left unlocked. As to other methods, a preference was stated for kicking in doors rather than breaking windows because the noise was considered less noticeable to others.
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    @pavalov My next add is going to get power logging and whole home energy working.
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    This portal is becoming more and more robust. So far, the official interface pales in comparison. Thank you for continuing to add functionality! If you are looking for new ideas for features, what about a way to group devices by room? Or, a way to fire Rules for multiple devices like the Gen 1 Groups?
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    I think you can take the non-response as an "I don't know". I've never heard this mentioned one way or another.
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    So here we are mid April and it's been about two months since I installed the Sense Energy Monitor and not much has changed. The app has been updated twice, most recently just 2 days ago. However, the app still says it has only found 18 devices and it doesn't know squat about most of them. It's STILL trying to learn about what it thinks is my electric dryer. Somehow the category for unknown, always on devices has NOTHING listed. That started after the last update about 10 days ago. Always On used to have about 300 to 350 watts showing all the time. IT supposed to be all those parasitic devices and instant on devices like TVs, computers sleeping, wall wart transformers used to charge portable electronics, etc. Since I first installed the Sense monitor there has been about 300 to 350 watts listed in this category, now nothing. The Unknown category has grown slightly though from 120 to 200 watts and now runs a constant 450 to 600 watts. It's almost like the Always On stuff got reclassified as Unknown. Right now as I write this the app thinks that the only three devices running are my Boiler Circulator Pump, my Kitchen Fridge, and 475 watts of Unknowns. But my computer that I am using to browse the web is on, a 32" TV is on, and a number of lights inside and outside the house are on. Now I can understand that it might have trouble detecting various light fixtures but my outside lights that are on a timer that Iris controls should be pretty easy to figure out. I mean they are set to go ON/OFF at sundown/sunup so after seeing the start/stop time shift in relation to the changes occurring with the seasons AND a one hour clock reset even a dummy like me might consider that this is possibly some night time lighting. The coffee maker draws about 1400 watts but it can't figure that our either. Same for the toaster which it calls "Unnamed Heat 2" sometimes, at other times it just gets lumped in with the Unknown loads. So after all this time all I can say is save your money or buy something else, as Sense is not ready to play nice. I may contact them and find out if I can get my $250 back, as this is a total waste so far. No web interface. Can't save log or download any historical data. Can't 'help' the app by identifying what just turned on or off. the list goes on.
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    I posted the below entry into the IRIS Community blog in January (https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Feature-Suggestions/Make-All-app-lists-editable-like-the-quot-Lights-amp-Switches/idi-p/355) It is still listed as "New", meaning it has not been accepted for investigation. It has 12 "Kudos", and I am asking members here to go increase that number if this issue is important to you. Why? Suggestions don't seem to get IRIS blog staff's attention unless they reach "critical mass." Principally, I'm requesting that an "Edit" button be made available in more of the lists in the app. On the Lights & Switches card, I can drag the devices into the order I want them to be. That feature is missing from most other lists in the app. The worst one is the list of Temp Sensors in the Climate card. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their order. If, like me, you have contact and motion sensors in general use, then you have a lot of Temp-reporting devices in your list. I'd love to be able to group them. Same goes for the Total Devices List and the Camera card. If this is important to you too, please go to the blog page and "Kudo" the post -- suggestions don't seem to get the attention of the IRIS folks until there are at least 20+ votes. Thanks for your help!
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    Misled isn't the proper wording in my opinion. We were part of bait and switch. We were promised the features, along with complete parity to V1. So far, it's still no where close. Just today, I had a customer in my store ask me if I would recommend Iris over Smartthings. I told him if he wants to turn lights off and on only, then either one would work. If he wants to do more advanced stuff such as door locks, HVAC control, etc., go with the smartthings unit. Their hub supports most of the Iris devices and supports a multitude more devices.
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    SHAME doesn't sounds like a product I would use.
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    Since it's fastly approching the 1 year mark since V2 was pushed onto us, I'm updating the list. Website control - Yes, but severely limited (@thegillion has done a better portal then the Iris Team) Energy Monitoring - @thegillion's portal & only while web page is open. Download Camera Recordings - Only to phone. PC requires using software (example, Blue Iris) to do local viewing and saving. Offline processing i.e. Security and rules still work with no internet - NO!!! Big Parity issue here!!! Filter replacement monitoring for furnace - Nope. Still can't turn off filter light on CT101 even after changing. Thermostat scheduling w/presence - Somewhat. Requires a decent amount of configuration and hacking of rules to work. Timed PIN codes for locks - No Temperature History Graphs - @thegillion's portal does, but same issue as energy monitoring.
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    I like the larger font. If the 9 character limitation bothers you, there are creative ways to keep your favorites card looking clean.
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    I'm only two weeks in to having a (Schlage) deadbolt on the system. What you described is what I've been experiencing almost since it was installed. For the first few days, notifications were reliable. Now, more often than not, the notifications either don't occur at all, or come 15-20 minutes after the lock has been manually locked/unlocked.
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    Saw this yesterday. I feel bad for the user base, this will probably kill the company.
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    Sorry, typed up and forgot to read over before posting. There is a maybe 3 people in my store that know what they're talking about with iris (me being one). The other people who know about it, only know a very limited amount (which devices are compatible), my knowledge is from first hand use. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I have all v1 contact sensors because I prefer them. Looks like if you want to use them for temperature monitoring you will also want to use v1 sensors.
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    You have 3 that know about Iris? The store I bought all the Iris stuff from had ZERO employees who understood Iris. Example: I was buying about a dozen GE Smart switches in Lowe's and the "electrical" person rolled up on me and said "Those are speciality switches, they won't work without a special controller", I explained I had Iris and he said Iris doesn't use GE, it has all its own devices. I had to show the poor guy that he was wrong.
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    Same. Thank goodness gillion has his webportal that works good on the phone or I would be up sh1t creek. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They know nothing about Iris or anything in my Store and only getting worse.
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    I just discovered that where we have a 36 character description limit in the app, on the web ui you can use up to something like 238 characters. So if you have any long descriptions and have been limited by the app just use the web ui to make the changes and it will reflect in the app.
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    Been dumped my IRIS due to false alarms, reconnecting and disconnecting and numerous promises to fix things, this has gone on too long, how much longer must the consumer attempt to fix an ALPHA product when they rely on it to automate and protect their property.
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    They do which is why I posed the question. I doubt that repeatedly triggering the first motion would set off the alarm by itself but was just wondering if it is possible. I guess we can test that out when the new app is released.
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    Picked up a few of these last year as they went non-stock in lowes from the 2015 holiday season. So far only had one issue with a plug and it was fixed quite simply by a reset on the plug. The app isn't the best (about on par with the Iris V2 app). But not a bad little setup. Now if Iris could tie into these (since the Iris hub has a BT controller on it), it would be wonderful.
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    It's been about 5 weeks now, and Sense is still trying to figure out the electric dryer, how stinking hard can that be? Based on my experience so far I would advise anyone thin king about installing the Sense energy monitor to hold off for at least 6 months, maybe a year. There is very little of value you can do with the information you get from the app at this point. There is no web interface. There is still no downloadable event logging or history either collectively or for individual devices. and it still can't ID over 75% of the devices in my home. After over 5 weeks it's got a positive ID on about 6, and the other 12 it thinks it knows are all labeled as Unnamed Motor x or Unnamed Heat y. I'll keep posting occasionally on its progress or problems and also if they ever get around to adding a web interface. So stay tuned but don't hold your breath as you'll probably tune blue long before Sense gets a brain.
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    Yes. According to my sources these are the best Z wave repeating devices available. I have personally observed on one of my Z wave maps one of these devices providing a huge pipeline for all of the devices on my downstairs level to the hub which is upstairs. They are also good for long distances.
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    @Thevolget Got his powercost gateway to pair to his hub. I dont know the device info. https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Energy-monitor-not-working/m-p/1514#M145
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    This is a pairing page I am working on right now. I have to do this first so people can use and pair their Aeon Home Energy Monitor.
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    I currently have 6 OSRAM tape lights, with 5 of them in the same room. I'm looking to be able to control all of those devices as if they were one. So I dont have to set the color and brightness for each one individually. I have the ability to turn them all on or off, but not set each of them to 0:255:0 (Green) at 40% brightness with the touch of a button. Am I overlooking something? What have you done with yours to make it easier?
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    I've brought this subject up here in the past as I am sure others have. Thanks for posting to the 'official' Iris Community Forum, maybe it will get some traction there as it seems to have fallen on death ears here. More squeaks = faster fixes.
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    I desperately want the Iris platform to succeed, I like others have a sizable amount of funds tied up in a system that presently the only constant is that it fails to preform adequately at random times. Enough and often enough that it simply cannot be relied on to serve the purpose it was designed and marketed for. It is notorious for giving 'false' or at the least 'misleading' status, not being stable, dependent on a full time internet connection with no method of not only backing that up, but also it's inherent inability to recover from a failed connection without a physical 're-boot'. And let's not get started on the connectivity issues with the devices, or the fact that it turns into a not very effective 'brick' when it does lose the internet connection. It just seems to me that every stinking time I start to feel good about the system something stupid happens... But, *if* the promises that have been made actually do come to fruition then yes, Iris will be a top notch system.