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    Before the tilt sensor came out, I made one out of a contact sensor and small door hinge to give me indication of garage door status. Works like a charm and is still is use And cheaper than the tilt sensor (even more so now with the contact sensor drop in price). https://www.dropbox.com/s/uecg7l2bbmpuypc/photo%20dec%2019%2C%208%2059%2037%20am.jpg?dl=0
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    As someone who was on V1 for 2 years, jumped to V2 for months, and has now migrated to ST, I'm going to say the grass is greener. All of the problems that everyone is pointing out about ST is older and came from their backend getting overloaded from the amount of users. What did they do? re-engineered, bought loads more of backend SQL power, shifted to AWS, and moved everyone over. Total cost to users: 0$. I've been on ST for a little over a month now, and have had no issues. No disconnects, no loss of comms. It has worked everytime I've needed it and I trust my house security to it. Make what you will but the platform is superior IMHO. Plus....its free!
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    I discovered that if you want to perform a test that would trigger an alarm you can call UCC ahead and after they verify your address and identity they can put you on a disregard status for whatever timeframe you need to do your testing.
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    I have a 4TB limit on my video storage capacity through Blue Iris. Since I'm still on the Iris premium plan it's too bad I couldn't just "donate" my allocated Iris storage to someone else.
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    So, our housekeeper came last week and we didn't have any real issues... (no problems entering or leaving, no alarms triggered, etc...) I have discovered a few annoyances though. All of our lamps are on smart switches... apparently she tried to turn them on with the lamp switches and left them in an off state where they were not controllable from the smart switch. Similarly, it looks like she could not figure out how to operate the ceiling fan speed controls so she messed with the pull chains. Some of the light kits for the fans would not come on because they were turned of via the pull chain. In our living room she mopped the floors and apparently turned the ceiling fan down via the pull chain also. I'm thinking about making up an Alexa "cheat sheet" with device names and such. I'm also considering cutting the chains off on the fans and lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I use some care rules, but I haven't received any emails regarding care activities yet. It looks like it may be time to trade your Echo in for the new Echo Silver.
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    After about two years, the GE zwave light switch that was running my 1 HP 120 V pool pump stopped working. It was disconnected more than it was connected, where it used to be rock solid. I splurged on the GE 12726 ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YTCZZF0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) and installed it yesterday. It was simple to install and paired up faster than any other zwave device I have. It did so about 50 ft from the hub, where line of sight takes the signal through an exterior wall, two walls of a garage, then through an 18' diameter above ground pool. There is a GDO in between this device and the hub. The front of the box has a couple of LED's showing status and a rubber covered button to turn on/off the load without having to open the cover. Granted, it's been paired for less than 24 hours, but so far, so good. I'll update this thread after a few weeks, or sooner if I start to have problems with it. -Jim C A few notes for those who may be interested: The Iris app, Iris+, and thegillion's portal show it as a switch, though Iris shows 'uncertified device' at the bottom of the Iris device page. On/Off controls function perfectly in all three. Scheduling and rules work perfectly. The Iris app and thegillion's portal both show energy usage which appears to be accurate (about 680 watts for the 1 HP motor). Iris+ doesn't show the device under Energy Usage. Both Iris+ and thegillion's portal show it as having 0% battery, but it does not use a battery. On thegillion's portal under Troubleshooting, the device exists under Battery Level (0%), but not Signal Level (EDIT: I just realized that zwave devices are not listed under Signal) The model number is not listed under the device on the Iris app, but is listed correctly in Iris+ and on thegillion's portal under Troubleshooting, All Devices.
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    I noticed that we just got a new platform update and for the heck of it I told Alexa to find new devices. She found all of my locks and Scenes. I was able to get her to lock the doors (but not unlock, she tells me she can't unlock them to be safe) but I haven't figured out how to run a scene yet.
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    Well they are very expensive. I bought one for a single 3 pane window (three motorized blinds on a single rail) and it was almost a grand. Probably not a lot of people willing to lay out that kind of cash for a cellular blind.
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    I think they are well aware of this community and they rolled it out this way just to piss off a few selected individuals. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-T280 using Tapatalk
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    So after my last phone call to them I had gotten an email survey so I wrote back saying I wasn't satisfied. The next day someone called me back. I explained the story again, telling them if they could verify I wasn't one of the first 100 I would be satisfied and would drop the subject. She took some notes and said someone would call me back. Never heard anything but got a modem in the mail the other day. Either I was one of the first 100 or they decided to just give me one for the problems I've been having. Either way, easy to set up and works great.
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    They are notified immediately following the grace period and in my test they called within a few seconds. They follow your notification list in its order. You have to confirm your identity by your pin. Upon an alarm you're given the option to cancel or confirm. Cancel stops their activity, confirm continues the process.
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    I don't have IRIS cameras but I have several outdoor IP cameras. Every spring I have a boat-load of false alerts due to bugs, especially at night due to the IR lights, and sometimes they're too quick in and out of frame for the camera to document but enough to set off the alert. I especially love it when a spider decides to lay a string of webbing over the lens. Just another factor to keep in mind.
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    I haven't switched and I don't plan on it, but if I had to start over I would base my decision on overall system functionality. I know that is a broad subject, but in my opinion the system that has the most functionality in the end is going to be the winner. If Iris wants to maintain their closed platform mentality, they better step up their development processes or they are going to be left behind.
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    @accessdenied79 Update 1.2.2 -Fixed no favorites bug.
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    Over the weekend I had a lock that the Iris app was reporting as offline, but the battery level was being reported as OK. The portal status page did not show anything on the lock, but it is working with other devices. I knew the battery level was getting low because the lock was acting sluggish. Obviously I don't find buttons and Gen 2 key fobs very useful.
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    I looked at this but the trigger word database wasn't quite enough for my vocabulary.
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    I think you'll like it. If I had the need for any more motions this would be my 1st choice.
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    I'm trying to set up a rule (or rules) in v2 where the system turns on accent lighting in the master bathroom sink-area that's connected to the master bedroom based on motion or a switch, then turn off when the motion stops. (There's no door in between, the thought is to provide a small amount of light so one of us can see enough to get over there without waking the other. The button is by the bed, the motion sensor is near the sinks, angled so it only sees the local area.) I set up a rule to toggle the light switch based on the button. I set up a second rule to turn on the light switch based on motion, and turn it off 30 seconds later. However, if the button is the initial trigger, it doesn't turn off 30 seconds after motion ends - the button needs to be pressed again. Anyone know if there's a way to make this automatic? I guess the backup plan would be just to force it off if it's left on for more than 10 minutes.
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    Old news on both the new features and privacy issues. Amazon is already working on the privacy issues and this has been confirmed by our fearless leader Otto.
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    I'll give it a try. I'll do it from my work email to make sure they didn't block me.
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    I am interested in getting some blinds too but I have not looked into it yet. Please keep us posted if you find a solution.
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    I don't use notifications for my locks, but I'm receiving status changes in less than 15 seconds and all of my rules and scenes are triggering on time.
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    You are exactly who I was talking about when I made that statement.
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    For those that are doing the pro option, how many motion sensors do you have the requirement set to? Not using the monitored service, I have mine set to 1. I get an occasional false alarm, but it's not a big deal. I don't think I'd be comfortable having it call the cops every month or two if I don't respond quickly to their phone call. In one sense, professional monitoring would make me feel more secure, but if by doing so I change my motion sensor requirement, that feels like a step backwards.
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    I never even saw this "first 100" email.... I would have jumped on board immediately. Around the time it went live, I got some email saying they weren't providing monitoring yet because of a law in my area... I just tried this past weekend and it let me go through all the steps like I was going to sign up... It seemed to verify my address and everything but I bailed at the last minute... Figured I should probably wait for the email saying it is available in my area... So I guess those of us that were not in areas where it was available at first didn't have any chance at getting the free 4G modem?
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    I just eye balled it and adjusted sensors while watching on my iPhone in the app. It shows when sensors closed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'd like to buy more devices but I'd have to have a bigger house to install them. There's a limit to this madness.
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    Kind of the same for me, but keep Iris more as a security system. I would really like the Ring Floodlight/Doorbell cams, Automatic and a few other devices. I do like everything under Iris being in the one app, and I couldn't even begin to change to ST for the prices I paid for my Iris devices.
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    Interesting changes in the service plans.
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    I had a similar problem but was never promised anything as no on can seem to "verify" I was one of the first 100 callers. Some glitch in their system made it so I couldn't sign up with my address and I've been told by both iris and lowes customer service to pound sand. On top of it my system has been almost unusable for 3-4 weeks due to massive delays and random beeping from the key pads and no one seems to know why.
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    I agree the customer service is horrible. When they first mentioned the pro monitoring they were going to include local processing and the modem. Both were false. I quit paying completely too.
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    No, that's local storage. The drive is a WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk and it costs $132.99 from Amazon.
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    I am seeing it here: https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/Iris-Release-Notes-App-Release-2-2/m-p/1962#U1962
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    I somehow believe we're going to see some very exciting news that comes along with this update.
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    I wonder if any other goodies are included with this platform update which we don't know about yet... I haven't seen any statement by iris about the new alexa skills... maybe they are waiting for an app update that goes along with the platform update? Either way, nice find @Otto Mation
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    In my town (note the date): $19.99 Was $39.99 Save 50% thru 04/17/2017
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    Just wanted to chime back in as it's been almost a year since I moved to ST...and I still couldn't be happier. The latest update brings notifications if items go offline and it has proven to be 100% rock stable. I love that just about every device out there whether its officially supported or not has a community of people behind it getting things to work. The IRIS keypads work awesome under it. Took a 1600 line driver, but they work. I've now got a fully functional system. Add Arlo in and you can pretty well monitor everything you need to. I could go on, but in my opinion the grass really has been greener on this side of the fence. At the rate I keep seeing IRIS devices going on clearance I have to wonder the rate they are actually committed to it. I'll take it though as it means cheap devices for me.
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    I'll stay with IRIS if the developers actively maintain and improve it at a reasonable pace, and especially eventually implement local processing, mostly due to the possible switchover costs - I have ~60 devices including water softener. Actively maintained, supported, and improved is my watchword. I used to do quite a bit of open source software development, and I'm careful about being stuck with abandonware. That said, I sometimes feel like I'm on failing platform and if I don't move, I'll be the last one using it. The speed of iris development during the last 18 months has been atrocious, and the presentation of IRIS devices in the Lowe's stores is getting worse each year....I'm embarrassed to shop near it as most of the items are out of stock, and even the pickit signs that indicate Lowe's employees have to get the item for you are nearly always completely empty. I'm afraid shopping for IRIS devices is going to be entirely online soon. There is no way the stores are making any money and if it's as if they are trying to make a point about how awful IRIS is for them. Strangely enough, if you call IRIS support lately...they seem to be really on the ball and get back to you quickly. It's weird how it is the complete opposite of the stores.
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    I am sticking with Iris for the same reason I originally bought into it. They had almost everything I wanted at the time. I'm in too deep to jump ship now.
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    I have not switched completely either. I am looking into other systems, also because of energy monitoring. This was one of the main reasons I got an iris system to begin with. I have not moved over yet but I am also not replacing any batteries anymore and once everything is done, I most likely will be done as well. Out of my entire system, I have a water timer, two door sensors and one motion detector that still have batteries working... the battery life on my system has been atrocious.
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    Hello, everyone. I have looked over the requirements for getting offline/historic data for power and temperatures. Here they are Pulling data - DONE Way to log date - SQL and DONE Program to run on a local machine or/and leave a page to the portal open - In Progress SSL cert for portal to secure database and moving data - In queue What does this mean? Well first off I want to go over what happens in the portal. When you load the page the code (javascript) connects to the Iris By Lowes servers over web socket secure (WSS) and processes all the data on your browser. This is great as no data is passed to me or my server, that is why I have always had you log in to iris by lowes servers before using the portal. With doing offline/historic data that will have to change as Iris does not store any data for power or temperatures. This is where I need you guys help. To do this I will need some capital to get the SSL cert for the portal. Once the capital is meet I can then move forward on this part of the portal. To help out just click the donate button on the portal. I understand if you can not that is fine, just continue to use and enjoy the portal.