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    Otto Mation

    New Platform Update 1.16.4

    It looks like we got a platform update last night. A couple of things that I noticed is that Halo's are pairable devices now. I am not sure but there may be some new rules. Please list anything that you may see new here. Edit: There are more rules also.
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    Zwave maps

    To be fair I only briefly looked at the Graphiv site, and most of the stuff mentioned, Windows. Their actual download section does have Mac and Linux downloads as well, and the Linux section even has packages that would be compatible for main popular distros. xdot that I used in Linux was already in the package manager and should be for most of the popular distros, for people they wouldn't have to do anything other than search it and click and install. So it's a little easier. It's very basic though, but functional. Thats the main reason I mentioned it.
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    Generate Z-Wave and ZigBee network maps

    When you get the web interface up and running, how about including maps of the Z-Wave and ZigBee networks. Wouldn't be of much use on the phone app because of limited display area, but on the monitor of a laptop or desktop computer it would be great to 'see' those two mesh networks and how all the devices on that network are connected (or not).
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    Platform Update / Zwave Devices

    So it's been 2 days, on the siren is back in it's original location since it's been re-paired. Removing, resetting, and re-pairing it seemed to do the trick after the fresh batteries. With fresh batteries in everything now everything is stable. I'm not sure why I didn't get low battery beeps from the smoke detector, but I'm really thinking that was the problem since as most everything came back online as soon as I put new batteries in that. This siren was a separate issue I think. At least everything is back to a stable point now it seems. As always thanks for everyones feedback, this community's support is always excellent.
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    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    I like SmartThings for automation at least until Iris has Geofencing, especially for lighting, it also allows me some control over my Sonos speakers and IFTTT integration is great for some integration of things as well like my third party (Arlo) security cameras. However I will not use it for security related devices at the moment since it does not have a phone call alert option which is the best method to get my attention. Also when I added a lock and keypad to the SmartThings system the codes where passed in clear text to the IDE logs so I wasn't impressed by that. I wrote a smartapp for SmartThings that I made available in their community last week and I've enjoyed learning that language. It is really cool to have a system that is open like that so you're really only limited by your imagination and knowledge of the Groovy language. However you need to download or make your own apps for a lot of things that Iris has available already, and while some of the SmartThings included apps are pretty good they are fairly limited compared to what the community has come up with. There is a community created smartapp called CoRE which is really cool and powerful but it takes some time to figure out and to create your rules. The SmartThings hub does not natively do things I expected like notify about low batteries or disconnects although you can get apps that do those things. SmartThings video recording capabilities were really disappointing so I found Arlo, and while there are a few things I would love to see Arlo change, overall I am pleased with that system.
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    Here's a workaround to shut off the led on a GE switch no matter what state it's in. I tried this on the version without the neutral and the newer one with it. It worked on both. You can change this by doing a triple tap on the top button and one tap on the bottom button. In a rapid series. When you get it right the light will not come on while you're executing the sequence of taps. I did this in the bedroom as the led is too bright for me when I'm trying to sleep. If I recall doing it again will set it back to on when off. @thegillion This may help with programming it if you can from your site.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    @Smitho Here you go http://irisstatus.org/iris_portal/zwavelist.html That should help.