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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I'm referring to where the camera history is coming from, but I figured it out. You can go into the camera settings on the portal and disable the motion. The screenshot below is what I was seeing before I turned "The motion detection mode of operation" off.
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    Iris App V2 - Soon to be released

    Version 2 App release I have been informed that a new version of the Iris App will be released very soon. It should have an improved user interface and function.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Apparently it IS possible. The Gill just added Delete capability to the Recordings page! Thanks John.
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    Cutting the cable

    The savings really come in for those of us who don't really need all those CATV channels and can supplement with Hulu and netflix. If you have to add sling tv, or vue, you start approaching the point of diminishing returns as you are trying to duplicate a lot of that CATV content a many of us real cable cutters just don't care about. To me, sling TV and vue are not much different than a basic cable TV package. It has a lot of content I don't care about and it cost a little more than I care to spend. It sort of negates the entire premise of ditching the cable TV.
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    I got my energy meter running on ST now and I am pretty happy with what I have. I do have to use a ThingsSpeak account and that will eventually run out. Not for at least another year so hopefully by that time I will have figured out how to log my data to my local computer, or ST will come up with a better method of logging data. I just finished my first smart app and even though Iris is by far an easier setup the smart app function gives you much more flexibility. I modified an existing app for my bathroom heater. The app that was available basically did what I wanted but had some limitations as it was for general use. I tailored the app specifically for my setup. The advantage over Iris is now I can leave the bathroom door open and it will not run and with the phone presence function as soon as my wife and I both leave the house it will stop. I also plan on adding the ability for the app to shut down based on season. I haven't decided yet how I will do that, look at the thermostat mode, or maybe just use an outside temp reading. I will need to move over some additional devices. Iris has some time here to keep me form switching over completely as I have quite a few V1 devices that I can not switch to ST. So I will be switching out the V1 stuff slowly over the next few months. So they need to start making some progress soon.
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    Iris App V2 - Soon to be released

    I heard they were considering a web based interface. Is it this?
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    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    I like SmartThings for automation at least until Iris has Geofencing, especially for lighting, it also allows me some control over my Sonos speakers and IFTTT integration is great for some integration of things as well like my third party (Arlo) security cameras. However I will not use it for security related devices at the moment since it does not have a phone call alert option which is the best method to get my attention. Also when I added a lock and keypad to the SmartThings system the codes where passed in clear text to the IDE logs so I wasn't impressed by that. I wrote a smartapp for SmartThings that I made available in their community last week and I've enjoyed learning that language. It is really cool to have a system that is open like that so you're really only limited by your imagination and knowledge of the Groovy language. However you need to download or make your own apps for a lot of things that Iris has available already, and while some of the SmartThings included apps are pretty good they are fairly limited compared to what the community has come up with. There is a community created smartapp called CoRE which is really cool and powerful but it takes some time to figure out and to create your rules. The SmartThings hub does not natively do things I expected like notify about low batteries or disconnects although you can get apps that do those things. SmartThings video recording capabilities were really disappointing so I found Arlo, and while there are a few things I would love to see Arlo change, overall I am pleased with that system.
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    Bought myself a smart things Hub. I am going to play around with it and see what I think. It can't hurt to have a backup plan.