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    Or gillion's since that is the only thing that stays 100% working. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Centralite Dimmer Outlet looks just like the Iris branded Smart Plug and has most all the same features (reduced current capacity) plus its a dimmer. One feature that looks interesting is that it you try to turn on a light manually like we did back in the stone age (you remember, with your hand) it can sense this action and will turn the outlet on. https://store.centralite.com/products/3-series-smart-dimming-outlet
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    App Version 2.1 iOS Crash Fix

    Seriously? That's all we have to do? Lol. I will give it a shot. Update: what a croc of [emoji90], can't believe that worked. Lol.
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    I have all v1 contact sensors because I prefer them. Looks like if you want to use them for temperature monitoring you will also want to use v1 sensors.
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    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    You have 3 that know about Iris? The store I bought all the Iris stuff from had ZERO employees who understood Iris. Example: I was buying about a dozen GE Smart switches in Lowe's and the "electrical" person rolled up on me and said "Those are speciality switches, they won't work without a special controller", I explained I had Iris and he said Iris doesn't use GE, it has all its own devices. I had to show the poor guy that he was wrong.
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    Same. Thank goodness gillion has his webportal that works good on the phone or I would be up sh1t creek. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They know nothing about Iris or anything in my Store and only getting worse.