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    Community forums are a joke

    It seems that once again the Iris team is trying to ditch anything negitive in regards to the device. I made a simple post in reply to parity being promised and still not delivered on a feature. Called the system "crap", unable to post. Ok, changed it to "junk", unable to post. Only when I masked out the word crap/junk was it allowing the post. Since when did crap and junk, both of which describe the system and dev team, become too much? Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Another Push for Editable Lists

    Done here also.
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    Halo Installed and Issues

    Good point! Upon checking, both show 100%. I'm not sure how long they've been at that level, but we've had no more chirping either.
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    Need for "Edit" feature in IRIS app

    I've brought this subject up here in the past as I am sure others have. Thanks for posting to the 'official' Iris Community Forum, maybe it will get some traction there as it seems to have fallen on death ears here. More squeaks = faster fixes.