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    Hacking the 2.0 Hub.

    If I can get past the login. I can add my own software to the hub like shane or bring texting back to the hub.
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    So last night I added an additional camera to my system. This one is outside... (some kids have been messing with my mailbox and I'm not sure if they have taken anything). The next time I left I set the alarm and before I could get to the end of my road I got a call from the monitoring station... I knew immediately what it was... Apparently when you add a camera to your system it is automatically participating in your alarms, so of course the camera caught my car on the way out and triggered the alarm. I would think that you should have to manually tell a motion detector or camera which alarms to participate in, but I guess that's not the case... Another interesting tidbit: If a device is participating in an alarm which is armed and you remove it, it will continue to participate in that alarm until you disarm and re-arm it. Once I got off the phone with the monitoring center I re-armed the alarm (showing 20 participating devices), and then changed the new camera to "not participating"... When I returned to the alarms screen, it still showed 20/20 until I disarmed the alarm and re-armed, at which point it changed to 19/19.
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    What just happened???

    I guess hell can freeze over....
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    Iris App Version 2.6.0

    On the official iris forum there was an update on the status of offline processing yesterday. Apparently a lot of our devices have already been updated to handle offline processing but there is still some work to do before they flip the switch and turn it on. https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Feature-Suggestions/Offline-processing/idi-p/107/page/4#comments
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    Logitech Harmony Smart Control and Alexa

    I use it pretty much every night to turn on Netflix which turns on the receiver and TV, and sets the appropriate settings on each, then I also use it to turn it all off occasionally. I use the remote to move around and select things and mos of the time to turn it off as well. I also have one of my ceiling fans on it via IR but if I ask Alexa to turn that fan or light on when I'm watching TV the Harmony turns off the Entertainment center which I haven't found a great way to avoid with the limited power options they give.
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    I use the same hub but the elite remote. I used Alexa for a short time when they had 2 skills for Harmony. I have to get the remote for searching the guide anyway, so we pretty much abandoned using Alexa. It worked well when we did use it. Great for turning on all equipment to a specific activity, and when shutting everything off to leave the room. I absolutely love the Harmony lineup and have used their remotes for years.