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    I made the switch to Smart Things last week (and no, I'm not lingering around to troll, I have 3 other family members on Iris, and I don't anticipate talking them into spending the money to switch anytime soon). I had read the threads mentioned above, and knew they had a database issue, but it looked to be pretty much resolved, so I made the leap. The first day was a little rough with some lingering errors, but even by the next day things were better, and it's been relatively smooth sailing ever since. I know this will sound crazy to the Iris developers, but the ST staff even announced that a hub upgrade was coming and when it would happen! It *might* be fair to say that Iris and ST are at the same level right now regarding stability and reliability, but what I'm really thinking about is investing for the future. The ST staff are active in their forum (that they actually own and run) and they are often talking about all the staff they are hiring. There are functional and supported API's, and a bunch of active community developers. I've been very impressed by how hard it is to find a device that *isn't* supported (even if it's sometimes a bit of a hack). Basically, one developer has made all of the Iris v2 stuff work very reliably - the Iris smart fob is now much more powerful on ST than it is on it's native platform! And we're using those fobs as random remotes because we don't need them anymore because our phones are our presence sensors now. Bad things? Well, ST does have a fairly steep learning curve to go with all that power. It would be great if ST had more local processing (some devices process locally, but only a few - though as far as I know, Iris does none of that yet), and there is sometimes a little bit of lag. Both platform's apps have a pretty crappy UI, but Iris is slightly less bad, especially for quick access. Iris seems to have a slight lead on the home security aspects (the only real security keypad for ST is the Iris keypad), but it's painfully obvious that ST was in the middle of implementing that and got derailed by their database issues. There is no speaker in the ST hub, so that's a bit jarring for a former Iris user. There is also no cellular modem available yet. I can't compare the camera functionality of the two systems, as I've used separate Hikvision cameras all along. I don't think either platform is all that great for cameras. I have no love for Samsung, so that doesn't excite me, but at least the ST group does seem to be able to work independently yet also seem to have vast resources at their disposal. Switching platforms cost me about $350. I had to buy the hub for, 3 door sensors (all of my Iris ones were v1), and I was able to replace my other 15 window sensors with two cheap, reliable, and pet-safe motion sensors. There are mixed reports of the RadioThermostat working with ST, but I couldn't mine working, so I sent it to another family member. I could have replaced that with a non-Iris equivalent for $79, but I found an open-box Ecobee 3 for a great price (so I'm not factoring that into the $350). My Iris keypads, keyfobs, glass break, garage door opener, leak detector, wall switches, smart outlets, and smart button all worked fine with ST. The only thing I lost besides the v1 windows sensors was one v1 smart button. Saving $10/mo helps with the cost of switching and everything that I had to replace is an improvement over what I had before. At the end of the day, it's not that ST is currently more reliable in any quantifiable sense, but when something doesn't work (or doesn't work the way I want), I have more options available than waiting for Lowe's to fix it. It's not all unicorns and rainbows, but I'm content, and I'm not taking daily flak about Iris from the SO anymore.
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    As someone who was on V1 for 2 years, jumped to V2 for months, and has now migrated to ST, I'm going to say the grass is greener. All of the problems that everyone is pointing out about ST is older and came from their backend getting overloaded from the amount of users. What did they do? re-engineered, bought loads more of backend SQL power, shifted to AWS, and moved everyone over. Total cost to users: 0$. I've been on ST for a little over a month now, and have had no issues. No disconnects, no loss of comms. It has worked everytime I've needed it and I trust my house security to it. Make what you will but the platform is superior IMHO. Plus....its free!
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    I noticed that we just got a new platform update and for the heck of it I told Alexa to find new devices. She found all of my locks and Scenes. I was able to get her to lock the doors (but not unlock, she tells me she can't unlock them to be safe) but I haven't figured out how to run a scene yet.
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    I have a 4TB limit on my video storage capacity through Blue Iris. Since I'm still on the Iris premium plan it's too bad I couldn't just "donate" my allocated Iris storage to someone else.
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    I don't have IRIS cameras but I have several outdoor IP cameras. Every spring I have a boat-load of false alerts due to bugs, especially at night due to the IR lights, and sometimes they're too quick in and out of frame for the camera to document but enough to set off the alert. I especially love it when a spider decides to lay a string of webbing over the lens. Just another factor to keep in mind.
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    I haven't switched and I don't plan on it, but if I had to start over I would base my decision on overall system functionality. I know that is a broad subject, but in my opinion the system that has the most functionality in the end is going to be the winner. If Iris wants to maintain their closed platform mentality, they better step up their development processes or they are going to be left behind.
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    No, that's local storage. The drive is a WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk and it costs $132.99 from Amazon.
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    Interesting changes in the service plans.
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    I am seeing it here: https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/Iris-Release-Notes-App-Release-2-2/m-p/1962#U1962
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    I somehow believe we're going to see some very exciting news that comes along with this update.
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    I wonder if any other goodies are included with this platform update which we don't know about yet... I haven't seen any statement by iris about the new alexa skills... maybe they are waiting for an app update that goes along with the platform update? Either way, nice find @Otto Mation
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    Could have swore I saw it in there, oh well. Yeah that one isn't in there maybe because it sets the alarm? My all devices off worked, accidentally shut the pool down. Haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    According to this, it looks like alexa handles scenes the same with it does any other individual device; using the "turn on" command. https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/post/Tx38PSX7O9YKIK1/announcing-scenes-for-smart-home-skills
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    In my town (note the date): $19.99 Was $39.99 Save 50% thru 04/17/2017
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    I see they are advertised for $2.70 at one of my local stores, but they don't have any available.
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    Just wanted to chime back in as it's been almost a year since I moved to ST...and I still couldn't be happier. The latest update brings notifications if items go offline and it has proven to be 100% rock stable. I love that just about every device out there whether its officially supported or not has a community of people behind it getting things to work. The IRIS keypads work awesome under it. Took a 1600 line driver, but they work. I've now got a fully functional system. Add Arlo in and you can pretty well monitor everything you need to. I could go on, but in my opinion the grass really has been greener on this side of the fence. At the rate I keep seeing IRIS devices going on clearance I have to wonder the rate they are actually committed to it. I'll take it though as it means cheap devices for me.
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    I'll stay with IRIS if the developers actively maintain and improve it at a reasonable pace, and especially eventually implement local processing, mostly due to the possible switchover costs - I have ~60 devices including water softener. Actively maintained, supported, and improved is my watchword. I used to do quite a bit of open source software development, and I'm careful about being stuck with abandonware. That said, I sometimes feel like I'm on failing platform and if I don't move, I'll be the last one using it. The speed of iris development during the last 18 months has been atrocious, and the presentation of IRIS devices in the Lowe's stores is getting worse each year....I'm embarrassed to shop near it as most of the items are out of stock, and even the pickit signs that indicate Lowe's employees have to get the item for you are nearly always completely empty. I'm afraid shopping for IRIS devices is going to be entirely online soon. There is no way the stores are making any money and if it's as if they are trying to make a point about how awful IRIS is for them. Strangely enough, if you call IRIS support lately...they seem to be really on the ball and get back to you quickly. It's weird how it is the complete opposite of the stores.
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    As I said the main reason was Energy Monitoring
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    I have been using Alexa with Iris for about a year and Google Home with Iris for about a week. Google home groups things into "rooms"of course you can name the rooms then you just say "Ok Google, turn on all of the family room lights"and Google home will reply with "You got it, turning three lights on". The feedback you get from Google home is the only thing that really sets the two apart at this point. They both work almost instantly. Also the Google Home "hears" better although that may be due to my Alexa being on the bottom shelf of an open cabinet.
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    I did. I meant I had to print out my map three times this weekend troubleshooting issues with two new zwave devices. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Look at the text portion of your map when you open it. You have a graphical part (map itself) and the text from which the map is drawn. You will have a list of ids and the number on the map. Takes a little bit of work to pair them all up but I have done it three times this weekend alone, lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think you can take the non-response as an "I don't know". I've never heard this mentioned one way or another.
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    The energy monitoring capability of V1 was the single most important feature that lead to my investment in Iris in the first place. I found the ability to measure energy usage both at the smartplug and the meter reader lead to significant energy savings and the savings eventually paid for the iris components. I spend my winters out of state in warmer climates, so its CRITICAL that I be able to see the temperature history of key areas of the house to ensure that my pipes dont freeze. I tapped contact sensors to the pipes on external walls of my basement, and had alerts sent to me when the temperature was within 5 degrees of freezing. When I got the alert, I would raise the temperature set point of nearby thermostats. This process allowed me to minimally heat the house and achieve the highest degree of energy savings. I dont know how Lowes determined that this feature wasnt heavily used in V1, but I think its a MAJOR selling feature of the overall system. I would also like to be able to monitor the humidity levels of my basement during the summer months, and have a rule to turn on the dehumidifier if the humidity gets too high. The dehumidifier is the largest single electrical cost during the summer months. I'm asking Lowes to reconsider the priority of the energy management ability for V2.
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    I desperately want the Iris platform to succeed, I like others have a sizable amount of funds tied up in a system that presently the only constant is that it fails to preform adequately at random times. Enough and often enough that it simply cannot be relied on to serve the purpose it was designed and marketed for. It is notorious for giving 'false' or at the least 'misleading' status, not being stable, dependent on a full time internet connection with no method of not only backing that up, but also it's inherent inability to recover from a failed connection without a physical 're-boot'. And let's not get started on the connectivity issues with the devices, or the fact that it turns into a not very effective 'brick' when it does lose the internet connection. It just seems to me that every stinking time I start to feel good about the system something stupid happens... But, *if* the promises that have been made actually do come to fruition then yes, Iris will be a top notch system.