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    Just to let everyone know I am still working on portal. It seems I got it almost working now.
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    Just an update for you all. I've been working with Gillion on restoring the portal. After some research and testing today I now know exactly the change that Lowe's did which broke the portal. That change, an added check to ensure that the connections to their servers are coming from users of their web portal, rejecting any from other websites such as Gillions. The good news, by using a Chrome browser plug-in "Modify Headers for Google Chrome" I am able to override this security measure and allow the portal to connect to the Iris cloud. For now it's just a hack while we continue to research a permanent fix.
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    https://proxy.iriswebportal.com/ Portal is up and running. Thanks, @IrisUsers and a 6 pack of beer for the help
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    Maintenance notice from Iris

    The ratings on Android are improving also. Maybe someday we'll reach V1 parity and then some cool things coming:)
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    Another Leak Detector Save

    This morning at 12:15 am my Iris system alarmed on a water leak. The drain hose on my non-Iris water softener malfunctioned and started spraying water everywhere. The leak sensor I had placed on the floor next to the softener detected the water leak, setoff the alarm and turned off the main water valve so there was minimal clean-up required. This is the third time Iris as saved me from potential major water damage. Thanks again Iris!
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    The recent security update has caused the Gillion's wen portal to fail. Please make your voice heard here if you want this fixed. https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Solutions-Projects-How-To-and/Iris-Web-Portal-Fix/m-p/4318#M679
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I am moving the portal over to Cloudflare to better manage data and cache. Also, I can add SSL to the portal too
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Maybe I can make a page for turning off and on devices just for people that want to do this.
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    Is Iris going out of business?

    I'd like to see them revive the production of the V1 sensors and smart buttons. The quality is just so much better on the V1 devices.
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    Community forums are a joke

    This is why this forum is so important to our community.
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    It's That Time of the Year

    I know some of you find it annoying, but I have two young kids that thought it was awesome last year! After the typical flipping out over seeing presents, they immediately asked me to check my phone to see if we got a photo of Santa. -Jim C
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    After about two years, the GE zwave light switch that was running my 1 HP 120 V pool pump stopped working. It was disconnected more than it was connected, where it used to be rock solid. I splurged on the GE 12726 ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YTCZZF0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) and installed it yesterday. It was simple to install and paired up faster than any other zwave device I have. It did so about 50 ft from the hub, where line of sight takes the signal through an exterior wall, two walls of a garage, then through an 18' diameter above ground pool. There is a GDO in between this device and the hub. The front of the box has a couple of LED's showing status and a rubber covered button to turn on/off the load without having to open the cover. Granted, it's been paired for less than 24 hours, but so far, so good. I'll update this thread after a few weeks, or sooner if I start to have problems with it. -Jim C A few notes for those who may be interested: The Iris app, Iris+, and thegillion's portal show it as a switch, though Iris shows 'uncertified device' at the bottom of the Iris device page. On/Off controls function perfectly in all three. Scheduling and rules work perfectly. The Iris app and thegillion's portal both show energy usage which appears to be accurate (about 680 watts for the 1 HP motor). Iris+ doesn't show the device under Energy Usage. Both Iris+ and thegillion's portal show it as having 0% battery, but it does not use a battery. On thegillion's portal under Troubleshooting, the device exists under Battery Level (0%), but not Signal Level (EDIT: I just realized that zwave devices are not listed under Signal) The model number is not listed under the device on the Iris app, but is listed correctly in Iris+ and on thegillion's portal under Troubleshooting, All Devices.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Great work Gillion! Up until 3 days ago I had not checked on this forum for a year or so. I was debating on switching all of my compatible devices to SmartThings and starting over with my build out. I have to say you have changed my mind. Your IrisWebPortal is the single thing that has changed my mind. I am still figuring it out and look forward to catching up on all the threads. I just finished reading this one and I am pumped. Thanks for the hard work. I will be donating to the cause for sure!
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    That would be awesome! Also is there anyway you could create an option to change the background colors so that we didn't have to use the the invert colors option within the iOS?
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Here's what it looks like on a wall mounted iPad. .
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    Camera issues

    Dakota: Welcome, and sorry you are having problems. To give you some perspective, the two guys who responded above probably have more than 350 devices between them. They've gotten there through trial and error, solved many problems, and have a good deal of wisdom regarding the Iris system. I'm thankful we've got guys willing to share that. So, I recommend you give their advice serious consideration because they often have solutions that Customer Service may not have thought of. Hope this forum can give you some assistance, and again, welcome.
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    Or you could attach one of these to the dashboard of your car. https://www.lowes.com/pd/PostMaster-Replacement-Mailbox-Flag-Kit/3024896
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    I discovered that if you want to perform a test that would trigger an alarm you can call UCC ahead and after they verify your address and identity they can put you on a disregard status for whatever timeframe you need to do your testing.
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    I have a 4TB limit on my video storage capacity through Blue Iris. Since I'm still on the Iris premium plan it's too bad I couldn't just "donate" my allocated Iris storage to someone else.
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    IDE for device handlers

    It would be nice if the Iris team would release an IDE that allowed the ability to edit the device handlers. It would make it so that we could help them with the development of features. If a device pairs as an unknown device, we could look up the Zigbee/Zwave/Wifi commands that it supports and write a handler for the device. Would allow for a lot of possibility, mainly for those power users, who have devices that are Zigbee/Zwave, compliant but Iris doesn't want to add them in.
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    Parity list with v1

    And he's done it with one hand tied behind his back, he's got talent on loan from God.
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    Or gillion's since that is the only thing that stays 100% working. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I really do think thegillion is already miles ahead of the official portal with his. The addition of the energy monitoring just really proved that it's possible to be done with the hardware, even if the iris team refuses to accept the fact that they caused the "lack of use"
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    Interesting read.... http://www.wfaa.com/news/investigations/we-asked-86-burglars-how-they-broke-into-homes/344367279
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    Otto Mation

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I find myself using the portal more than the Android app and the new Web UI.
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    Cutting the cable

    I recently (yesterday) got my hands on something we have now called the AirTV. It is a pretty cool TV box that uses Sling TV, is an Android device so it has the google play store, and you can plug in an AirTV adapter (USB) on the back to hook up an OTA antenna right on the box so your locals come in to the AirTV box and you don't have to switch inputs etc. Also since it has the play store you can load Plex, Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, etc on the box also. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone interested. https://www.airtv.net Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New TOS and Privacy Policy

    Nope. You are so brilliant. You thought of everything.
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    New TOS and Privacy Policy

    They asked me what it would take to piss you off. Did I overlook anything?
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    Cover Magnet Issue

    Keen has excellent customer service. They sent me a replacement with no questions asked. Apparently there was a design issue with the glued on magnets. The new design has magnets that are held in place with a screw.
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    Here is how to setup the Modify Headers for Google Chrome Click the add (plus) button on the top right of the plugin page. add the following Then click save. Then click the play button in the top left. Then click the power button on the line this will make it look like above. Go log in to the portal like before.
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    Please do as scunny suggests. Even if you don't post a comment, please "Kudo" Gillion's original post. The Iris folks often don't pay attention to posts/requests unless they have been kudo'd at least 20 times.
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    The end caps in my local stores are neat also.
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    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to all!
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    Hacking the 2.0 Hub.

    If I can get past the login. I can add my own software to the hub like shane or bring texting back to the hub.
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    When Irma blew through South Carolina, my power stayed on (probably because I made sure my generator was working the week before ;>), but my broadband has been down for days. The really good news: the cellular modem worked like a champ and largely kept Iris up and running. While I still pine for local processing, this was a good second best. My main disappointment is the disabling of camera streaming/recording while the system is on cellular. I've said this before: camera functionality is especially important when natural disasters hit. At the least, the system should allow streaming, even if recording and playback have to be curtailed. The other quirk I experienced was the reaction of the wireless (non-hub) smart switches. Of course with wireless down, the switches couldn't interact with the Iris system. Irritatingly, they kept audibly cycling -- looking for the wireless signal I guess. The result: lamps that had been on when the broadband went out would blink out and then back on each time the switch cycled, and the wireless switch inline on my hub's UPS would turn my hub off/on as well. I had to physically take the switch out of the circuit to keep the connection up on the cellular modem, because the modem (powered by USB from the hub) would cycle as well when the hub was turned off.
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    Hurricanes and Iris - Observations

    I think we will see local processing sooner than later.
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    Alexa now supports multi room audio

    You can now create groups (Alexa devices) in Alexa for Multi Room Music. When you tell Alexa to play music you add the group name to end of the command and every device in the group will play the music and be synchronized. Settings > Audio Groups > Multi-Room Music.
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    This link should take you to the login screen: https://bc.irisbylowes.com/login Enter your Iris login credentials and click login. You should see a message at the top of the open window that reads: { "status" : "success" }. Once you see this message you are successfully logged into the portal. You can then goto http://iriswebportal.com The portal uses cookies to store your login info in your browser. If you clear your browser history you will have to log back on to access the portal.
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    When to replace battery?

    I would replace a battery at anything less than 40%. The app will show a battery low level at 30% which is far way too low.
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    Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    Ok...here's an update: I got the receiver installed and decided to try Iris first. It paired as an uncertified device as "OSO Technologies"... no surprise to me that it wouldn't work with Iris. I next tried Smartthings and it works great. Unpaired from ST and next tried Wink. It works fine with Wink too. The handheld remote works fine too but I'll use this with Wink and use Alexa to control it. Alexa can only control the light portion of it, but I created Wink shortcuts for the fan motor on, off, speeds 1 -4, and "breeze" setting...then use IFTTT to trigger the Wink shortcuts thus Alexa can now control my fan and light both. This retrofit was much easier than rewiring in-wall switches for my case to control this fan.
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    As it turns out my dramatic improvement was caused from the antenna picking up a very strong 3G signal vs a very weak 4G signal without it. I put the usb dongle in a computer and did a speed test for both weak 4G and strong 3G and was better off with the strong 3G. Using the computer software that the dongle loads I set mine to use 3G only and have had consistent 5 bars since. I have the logo facing towards the closest tower and it is inside the house. Testing with and without the antenna showed speed improvements with the antenna in all cases for me. Three to four bars of 4G should be more than enough signal.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    @accessdenied79 Easter egg
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    Customer Service Issues

    I think they are well aware of this community and they rolled it out this way just to piss off a few selected individuals. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-T280 using Tapatalk
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    How does professional monitoring work

    They are notified immediately following the grace period and in my test they called within a few seconds. They follow your notification list in its order. You have to confirm your identity by your pin. Upon an alarm you're given the option to cancel or confirm. Cancel stops their activity, confirm continues the process.
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    I think you can take the non-response as an "I don't know". I've never heard this mentioned one way or another.
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    The Centralite Dimmer Outlet looks just like the Iris branded Smart Plug and has most all the same features (reduced current capacity) plus its a dimmer. One feature that looks interesting is that it you try to turn on a light manually like we did back in the stone age (you remember, with your hand) it can sense this action and will turn the outlet on. https://store.centralite.com/products/3-series-smart-dimming-outlet
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    Firmware updates today

    I wonder if things will go smoothly? This sounds like a fairly big update, I'm anticipating a day or two of chaos!
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    Bathroom window - usually in the back, and the one most often left unlocked. As to other methods, a preference was stated for kicking in doors rather than breaking windows because the noise was considered less noticeable to others.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    The Alarm Status on the Home page is a nice add!