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    We know how important a web UI is to our users and community here, so we wanted to give everyone a preview of what we've been working on. Creating a website version of Iris is a complex process and is still a work in progress, but this is a first look at what's coming up. There is not a set release date yet, but we will update everyone once that information is available.
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    Although we've never met we have become close friends through the Iris community and this forum. He spends countless hours helping us all out with his expertise. Just today he spent much time helping me solve an unrelated Iris problem and because of his effort I was able to solve my problem within minutes of returning home. Had it not been for his effort I would have spent an hour or two getting to the point of solving my problem. Thanks Otto! We really appreciate you.
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    This weeks outage caused by Lowes upgrades on hardware has caused many subscribers a lot of pain. After 24 hours of this forum finding major issues with this Lowes finally sent an e-mail to their user base about the issue. Most users are used to trying to fix things by themselves as calls to support usually are remove and repair the device. If Lowes would have told the customers that we are doing an upgrade folks wouldn't have tried removing and readding devices that Lowes asked folks to NOT do well into this outage. Lowes has to become more customer focused and really try to keep what folks still are using this mess V2 system. Parity to V1 is no where close to where it should be. Communication has to become a priority from Lowes. Monthly updates with no explanation of what they are fixing/adding has to be done. Upgrade notifications must start to be sent to the customers. An open and honest parity roadmap must be discussed with the customers. Lowes compromised many folks homes with this outage and they need to be held accountable to their customers.
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    So ,here is a true story. I was at work today and Iris called me saying my security alarm was triggered. The alarm was set off by the front door contact sensor. I thought someone had broken in or a false alarm.I looked on the app and no additional sensor were triggered.. I knew that we have a new door installed with. a new contact sensor and I assumed it fell off and that's what triggered the alarm. I decided to drive home real quick ( short distance) and check on everything.I pulled up and saw my front door open about 2 feet. Also, my (indoor only )cat sitting on my front porch scared to death. I got the cat back inside and check the house and everything was ok. To make a long story short, the new door didn't latch when I left for work , but Iris saved my cat .
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    Update 1.15 is being submitted to the Google Play store. It will be available to iOS users once approved by the Apple Store. This release contains the following: Feature: Touch ID Enablement for iOS Devices Iris users accessing their system with an iOS device will now be allowed to log in to the app with a simple touch of their finger.Feature: Santa Tracker 2016 Santa Tracker is a seasonal feature we re-enabled that allows parents and children to ‘track’ Santa’s movements through your home on Christmas Eve while helping ‘prove’ to children that Santa is, in fact, real. Santa Tracker is for ‘entertainment’ purposes only and does not require the purchase of any sensors for this feature to work. More than 70 bug fixes in Release 1.15, including: Device Related: Bulbs & Dimmers Resolved driver issue that prevented some users from controlling non-dimmable Sylvania BR30 bulbs Fixed issue where OSRAM GardenSpot lights would not retain the previously set hue after the device was power cycled Repaired issue where changes made to the brightness of an OSRAM dimmable bulb would be inconsistently applied when bulb is powered off. Fixed issue where OSRAM bulbs that support color temperature would not retain previously set color temperature when a bulb was reset Resolved reported instances where GE In-Wall Dimmer Switch attributes were not populated until after a state change in the bulb was initiated by the end user For OSRAM A19 RGB Bulbs, resolved incidents where hue changes not specified by end user would occur when turning color mode on/off/on For OSRAM A19 or BR30 RGB Bulbs, resolved issue where brightness attribute would set to an unrequested value when user requested a different brightness value Resolved issue where dimmable bulbs may improperly set to zero brightness when turned off by schedule Android Specific: Rules Resolved isolated reports where Android users were unable to access the Climate Service by clicking the Climate card via the Iris App dashboard.iOS Specific: Device Pairing & Performance 1. Bulbs & Dimmers: Resolved issue where OSRAM bulbs would turn off when attempting to adjust the brightness of the light Fixed issue where bulbs that are only dimmable would display controls for color and color temperature Corrected issue where some users reported bulbs displaying 100% brightness in the UI even when the bulb was set to a lower level of brightness 2. Pet Door: Fixed limited issue reported by basic users that would experience issues with the Iris app when navigating to their paired Pet Door and selecting the ‘More’ tab 3. Wi-Fi Smart Switch: Resolved all known pairing issues related to reports from iOS 10 users having difficulty during initial pairing of Wi-Fi Smart SwitchNotifications Resolved isolated instances reported where iOS users may not receive select push notificationsRules Fixed issue where user would attempt to create a rule that was not able to be satisfied for any reason (ex. no paired devices associated with rule, etc.) without informing the user that the rule could not, in fact, be created
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    Communication like this goes a long way in easing people's minds about the future and what to expect. I'd like to see more of this about other areas of enhancement.
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    So I run Smartthings and Iris side by side. Smarthings has the audacity to tell me when updates are coming. What a bunch of jerks, right? They ruin all their surprises. Turns out, I like ruined surprises. Can you guys start doing this? Here what they sent. On Monday August 15, between 11:00 am EDT and 2:00 pm EDT, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware (version 0.15.3). The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your SmartThings Hub will temporarily go offline and events scheduled for this time will not be processed. The firmware update adds general improvements to the Hub firmware and ZigBee communications. The update also fixes isolated issues with memory corruption, LAN devices, and network connectivity. Thank you, SmartThings Support
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    Well, after the long-awaited 4G modem turned out not to work correctly, I decided this past weekend to dump Iris and move to Smartthings. Well, as warned, the grass isn't all greener, so I'm back to Iris, at least partially. (Mods, I'll make sure I keep this professional and unbiased, but if it's too off-topic please delete.) My weekend with ST made me appreciate that Iris is in fact getting a lot of stuff right: Iris is fast. Really fast. Hit a button in Iris, and the response is faster than you can time with a stopwatch. ST has a noticeable (~0.5 second) extra delay. Uncommon glitches aside, the Iris app usually works without delay; the ST app is usually similar, but can have delays of 1-30 seconds between screens. This all makes for a more refined experience with Iris. The Iris app is better. ST has no shortcuts or dashboard, really basic stuff like +/- buttons for the thermostat are not available, and what thermostat control there is is buried three screens in. I can't even set a schedule or use the hold function for the thermostat. Nice visualization features like the "Care" graph, or the sortable History aren't present. While ST has more flexibility, it's not cleanly executed. You add in "SmartApps" to get extra function, but much of that is simply built right into the Iris rules, and sometimes the Iris rules are more powerful. Another example is when you replace a device - Iris keeps but disables your rules, ST requires them to all be deleted and rewritten. ST flat out fails as an alarm system. A keypad isn't directly supported (though you can add one - ironically the Lowe's keypad seems to be the most popular choice in the forums). But there is currently zero delay before the alarm sounds once triggered. In my house, this would mean the siren blaring nearly every day, as we always forget to turn off the alarm before opening the door in the morning. The whole ST approach is a little different - you are supposed to use your phone for everything, and it relies heavily on phone presence for setting/disabling the alarm. Which is pretty cool for when you leave the house. But entirely impractical for when their version of "Partial" (called "Stay"). They did note that a delay is planned. Iris can call you when an alarm is triggered. ST will text directly, which is nice, but for the important stuff a phone call is a lot harder to miss than a text. There are of course, some things I'd like to see Iris learn from: Energy monitor, battery percentages, web interface - stuff we don't have back from v1 is there. The supported device range is huge. Some work natively, others are supported by the community (that's how you can get the Iris v2 sensors to work on it). Adding the community code in is pretty easy, though pairing consistency is spotty, just like with Iris. ST can actually add capability to Iris hardware, such as temperature offsets, and a long-press function for a Smart Button! ST is more flexible, though I don't yet understand the scope as the interface isn't simple. I assume it had a more advanced rule system, but it doesn't - you have to write real code. Which I'll do at some point, but it makes for a learning curve I haven't had time to tackle yet. ST Staff responds directly to posts in the forums - I'm really impressed with that level of communication. In the end, I realized both systems have big holes and lots of opportunity for improvement. Lack of alarm delay was a jobstopper for me. I ended up moving safety/security type stuff back to Iris. Lights, buttons and other "fun" things went to ST (can't wait to get the Arduino shield for it!) Thermostat is with ST, since the "for Iris" CT-101 isn't supported fully yet under Iris v2, but seems to work fine under ST. Can't wait to move it all to one system or the other, but the jury's out still on which one that'll be. But I have learned to be a little less critical of Iris - v2 could be better, but so could the alternatives.
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    I thought I'd share how Iris saved us today. The ladies were in the kitchen cooking Thanksgiving dinner and the Iris alarm went off. Immediately I got a phone call from Iris telling me that our laundry room leak detector had detected a leak. I ran to the laundry room and sure enough one of the washing machine hoses had sprung a leak. Gone undetected this would have caused some serious damage to our home. Iris had turned off the water shut off valve stopping the flow of water. It only took two paper towels to soak up the water on the floor. Nice save Iris. Now I just need Lowe's to open so that I can go get a new hose.
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    Hard to believe that we are nearly a YEAR (two months short) of this thread being created, and this still hasn't been resolved. Really gives a warm and fuzzy feeling about the other issues still outstanding as well that are parity items.
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    Figured we all do our share of bitching about parity and bugs that I should make just as much effort to post when things go well. We recently had a new furnace installed in our utility room/laundry room and I took that opportunity to redo the laundry area. Painted, new floating floor, installed leaksmart valve and sensor as well as rerouted water softener line. Well last night was the first time the water softener regenerated since I finished last weekend. Turns out the drain line wasn't secured enough in the drain and popped out. Once the sensor got wet the alarm went off along with all alerts and shut off the water just like it was supposed to. I still took everything out of the room and picked up the floor but had this have been a washer supply line and I didn't have this set up I would have been screwed. But with that said...Please Iris bring back local processing! Had my internet been down, which it was last week, this could have been catastrophic.
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    The consensus of the administrators is that the livingwithiris forum is not and can not be censored by Lowe's and will give us a place to post problems, comments and issues that will not have a place or be allowed on the official Iris Community. Therefore the plan going forward is to maintain this site.
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    I would like to see charts of historical data, both temperature and power usage like the old system had. It would also be useful to be able to download this historical data. In fact, while I'm wishing, I'd like to be able to schedule a monthly download of selected data in spreadsheet readable format and have it emailed to me.
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    I want to start by saying that I Love my Iris System!!!!!! When it works; and for most every device it does. The cameras are a mess for me, and it seems that a lot of people are having issues as well. I upped my Broadband Service which I didn't have to with no help to the cameras and just a bigger bill for me along with the monthly Iris fee. I just bought a wifi extender which was never needed with v1, waiting for it to arrive. I know that you opened it up so people can use third party software for the cameras, and that is Great and very much appreciated!!! But I want everything to work with the Iris App. One of the other important things is sound. I'm not even sure if the new cameras are capable of sound but that is an important feature for a security camera. it would be nice if someone were to break in your house and not be in camera view, you would still have their voice. And for some people that protect their homes with firearms, the audio would be priceless. What you say to the perpetrator and what he says to you could mean a whole lot in court. I know the engineers can only do so much with what they have. lowe's needs to dump some more money into this system and bring its ratings up. Every time I mention Iris to someone they say they hear nothing but bad things about it and would never buy it. I was in Lowe's the other day and the first end cap I came too was Echo and all the add on's for it. Then I came to the Nest and all the add on's for it. Both Displays looked Great with video and all the units out. Then I came to the Iris system and it had two Boxes, one security package and another one I can't remember. It looks possible that Iris might be abandoning the system? I sure hope not! Lowe's please get these cameras up to 100%!!!! They are the most important feature in a security system and are the biggest problem with the system. Thank you!!!!
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    Perhaps if Lowes notified the users of Iris before an update this confusion and problems wouldn't happen. I mean you do have a way to contact everyone, or do something like V1 and let it do it when we are ready.
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    Using thegillions web portal, I was able to determine that my backup modem had only one bar of signal strength. After doing some research I discovered that our modems have CRC9 antenna connections. I ordered an antenna as pictured below for under $15 to see if it would help the situation with the expectation of very little improvement. I figured at that cost it was worth a shot. Well that antenna arrived today and there were a couple of surprises. First this thing is much larger than I expected. I had envisioned that it was maybe a couple of inches square. Well it is six inches by six inches. The second surprise is that after plugging it in and setting it up I was at five bars of signal strength. Well worth the price and effort in my book. Edit: Turns out the connector needed is a CRC9 which is why mine needed a small squeeze to tighten up. I corrected the post above. Before: After: The Monster:
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    Our local Lowes had the smart buttons on sale, so I bought a couple. They work fine but I discovered a previously unknown benefit. They have temperature reporting similiar to some of the other devices. But I noticed no matter where they were they reported the temperature as 68 degrees. So I put one outside and sure enough it said it was 68 degrees even tho the weather man said it was 25. My conclusion is IRIS is somehow controlling the weather. Based on that I'm going to leave it outside so it will be much warmer. And come summer it will make it cooler. Don't know if this affect extends much further than my area but if anyone doesn't like the weather you might try this to warm things up.
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    As much as I want the platform to succeed, I can't in good conscience recommend the platform to anyone in it's current state. My grandparents lost their internet over the weekend, and AT&T told them it will be two weeks before they can come out and get to it. We don't have off line processing, I'd hate to have to explain to them a system that I'd recommended is not not functional to any degree at all because they have no Internet for the next 15 days. Lowes has without warning just up and decided to leave our homes vulnerable by deciding to kill our systems to do updates that say fail in some cases, or quietly do updates that make items no long alarm devices (garage door controllers), etc. Just my opinion, and perhaps I'm just being a "negative nancy". However I believe in my case, until Iris / Lowes gets their act together and gets us back closer to V1 state I couldn't recommend this to anyone. So my "positive review" or show of support, will just have to be no review at all. Which is and has been what it is at the moment. Which is sad, back during V1 I used to recommend it to people. I'm so glad, my dad did not buy this for his two houses now.
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    Now that Thanksgiving is over I thought that I would share my Christmas decorating efforts. I have an Iris smart plug on the way to add to the mix so that I can automate turning the lights on after sunset. It took a little time but I think the results were worth the effort, don't you?
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    I’ve helped a few others with installing automation in a new home build so I thought I'd share since it was already written up. Sorry I've not been as active on the forum lately due to added responsibilities at work and summer weekend commitments at the lake house. As you can see I have a passion for home automation and well automation in general. So here's the info I've passed on to my coworkers and friends. It's only my opinion of which I'll warn you upfront I do favor Iris by Lowe's... In my opinion their are two major players for DIYers, Smartthings and Iris by Lowe's. That said I favor Iris by Lowe's and I've not tried out Smartthings other than their app without use of their hub. They both have their quirks but Iris seems to be making more progress with stability, functionality, and devices at a faster pace just based on the amount of time it's been live with gen two. Iris was pushed to build a new platform when their hosting vendor was bought out. They had to dev their own system from scratch on a short timeline. Many first gen users had a poor experience with the switch over to the second gen but most of that has since been resolved. Some have moved from Iris to Smartthings to find the grass isn't greener, others thought it was, and some even use both now. A new user would likely not notice some of the issues the first generation users still raise because they’ve never seen the first gen. system. I'll let you read about this further on http://forum.livingwithiris.com/which is a great resource if you need any help with Iris. This is the main site where you can read about it, Iris by Lowes: https://www.irisbylowes.com/. I would stay away from the first gen devices as they are not compatible with other systems where the second gen ones are for the most part if you want to switch platforms down the road. You’ll want to subscribe to the premium service so you get rules and scenes for sure. You can cancel at any time and just go with basic; they’ll give you two months of premium for free to try it out. Smartthings doesn't charge for this so you may want to try both systems out for 30 days to see which flavor you prefer and return the other. Items one through four are the most used items in home automation based on my experience, with the exception of security based on preference. The order of these could easily be switched around based on your specific preferences. That said I would get all of 1 – 7 in that order if I were building a new house again: 1. Door Locks – I would get deadbolt locks for all exterior doors and a door knob with lock for the interior garage door. You can setup rules to lock all the doors when you leave. You can also program codes for each family member to give access and know when and who has unlocked the door. 2. Garage Door Opener – I would get the Genie garage door opener installed so you can always make sure the garage door is closed when you think you’ve forgot to close it. You can also setup rules to make it close when you set the alarm or run the good night scene etc. 3. Thermostat – This is a must have, pick the one you like best. They all do about the same things because the Iris app works the same no matter what the manufacture programs in them with their app. Only thing is the Go Control t-stat doesn’t provide the humidity level reading. They have vents controllers you can add, if you don’t have zoned controls, you can add to rooms that are hot in the winter and cool in the summer to balance the temps. If you do get a zoned system then just get an Iris compatible t-stat for each zone. The furnace manufacture of the zone system shouldn’t care what t-stat you use but check with them. The furnace’s zone system will control the airflow to the zones but you should be able to control the temp in each zone using the Iris app if you use an Iris compatible t-stat. 4. GE Switches and Outlets – They have decora rocker switches and toggle switches for lighting. However the fan is only in decora style so I opted to go all decora in my house. They look better in my opinion. Since it's new construction I would have your electrician install the fan and light controls for sure. I would recommend dimmers for living and bedrooms as it gives you more options but they do cost a little more. 5. Water Valve – This is more of a nice to have but I would recommend one be installed at your main where the water comes into the house by your builder’s plumber. Have the electrician wire up an outlet nearby to plug it in. You can then later purchase the small leak sensors and put them where you want your self. 6. Irrigation Controller – I really like having this controlled in the app. You can do a lot of different schedules, set rain delays, add water saver for rainy seasons, etc. I assume you are going to have an irrigation system so just have the builder install this. I would recommend adding the rain sensor to automatically stop it from watering when it rains since the app doesn't automatically do this yet. 7. Security – I only put this last as I’m not sure how much of a priority this is for you and you can install these items yourself very easily down the road so your builder doesn't charge you for it. It basically will go through a call tree you set up with your contacts until someone responds but they are going offer professional monitoring if you want that for an extra charge. For this you’ll need to get a keypad, contact/hinge sensor, and motion sensor to start. I would recommend the door hinge sensors as they provide a more built-in look vs the traditional contact sensor for doors. For windows you’ll have to use the contact sensors. I started with contact sensors on the first floor windows to begin with but you can add the security items later yourself pretty easily. You may want to have the builder install the door hinge sensors but that’s up to you and pretty easy to do yourself or you may opt to just use all contact sensors which are secured with two-sided 3M tape. If you want you can add a glass break sensor on the first floor to cover that if you want, one or two should cover a whole floor depending on your floor plan and sq footage. Here are some other things you can add that are nice to haves… · They are coming out with a Halo Smoke/CO/Weather detector which does the standard smoke and co plus will alert you to tornados which is nice for our neck of the woods. · I also like the key fobs if you have premium service, as it will automatically run your home and away scenes as you come and go. These scenes can shut off all the lights, lock the doors, close the garage, set the t-stat, set the alarm, etc. and vice versa. You can even put one on the kids backpacks and get notified when they come home from school etc. They have four buttons you can program to do whatever you want. We just throw them in our glove boxes. · Amazon Alexa, using Echo, Dot, or FireTV, will allow you to use voice commands to control most of your devices. Right now it’s basic on/off or adjust the t-stat stuff but they are adding advanced controls that will allow you to almost do anything you want like run a scene etc. · The water softener is nice because it monitors water flow volume and reports it real-time in the app. They are working on rules to be able to detect when the water flow is abnormal and shut off the water valve. You can also kick off a regeneration if you want to soften the water. It provides salt levels and you can order more salt from the app on lowes.com. · The security cameras integrate and can record on alarm, motion, contact sensor, etc which is nice. They do allow local viewing in third party apps. Camera's are more of a personal preference thing. I like Foscam better so I have a mix of both. · Last but not least Window Blinds by Bali with Somfy. Building a new house you’ll have to install blinds. Let the wife pick them out from Bali and you can add Somfy to automate them and pair them with Iris using the Somfy ZRTSI z-wave controller. I would add these to your living room, front room, and master bedroom. You can have it roll them up when it’s time to wake up, you arrive, or at sunrise. You can lower them part way when the hot sun is out mid-day or close them when you leave or at sunset. List of all products: https://www.irisbylowes.com/products/#!/ All that said it’s a living platform and they do agile development on the backend which from time to time is painless and other times not as much. Users can have a stable system for months then all the sudden they’ll make a change trying to fix something and it will cause an issue for some users but not others. I’m NOT talking about your garage door just opening up all the sudden or your doors unlocking, I’ve never experienced that. Some say they have but I think they are quick to address those type of issues if they do occur. I have seen where a scene doesn’t fully run, devices drop offline and have to be reset or repaired, or rule doesn’t fire. Typically the help desk or next agile release will fix it on the backend but not always. So that's my advice if someone is building a new home and they want to invest in home automation...
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    So I got to playing around with some things in the API and was thinking about making a page for IFTTT support. What do you guys think ?
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    It would be nice if there was a "rooms card" with shortcuts for each room in a grid pattern. Selecting the room from the card would take you to a page that has all the devices for that room... similar to the favorites bar but "rooms" instead of "devices", and with multiple rows instead of having to scroll left and right (it seems like there is a lot of wasted space in the dashboard, and where you need the space in the favorites bar its all crammed in one row and you have to scroll), As it is, once you have a lot of devices it can be kinda clunky to find the devices you want to control. If there was a way to group them by room or something that would make things much easier to navigate.
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    kayak: Thanks for taking the time to do this. The perspective is appreciated! I had a call from Lowes Corporate this evening, doing a survey regarding a smart plug I had returned. The questions were really closed-ended . . . until they got to "Is there anything that Lowes could do to make the system better?" Hah! For 20 minutes, I tried to distill all the issues we discuss here: cameras and the decisions to limit their functionality, motion sensor variability, web UI, the truly horrible failure to have a new modem ready when they cancelled the old one, the modem price increase, device drop-offs, the decision not to allow a Gen 2 API, the stark difference between ST's email warnings about system maintenance and IRIS' total failure to do so, failure of the Development team oft-times to ever get back with users on open tickets, etc. But the thing I emphasized the most was their absence of communication, especially in light of promises that often don't get met. I opined that there would be far fewer folks giving up and moving to ST if they just had more frank communication about the roadmap, about system events, and had more IRIS folks truly engaged here. She was typing away. One thing that I gave them GREAT praise for was the implementation of the IRIS skill with Echo. It has opened up IRIS to the members of my family that don't have a smart phone, and I think that is a hugely significant move.
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    Actually from what Ive read V2 ST hubs are able to do some basic local processing. However I have not figured out what that means yet. As long as it means the basic alarm functions work I would say that is probably good enough. ^On a side note, this is another problem. I've been an Iris customer for quite some time and am actively researching a competitor. A competitor without monthly fees, and with a hub that I can move several of my sensors over to. All at a time when Lowe's seems to be ignoring us. Just saying some open communication would go a long way here.
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    I think the root of these types of bugs comes from the Iris team not having an understanding of what is needed by us, the users. There needs to be more communication.
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    Like a freaking notification sooner than 24 hours along with a working low battery indication so you can deal with it before after the fact.
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    I know everyone around here is waiting for iris v2.0 web interface. I am working on fixing that, I have broken down the API and made a web interface where you can turn off and on switches. Take a look I know it needs some help but its a start. As always sign in to iris servers first https://bc.irisbylowes.com/login then go to http://irisstatus.org/iris_portal/ then go to http://iriswebportal.com/ This is more to show iris that a web interface is easy and can be done. Change Log: Update 1.2.4 -Added Event Log page under Troubleshooting -Added SHANE to system status. -Cleaned up the code some. Update 1.2.3 -Fixed the irrigation switch bug. -Fixed bug with in-line devices showing no battery in the status Update 1.2.2 -Fixed no favorites bug. Update 1.2.1 -Added Irrigation page -- You can start and stop your irrigation. Update 1.2.0 -Adding settings page for thermostat --Let's you see last days since last filter change --Lets you see run hours since last filter change --Save a filter size --Save a filter lifespan -Added zwave list link in devbox page Update 1.1.9 -Added saving of filter sizes when it shows in system status -Fixed bug with AC filter timer (60 days) Vacation home or single occupant and no pets or allergies: every 6-12 months "Average" suburban home without pets: every 90 days Add a dog or cat: every 60 days Add more than one pet or anyone has allergies: 20-45 days -Fixed memory bug with it saving 2 devices lists in memory. Update 1.1.8 -Added Real Time and Avg Usage* gauges to Energy page. -Updated a broken link on all pages * Page must stay open for now for the Avg Usage to start working. Update 1.1.7 -Added add device page (Pairing). -Added sorting to rules and scenes. -Added battery links to low battery devices in system status. -Moved Fan Controls, Thermostat(s) and Temperature to Climate group. -Renamed Power Level page to Energy and moved it out of Troubleshooting. -Removed ads. -Fixed device history export bug. -Fixed reload loop on update bug. -Fixed two donate bug in All Devices page. Update 1.1.6 -Added 4G status on the homepage. -Added alarm status to the home page. -Moved delete icon on scenes and rules page. Update 1.1.5 -Added Scenes page --Fire Scenes --Delete Scenes Update 1.1.4 -Fixed homepage bug -Added if Zwave network heal is needed and a button to run it in system status. -Shows is Zwave heal is running in system status. -Shows if 4G modem signal is low (Less than 3 bars) in system status. Update v1.1.3 -Fixed issue with local viewing of cameras Update v1.1.2 -Fixed GE switch showing up with battery -Added total of on and off devices on lights and switches page. -Added delete button to recordings page -Added Halo to switches and lights page Update v1.1.1 -Added Surveillance group to menu -Added Recordings page -Moved camera page to Surveillance group -Fixed error with Sylvania DR30 LEDs Update v1.1.0 Change URL to http://iriswebportal.com/ so update your bookmarks -Changed Switches page to Lights and Switches -Redesigned Favorites -Redesigned Sensors -Redesigned Fan Controls -Default to alphabetical order -Changed icon on DevBox link -Added Supporters page (Thank you!) -Added Device history to History page -Updated way portal is updated (Shouldn't have to press for updates all the time) -Added Camera settings to cameras (Live view, Basic settings, Advanced settings and camera reboot) -Fixed social media description and title info -Removed /old/ Url to the old portal as it does not work anymore. Update v1.0.18 -Added Devbox page -- Hard and soft reboot hub -- Download hub backup -- Restore hub backup -- Hub sound check -- Zwave network map -Homepage --Removed history from homepage --Added system status to homepage (Low battery devices (Below 40%), Low signal devices, Offline device, Air filter reset) -All Devices Page -- Add remove device -- Add Identify/Find device (make it light up or beep) -Added Donate button Update v1.0.17 -Added ability to change device names on All Devices page (Double Click Pencil) -Added history page showing 1000 history events with CSV export (Still working on filtering) Update v1.0.16 -Fixed typo in FAQ page (Thanks @Otto Mation ) -Added power chart to power level page -Added CSV export to power chart data -Added temperature chart to temperature page -Added CSV export to temperature chart data -Added firmware to all devices page Update v1.0.13 -Fixed camera showing up in Battery Level, Power Level and Temperature -Fixed sorting bug -Updated Ads in the menu area. Update v1.0.12 -sorting has been added to the following pages. --Battery Level --Power Level --Signal Level --Temperature --All Devices Update v1.0.11 -Added total power usage to power level page. -Added ability to add and remove devices from favorites.(heart icon) Update v1.0.10 -Added Lights to the switches page and favorites (OSRAM Lightify Flex and A19 Dimmable have been tested ) Update v1.0.9 -Removed caching from portal so this should be the last time you have to click the update button on every page. -Added "All Devices" page -Added Hub info page -New patch for history for devices bug Update v1.0.8 -Fixed history bug on devices -Added loading icons to the pages -Added ads (If they get in way of using the portal let me know) Update v1.0.7 -Added page for rules -Fixed dimmer bug in favorites Update v1.0.6 -Add Power level page for smart plugs -Add support icon to show when support is looking at your account/devices. Update v1.0.5 -Removed device info link and added double clicking on the info icon to get the device info page. -Officially added battery level and signal level pages -Updated FAQ page Update v1.0.4 -Added battery level page -Added signal level page -Fixed update bug Update v1.0.3 -Fixed typo in code that made some users portals stop working. -Added motion sensors to sensors page Update v1.0.2 -Updates and changed website -Made pages for most items -Made FAQ page Update v0.1.9 -added battery icons to devices with batteries and color coded. Update v0.1.8 -added an email sender to let you know when a new firmware gets pushed out. Update V0.1.7 -Added fan control column and moved fan controls to there -Added Twitter account link at the top -Added heat and cool points to thermostat -Added icons to fan controls -Fixed ads Update V0.1.6 -Fixed update bug. Update V0.1.5 -Added history icons to each device. -Added history window at the bottom. -Added history for each device. Update V0.1.4 -Added driver update notice. *This is only for iris V2.0 devices Update V0.1.3 -Added Hub icon with hover over hub info -Added Ads Update V0.1.2 -Added online icon. -Added easter egg Update V0.1.1 -Added HVAC status (Running or not running) icon -Added motion sensor status icon -Added motion sensor status icon to cameras -Added sensor contact icons -Added power icons -Added infobox with all "extra" data inside -Added auto ram dump -Added "Check for updates on portal" button Update V0.1.0 - Fixed protocol bug - Added Change FPS on camera page - Added contact state - Added auto refresh of battery, temperature, signal and switch state. - Changed "Contact Sensors" column to "Sensors" and added motion sensors to that column. - Fixed backend bug to allow for better response and info. Update V0.0.8 -Added switch icons -Added not logged in error -Added presences icons Update V0.0.7 -Added Cameras images to home page -Added Presence to keyfobs Update V0.0.6 - Added Places list to both homepage and camera page
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    We are excited to announce that an official Iris community is now here. You can register at http://community.irisbylowes.com. We’ve been in the Living With Iris forum for a while now, and we really appreciate everyone’s efforts here. It’s been a great, thriving community and inspired us to create our own. You are the first to identify bugs, give feedback, and help others. That really means a lot to the team and doesn't go unnoticed. Our goals with the new community are pretty simple: • Better assist users: with setup, troubleshooting, how-to's, you name it • Provide a trusted resource that offers access to the Iris team at all levels • Collect feedback in a process-oriented matter that helps us prioritize features and provide greater transparency Please sign up, have a look around, and if you have any feedback on how we can improve the community experience, we are happy to hear it. Your participation is vital to the success of the community. Lastly, we are not ceasing communication on the Living With Iris forum, but do encourage you to sign up for an enhanced community experience. Sincerely, The Iris Team
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    This is a compliment to thegillion----> If 1 guy sitting at home can build the WEBUI over 3 months in his spare time and achieve 90% of the functionality as the offical Iris App, then 100 trained monkeys at Lowes should have had it done 2 years ago.
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    I have made on video on how to turn a V1 contact sensor into a daylight sensor! https://youtu.be/XS5bqcUZkxk
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    Well you are accessdenied. hehe.
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    Try scrolling to the bottom of the main forum page and select "Theme" and try the "Original" theme.
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    You have the Release Information page (https://support.irisbylowes.com/ics/support/KBList.asp?folderID=188) and the Maintenance and Upgrades page (https://support.irisbylowes.com/link/portal/30143/30206/ArticleFolder/191/Maintenance-and-Upgrades) plus Twitter, Facebook, and all of our email addresses. Was this change mentioned on any of them? The last two months application updates have not been published on the Release Information page and the last update on the Maintenance and Upgrades page was June 2016. On Twitter I saw some communications about the issue this morning but nothing yesterday. A heads-up email would go a long ways to reducing frustrations when things like this happen.
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    $50 off the ST hub this week, Lowe's needs to learn to communicate before doing things, yesterday was a disaster, but if we had known it was coming people would have known not to try troubleshoot their devices possibly making things worse.
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    Lowes has got to do a better job at communicating these firmware updates and/or at least giving us a choice as to when/if to implement them. Yesterday evening, during dinner, my alarm scene (the one that runs when all key fobs are away) ran all by itself - shutting off all lights (including the one in the dining room where I was eating) and activated all motion sensors and cameras. Not the end of the world in that case, certainly - but what if I was out of town and some erratic behavior or false alarm occured as a result of a forced update? Lowes has got to understand that people are not only using this system for lights and thermostats, but for real security - and you just can't willy-nilly push updates out that can potentially screw with a user's security environment without notification. Even Apple (and I assume Android) allows you to choose to apply updates when it makes the most sense to the user which - to me - is a lot less mission-critical than the safety and security of my home. Do better, Lowes! Please!!
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    During the update, about 5% of iOS users had their push notification tokens expire. Please take one of the following actions to correct this: 1.) Force close the Iris app and restart it 2.) Log out and back in to their Iris app 3.) Reboot your iPhone This should resolve any push notification issues you are experiencing. If the issue persists, please PM us so we can look further into it.
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    THANK YOU For giving us an update on the WebUI !!! It's good to be able to see that there is at least progress on this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. What you can see here looks pretty good!
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    Agree completely. I was busy this week and don't have the time to dedicate to Iris. If I controlled the update process I can keep and eye on strange behavior. Rather than uncover strange behavior and then find that there was an update. Please listen Lowe's!!!
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    Sparc and the others are correct. Local processing can and will happen on these hubs. The v1 hubs were much smaller and less capable than the v2 hub and v1 handled it just fine.
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    @IrisbyLowes, Can we get an update on Offline processing? Please
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    That's cause they know you are a mod, and give your system preferential treatment. The rest of us peons are on the hamster wheel server with the old, fat, tired squirrels running it.
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    All weekend I've had 8 devices disconnected. This piece of shit is getting real close the the return bin. Yes, im pissed off and blowing off steam. Lowes can eat a giant fat turd. V1 was flawless for me. get your shit together Lowes, if you can. I doubt it.
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    It feels like there are two guys in a broom closet. One is 18 and fresh out of high school and the other is a 40 something who like bourbon too much. They don't get much done but they take a lot of breaks and smoke a lot of cigarettes. The amount of changes, stability, bug fixes, and parity issues made each month is very slow. Each month when the updates do come out, they add features and integration with products but parity is left by the wayside for the most part. I migrated 5 months ago and the parity list is still very long. If Iris fails me again, it's coming out. I've been more than patient but without parity and stability, who cares what new products are added.
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    "It will be faster" they said "It will have more features" they said "It will be a better experience" they said I migrated 5 months ago, improvements have been slow and painful. Support past Tier 1 is inconsistent and lacks commitment to resolving a long term issue. This update is all minor bug fixes, even after a complete reset I still see some of the same issues. Only one is answered in this update. I think Alexa and Iris will join forces in July 2017, I'll bet that's what they meant by late July. As with every update, I'll have crazy happenings and something will stop working. I want V1 parity, stability, and the speed were promised.
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    I think this is one of the reasons updates and new features take so long. Filter reminders? Yes, please. Temperature and power usage history and downloading the data? Maybe down the road. I don't really care for that information, at least not right now. What's new screen? Many people have asked Lowes to list what was in an update, as well as what is coming. Point being: There are many people with different needs and use cases. I have some experience with several home automation/security systems, and Lowes V2 is the best. They have taken many changes that they originally thought weren't needed or wanted, and corrected those based on user feedback. Most of the items on that list have been asked for by more than one person. Just because they don't fit your needs, or mine, doesn't mean that many people don't want them or have a need for them.
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    I'm going to agree with Enzo's comment above - I actually thought the above note from 'IRIS Diagnostics' was rather thoughtful and revealed some details of the technical challenges faced by the devs. And to me it's far from obnoxious. Someone spent time to write a long reply (to an E-MAIL, nonetheless) for specific questions sent by a user. I'm sure their reply was intended to be free of snarkiness, so just be careful not to read it under that light amid our frustrations with IRIS. As far as device disconnections go - I'd imagine it's an enormous challenge to figure what the issue is for each user. On these forums, I've seen users with select disconnected devices, and others a complete collapse of their Z-wave mesh. As for me, I had set my expectations low when migrating to V2, but my Zigbee/Z-Wave meshes have been ROCK solid and considered myself fortunate. This is for both V1 and V2 devices (the same can't be said of my V1 cameras, however). If I wanted better and personalized answers, then I'd speak to a live tech support to better troubleshoot my issues further.