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    Maintenance notice from Iris

    The ratings on Android are improving also. Maybe someday we'll reach V1 parity and then some cool things coming:)
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    Another Leak Detector Save

    This morning at 12:15 am my Iris system alarmed on a water leak. The drain hose on my non-Iris water softener malfunctioned and started spraying water everywhere. The leak sensor I had placed on the floor next to the softener detected the water leak, setoff the alarm and turned off the main water valve so there was minimal clean-up required. This is the third time Iris as saved me from potential major water damage. Thanks again Iris!
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Maybe I can make a page for turning off and on devices just for people that want to do this.
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    Is Iris going out of business?

    I'd like to see them revive the production of the V1 sensors and smart buttons. The quality is just so much better on the V1 devices.
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    That would be awesome! Also is there anyway you could create an option to change the background colors so that we didn't have to use the the invert colors option within the iOS?
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Here's what it looks like on a wall mounted iPad. .
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    Camera issues

    Dakota: Welcome, and sorry you are having problems. To give you some perspective, the two guys who responded above probably have more than 350 devices between them. They've gotten there through trial and error, solved many problems, and have a good deal of wisdom regarding the Iris system. I'm thankful we've got guys willing to share that. So, I recommend you give their advice serious consideration because they often have solutions that Customer Service may not have thought of. Hope this forum can give you some assistance, and again, welcome.
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    Or you could attach one of these to the dashboard of your car. https://www.lowes.com/pd/PostMaster-Replacement-Mailbox-Flag-Kit/3024896
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    I discovered that if you want to perform a test that would trigger an alarm you can call UCC ahead and after they verify your address and identity they can put you on a disregard status for whatever timeframe you need to do your testing.
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    Interesting Read on Will Saake

    Life at Lowe’s: Meet Manager of Software Engineering of Mobile/Iris Smart Home Solutions Will Saake: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/101769/life-lowes-meet-manager-software-engineering-mobileiris-smart-home-solutions-will-saake/ Some of the "user experience gurus" mentioned in this article are right here on this forum.
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    Alexa now supports multi room audio

    You can now create groups (Alexa devices) in Alexa for Multi Room Music. When you tell Alexa to play music you add the group name to end of the command and every device in the group will play the music and be synchronized. Settings > Audio Groups > Multi-Room Music.
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    A Tale of Uncertified Devices

    Preface: Iris needs to make available some humidity sensors. In the absence of them, I've been trying to create a web of Radio thermostats in my crawl space because they have humidity reporting capability. The following cautionary tale results. I have an IRIS-certified Radio Corporation CT-101 thermostat in my crawl space that reports humidity. Fine. I needed several in different locations. Enter some 2012 precursors to the CT-101 found on eBay: CT-100's. The CT-100s are z-wave devices, just not specifically certified by Iris. They should work, right? No. Twice, with Tier 1's generous assistance, I have paired them. Twice, they have blown up my z-wave network. Twice, within hours of pairing, several dozens of my z-wave devices have gone offline. GE switches and lamp modules, Schlage deadbolts, GDO's, thermostats, etc. have all fallen prey to whatever a CT-100 does to the system. 20+ devices went off-line -- power-cycling them, air-gapping them, cycling the hub, z-wave heal -- nothing was effective. Twice, with T2 help, I've removed the uncertified CT-100s, and then the healing begins. Some devices never come back, and I've had to un-pair and repair the recalcitrant devils. I've got three still off-line. Moral: Iris isn't kidding when they say uncertified devices can wreak havoc with your system. Approach with caution.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I have found that when you use hotspots for motion detection with outdoor cameras you end up with a lot of false alarms. It's much better to setup zones and then use zone crossing to detect motion. Doing this eliminates false alarms drastically. it's too bad Iris can't do this.
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    This link should take you to the login screen: https://bc.irisbylowes.com/login Enter your Iris login credentials and click login. You should see a message at the top of the open window that reads: { "status" : "success" }. Once you see this message you are successfully logged into the portal. You can then goto http://iriswebportal.com The portal uses cookies to store your login info in your browser. If you clear your browser history you will have to log back on to access the portal.
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    When to replace battery?

    I would replace a battery at anything less than 40%. The app will show a battery low level at 30% which is far way too low.
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    Washed out background on Android App

    I also just loaded a solid black picture so that the screen is usable. The blurred image in the background is just a horrible concept and does nothing but make the white text unreadable over light areas of a picture. The whole bland interface needs a serious human factors assessment and some addition of color coding to quickly find a card without having to read them all in tiny text and to indicate the on/off states of objects. What the heck are they waiting for? And please scrap the house image if it speeds up the app loading!
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I opened up the portal this morning and noticed SHANE said there were thunderstorms expected for my area and asked if I wanted to put my irrigation controller on a rain delay. I clicked on yes and sure enough it put the controller on a 24 hr rain delay. This just keeps getting better, thanks again @thegillion for all the work you've put into this!
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    When is Lowe’s hiring you to get their portal up to snuff with yours.
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    LeakSMART Valve Deal

    Happiness... I received my valve and it was exactly what I ordered. It makes me wish I had ordered more.
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    Maintenance Notice from Iris

    If they would add Geo-Fencing and rules based on presence then these type of aggravations go away. This is the same issue I had with motion notifications in my shop. or doors opening or closing. When I am home I don't care but when I am away I want the notifications.
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    Halo Installed and Issues

    Jury comes back with verdict on Halo for me: After debating on whether to keep my Halo Plus's after only installing one of them, this past Sunday before Memorial Day finalized my decision: I do not watch TV or weather...haven't done so in over 5 yrs. If someone tells me about the weather at grocery store or wherever, that's how I get my weather. LOL. TV shows & movies are just a waste of time for me as well. I installed one of 2 Halo Plus the other day and Sunday May 28 at about 5:00 PM my Halo Plus goes off with a tornado warning for my area. Hail and damaging winds etc. Local area was hit hard with downed trees, power lines, etc. Electricity goes off at 5:15 PM Sunday and just came back on last night, Tuesday May 30. Needless to say, I'm keeping my Halo Plus. Installing my second Halo+ too. I can live with the cheesiness of the multi-colored night light. Thanks Halo+!
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    As it turns out my dramatic improvement was caused from the antenna picking up a very strong 3G signal vs a very weak 4G signal without it. I put the usb dongle in a computer and did a speed test for both weak 4G and strong 3G and was better off with the strong 3G. Using the computer software that the dongle loads I set mine to use 3G only and have had consistent 5 bars since. I have the logo facing towards the closest tower and it is inside the house. Testing with and without the antenna showed speed improvements with the antenna in all cases for me. Three to four bars of 4G should be more than enough signal.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    @accessdenied79 Easter egg
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    So, our housekeeper came last week and we didn't have any real issues... (no problems entering or leaving, no alarms triggered, etc...) I have discovered a few annoyances though. All of our lamps are on smart switches... apparently she tried to turn them on with the lamp switches and left them in an off state where they were not controllable from the smart switch. Similarly, it looks like she could not figure out how to operate the ceiling fan speed controls so she messed with the pull chains. Some of the light kits for the fans would not come on because they were turned of via the pull chain. In our living room she mopped the floors and apparently turned the ceiling fan down via the pull chain also. I'm thinking about making up an Alexa "cheat sheet" with device names and such. I'm also considering cutting the chains off on the fans and lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Marketing email

    I use some care rules, but I haven't received any emails regarding care activities yet. It looks like it may be time to trade your Echo in for the new Echo Silver.