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  1. What? this works with iris? I thought it's not supported.
  2. Besides being visually interesting has this helped in anyway? Just curious.
  3. Sorry. I've replaced the battery a few times and never had this happen.
  4. Scary, as I see it listed now on irisByLowes.com now. https://m.lowes.com/pd/GE-Z-Wave-Hinge-Pin-Smart-Door-Sensor-Works-with-Iris/1000183263
  5. This is what it shows when you trying to order directly from their website. Hopefully they will be in stores soon.
  6. @accessdenied79 Try it now with proxy. It's working for me now. If it still doesn't work can you PM me your IP address.
  7. Well you are accessdenied. hehe.
  8. I have it too but thought it was because of my work proxy. Your the first person to mention this. I'll have to look into this then. Oh and I get this when I use chrome but I didn't tried other browsers.
  9. How about just try renaming "living room light" to just "living room" and keep "living room lamp" alone?
  10. If we have more users commenting that the font is too small then I don't mind looking into changes. Just let me know.
  11. Tapatalk should be working now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Just enabled it.
  13. Are you using a desktop browser, or from a mobile or tablet? If your accessing this from a desktop please note there is a pencil icon on the top right side of the page where you can select your own fonts. I hope this might help.
  14. How about we try the following as a workaround for now. 1) Thermostat is set to your schedule. (7am, raise the heat to 68 degrees. At 11pm, lower the heat to 64 degrees.) 2) Run a scene when the last person leaves. Scene to run: Away. Away turns the heat/thermostat down to 64 degrees (Slider to the left) 3) Run a scene when someone gets home. Scene it runs is "Home" which turns the heat up to 68 degrees (Slider to the left) 4) Schedule daily scenes on a schedule at 10:55pm and set the thermostat to follow schedule (Slider to the right) The down side is you need to disable item 4 if you plan on not coming home that night. and also if you come home after 10:55 you will have to manually lower the temperature later. I never tried to configure Iris this way before so I don't know how the rules worked in the past, however I'm guessing it's best to have scenes configures to "follow schedule" (Slider to the right) Iris should trigger a change in temperature depending on the time. @dusterp You seem to know something about this any feedback? This is a bug or a feature request? HPL
  15. I'll take a look to see if this change is possible.