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  1. Are you sure it locked in the first place. There has been a long standing bug where a scene will never actually lock a door and then 20 or so minutes later it will report that it unlocked. Check your logs to see if it ever actually got locked
  2. If I happen to catch it there again I will. Although I wouldn't call it a problem device . It's reporting the correct temperature. Right now it's at 3 and it is showing in the list. It only stops when it hits 0.
  3. It seems to be working for me. It is telling me I need to change my AC filter
  4. Saw this again this morning, was looking at the temps in the app and noticed the main freezer showed as 0. So I went to web portal and it is not in the list again. It was there later after I posted my previous message. If the temp is 0 it will not show in top list , but will be listed on the temp graph below.
  5. That could be it, I don't have premium service.
  6. I don't use my front door that often but this morning I was outside doing some chores and I came though it. I unlocked using my code and all the history showed was unlocked, and the push notification just said "Front Door was UNLOCKED at Home"
  7. My schedules are working with only a mildly irritating bug. I am using a interval schedule and it always shows it is going to run the day after it actually runs. Then after the run time that it said it was going to run, which it didn't, it changes again to a day past the time it will actually run again. it does run though, so I consider that a win..
  8. @thegillion you may have a bug on the temperature page. I took two of my old V1 contact sensors and put them in my freezers and use them to monitor temp. I was looking on the temp page of the portal this morning and one of the two does not display. It is listed on the graph below but not on the top temperature list. If I go to all devices it shows up. It has shown up in the past but not today. If I go look in the Iris app is says the temp is exactly 0. So maybe because it is reading zero the list is considering it offline? I am not home so I can't take it out and let it warm up a little to see if it comes back. I will keep looking back because it normally stays around 4 or 5. [edit] Just checked again and now the temp is 2 and it is showing up on the page.
  9. Mine still has 1.0. If I have to reset and re-pair I will probably just move it over to ST.
  10. I tend to thing this is a Iris problem more than a lock issue. I have switched two of the three locks I have over to Smart things. I keep meaning to do the last one but just haven't got around to it. Since the free plan now has rules and scenes, it hasn't been a big deal. The lock is on the front door and we don't use it that often, so it stays locked most of the time. The two locks on ST lock and unlock almost immediately when ever I activate the routines to do so. The one on Iris, the one time I hit the scene just to make sure it worked it did nothing.
  11. I agree on the camera point. I have a V1 camera but it is basically useless unless I pay for premium. I have just added a Ring doorbell and a Arlo Pro. Arlo has won out. They give you 7 days free, which is plenty. I will probably just sell the V1 camera as soon as I get a Arlo replacement. Just an FYI you can skirt their 24 hour history policy by looking at the unofficial web portal.
  12. Never mind you do not lose scenes in the free plan.
  13. I think his question is if your internet is down how will you be able to access the switch to have it turn off power. Nevermind I just read the description and I see how.
  14. Well I may hang on to my V1 devices now. I was getting ready to sell them as I have switched almost everything to ST. If they add geo-fencing and add some better rules I might switch back. I will wait and see.
  15. I have a busted CT101. The screen is cracked but when I took it down it still worked. I think I still have it out in my shop somewhere. I am not sure though I may have threw it away. If I find it I would be willing to send it to you if you just pay shipping. I have some of the small priority mail boxes so it would be about $5.00 to ship anywhere here in the US. If your interested let me know. {edit]Never mind, after posting this I realized I had thought about needing a humidity sensor in my bedroom to run a humidifier for my wife. I was going to buy a multi sensor but after posting this I just realized if I still have the thing and I can get it to pair with my ST Hub I could use it.