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  1. The only rules there are for cameras and you do need a premium plan to use them. You should be able to find any rule you need for sensors under the doors and locks or lights and switches.
  2. It's a pretty weird bug. I mean how does your code allow a device to show 7369 degrees for a temp that is around -5.
  3. I just bought a GE Z-Wave fan control on Amazon as I was in the store this past weekend and they did not have any fan control switches. I paid $37.00 for it on Amazon, so basically they are selling them at the Amazon price. Well you can save a penny.
  4. See here
  5. Got a push notification that both of my freezer sensors were over 7000 degrees. That seems a bit warm. It's not the web portal, it's reporting the same thing in the app. If one had done it I would just figure the battery was going bad, but it's weird that they both did it at the same time. I guess both batteries could have went at the same time, weird. Since the other sensors show normal I guess the house isn't on fire.
  6. I have wondered if anyone has tried it and what it would do.
  7. If I am not mistaken it should ask you to do a rebuild anytime you pair a Z-Wave device. It's been awhile since I paired something but I believe it did. It's pretty straight forward and yes, you just click the button and wait for it to finish, that's all there is to it. I believe, the powerline adapter rdisom is referring to just allows you to hook up a wired Ethernet connection through any power outlet in your home. I have a wireless bridge for that.
  8. You only need to move hub closer to get it paired. Once paired, you can move the hub back and then run the rebuild Z-Wave network. I can't recall ever having to do that with the in wall switches, but many have. So it may do the trick.
  9. I personally have asked Alexa to set a temp, what the temp is currently set at and what is the current temperature reading of the thermostat. These three things are pretty much all I really need anyway. Haven't tried to do any mode settings. Although I doubt the fan would work since you can't even control it through the Iris app.
  10. Sorry all mine are Z-wave.
  11. I have several of the GE switches they sell at lowes and they have all worked well for me. I have two small closets in two spare bedrooms that have lights and they are set to turn on and off when the door opens and closes. If you have the motion sensors already then it should work fine.
  12. I used the Ecolink sensors and they worked with Iris. right now i have them on ST. They tied into my ADT system with no issues.
  13. Yep, that is what I got out of it.
  14. I ordered a 12 Station orbit controller last year and they sent me a 3 gang outlet wall plate. A $5.00 item for a $100.00 item. So maybe that is their way of not missing orders they don't like. Then the manager at my local Lowes hassled me about returning it.
  15. I didn't get an email from Iris today?