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  1. Garage Security

    Personally if I had a GDO that was not working correctly I would replace it. If it is flashing and beeping but not closing the door then it or your Garage opener itself has an issue. If it were not responding then you may have z-wave signal issues, but it sounds like something else. I personally use ST for my GDO. If we are home and the garage door is left open then it will send me a notification every 30 minutes telling me it is open. Iris has a notification but it will only notify you once I believe. I guess you could do something similar with Iris with a contact sensor. Schedule a rule to notify you if it is open for 5 minutes. Then de-activate and re-activate the rule every 10 minutes for an hour or so.
  2. Iris 2.5?

    I don't. I did not see a single request for Phillip Hue support on their Feature suggestion page but that looks like what they worked on. How about just one V1 item back. Filter reset, Run a scene on Motion, Fix the scheduling of the Hose timers, something.
  3. Iris 2.5?

    Just tried it on mine and about a second after setting temp on the CT101 screen the app updated to reflect the change.
  4. Iris 2.5?

    Turns out the issue was that particular Dot. It worked on all the others. In fact if I had tried other commands I would have realized that because it would not control anything. It took two resets and deregistering the device to get it working again.
  5. Iris 2.5?

    Anyone having issue with their Ct101 Thermostat and Alexa. Up until recently I could tell Alexa to set the temp and tell me what it is set to. Now it tells me it doesn't look like my device supports that yet. Today is probably the first time I have tried to set the device with Alexa since the firmware upgrade, so I wonder if it screwed it up.
  6. Iris 2.5?

    The apps usually take a few days to get through the respective stores, but there was a firmware update pushed on the 13th.
  7. Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    When you first set up the system you get a free 3 month premium trial. I guess you still do. It used to be that a user you set up when under premium will remain after you go back to basic. As long as you never try to change anything about the user they will remain. Now whether or not that still occurs I don't know.
  8. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    I ordered one of these a couple of years ago,they did not have the controllers in stock locally so I ordered one on line. Lowes sent me a 2 gang rocker switch face plate instead. Then the manger at the local Lowes gave me a hard time about returning it. I had been back and forth on the Iris controller or Skydrop. So after the screw up and the local manager's attitude I decided to go with Skydrop, and I am now glad Lowes screwed up the order. I have been really happy with the Skydrop controller. It's another app to use but I have to use so many now what's one more.
  9. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    You really need to explore the app a little.
  10. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    On main screen tap the + sign on top right hand corner Goto Rule>Lights & Switches Select Motion detected, Activate switch. There you go.
  11. 3rd party cam viewer ?

    Have you read through this thread?
  12. Alexa now supports multi room audio

    So I set this up and I wonder if others have this issue. I have 5 DOTs throughout the house and I set up a everywhere group to use all 5. It seemed to work fine. The problem is I have a Bluetooth speaker connected to everyone. The speakers all power down with no use. So I started around the house to turn on the speakers figuring as each comes on it will connect and start playing through the speaker, just as it has always done in the single mode.. I tried in two rooms and in both cases as long as I am using group audio the speaker will not connect. I also stopped the group play and connected one of the speakers and it connected. I then told Alexa to play and I did not specify a group but it started playing on my everywhere group again and the Bluetooth speaker disconnected.
  13. Temperature hold on CT101

    Open you climate card, touch schedule at the top of the screen and then uncheck your schedule.
  14. Devices Found Error

    I had that happen once, but it was several revisions ago. I was worried it was going to screw up my system but it didn't I can't really remember what I did, I think I Just closed the app and restarted and everything was fine. I was really expecting to have to re-do everything. [edit] I thought I may have posted about it and I did. This is the thread, and it was over a year ago, how time flies. In fact you responded and said you had seen it before.
  15. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    What do you want the motion detector to do? There are really only two rules for a sensor turn on a light or notify you on motion, both of which are available in the free plan.. They never have added a rule to allow you to run a scene. Maybe they are saving that for the premium service, but I don't think that is available there either, at least it wasn't when I had premium service. As far as requiring a fee for all rules that is the way it was until a couple months ago. You could not create any rules without premium service so I doubt they would change back to that any time soon.
  16. Maintenance notice from Iris

  17. Maintenance notice from Iris

    My thoughts as well. Only thing I see different for me is the thermostat display is s bit nicer. Still not getting 24 hours of history in the app, with the basic plan, nor do the hose controller bugs appear to be fixed. It's only been year though.
  18. Does this seem right to you?

    Got a push notification that both of my freezer sensors were over 7000 degrees. That seems a bit warm. It's not the web portal, it's reporting the same thing in the app. If one had done it I would just figure the battery was going bad, but it's weird that they both did it at the same time. I guess both batteries could have went at the same time, weird. Since the other sensors show normal I guess the house isn't on fire.
  19. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Thought this update might have some offline processing, if it does they have sure been quite about it.
  20. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    I did back on the June 17th, I sent that to you again. Do you need it again with the new driver. Also it is not at 0 now.
  21. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    This is still occurring I was checking my temps in the app and noticed the Freezer was at 0. So I logged into the portal and as before it will not show up on the list, although the graph shows the correct temperature.
  22. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Mine is as well and now my sensors in the freezers are working again.
  23. Toasty Freezer

    My firmware is a with sensor Driver of 2.3 and it still shows over 7000 degrees on both of my freezer sensors.
  24. Toasty Freezer

    What version of firmware do you have now?
  25. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Is firmware the new version coming out today? My signature showed, and I searched the forum so it looks like mine has already been updated. Or did I just not update my sig after the last update. I haven't really been keeping up with it since most of my stuff is on Smart things now.