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  1. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    Over on the community forum they stated that there just wasn't enough interest in it. That is the main reason I ended up buying a ST hub and moving most of my devices to ST. Here is a quote from the community manager at Iris
  2. iOS 2.8 is Now Available

    A two version increase and it seems exactly like the last version.
  3. CT-101 weirdness

    I have had mine disconnect a time or two, but it has been few and far between. I just thought it weird that it would turn it self off and then back on.
  4. CT-101 weirdness

    Someone just posted over on the Iris community forum about their CT-101 changing temp on it's own and it reminded me I wanted to ask if anyone had ever seen their CT-101 turn itself off. On Jan 31st @ 3:00AM the log shows my thermostat turned off, then 9 minutes later it set itself back to heat. It would have been a cold house had it not, as it was pretty cold for our area down in the 20s. I could imagine in some areas of the country if that happened it would be a really big deal this time of year.
  5. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Yes it the Iris server and you use the same username and password
  6. Slippery Cloud Connection

    Did you try your credit card. Mine offers protection against stuff like that.
  7. New Kwikset Lock

    Also electronics have been know to fail from time to time so I wonder how you get it open then.
  8. I wonder if they tell people in order to capture this video you have to pay a fee. Unlike some other options, Ring has no free option to save the video feed from their camera.

    I can imagine it's frustrating, but have your tried removing it from Iris and just use it stand alone for awhile, if that is possible I am not familiar with the Honeywell thermostat.. Maybe it's going bad. I have never had any issues with my CT101 with Iris. I am no Iris fan boy in fact I have switched most everything I have to smartthings. I only have a few items left on Iris and one thing I have left is my thermostat. It has worked well and does what I want so I have not switched it over.
  10. Echo Plus

    I haven't used it but I have thought about getting this for my Mom and Dad. My Mom seems curious about how to make lights come on by asking Alexa. I think this system might be all they need. I don't think it has much use beyond tuning lights on or off. Alexa doen't seem to have any scheduling or notification features with respect to smart home devices, but that may change with the Plus.
  11. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    My suggestion would be to make the colors between a device being in the control panel or not on the All Devices page more of a contrast, or use a different symbol all together. I am slightly color blind and it is hard for me to tell the two apart.
  12. Question Regarding Thermostats

    I have been using the CT-101 on my Iris system for a couple of years now and it has never failed me. I guess I shouldn't say never, there has been a time or two where it lost connection and did not change to the next temp in the schedule. It has been very infrequent though. You can schedule as many changes as you want during the day. in fact you can have a different schedule each day. Worst case is your thermostat loses z-wave or internet connection it does not change to the next set temp. I have never had it run away, it just didin't switch to the next set temp, and as I said that has been only a couple of times.. Perhaps now with some local processing it will maintain the schedule even with loss of internet connection, but they haven't been very clear about that. I have only read on here that there is some local processing as I have received no word on this from Iris. I think it mostly pertains to those who use their system as a alarm system. I do not.
  13. Water heater temperature adj on app

    This is something I have been worried about in using a system that turns off the water heater. I wouldn't think letting the temp drop down for short periods would be an issue but it still worries me. We had a lady that use to work for us who bought a house that had been vacant for a year or longer and the water heater had been turned off. She ended up getting Legionnaires' disease and she was in the hospital for several weeks and she never really completely recovered. She was an older lady which made her more susceptible, but she died about 3 years after this. She retired about a year before she died but when she left she could barely walk 100 feet without having oxygen. She had been fairly healthy before this.
  14. Fan control with alexa

    Over on the ST forum there are a couple of threads from people who have installed the Aoen labs mini switches inside fan housings. Not sure they would work with Iris though. One guy even mounted a GE fan controller in the housing.
  15. Ring Pro issue

    I figure some of you guys probably have a ring product so I wondered if anyone here has this issue. For about 3 weeks now my Rig Pro no longer detects motion the way it use to at night. Works great during the day but at night you just about have to stand right in front of it to detect motion. and start a recording. I found a thread on Reddit where there are others experiencing the same thing, just curious if anyone here has noticed it.
  16. Fan control with alexa

    Not with ST. MIn = 10% Max = 99%. Also, and maybe it is just the way I pronounce minimum and maximum, but it says it doesn't know how to set to maximum I have to say MAX. For minimum I can't say Min I have to say minimum.
  17. Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    So what did it say?
  18. Iris App Version 2.6.0

    I could imagine that in a high wind the vibration could cause a V1 sensor to trigger, since it uses a contact that is pulled closed by a magnet. That extreme vibration could cause that contact to bounce. .In the V2 sensor this is done electronically so it should not be subject to that issue.
  19. Is oct 10 maintenance complete?

    I got one.
  20. Notification of lost connection

    I think a 30 minute window on a notification or email is acceptable. It seems to me, however, anytime there is a reset or even a momentary connection loss to the hub, it should show in the history. The comment on the Iris community forum from a support member was:... I guess it should read when a hub goes offline for 30 minutes it will show up in history.
  21. Notification of lost connection

    Iris posted over on the community forum that hub disconnects will now appear in History. Is anyone seeing this? I reset my hub yesterday through gillion's portal and there was nothing in my history about the hub going offline.
  22. Osram bulb experience?

    I have two bulbs that I have had for quite some time now and they are pretty solid. They are currently on smart things, so they have probably been updated. I never really had any issues with them on Iris either. The GE links on the other hand, I finally gave up on those, they are all sitting in a drawer, I guess I should try and sell them.
  23. New to Iris, but not happy

    I can say that the locks can be a pain to get paired and in this case I am not sure you can blame Iris. I have had my locks on both Iris and Smartthings and they were tricky to get paired on both hubs. As others mentioned getting the Hub close is key. In my experience the my two Schlages were a bit trickery than my Kwickset, but once paired they were all pretty solid. on either Hub.
  24. Themostat problems this morning

    This morning I get a notification from my energy meter that there is high energy usage at the house, thanks smartthings. Since Iris cant be bothered with giving us features we used to have. Anyway I found that my thermostat which is still on Iris, did not follow the schedule this morning. Also it would not accept any changes from the app. I have moved my Iris hub to a new location that does not have a way to remotely reset anymore. My Smart things hub now has that honor since it has way more devices attached and is more critical.Thank you to @thegillion for his remote reset in his web portal because after the reset the thermostat started working again. I had saw something on the Iris community site this morning about an update now giving a hub offline notification after 30 minutes in the latest update. So I looked at my firmware revision and it said it is, I had my current firmware in my signature here as .049 and I thought that was the latest was there a notice of another update. .052 must be for the keypad issue?
  25. New echo to be smart home hub

    It would be nice if they would allow you to say something like " turn on light in 1 hour".