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  1. I haven't switched and I don't plan on it, but if I had to start over I would base my decision on overall system functionality. I know that is a broad subject, but in my opinion the system that has the most functionality in the end is going to be the winner. If Iris wants to maintain their closed platform mentality, they better step up their development processes or they are going to be left behind.
  2. You might find this thread useful:
  3. We all know there are no energy use graphs in V2, but with the exception of humidity rules, everything else you mentioned can be accomplished with V2. If your thermostat has the ability to monitor humidity you could have Iris send you a notification and then manually control your humidifier through a smart switch.
  4. The Gen 2 smart plugs have the ability to repeat Z-wave, but they use the zigbee protocol to communicate to the hub. They are not included in the "hubzwave:numDevices".
  5. Hmmm... I don't recall any promises from anyone who works for Lowe's either.
  6. To my knowledge Lowe's has never officially stated there would be 100% parity between the two versions.
  7. I've created a scene to lock my front door and then I have a rule that runs the scene every time the door closes. There is no built-in delay but I can live with that. At least I know the door is always locked.
  8. Firmware updates and reboots will not reset the device count for the Z-wave routing table. The only way to clear the routing table is to completely reset your hub and start over. However, i wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have a lot of free time to kill. Rebuilding your Z-wave network WILL NOT "flush out" orphaned devices. It only rebuilds the routing table for the devices that it can connect to at the time you run the process.
  9. The total number appears to be derived from the routing table and not from the total number of devices in your system. This would include any devices that have ever been connected to your hub. Have you had any devices that have been removed and not reconnected? A scenario where this would happen is if you had returned a device for replacement.
  10. I believe your "hubzwave:numDevices" and "hubzwave:healTotal" should match. If you didn't use the Z-wave removal tool when you removed "Number 7" the Z-wave controller within the hub still thinks this is part of your network.
  11. You can verify the number of Z-wave devices that are connected through the gillion's portal. Go to TROUBLESHOOTING | HUB INFO and look for the following: "hubzwave:numDevices":41
  12. I have to agree with Otto, I am using gen 1 contact sensors on some outside gates and I have not noticed any change in the effective range of these sensors.
  13. Yep, it almost seems like each store is independently owned and operated.
  14. Done