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  1. So I was just told that the system is going through a server upgrade......who is going to turn off my lights tonight? (a problem reported earlier today).....etc. etc.etc. I have some thoughts for you.....but they would (shouldn't) be said in polite company.
  2. I am unable to even get logged on! So is the whole system down?
  3. So I have a question abut hardware - I call Lowes because it appears the purchasing agent has failed to understand the needs of the customer (again). I call the store, because it is not specifically an Iris problem. I call, wait my turn (ten minutes) and finally reach a sales agent. I ask my question and call his attention to the apparent disconnect between Item 80659 and item 497752. We spend 5 minutes researching HIS catalogue. Finally we realize that he can not answer the question. He suggests I call Iris directly. I do that. I reach an agent and explain my question again. We spend some time searching for an answer. The line goes quiet while the agent is searching. I ask if he is still there. He is. He continues to search. Five minutes I am unceremoniously dumped. Is it a phone problem? Is it a customer service problem? I don't know but I still don't have an answer to my question. So I call back again. I have now been on hold for 27 minutes listening to the music. Do these people think I am stupid? I must be, I am still on hold waiting my turn. I really need to migrate back to Smart Home. T
  4. "use sunset to sunrise rules" we have those now? Where can I find them (in V2)
  5. Output from keypad? I am curious; were you getting beeps only? or was this attached to V1 and were you getting the announcements that I only heard from the hub? The idea is great and I know exactly where I could connect it into my intercom system.
  6. Cody, I had several switches at the time of migrations (and again after the great outage of March'16) that I found it necessary to unpair and re-pair. In one case I had to actually start the paring processes, and then move the hub close to the switch while continuing to activate the device until the hub recognized the device. I restored the hub to its home and now it works fine as part of the family. I hope this helps. TEW
  7. Cody, you are not alone. I have several rooms where I had daytime lights and night-time lights that followed the sunrise and sunset. I have been forced to use an arbitrary 8AM/8PM to accomplish the required function. I will be very happy when the new function becomes available. I wonder how they will communicate the upgrades? So far communication has been non-existent. I hope the find a way to improve. TEW
  8. Check out the website. There are several hubs that have z-wave functionality that don't require remote connectivity that have existed since before Iris. You will have to find tools to disconnect your z-wave devices from the current Iris hub, but once you have done that, they will work with other zwave hubs. That is how I came to Iris. You MAY have problems with the Iris branded products, but you won't have problems with your GE switches and plugs. TEW
  9. Can I install the V2 App on my wife's phone. Does she use my credentials? or does she use personal credentials? If I wanted to connect an old phone (and leave it in the living room as a local control module) how many could I connect?
  10. I am still looking forward to migrating (I think). The terrible "support" is giving me pause to consider going back to smart-home (which is where I was when I chose to investigate Iris.
  11. I signed up months ago for the next generation Hub. It's not here. Now my systems are starting to misbehave. I call and try to find out what is going on. A week ago I called and listened to "We appreciate your patients and understanding, someone will be with you shortly". I listened to that recording for over an hour before I decided life was too short to put up with this. So my system continue to misbehave. I tolerate the bad service thinking that things will get better when the new hub gets here. I'm still waiting. So I call in this morning to ask about why certain devices have all of the sudden decided to go rogue. They disappear and reappear without notice. Some, like my bedside light, are reported to be connected and fine. But they do not respond to commands (for 20 minutes - if at all). Can I get any support? I have been on hold for 28 minutes and some seconds. Other devices like the one that turns on the outside lights looking at the river (so I can see the river in the dark during a storm) Is anyone else getting such bad service??? Todd Williams Santa Cruz
  12. I haven't had any success either - but they both use z-wave technology. I suspect the answer lies in "un-pairing" the device first so that it is not connected to anyone. I had no trouble moving my z-wave devices into Iris (for the most part). I have not had the same success with Wink. It seems to have something to do with Winks proposed support of z-wave but lack of demonstrated support. I have talked to the Wink support team more than once and their standard answer is: We haven't started to focus on legacy z-wave devices yet." My biggest complaint about iris is the ability to program (schedule) devices on and off without paying for the "premium" service.
  13. Pretty cool guys! I am assuming that it still dependent upon having a premium subscription so that you can issue voice commands to the Iris software??? Thanks for work on this solution.
  14. Think I will be taking a closer look myself.
  15. Solution to the two lights, individual and group control: Give each individual controls and then put them both in a group. You can control each by them selves with your portable phone, or as a group.