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  1. I've done that. I keep wondering if she has too many keys that may be absorbing the signal.
  2. I have two 1st Generation fobs. One works perfectly. The hub recognizes it correctly when it comes and goes. The other fob is recognized correctly when it leaves but it can also leave (on its own) multiple times a day when it is sitting on the table in the house. I have reset it multiple times. Anyone have any ideas for me? Mike
  3. Thanks that did it.
  4. The current in process update has taken out Alexa. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. I have not done it yet since I just got both of my dots last week but how about 3m Command Strips?
  6. I found the 1st gen smart buttons on sale at the Lowes by me for 3.99 each. They had two left so I bought them and already have a use for them.
  7. Nice. I can add three more of these and cover all of the parts of the house we live in. If Iris settles down I might buy some more devices.
  8. Custom skills? I guess that is why there is a column on the Iris web site that shows all current features as Basic.
  9. I decided that I wanted to try the Amazon Echo Dot since it works with both Iris and Nest. I bought it last night and had it up and running in 10 minutes. It's just a little bigger than a hockey puck and only costs $50, quite a discount from its larger counterpart. I really like it. I can come into the house and say "Alexa turn on inside lights" and it does it with minimal delay. Additionally it lets you set up groups of devices, so I have Inside Lights, Outside lights and All lights which lets me turn on or off just one group. Temperature control is pretty easy too with the Nest thermostat. I'd like to see Alexa work with more devices like the motion and door sensors so that I could for instance ask if the Garage door is closed.
  10. It's probably an App problem then. The hub definitely recognizes the bulb but I cannot use the on/off functionality in the app, I can only dim or brighten using the slider. Interestingly, I just noticed that even though the manufacturer does not show up when I edit the device it does show up if I add it to a Scene....If they can fix this bug app I might buy more bulbs and perhaps some of the switches to go with them.
  11. I wish there was official support for the Cree bulb. It's light pattern is much more consistent with a incandescent bulb than other options. As it is, I can adjust the brightness with the IOS app but I cannot turn it off and on.
  12. I thought the range extenders don't work on V2.
  13. The Cree bulb is not a supported device probably because it's sold at home depot
  14. The slider is the problem and sometimes there is no response from the bulb.
  15. Firmware 077 or the new IOS app 1.13 has killed compatibility for the Cree Connected bulb....again. It works a little or not at all. I'm getting sick of this. Every time they come out with a new update it kills something that was working perfectly fine before.