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  1. I noticed that we just got a new platform update and for the heck of it I told Alexa to find new devices. She found all of my locks and Scenes. I was able to get her to lock the doors (but not unlock, she tells me she can't unlock them to be safe) but I haven't figured out how to run a scene yet.
  2. The same one that is in the care card. You can expand it and see activity by device.
  3. I am seeing it here:
  4. The GoControl is also about the only thermostat that I know of that you can replace the on/off switch for a millivolt ignition fireplace with and then control the fireplace with Iris and Alexa. So if you have a gas fireplace that uses millivolt ignition, get two. They are also very inexpensive..
  5. I use Alexa religiously with Iris and have set up groups with common names for devices that I want to use for verbal commands. This means that I do not have to change my device naming convention. An example would be to create a group called "Bedroom Lights" and drop my dimmers for the bedroom in that group. My device naming convention would be awkward for use with verbal commands. Dimmer Bedroom Lights 1 and Dimmer Bedroom Lights 2. So with Alexa I just say "Alexa turn on the Bedroom lights" and on they go. Groups even work with single devices. It is not clear to me if this can be done with Google Home. Could someone who had tried this please elaborate?
  6. Here is another one. Ask Alexa if your door is locked?
  7. Okay, I have played with it a bit now. Alexa turn on (scene name) works but I have scenes with motorized blinds in them and they will not run. I also will not run scenes with locks in them. I was able to make a group and call it "Front Door" and then dropped my "Deadbolt Front Door" in it and she will lock it but not unlock it. This is so that I can say Alexa lock the front door without messing up my device naming convention. She also will not lock a group with more than one lock in it but then Iris can't do it in a scene either consistently anyway. Edit: I was wrong, I can lift the blinds in a scene with Alexa. I had to rebuild the scene but it is working now.
  8. You can do all of that in V2. Just look under the alarm card and include or exclude any device you want in whichever alarm mode you want. You can also designate any contact sensor as a door or window or other.
  9. Try this. Make sure that all Unknown devices are removed from your system. Perform a factory reset on the hose end controller. Google for the procedure. Reboot your hub by pushing the red button on the back for no more than two seconds (you will hear a tone). After the hub reboots pair one of the hose end controllers within a few feet of the hub. Make sure that you have the batteries removed from the other un-paired hose end controllers so that they do not interfere with the pairing process. After pairing, leave the newly paired hose end controllers near the hub so that they receive firmware updates. Repeat this process for the other hose end controllers and I would wait for the firmware update to complete before pairing the next device.
  10. I think you can take the non-response as an "I don't know". I've never heard this mentioned one way or another.
  11. I use scenes to lock my deadbolts at night. I use one scene per lock and I have them running 2 minutes apart. This is necessary in order to prevent your system from being flooded with Z wave signal and preventing the locks from all locking. The locks create an intense amount of traffic and this is the only workaround that I have found to work consistently.
  12. I'll take the modem. Please PM your Paypal email address.
  13. Number 7 might be the problem. Your Z wave devices create a network mesh and are not designed to be taken in and out of service. You should probably plug the 7th device back in and give them time to reconnect. I'd run a z wave network heal after they reconnect also.
  14. I have all Gen 1 sensors with very few exceptions and my system is rock solid with many devices. I believe that the Gen 1 sensors are superior to the Gen 2 sensors in most every way including range. Edit: You might want to get on the web portal and find out what Zigbee channel your hub is using and make sure that your 2.4 GHz WiFi is on a channel does not interfere with your Zigbee channel. That would be the first place that I would start.
  15. Done
  16. Just run a self test. It will eventually stop. Alternatively, you can remove them from Iris and set them up on the Halo app and they well get new firmware which is supposed to stop the chirps. When you put them back on Iris afterwards they should work just fine. The only issue that I have seen by doing this is that afterwards the test date of the device is not updated by Iris with the new firmware. Iris is aware of this and it will be addressed.
  17. That is the same version as mine are showing and as far as I know, mine are up to date. I watched them download the firmware when I first paired them. The only thing that mine do is update a phantom (non-existent) schedule every night. Other than that they work fine. Here is a cut and paste of all of the info from one of mine in case you want to compare. Device:{"type":"base:GetAttributesResponse""headers":{"isRequest":false"correlationId":"cc34075d-ef8f-4cd6-9cf0-f6a325dffb9d""source":"DRIV:dev:284fa3ae-0d6e-4d38-900e-f2c9274ef51d"}"payload":{"messageType":"base:GetAttributesResponse""attributes":{"base:caps":["irrcont""irrsched""dev""devadv""ident""devconn""devpow""irr""devota""base"]"devpow:backupbatterycapable":false"devadv:drivername":"ZBOrbitHT8""devpow:battery":100"irrcont:maxdailytransitions":10"base:id":"284fa3ae-0d6e-4d38-900e-f2c9274ef51d""base:address":"DRIV:dev:284fa3ae-0d6e-4d38-900e-f2c9274ef51d""irrsched:refreshSchedule":false"devadv:drivercommit":"2cb73a23d9840fe6dc9c5cf42da47e2a438e229b""devota:lastFailReason":"""dev:vendor":"Orbit""irrcont:numZones":1"base:tags":["FAVORITE"]"devota:progressPercent":0.0"devpow:sourcechanged":1483891984291"irrcont:maxirrigationtime":1440"irr:zonename:z1":"Zone 1""irrcont:controllerState":"NOT_WATERING""dev:model":"27087""devota:currentVersion":"34002000""dev:name":"Hose End Controller Front""devadv:driverhash":"3+0MeKeGDR0CR/x+6+7+wg1QHEI""irrcont:maxtransitions":70"dev:devtypehint":"Irrigation""irr:zonenum:z1":1"devadv:driverversion":"1.0""base:instances":{"z1":["irr"]}"dev:productId":"deda9d""dev:place":"51e63a72-60d6-4ebd-a5d3-bb3db2e5f4e5""irr:wateringStart:z1":1492099471489"irr:wateringDuration:z1":0"irrcont:rainDelayDuration":-1"devpow:linecapable":false"devconn:state":"ONLINE""irrcont:budget":100"devota:retryCount":0"devpow:source":"BATTERY""base:type":"dev""devconn:lastchange":1483891984329"devadv:protocol":"ZIGB""irr:zoneState:z1":"NOT_WATERING""devota:status":"IDLE""base:images":{}"devadv:protocolid":"5joAAABVZ0QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=""dev:account":"26127f9b-8098-45e8-a7b7-2b994a471d01""irrcont:minirrigationtime":1"devadv:added":1483891984291"irr:defaultDuration:z1":10}}}
  18. That's the way it works now. A single contact or glass break sensor will now trigger an alarm no matter the setting. Two motions will be required otherwise. In the alarm settings from the alarm card, you can add and remove participating devices from either alarm mode.
  19. All sold.
  20. I have 6 First Alert Z wave Smoke Detectors available. They have been in service on my system for a little more than a year. They are $25 each plus shipping. If you buy 3 or more the shipping is free.
  21. This is correct. If you want the alarm to fire when triggered by a motion, (if a contact or glass break is not set off) you will be required to have at least two motions sensors triggered in order to alarm. So you will need to add another motion in order to use them with pro monitoring. In your previous setup someone would have had to trigger a contact senor or glass break for the alarm to go off anyway so having a single motion sensor in the mix was really not doing anything for you.
  22. As far as I know those are the ones. I think custom order only means that they are not carried by Lowe's.
  23. This showed up on the Iris blog. POSTED MARCH 31, 2017 With release 2.1 from Iris, we’re bringing you our best user experience yet. Here’s what’s new in 2.1: A New look and Feel: Enjoy a cleaner, simpler looking dashboard. With new branding and an improved navigation experience, get a clearer view of what’s going on in your home. We’ve made improvements to the scroll features & favorites bar and consistently aligned content for smoother readability and consumption. New Security Alarm Features & Additional Enhancements: For all Premium and future Professional Monitoring members, Alarm TrackerTM provides up to the moment updates about your alarm event and allows you to track your Security, Smoke, CO and Panic alarm activity every step of the way. To help reduce false alarms caused by sensitive motion sensors, Alarm Requirements setting will include motion only devices. Safety & Security cards merge into one seamless alarm experience. Everything you need to manage your safety and security settings in one convenient place for a simpler user experience. Your Security Alarm Notification List will take precedence over the Safety Alarm Notification List. Please check your Alarm Notification List to make sure you have the correct people on your list. Alarm Requirements settings are changing. The Alarm Requirements setting will be unique to “On” and “Partial” modes. This new feature will give you more customization and control of your Security Alarm. Entrance Grace Period Countdown is now displayed in the app. Bypassed “open/close” devices will now re-enroll as a participating device if the device is open during the exit grace period. Your Iris Garage Door controller will be eligible to participate in your Security Alarm. You will be able to manually add your Iris Garage Door controller in the Iris app to participate in your Security Alarm. Springs Window Fashions shades can now be paired to remotely control your roller and cellular shades. Bosch Pet Immune motion sensors can now be paired with Iris (custom order only). To get access to these new exciting features, download the latest version of the Iris app today. What’s New with the Iris Web Portal Check out the latest enhancements to the Iris Web Portal: We added People and Place Management (Add/Remove Full and Partial Access guests, Edit Addresses & Edit Partial Access guest info) We added Web Portal control for locking/unlocking doorlocks; raising/lowering garage doors
  24. Title says it all. Edit: *For Those of you having iOS app crashes* Change your time format from 24 hour format to 12 hour format until a fix is released. This should clear things up in the meantime.