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  1. Huh, either Lowes just raised the price or they have made a mistake. They were $99 and $129 Last time I looked. I'll send off a note to see what the deal is.
  2. No that is the same price. The Halo+ is $30 more.
  3. I am raising my grade to a B based on the improvement in stability, fixing the duration rules and the addition of Echo advanced skills.
  4. Mine shipped as well.
  5. These are the 1 inch ones. Most people need 3/4 inch ones. That being said I just ordered one for another house and will plumb it down to 3/4 inches.
  6. A wire basket of bulbs. For the others, I was having some Z wave lock issues. It turns out that my hub was next to a wall on the other side of which is my garage. On a shelf in the garage (not realized by me) next to the hub was a wire basket that was full of bulbs that I had removed from the house and replaced with led's. The wire basket and bulbs were acting as a Faraday cage and blocking the signal from the hub to the locks. Removing the wire basket of bulbs solved the issue.
  7. I was just about to say the same thing. GE devices are actually pretty stable.
  8. Did you try to enter your code and hit the off button on the keypad?
  9. @pavalov build your rule to turn on the device "and leave it" when humidity exceeds your threshold. Then create another rule to turn off the device "and leave it" when the humidity falls below the threshold of your choice. This will create a virtual humidistat for you.
  10. As it turns out my dramatic improvement was caused from the antenna picking up a very strong 3G signal vs a very weak 4G signal without it. I put the usb dongle in a computer and did a speed test for both weak 4G and strong 3G and was better off with the strong 3G. Using the computer software that the dongle loads I set mine to use 3G only and have had consistent 5 bars since. I have the logo facing towards the closest tower and it is inside the house. Testing with and without the antenna showed speed improvements with the antenna in all cases for me. Three to four bars of 4G should be more than enough signal.
  11. Using thegillions web portal, I was able to determine that my backup modem had only one bar of signal strength. After doing some research I discovered that our modems have CRC9 antenna connections. I ordered an antenna as pictured below for under $15 to see if it would help the situation with the expectation of very little improvement. I figured at that cost it was worth a shot. Well that antenna arrived today and there were a couple of surprises. First this thing is much larger than I expected. I had envisioned that it was maybe a couple of inches square. Well it is six inches by six inches. The second surprise is that after plugging it in and setting it up I was at five bars of signal strength. Well worth the price and effort in my book. Edit: Turns out the connector needed is a CRC9 which is why mine needed a small squeeze to tighten up. I corrected the post above. Before: After: The Monster:
  12. I am assuming that they are now defunct. I see that they have not posted on their facebook or twitter page in over a year and their website front page still offers pre-orders that ended in 2015. I can't imagine that they have not gone under, the original Ivee was the most disappointing, piece of garbage failure in the history of tech that I ever experienced and they never stood behind the product or made it work. With Echo and Google home being out they don't even have a prayer of success because the aforementioned products work and are from companies that stand behind their product. What i am very curious about is if the second gen product ever shipped. Did anybody get one? Does it work? I am thinking the answer to both questions is no. I see no chatter about it and I am wondering if the second round of crowdfunders got screwed like the first gen backers and customers did. Edit: Searching the CEO and Founder shows that he is working for someone else now in a business development role, so my guess is that Ivee is dead.
  13. I haven't explored it fully to find everything yet but the Security card is active.
  14. Mine says C2008 rev 1-2
  15. Well I'm saying it here, you are.
  16. I noticed that we just got a new platform update and for the heck of it I told Alexa to find new devices. She found all of my locks and Scenes. I was able to get her to lock the doors (but not unlock, she tells me she can't unlock them to be safe) but I haven't figured out how to run a scene yet.
  17. I thought you were the fearless leader.
  18. I have had 5 of them since v1 days and have never had a false alarm. I have tested them with a professional glass break simulator and they worked every time.
  19. Many times the v1 fobs can be found listed on ebay as Alertme fobs. As far as I know (but can not guarantee they will work because I don't know if firmware has ever changed) they work just fine. They can be had for as low as $10 so it is no big risk to grab some to try out. Here is an example. This is the first one with orange trim that I have ever seen but might be worth picking up to see if it will pair:
  20. Which thermostat do you have? If it is Z wave you may need to get the hub closer to it in order to pair. You essentially reset the hub so you will need to re-pair all of your devices.
  21. I gave it access to mine, though I don't remember doing so, and it found 3 individuals that had the feature activated. It is funny that they were all contacts that I have through the Iris community.
  22. Well they are very expensive. I bought one for a single 3 pane window (three motorized blinds on a single rail) and it was almost a grand. Probably not a lot of people willing to lay out that kind of cash for a cellular blind.
  23. You are exactly who I was talking about when I made that statement.
  24. I have not yet had a false alarm but i use partial mode all the time which only uses contact, glass break, smoke and CO sensors. I have contacts on every door and window. Incidentally, with pro monitoring you will be required to have two motions to set off an alarm absent a contact or glass break sensor triggering.
  25. Have any of you checked to see what your insurance company will reduce your homeowners premium by if you have pro monitoring? Lowe's has reduced it to $14.95 which includes all services including cellular back up and premium service. I know one member who received a discount that covered the entire cost of the pro monitoring service making it essentially free.