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  1. The previous renter may not have removed the devices from their hub. I would recommend resetting each device, if you haven't done that already. And a 2 second reset on your hub should bring it back from pairing mode.
  2. I noticed several in mine. I then went into devices to confirm they were old connections.
  3. How far is the device from the hub? Mine are both about 75-80 feet, 2-3 interior walls and 1 exterior wall from the hub.
  4. The one I referred to first is on twice a day for 4 hours each time. It is for patio misters. The second one is on 4 times a week for 45 minutes to water some trees.
  5. I have 2 of these and battery reporting is horrible. Had one showing 33% for weeks, so installed brand new batteries. It stayed at 33% for 3 more weeks. I finally unpaired it and re-paired it. It went to 66% and is staying there. I had a similar issue with the other one, but was having issues with manual control after it sat all winter. I unpaired it and re-paired it with new batteries. It has stayed at 50% since re-pairing.
  6. Sorry, I chose poor wording. It should have been "out of line of sight" or something similar.
  7. Lol. I believe at least one of the warnings is required by law on a device that can close a garage door remotely. They definitely get your attention. FYI, I have had 2 of these since early on in V1. One of them has been bulletproof, the other has had issues 3 or 4 times. It always comes back after a remove and re-pair. Although it gave me fits a couple of times when it added as New Device.
  8. Inventory of these z-wave version are being phased out at the store I usually go to. I looked up the switches on GE website and it appears they have a z-wave+ version available. Maybe the + version will help those of you with troubles? I have several of the z-wave version on 2 systems and they have been very solid.
  9. I also found that a cheat sheet is helpful. Saw somewhere on this forum about copy/pasting device names from the web version of Alexa, then pasted it into Excel. Added a column for "Alexa turn on (device) , Alexa turn off (device) , Alexa set (device) to 50%". Seems to have been helpful for a couple of family members.
  10. I had an issue with a guest using just keypad for disarm, but I had arrival and departure scenes based on fobs. I just added rules to run those scenes based on disarm/arm along with arrival/departure of fobs. I also had devices on schedules, but I just added those to the scenes so they would turn on/off in case the guest arrived during the scheduled "off" time. Sounds like you have covered those already, and the only guest issues I ran into.
  11. I have 5 of these devices between 2 systems and have had no recent problems. Several months ago, I had similar disconnect issues with 3 of them at my home. They would re-connect upon pushing the power button, but would only a last a day or few days. I finally removed and re-paired them.
  12. Did that author get paid for the article? If he thinks that is steep, he conducted absolutely NO research before writing that piece. Garbage article.
  13. State Farm actually promoted Iris when I first started installing it. I turned in some (many) Lowes receipts and started receiving a discount immediately. I think it was like 3 or 4%, but every little bit helps.
  14. Kind of the same here. I have 2 other automation apps that only run in portrait mode, so I wall mounted a 7" cheap android tablet. I only switched from an iPad to the tablet because the iPad wouldn't run the Avi-on app at all.
  15. What sort of problems were you having with the V1 hub? Mine is only a problem when within 10 feet of router. Once I moved it across another room, it has been very stable. I have been putting it off because nothing was offered to current users as far as a discount. I completely understand changing technology, but they could have offered something to existing customers. Lowes went well beyond my expectations by giving free V2 hubs to existing customers.