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  1. From the official Iris forum: Iris Community Manager ‎01-12-2017 01:27 PM Status changed to: Needs Info "Re-introducing energy monitoring isn't something we're working on currently. According to our metrics on V1, we didn't see widespread adoption of this feature set. However, we would appreciate use cases for temperature graphing." Here is a link to the official forum topic if you want to let them know your opinion: https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Feature-Suggestions/Temperature-and-Energy-Usage-Plots-Like-Version-1-0/idi-p/212#comments
  2. Probably around the same time s t r i p became a bad word. I was posting a request for a power s t r i p, it let me post but edited out the word.
  3. I have 6 of these and none of them will stay connected to either of my 2 systems. I have removed and re-paired them numerous times. I tired one last time 4 days ago. They disconnected and 2 hours later reconnected. When they reconnected, they powered off and then back on. Unfortunately, they were the power to my Iris hub and Wink hub. I have crappy, completely different internet service at both places, but don't have any other devices doing this. Work system has a DVR, Iris, a couple of Uniden camera systems and that's about it. Home is a different story as there are 30 some wireless devices connected. I still don't notice the problem with any other devices except the wifi smart plugs. I gave 2 away, and shoved the other 4 in boxes. They would serve a great purpose if they would stay connected.
  4. Both of mine show the 34002000 firmware. I pretty much ignore them for 6-7 months, so not sure if they are having the same problems as yours.
  5. I have 3 thermostats connected to 2 Iris systems. 2 of the thermostats are the CT-101 variety and both schedules seem fine. The third is a Honeywell which does not allow scheduling through Iris.
  6. I also tried on iPad 2 with 9.3.5. It stayed on each selection I chose. I tried all 4 choices, and backed out to home screen before going back and checking. I force closed the app once and my choice still stuck.
  7. Still updating 6s plus. One iOs issue that has been around for a while, at least for me. On any of my older devices (iOs 9.3.5), whenever you go to Lights & Switches card and select schedule the app crashes and backs out to home screen. Uninstalling and reinstalling will fix it for one or two attempts, but then it reverts to crashing. Not critical since I usually access through my phone, but an issue none the less. This has been around since long before the latest update. The app seems fine on the 6S + also. Sorry that's not much help, but maybe it's only on the 7+ ?
  8. It stayed for me on iPhone 6S with 10.3.1
  9. Seems fine on 6S after updating to 10.3.1 Maybe narrowed down to an issue with the 7+? My wife has a 6S+, so I will try that phone when I get home.
  10. Could it be iOs issue? I'm updating my phone right now. It crashes when loading the favorites, right? So you cannot access the app at all? Or just crashes when trying to access a device through the favorites bar?
  11. Ok. I thought I might be able to try duplicating it. It seems fine on 6S with 10.2.1. I will try again after updating to 10.3.1 I don't have access to a 7+, but I will try on a 6+ also.
  12. Which iPhone? and iOs?
  13. Seems to be fine on iPhone 6s and iPod 5. Haven't tried Android or iPad yet.
  14. Not sure if this helps any, but I have had 4 of the GE Link bulbs paired with a Wink hub for a couple of year now. They have stayed connected for the last year or more. I mainly use them with the Wink hub because I can control them with the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote. I had problems early with them staying connected but it was better than the disconnects with Iris V1 at that time.
  15. @Otto Mation, don't the motion sensors detect motion at 1 minute intervals? Seems like I read that in the discussions of triggering lights with motion sensors. I guess I am wording that incorrectly. Don't they report motion to the hub at 1 minute intervals?