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  1. I haven't seen this one listed yet. Having a pretty significant delay in the chime when my door opens or closes (V1 contact and V1 keypad). This has been happening for a few weeks or so. Also when armimg and disarming the system it will chime and arm. Then a few second later, chime and arm again. (Delay arming chime then armed chime/disarm chime). Any thoughts?
  2. Not super rural no. They said something about not having a licensing agreement yet. We have state and local police assigned to our town and a bunch of alarm companies available. Hopefully they get it straightened out!
  3. I was excited to get my "alarm monitoring available" email with an offer for a free modem to the first 100 people. I jumped right on line within minutes to sign up with the additional bonus to the whole deal. Sadly, I was told it isn't available at my address. I called support and was basically told they dont have monitoring available everywhere yet and that they would "note the account" but had no info how the modems were being dolled out. Ugh :\
  4. App crashes instantly upon launching :/
  5. Interesting.... Two of us with the same issues. I swapped batteries out of both devices with V2 and got a month or so (could have been a couple times flies so quick!.) Waiting to see how long the new set lasts since I started this thread. I changed them maybe once in a year with V1 on the busier lock.
  6. Anyone's Schlage deadbolt eating batteries since moving to V2? I'm getting about a month out of them or so and having lots of problems with them dropping off of the system randomly. Most of the time a battery pull and reconnect has fixed the issue.
  7. I honestly cannot remember if I did or not. I know I have put it in the feature request section on here and brought it up to phone techs before. As always, thank you for all you do!!!
  8. It's a huge benefit to me and the family to enter a code on the door lock and have it unlock and disarm at the same time. Hopefully they give an option soon so it can be done with pin, manual or both.
  9. So just to update this, it happened again on Friday. The front door lock went "off line." No notification for 24 hours from IRIS. I happened to be poking around in the app and noticed it. This time my codes stuck and the lock would still open from the outside. Removing and putting the batteries back in, then cycling the lock reconnected it.
  10. Yeah...I got excited too soon. Apparently was a glitch in the system :/ One glitch I wish would have stayed!! On another note, my front door deadbolt dropped again the other day. Constant problem since V2.
  11. I ran out the door this morning so I didn't get to test it, but it did work when once of the kids got home about an hour ago. I'll do more extensive testing later! Hopefully it's fixed!
  12. Ask and ye shall receive (I think at least!) Previously, with V1 and V2, if you manually unlocked a door, it would disarm the alarm system (huge flaw in my opinion) if you had the disarm alarm with unlock rule. I tested it this morning and the alarm stayed armed! Hopefully it was actually fixed and not just a glitch!
  13. This would be good and would be nice if the alert eventually has the name of who disarmed/opened in it.
  14. Support had no idea. It worked for a day or two, then my wife came home and she couldn't unlock the door and I couldn't control it with the app. I had to unpair and repair again. I had a couple similar issues when I first got Iris but was rock solid with V1 for a long time. Not sure what is going on but hopefully it works itself out. If my wife can't get in the house one more time I may end up living in a cardboard box.... Wonder how the motion sensors will work in one of those
  15. Mine was working on and off, then went silent for weeks. Yesterday I tripped the alarm by accident and it's all of a sudden chiming again when doors open and when I press keys. Try tripping your alarm and see if that helps.... Definitely very glitchy still.