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  1. I'll stay with IRIS if the developers actively maintain and improve it at a reasonable pace, and especially eventually implement local processing, mostly due to the possible switchover costs - I have ~60 devices including water softener. Actively maintained, supported, and improved is my watchword. I used to do quite a bit of open source software development, and I'm careful about being stuck with abandonware. That said, I sometimes feel like I'm on failing platform and if I don't move, I'll be the last one using it. The speed of iris development during the last 18 months has been atrocious, and the presentation of IRIS devices in the Lowe's stores is getting worse each year....I'm embarrassed to shop near it as most of the items are out of stock, and even the pickit signs that indicate Lowe's employees have to get the item for you are nearly always completely empty. I'm afraid shopping for IRIS devices is going to be entirely online soon. There is no way the stores are making any money and if it's as if they are trying to make a point about how awful IRIS is for them. Strangely enough, if you call IRIS support lately...they seem to be really on the ball and get back to you quickly. It's weird how it is the complete opposite of the stores.
  2. The softener only paired 1 time with iris and then iris said it was unsupported. Unsuprising since IRIS says only pair when green light is solid. It never does..blinks forever. Deleted device from app. Reset at softener. It never gets to the non blinking point. It just connects, performs dhcp negotiation for ip address, gets ip address, and then says it's stuck.
  3. Attempted to reset 5+ times, didn't help...even tried with other network/firewall. Waiting to see if IRIS will approve board replacement.
  4. After 4 months in my garage, I finally got around to installing the IRS water softener and electronic shutoff along with a whole home water filtration system. Worked with a plumber for 2 days to get everything setup optimally. Finally...everything is up and running, except that the water softener isn't happy with my wifi....or even the hotspot wifi from my phone. The light just keeps blinking saying connection failed....even though the firewall logs show that it connects, has good signal strength, and even gets an ip address assigned via dhcp. No other errors. The IRIS hub itself says its an unsupported device because it's only seeing the zwave and not the wifi part of the connection. Great. Called up IRIS tech support...they had a good attitude but have thrown the issue to the next layer up...expecting a call back tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't just swap out the softener now that it has been installed, cabled up, and filled with salt/etc. Maybe they can send a new control board or looks like the electronics are limited to a simple swappable arduino type electronics.
  5. So, 2+ years ago IRIS started giving hints that it would have an energy monitoring solution built into the IRIS gui...both single device and whole home. Over time, I started deploying more smart switches and the built in wattage usage monitoring for those switches was useful. When V2 was released, there were a lot of comments about hoping that IRIS gave more support for whole home solutions and that at the very least AEOTEC devices should be supported. Last year I purchased an AEOTEC device but never got around to installing it. I'm having electricians out today for other work....and it looks like IRIS has completely removed any mention of energy monitoring from their updated mobile app or beta web gui. So, I assume this means I probably should return the AEOTEC....
  6. Too bad about timing, I put in 7 Nest Protect alarms last year after having horrible experiences with the Iris First Alert devices and other issues with the upgrade to generation 2.
  7. Iris Generation 1 started out as a B+ and fell to B- as their development speed slowed down in order to release Gen 2. Generation 2 started out as a D and has gotten better, so now it is roughly a C. If they started releasing new products and improved apps/website, and provided better battery status monitoring, it could return to a B-....but they've had awhile to deliver that and haven't made it there yet.
  8. Problem fixed, and IRIS is actually much more responsive in general now. What I did: - Removed all range extenders and 1st generation smart plugs - Installed a bunch of generation 2 smart plugs around the house - Deleted and then recreated a whole bunch of rules and scenes created by a previous version of the iris v2 app
  9. I tend to view which iris device to get on a continuum: - Single bulb light -- minus well get the intelligent bulb - Single appliance/light fixture with multiple lights -- get smart plug - Several devices that should be controlled as one - get smart plug and worst case plugin a surge protector with other devices connected to the surge protector
  10. fyi, Lowe's is also now selling a video intercom that apparently has Alexa/Echo functionality integrated --- saw it on display near Iris at my local Lowe's store -- will be looking into it. More expensive, but video intercom + echo in single device I think makes a more compelling argument for putting in every room, especially if it connects to front door or has other interesting features....
  11. HVAC consultant/installer says that the newer trane variable speed air conditioning systems are not compatible with generic thermostats, and must use their ComfortLink/Nexia thermostats (Z-Wave technology). Any chance I can avoid dealing with another automation system and just integrate this thermostat into Iris?
  12. Do you remember how to reset them? They don't have any batteries/buttons/etc if I recall.
  13. I honestly don't know what isn't working here...they haven't worked since migration. Maybe I'll try disconnecting them and then adding again manually. Will suck to manually do that for 12 bulbs..if that doesn't work, I have no idea what else...
  14. fyi - these are all sylvania lights marketed for gen1 - had no problems with iris v1. purchased over a dozen of them. none of them auto-shutoff in v2 regardless of where they are in the house.
  15. I've set the timeout to 5, 15 minutes, and 1hr in the 'motion detector turn on lights for x minutes' and 'turn off lights after x minutes' energy rules and the lights never turn off. Opening up the iris app, selecting lights, click on/off manually works fine.