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  1. Ok, thanks. I wasn't sure.
  2. I have V2.1.0.008,is this the new version?
  3. I give it a C+ ,because of items disconnecting and unreliability. It is what keeps it exciting!
  4. By the way,it's my understanding that lithium batteries will not leak ever.They are costly.
  5. So ,here is a true story. I was at work today and Iris called me saying my security alarm was triggered. The alarm was set off by the front door contact sensor. I thought someone had broken in or a false alarm.I looked on the app and no additional sensor were triggered.. I knew that we have a new door installed with. a new contact sensor and I assumed it fell off and that's what triggered the alarm. I decided to drive home real quick ( short distance) and check on everything.I pulled up and saw my front door open about 2 feet. Also, my (indoor only )cat sitting on my front porch scared to death. I got the cat back inside and check the house and everything was ok. To make a long story short, the new door didn't latch when I left for work , but Iris saved my cat .
  6. Hey Sparc, Thanks for the info,it worked! !!! I power cycled both echo and dot and they are fixed.
  7. Wow,it just might be me only.I'll try a soft reset on hub and the amaxon products. It might help . I thought it might have been the update that caused it.
  8. My amazon echo and dot stopped working and they say that the hub is not connected. My hub is working fine. I disabled the skill and started it over and rediscovered all devices. It still isn't working. Anyone else having this problem recently? ?
  9. That's good news,I agree we need to keep this forum.
  10. Update. I have both V2 key fobs working.I unpaired both and replace batteries and they connected right away. thanks rdisom
  11. Same here IH200
  12. Thanks rdisom, let me know what you find out.Mine shows me being away since 11/19 ,last Saturday.
  13. Good point,I know what you mean with the tab.I feel it has to do with the last update.Anyone else had any issues with V2 key fob the last week.
  14. I had two key fobs act up.One last week and one today.They don't reconnect with system. Anyone else having problems with V2 key fob
  15. Goodbye old friend