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  1. thanks for the input guys. It is a V2 sensor and I don't have a V1 sensor handy or i'd try it for grins. No power to the shed but I do have shielded external outlet so I plugged the smart plug into that. Nothing immediately got better so I opened the shed door and saw that the sensor was flashing different colored lights. Red steady then flashing then green flashing and even saw a blue light here and there. I guess it was trying to talk to the mother ship. It did this for a few minutes and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason or pattern. Still no connection to the hub and i was losing my patience so I slid open the battery cover a bit and the flashing stopped. I closed the door and saw the green light flash signaling that it closed and then it was connected to the hub again and I could see the status. Looks to be working fine now. Not sure if the light flashing is typical or not but it was kinda pretty. Anyway, it worked so thanks for the help. Best, Jerry
  2. Hey everyone, I've got a V2 hub with quite a few devices (both V1 and V2) working on it. It is pretty robust overall. I tried installing a contact sensor on a backyard shed door but it appears to be out of range. I believe that the smart plugs act as range extenders so I moved a V2 smart plug to an internal outlet closest to the shed and that didn't seem to help. The shed is probably 50' from the smart plug which is plugged into a basement outlet so it is masked by the foundation wall. The smart hub is in another part of the basement about 60' away from the smart plug. Does anyone have any suggestions to get additional range to hook the contact sensor into the network? Thanks in advance!
  3. Happy New Year all! A couple of days ago I got an alert that both of my V1 indoor cameras disconnected at the same time. Recently I have seen a couple of instances where several items disconnected and then reconnected spontaneously and it has seemed pretty stable the last couple of weeks. So I was hoping that they would spontaneously fix themselves and all would be good. But that didn't work out. It seems odd that both cameras disconnected at the exact same time and no other devices were involved. Did anyone else have a similar experience in the last few days with their cameras? Any idea if Iris Master Control did something in their system that would disable only the cameras? Any guidance on best ways to recover these cameras? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Scunny. That worked! Happy New Year everyone!
  5. Thanks guys; very helpful. I got it hooked up and am able to control some lights and switches. However, when i try to change the thermostat set point it says that it can not do that with this device (RTH9580). Has anyone else had any trouble with the Alexa control of thermostats?
  6. Merry Christmas All, We just got an Echo Dot for Christmas and would like to integrate it with our V2 Iris system. I have found very little information on how to do this so far and have tried to give Alexa the command "Alexa, Add Device" to which she replies that she can not find any smart devices. Can anyone provide any guidance on how to integrate Alexa with our Iris system? Thanks!
  7. I think there are things you could do integrating the doorbell alerts into certain scenes which would be beneficial for security measures such as turning on certain lights or smart plugs to give the sense that someone is at home. This would be an enhancement although not critical. The Ring Doorbell has been a great asset for us especially during this season when packages are being dropped off on the porch without the deliverer even attempting to let you know it is there. We never go in through our front door and won't know a package is there except for the doorbell alerts. Thanks for the feedback Scunny and D! Merry Christmas!
  8. Hello, I'm not on this forum much so I don't know if this topic has already been discussed. I have a Ring Doorbell on my house and also quite a bit of Iris content. I'm happy with both currently after working through some technical issues with the Ring device. Does anyone know if Iris is planning on integrating the Ring Doorbell into their system? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the direction Scunny. that worked. My lights are now on schedule.
  10. ok, i know this is an elementary question but i just want to get this set up and move on. I want to hook up my christmas tree lights to a smart plug and have it set up to turn on and off at a certain time. In a quick scan of the available rules i didn't see a simple one to do that. What am i missing? What is the simple way to do this? Thanks!
  11. DogDazeII, I have two inside cameras in the system. No locks. I don't do much with the cameras generally but after the migration I did stream from both to see how they worked and they seemed to do ok. The buffer lag seems to be faster than with v1. After 5 days of using v2 I still like it better than v1. Seems to be working good and I like some of the new features.
  12. i gotta say that so far i like v2. it's got some nice features and seems to be working pretty good.
  13. i migrated about 20 devices plus or minus. The farthest is probably close to 50 ft.
  14. Well the migration seemed to work ok. I think there are a couple of bugs to work out. I have an outlet for my sump pump. It seems to show that it is powered off even though it is actually powered on and working. I'm guessing that i will have to remove this device and add it back on?
  15. Thanks Terminal. I got too bored and hit refresh and it took me back to the beginning and i stepped through it leaving the new hub plugged in. When i got to that same step it then showed it was successful. So i hit next and now it is migrating. I've been on hold 34 minutes now but i'm going to stay on hold while it migrates in case anything else comes up and i need help so the wait won't be so long.