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  1. I was quite disappointed when they canceled Pebble Time2 orders, I was looking forward to the bigger screen. I am more interested in a notifications device than anything. I bought a FitBit Blaze, but likely will sell it as it just isn't what I want. Guess I'll go back to an AndroidWear device.
  2. Same thing for my garage doors. Neither open nor closed is greyed out. Look through camera and fortunately it's shut.
  3. They know nothing about Iris or anything in my Store and only getting worse.
  4. I was in Lowe's for a return tonight. Walked by the Iris endcap like I always do to see how neglected it is. Found the new model keypad for $!6, usually $40. I've got the old big one so I thought I would pick up the more svelte one.
  5. At my stores they've removed the buzzers to summon help. When you can get it they're not particularly helpful. Even my Wife is beginning to favor Home Depot.
  6. Wife's garage opener has been flawless, mine very problematic. Often doesn't give correct status despite re-pairing. Fortunately I have a open-close sensor on it as well as a camera.
  7. Agreed. Quite jealous of all those Ring video doorbell clips where people are stealing packages.
  8. I've had to replace the battery in one motion and one contact sensor, both V1. I hear the hub beep, but they never show up under devices. I've gone through reset, force remove, etc. They're still not working correctly.
  9. Given the way I mount my motion sensors I also prefer the Gen 1 product. I put a screw through the back plate to mount it. Had a few where the tape failed, with the screw that doesn't happen. With the new one not enough clearance between the circuit board and the back plate to do that.
  10. The first night I installed my system the stock strips failed, the door sensor fell to the ground and the alarm sounded at 2 AM. I'm surprised Iris survived that. Now only Command strips.
  11. They makes no bones about it that they are for the higher end homes. The interview mentions how they can augment or actually be it's own home automation system. Guess I'm going to be sticking with Iris and Alexa unless I win the lottery.
  12. I've been thinking about this myself. We usually leave the candy on the front step as we take our children out to trick-or-treat. It would be fairly humorous for a ghoul, lights and sound track to activate as the kids approach.
  13. Seems to be I uninstalled and reinstalled and the custom pictures went away.
  14. They seem to be able to record a lot now to include Netflix. When I get time maybe I'll try Plus for 30 days for $2.50. I'll sometimes see Plus Lifetime on sale for around $40.
  15. And I think it's 10K or more although I understand it's pretty good.