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  1. My part of S.C. too. I was talking with tech support. Said she's in Wisconsin and said a good portion of their customers are in The South.
  2. I have two Echoes and a Tap already. The Show would look better in the kitchen than the Echo and I personally think it has a lot of utility in there. Give the 2nd Show to my Mom as a Christmas present. I've seen some mention about messaging. If I buy them both under my account they'll come registered to me. I assume it's possible to register to her so she doesn't get all of my messages.
  3. I personally think the pricing is pretty competitive. To make sure I'm understanding correctly you get the Premium features I already pay $10 per month for, cellular backup and Pro Monitoring? If so what a deal. I had ADT before for $45/month. I asked Wife to get a quote to come home and find we under contract for 3 door sensors and they used the old control panel that was in the house. I was furious to say the least. Ultimately paid $500 to get out of that contract.
  4. Most people won't care but us. I'm quite interested in the Show as an easy way for the kids to message Me, Wife and Grandparents. The Wife (Finance Committee) however isn't as thrilled about it. Thinking I could sell my Surface 3 and one of the Echoes to cover the cost. You buying one?
  5. Kind of the same for me, but keep Iris more as a security system. I would really like the Ring Floodlight/Doorbell cams, Automatic and a few other devices. I do like everything under Iris being in the one app, and I couldn't even begin to change to ST for the prices I paid for my Iris devices.
  6. Agreed. Really like the new Floodlight Cam.
  7. I assume as always YMMV but keypad on sale for $2.50 at my local store through 5/9. I thought the recent $16 deal was good.
  8. I was quite disappointed when they canceled Pebble Time2 orders, I was looking forward to the bigger screen. I am more interested in a notifications device than anything. I bought a FitBit Blaze, but likely will sell it as it just isn't what I want. Guess I'll go back to an AndroidWear device.
  9. Same thing for my garage doors. Neither open nor closed is greyed out. Look through camera and fortunately it's shut.
  10. They know nothing about Iris or anything in my Store and only getting worse.
  11. I was in Lowe's for a return tonight. Walked by the Iris endcap like I always do to see how neglected it is. Found the new model keypad for $!6, usually $40. I've got the old big one so I thought I would pick up the more svelte one.
  12. At my stores they've removed the buzzers to summon help. When you can get it they're not particularly helpful. Even my Wife is beginning to favor Home Depot.
  13. Wife's garage opener has been flawless, mine very problematic. Often doesn't give correct status despite re-pairing. Fortunately I have a open-close sensor on it as well as a camera.
  14. Agreed. Quite jealous of all those Ring video doorbell clips where people are stealing packages.
  15. I've had to replace the battery in one motion and one contact sensor, both V1. I hear the hub beep, but they never show up under devices. I've gone through reset, force remove, etc. They're still not working correctly.