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  1. So I finally decided to buy some remote controlled smart blinds from Lowe's...some that would work with my Wink, ST, or Iris. I live in East Texas---near Louisiana border. Went to closest Lowe's 28 miles away. Got quotes...styles, etc. Spent a lot of time...Lowe's says the installer would come out to my home and measure...blah .blah..that's fine with me. What day this week or next will installer be there I ask? Lowe's says "not sure of exact day"..very evasive on time...may be a while...he's pretty fast though...finally tells me that installer that measures for blind installation comes out of CALIFORNIA! I ask "California the STATE or California the TOWN?"... It's the state so they can't give me definitive time! I now find out from friends that their blind purchases sometimes took 3-4 months from measure to finish install. I guess the installer waits until he gets several jobs lined up before heading east from CA. I finally said forget it I'll just go to a blind store or try Home Depot. Seems ridiculous for closest installer for E TX to be in CA. Lowe's salesperson said "We don't sell a lot of remote smart blinds."...I wonder why??????
  2. Just got an email from Wink that their new hub 2.0 is scheduled for late October 2016. Wonder if it will be deja vu all over again like Iris 2.0? More here: mojo2600
  3. I've had the Kwikset and got rid of it...I have 4 of the Schlage now and they are a much better lock over Kwikset. Mine work flawlessly on Wink.
  4. I think that it all has to do with regional market trends as to how corporate decides to stock local stores. IMHO Iris has never really been embraced in this area by consumers and Iris is over 4 yrs old now. Nest was sold here in Lowes a good year+ before Home Depot stocked them. Now Nest & Apple both are still well stocked in this area Lowes/HD. I would have sure thought the exact opposite as Nest & Apple are higher end than Iris and this whole area around me (NW LA & E-TX) are sure hurting economically due to downswing of oil & gas prices. I know you all are probably enjoying $1.xx a gallon gasoline but we here would LOVE to see $3.50+ a gallon. LOL. My county is known as "The Natural Gas Capital of The World" but you can't give the stuff away now. Only 7 new homes were built here in 2015...everybody moved to Permian Basin & Midland/Odessa which are in W-TX....not a good market for HA to be factored in a new home construction IMO. With over $4 million shortfall in oil/gas revenues in this county alone, us property owners here are going to have to make up the difference with higher property taxes now since we don't have Big Oil here anymore. Homeowners here sure aren't playing with HA when they are having a hard time making their house payments because their oil-field jobs are gone. I'm sure factors such as this determine regional store inventories and stocking procedures for "luxury/disposable income items" such as Iris, HA, Nest, Apple, Wink, etc. As a store owner myself, I know I too have had to re-think inventory spending, especially with 4th quarter fast approaching. Maybe Iris is just slowly dying in my area,,,maybe Lowes corporate is phasing her out just in my area...only they know. Time will tell, but I do know the 8 area surrounding Lowes stores sure could care less about Iris as she is not bringing in money or customers--unless they are coming in to bring her back and then the manager plays dumb on the RMA. It will be very very interesting to see the state/fate of Iris a year from now..especially in areas such as mine. I've been in retail for almost 45 years company, corporate or independent, can continue with the path that Iris seems to be on now. I hope she lasts, but it seems she is on a collision course with the bigger boys in the HA market such as Nest, Apple, Google, ST.
  5. Good luck on the returns...I gave up and sold mine to a forum user. Out of 9 Lowe's stores in my immediate area not a freaking one of them knew about the Iris RMA...I suspect most of them didn't "want" to know about it. V2 was one turd Lowe's dumped on us that was half baked. Funny how 8 of these Lowe's stores now have crappy as usual iris displays and a 9th store dropped iris entirely. Iris is a sinking ship. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that sooner or later lowes corporate will axe her entirely. Their displays are so dated now compared to their nest and apple displays.
  6. EDIT: Someone has already spoken for this. ================================== Ok, I'm done with Iris. I have this package deal for $150.00 plus $10.00 shipping if any of you want it. I'll try it here before I put it on Ebay if nobody here wants it. NO HUB. I will ship it via Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box which is more than $10.00. PayPal only unless you want to send me check or money order. Checks require 3 week waiting period for clearance. Let me know via email or PM if you want this package. First one gets it. We can exchange addresses/phone via email once you tell me you want it for $150 + $10 shipping. Here is what I have: (3) NYCE Tilt Sensors- Model #NCZ3014 (Never installed) (1) Iris Keypad, Model #KPD800 (5) Iris Smartplugs, Model #SPG800 (4) Iris Range Extenders, Model #REP800 (1) Motion Sensor, (No model # on it, it's the little square one with FCC ID WJHMD12) (2) Key Fobs (5 sets) Window/Door Magnetic Contact Sensors (2 sets never installed) (1) GE Auxiliary Switch, Model #ZW2002 (1) GE Fan Speed Control, Model #ZW4002 (1) GE Decora Relay Switch, Model #ZW4001 (1) GE Decora Dimmer Switch, Model #ZW3003 (2) Leviton Decora Switches, Model #DZS15-1L (2) NYCE Door Hinges, Silver, (1 bigger one & 1 littler one-Never installed) (1) NYCE Door Hinge, Dark Bronze/Brown, bigger size one-Never installed) All items are without packaging and no installation guides. Some items were used by me but were taken offline by me after converting to Iris Hub 2.0h No! and were working at time of take down. Minor wear shown on some of the items such as adhesive on 3 of the door/window contact sets. Most of the items were bought for Iris V1.0, some were bought for V2.0H No. I am finished with Iris and don't want hassle of taking this stuff back for refund or credit. Currently using Smartthings and Wink with 94 devices on these systems. Happy to be done with Iris 2.0h No!. LOL Contact me via email or PM if you want this package deal. Sold as a package deal..will not split it. First one gets it. I will ship it via Priority Mail, medium flat rate box once payment received. mojo2600
  7. I tried 2 different Iris water valves awhile back...they never worked properly...took them back. I've been through a flooded home before...not fun and you sure don't want to chance a buggy device like iris water valve. Check out FloLogic...pricey but worth it for peace of mind. It's what all other water valves aspire to be when they evolve and grow up. Also, a very reasonable copycat of Flologic is Flood Check from England. You can buy Floodcheck from their USA supplier for about $450.00 or better yet buy direct from England with USA fittings for about $280. Guess their USA supplier is doubling his money. Lol Floodcheck is good facsimile of Flologic and both are so much more reliable than wireless/ phone app systems like Leaksmart.
  8. How much longer can corporate office bean counters devote valuable end cap retail space to such poor performing products and crappy marketing as Iris? Yours looks much better than Lowes in my area. The traditional/frequent Lowes shopper has become anaesthesized to basically the same end cap display since 2012. It's obvious store managers have no say-so in ditching a poor performer on a valuable end cap for a (sometimes) better performing product such as some of their "New Innovation" end caps...although their C "sleep bulbs" for iOS seem to be another lead balloon in my stores. lol Someone at corporate needs to shoot Iris and get her out of her misery or maybe I should say bury her before rigor mortis sets in as it appears she's already dead by looks of her displays. mojo2600
  9. If you just have to have a pet door, best to buy one that operates off an implanted microchip in the dog or cat..that way you don't have to worry about collars with magnets and sensors and no Iris at all. Been involved in humane society work for 40+ years--all PETSAFE products (as well as Hartz) are junk. mojo2600
  10. I was calm and was polite...just did not know enough about RMA to convince the guys that they can and are supposed to do this. It's obvious they are not going to do anything until I and I myself alone furnish them with the RMA number which I don't have. Store credit is fine with me. Probably best to forget this and chalk it up as experience. Iris has been a tough teacher. She gave me the test first back in 2012 when I bought a hub and just now giving me the learning lesson. LOL Maybe IrisByLowes user here can help me but I really doubt it. Thanks guys... mojo2600
  11. I pulled plug on Iris last night..finally that nightmare is over...ST & Wink, Alexa working fine. Decided to call Lowe's manager ahead today and see about returning Iris products. Three different people including the "returns" guy that handles all RMA is NOT aware of Iris items being taken back for store credit. He says I will need to give him the RMA number of it--he says he doesn't know how "you guys here on LWI Forum" are returning old items and we sure "don't treat it as a water heater return like your forum friends say!"...He asked "Is Iris telling you that you can return these items?"... He finally says until I give him an RMA number so he can "research this" that his store cannot take anything back. Just as I suspected. As a last resort before I sell this crap, do any of you have the actual RMA number I can give to Lowes guy so he can "research" it? Sure glad I didn't go 45 miles to store and get my blood pressure up in argument with them in person and get even more PO'd. THANK GOD I am about to be done and finished with Iris and Lowes. mojo2600
  12. I only have two measly things left on Iris V2..they both frequently disconnect. I moved on to ST and still have Wink--83 devices on Wink. Alexa works fine on all 83 of the Wink devices as well as ST. I don't understand why Lowe's/I.R.I.S. (aka Iris Really Is S**t) can't get their act together. I feel like Iris' days are numbered... What's that I hear in the distance?? I faintly hear the fat lady warming up to sing her finale performance. mojo2600
  13. The Google & Apple app reviews are for the app itself rather than the actual MistBox. Here's a link with a better take on MistBox itself: This link also has a reference link to why the Keen Smart Vent is not such a good idea either. Think I'll leave my HVAC alone except for Nest thermostats. mojo2600
  14. I remember talking to an HVAC tech a few years ago and he talked about researchers experimenting with misting/blowing water on the condensor coils but corrosion was always the culprit to premature HVAC failure/rusting on home units. Though it does make sense that rainfall doesn't seem to affect HVAC condensors, or at least it doesn't appear to....just don't know about daily misting though. Mistbox does address this on their FAQ. They seem to tout their filters but I bet it's not much more than a charcoal filter similar to an ice maker. Since it's so humid here where I live, I know I won't see a 30% savings, but every little bit helps. The device in intriguing...still think one could come up with a "poorman's mister" using Iris or similar HA device. I have seen misting rings made by another company for HVAC units but just don't have all the smart stuff that Mistbox has...just can't remember the name. mojo2600
  15. Sure seems like we could cobble together a much more inexpensive mister than this $399 device by using an Iris/Wink or similar HA hose controller with a Misty Mate and filter and probably using IFTT along with Nest. Haven't seen them yet in my Lowes though. They are Houston, TX based so they may be in area Lowes there. Any thoughts from you HVAC guys about how efficient this really is or possible corrosion over long term use to condensor? mojo2600