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  1. So I just won an auction on ebay for one of these. In fact, it's the dual latch version... so technically I have 2 to play with. I'm thinking it shouldn't be hard to straight wire an AC adapter to the solenoid inside and plug it into a smart switch. Apparently the guy that makes these has a large stock of the old versions that he is converting from battery only to AC powered... so it shouldn't be that difficult. I also plan on setting a rule so that if an alarm is triggered, the smart switch for the kennel is turned on. This way if there is a burglary while he is locked up he would be immediately set loose. Also, he could get out the kennel if there was a fire.
  2. I think its something specific to your system. I have 67 devices here with no issues. I have some of the same devices as you (Osram stuff, Schlage lock, motion sensors, etc...) The one time I had issues with a couple of devices losing connection (back a few months after the V2 transition) a 2 second hub reset solved my problems and everything has been reliable since.
  3. Keep an eye out on ebay... more have got to pop up at some point. Usually you can get them for $10-$15 each...
  4. Not the best price I've seen, but it looks like the only thing that's available at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I had something similar happen this weekend... First Alert Smoke detector (No CO detection) went off while my wife was at home by herself. I assumed she was cooking, but she called me while I was on the phone with the monitoring company. I put them on hold while I spoke to her, she confirmed nothing was wrong, and they canceled the alert. She says she wasn't cooking or anything... I have no clue what happened. This smoke detector was less than 2 years old. The batteries appeared to be good (used the duracell quantiums which have the tester built in), but I went ahead and replaced them anyway. I also used a can of compressed air to blow out any dust that may have settled into it.
  7. So, our housekeeper came last week and we didn't have any real issues... (no problems entering or leaving, no alarms triggered, etc...) I have discovered a few annoyances though. All of our lamps are on smart switches... apparently she tried to turn them on with the lamp switches and left them in an off state where they were not controllable from the smart switch. Similarly, it looks like she could not figure out how to operate the ceiling fan speed controls so she messed with the pull chains. Some of the light kits for the fans would not come on because they were turned of via the pull chain. In our living room she mopped the floors and apparently turned the ceiling fan down via the pull chain also. I'm thinking about making up an Alexa "cheat sheet" with device names and such. I'm also considering cutting the chains off on the fans and lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Bad start to this project... I ordered the opener from jet and received the wrong product. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. From what I remember, there was actually a pretty large gap in time between when ivee decided to kill the first generation product and the point where the echo really started to rule the world. G35Rider, from your comment it makes it sound like they were doing something good but the big guys came along put them out of business, but that wasn't the case at all. They actually screwed over their customers and decided to ditch their non-working product in favor of developing a 2nd generation product LONG before amazon and google came to the table. From my understanding, the ivee worked at first, but didn't work well... they eventually put out some updates that made things worse and pretty much broke the device completely, before giving up on it and trying to start over (leaving all the original ivee users with essentially a paperweight). It seems like they realized it was a hardware problem that couldn't be corrected in software, but didn't have the resources to "make it right" and replace the devices. I think this pretty much killed the company as no one was willing to give them a second chance after they didn't address the first generation problems and retired the product.
  10. I'll take it if it's still available.
  11. Unfortunately that $16 one on jet looks like it is only battery powered. The deluxe is AC powered, but much more expensive. I would imagine it should be easy to adapt the cheap one that takes 4 AA batteries to utilize a 6v power supply and put it on an iris plug-in smart switch....
  12. We have one of the metal kennels in which we contain our dog anytime we have company. As we now have a housekeeper coming in occasionally in the mornings, I would like to be able to lock him up until she leaves on certain days. She will get there early in the morning and I don't want him to be locked up all day. I figure I could probably somehow hack a deadbolt to do this, but I really don't wanna spend $200 on it. Any ideas of a cheaper way? I'm thinking there might be some way to do it with a smart plug and some sort of relay, but I'm just not sure where to start. He is smart enough I could probably train him to push against the door when he hears the sound of the crate unlocking. Thoughts?
  13. Looks like at some point these went back up to $199... Seems like $150 would be the "sweet spot". You have to have 2 of them to really realize the benefit, and I can't imagine they will reach mass-market appeal at $400 for a pair. Now with the echo show, it seems these might even have less appeal. I know these are designed primarily for "in home" communication, and the echo show is more for home-to-home communication, but at first glance people are going to assume this is a "knockoff" of the echo show. With basically no marketing and being a new company, I think this going to be an example of a great idea and product that has no chance of survival unless the sell out to someone like nest.
  14. They still don't have nest support... which is probably one of the most well known smarthome brands on the market. I can't imagine you will see ring before you see nest.
  15. Unfortunately, the very robust and well made V1 devices are proprietary to the iris system. Their batteries also seem to last forever... When you can find V1 devices on ebay they are so cheap I am willing to take the chance that I will have to sell them or throw them away if I ever switch from iris (I have no intentions of doing so).