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  1. I was just reading through the iOS 11 features and noticed this: HOMEKIT Developers can now experiment with HomeKit without needing to apply for Made for iPhone (MFi) approval from Apple. That means developers can start creating and testing products before bringing them to market and Apple is even permitting experimentation popular custom-fit boards like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. HomeKit products also no longer need a hardware authentication chip, which means new and existing product manufacturers will be able to add HomeKit support to devices through a firmware update. I believe they have finally seen the light! I feel like that crazy requirement for a hardware authentication chip is what has been holding back homekit all this time. Lift this restriction and I believe you will start to see tons of manufacturers update their products with homekit support!
  2. Same is happening to me. I'll try disconnecting / reconnecting the ethernet when I get home and see if comes back.
  3. I just noticed all the GE Z-wave wall switches I can find on the lowes website have a reduced price but now say "100W" in the description. Just curious if this is a mistake. I've never seen a switch rated for less than 600W. This seems ridiculously low to me...
  4. I've heard of hardware companies with bad batches of hardware that "work around" the problems using software to avoid a recall. For instance, I'm pretty sure apple had a bad batch of iphone batteries and they "resolved" the issue by "recalibrating" the battery meter. You will never convince me that it was a software problem all along. I would put money on the fact that those batteries had defective cells or something and apple just covered up the problem by adjusting the battery meter to compensate. I believe zigbee and/or zwave can operate on multiple channels in the same way as wifi, I would assume the hub is supposed to attempt to identify the best channel to use. It is likely that a defective zwave chip could experience worse problems on a specific channel, and by disabling that channel via a firmware update, it could possibly make a defective system slightly more stable. The multi-channel operation might be zigbee only, I'm really not sure (but I know I read at least one of the two has multiple channels it can work on), but even so, it could be that use of a specific zigbee channel caused interference with zwave due to the design of the product... that could explain why some of us see the problem and some don't (It depends on what channel is selected). It also seems that I read somewhere early on that the channel which is assigned happens when the system is first powered on and is never changed after that. That may not still be the case, or I might be imagining it all together... This is really all nothing but unsubstantiated wild speculation, so take it with a grain of salt... BUT it is something I have thought about that makes sense in my mind.
  5. I think what Vettsetter is trying to say is just because your experiences have been negative, that doesn't necessarily mean that this is the "norm". I have an installation of about 75 devices and see none of these issues... My parents also have an iris system and they don't have any issues either. I understand from "your point of view", it appears that these issues are common.... however, from "my point of view" these issues are not common. There are a lot of people on here that have perfectly solid systems, and there are a lot that experience problems, but its hard to get a gauge on percentages. I don't question whether these issues exist for some people... it is obvious that there have been a lot (not as many lately though) of people seeing similar problems, however it can't possibly be something low level that is broken within the iris platform because, if it was, this problem would manifest itself in every install, yet there are plenty of people who don't encounter these random disconnects. There IS some common denominator that has not been identified yet. People keep suggesting that maybe it is some sort of interference in some areas, maybe wifi or some other wireless system, however I have a completely different theory. Sometimes I wonder if they simply had a large batch of bad hubs or some other device that is wreaking havoc on some peoples systems... It would have to be either the hub or a device that is iris specific... something that people are not carrying over to smart things (as you stated someone made the switch to smart things and didn't have the same issues on that platform, and I've heard this a few times). Because the issue is almost always with zwave devices (and I think all these zwave stuff works in smartthings), I am highly suspicious of a problem with the zwave chipset that maybe exists in a batch of V2 hubs. You would think lowes would have access to all the relevant data to to compare the common factors in systems which have these problems and figure out what it causing it. (maybe device in a specific range of serial numbers?)
  6. What about the "echo look"...? I can't understand HOW this would not be a dud. It seems like a ridiculous concept. I don't need machine learning algorithms to track my wardrobe choices and give me fashion advice...
  7. So, it looks like you have to have it paired with the halo account instead of iris if you want to use IFTT, so it really doesn't matter in my case. Same with Alexa... I guess you can't test the alarm via Alexa if you are paired with iris. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Mine is a beagle-Jack Russel mix. He is also a very sweet dog, but can be pretty high strung at times! I just got a bosh sensor and it is a great product. Makes me want to replace all my existing motion detectors with these! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What kinda dog is that in the video preview image? Looks a lot like mine!
  10. Either way, it cost them a sale. I ordered mine from Home Depot... Loyalty only goes so far. A 30% price hike is a bit much.
  11. I just ordered a halo smart labs smoke/co detector. I noticed that they recently added IFTTT support. I wonder if it is possible to change the color of the light to indicate rain in the forecast? I don't see any existing applets to let you do something like that...
  12. Actually... it looks like Home Depot has the same price as the Halo website... Getting it from Lowes right now is actually more expensive than ordering direct or from HD.
  13. Really? I must be looking at something wrong... Looks like the: Halo (Model# HSR761H) is $99 at HD and $129 at lowes Halo+ (Model# HSR781H) is $135 at HD and $149 at lowes
  14. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but the basic halo smoke detector is about $30 cheaper at HD than Lowes. The one that does weather alerts also is about $15 less.
  15. I have had somewhat of a similar experience (aside from my rate of system expansion). I'd say I'd give it a B+ or A-. I started with security and a thermostat (I think it was called the "smart kit"), but have went crazy adding new devices. I held out for the V2 changeover also, and it was mostly a flawless transition other than some issues with my thermostat. Eventually I got tired of fooling with the t-stat and switched over to nest. Fast forward 2 years from my initial install and I have 71 paired devices including all my light switches and fan speed controls, lamps, led under cabinet lights, contact sensors for all exterior doors and windows, motion detectors in every room, cameras, door locks, smoke detectors, sirens, a leak detector, hose timer, 40G water heater, etc... I also have a contact sensor in the mailbox as well as one protecting a gun safe. I also have the 4G cellular modem with the pro monitoring package. We use echo dots from one end of the house to the other, and also have an echo dash wand with alexa which can be used as sort of a handheld voice remote (can also be done with our fire tv remote). We use the harmony hub with alexa to control our entertainment system, and I have even rigged up a remote/emergency release for our dog's kennel. I say all that to say I am constantly adding devices, and rarely have I had any issues. In fact, the thermostat issues I had seem like they have been resolved because I gave my thermostat to my parrents to use on their iris system and they have had no problems with it.