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  1. Why wouldn't they finish integration with echo first? Also, Nest has been around for AGES and we don't have support for those devices!
  2. Just received an email stating that Pro monitoring isn't available in North Carolina "just yet" do to some regulations, but they are "working hard to change that". Also says there will be a special rate of $14.95... That actually sounds like a good value. This almost makes it sound like it IS available somewhere now... Has anyone here received an email saying it is now available in their area?
  3. Also shows $74.99 when I put in N. Kansas City Lowe's
  4. With my front door deadbolt, I've had instances in the past when the lock was partially engaged (maybe 1/16th of an inch or less... just enough that the door would still close but the lock was not FULLY unlocked) where I was unable to lock it from the outside. I'm assuming this is because my toddler likes to play with the lock when we are not looking. When that happens I have to open the door and make sure the thumbturn is turned COMPLETELY counterclockwise, and then I'm able to lock it from the outside. There is a slight bit of play in mine which will not allow it to lock if the bolt is extended even a fraction of an inch. Probably not the issue you are facing (seeing how yours is disconnected also), but I figured it was worth mentioning anyway.
  5. Interesting... to me it looks like those are the "new prices"... I don't see anything indicating a higher regular price, nor do I see anything indicating "10% off through 4/26"... When I visit the lowes website, those are simply the prices that show up without any indication of a sale or limited time offer.
  6. Interesting... this promo doesn't show up for me on the lowes website. Do you have to use a promo code or something?
  7. Well, I first noticed this several months ago. My wife would be the last to leave and I would get a notification saying the door was being locked because the alarm came on. I kept fussing at her about leaving it unlocked when she leaves, and she insisted that she had double checked and had, in fact, locked it upon leaving. Eventually I was able to verify this. It seemed to get better for a while, but lately it has started up again. It bothered me at first (I thought maybe it was somehow unlocking after we left), but now that I know it is actually locked but iris doesn't realize it, it doesn't bother me as much. I like getting that notification to let me know someone forgot to lock the door, (and the fact that iris will then do it for me), but I have no confidence in its accuracy, so it really means nothing when I get it.
  8. I've been having a random issue with our front door deadbolt. Occasionally it seems that when we lock it manually, iris doesn't "get the memo". For instance, this morning my wife and I both left at the same time. She locked the door behind her and I paused to verify it was, in fact, locked. After we were both gone for about 10 minutes our away rule ran and set the alarm... I also have a rule that will lock the front deadbolt if it is unlocked when the alarm is set. It seems that iris THOUGHT the door was not locked, and I received a notification saying that iris was locking the front door because it was unlocked when the alarm was set. I have looked at my history, filtered by that particular device, and I see several instances over the last few days where it was unlocked more than once without a "locked" event between them (obviously you cant unlock a door that isn't already locked). Its almost like sometimes when it is locked manually, iris isn't notified. I just tried something and got a strange result. From the web based interface I ran the "home" scene which also unlocks the front door... I looked at the history and it showed the front door was unlocked. I then ran the "away" scene and received the notification that the deadbolt was going to be locked because the alarm was set... then I checked my log. It did not show an entry that the front door locked. I was in the web based interface, so I went to devices and it showed the front door deadbolt as "locking". After about 5 minutes it still showed as "locking", with no indication that it was locked in the log. I ran the home scene again and checked the log... it showed that it had been unlocked. Then I waited a minute or two and ran the away scene (again, received a notification that the deadbolt would be locked) and now the log shows the door was locked at that time.
  9. Yeah, I guess I get that. I don't have any issue reading it (used time clocks for years that were in 24 hour time), but it seems that it confuses so many people I assumed people only use it where it is necessary or required.
  10. Yep, I just changed my phone to 24 hour format and confirmed that the app crashes. Changed it back to 12 and no crash. I didn't realize people actually use the 24 hour time format!
  11. Something seems a little off about that statement though... If they are still "investigating the root cause", how are they already "working on a fix"? Translation: "We know something is wrong, but we haven't figured it out yet... but we will fix it as soon as we do!"
  12. The good news is iris is being transparent about the iOS issue. There is a large prominent notice at the top of the iris home page about it. They have also posted a notice on their facebook page. They have acknowledged they have a problem and made great efforts to let everyone know they are working on it. They are definitely making great strides in communication with their users!
  13. Not sure if this is new, or if I previously missed it, but you can now turn on and off sounds for security, smoke, and leaks independently. This means I can set it so that a siren does not go off and wake up the entire house if there is dripping pipe under the sink!!!
  14. I like what I see so far. Not a lot has changed but it just looks a little cleaner. Seems like the little status icons on the dashboard update immediately when changes occur like lights turning on, doors opening, etc... There used to be an indicator on the doors and locks card that said something like "all doors closed and locked". I do kinda miss that for some reason. Looks like now the absence of info on the card means everything is closed and locked. Small icons appear that show you if anything is open or unlocked. Same with the lights and switches card. I seem to remember something that said "all lights off", which doesn't appear now. For some reason I prefer a visual that confirms "all is well" as opposed to just "not seeing that anything is wrong"... if that makes sense...