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  1. SHANE gets his weather from Yahoo due to its simple API commands. This is how that part works. if(HouseTemp != ""){ ------------------------------ Checks to see if you have a thermostat and if it is reporting temp if(weather.currently != "Rain"){ ------------------------|---Checks to see if the current weather is not Rain or Thunderstorms if(weather.currently != "Thunderstorms"){--------|/ if( (parseInt(HouseTemp)+3) >= parseInt(weather.temp)){----------------|\ if( (parseInt(HouseTemp)-3) <= parseInt(weather.temp)){-------------|---------- Checks to see if the outside temp reported by Yahoo is with in 3 degrees of the thermostat SHANEtable = SHANEtable + '<tr><td>SHANE</td>' ------------- If everything is true then it write it to the portal. + "<td>It is currently nice out open up some windows and doors to save some money.</td></tr>"; } } } } } Now what you see in the weather report is a forecast and not current weather.
  2. In the web portal click the first aid box
  3. You can only turn on and off rules in the unofficial web portal. I do want to all that but in my own way more like an if then rule. It is just a huge task that I have not under taken yet.
  4. They can see what the portal sees. As for offline devices reporting 100% the portal is getting that from the last pull of data.
  5. I have 2 cameras on my system and they did the same thing a soft reboot fixed it. As for your system dropping devices, it can be as simple as 1 device becoming the "hub" and that device drops off and it shows others dropping off.
  6. Maybe I can make a page for turning off and on devices just for people that want to do this.
  7. Yeah a lot of research went into the percentage on the portal and a lot of other people's input as well. 40% seems to be the Goldilocks number.
  8. It also works good on mobile devices.
  9. Update 1.2.5 Added more logic to SHANE
  10. if(HouseTemp != ""){ if(weather.currently != "Rain"){ if(weather.currently != "Thunderstorms"){ if( (parseInt(HouseTemp)+3) >= parseInt(weather.temp)){ if( (parseInt(HouseTemp)-3) <= parseInt(weather.temp)){ SHANEtable = SHANEtable + '<tr><td>SHANE</td>' + "<td>It is currently nice out open up some windows and doors to save some money.</td></tr>"; } } } } } Adding more logic to shane
  11. Just saw this something to look at. I don't think it will go anywhere. Nothing really new
  12. Yes you can
  13. If you want to know more data and a lot faster use my portal
  14. @FHL Here is a video V1 sensors are better for this