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  1. Copy and paste the top bit of text map it shouldn't change unless you add a device.
  2. No I haven't but then I saw this
  3. Back up
  4. I am having an upstream problem with my node. Portal should be back up soon.
  5. Click the tool under the Check For Updates On Portal button.
  6. @Pavman Have you pulled a Zwave map. It sounds like you have your data going to your zwave outside lights then coming back to your house.
  7. Nicholasville Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. @Thevolget , @scunny and @pavalov Shane is ready for beta testing and waiting for someone to talk too
  9. He is talking about my web portal. Iris Web Portal = My web portal Iris Web UI or Iris Web Interface =
  10. There is a grace period just like there was before with Iris. It called UCC first and that is the center Yes, they do call the end user before calling the cops. Total breakdown of what happens Iris alarm goes off UCC call center calls you or other contacts on your Iris account If you pick up they tell you what is going on and if you would like the cops, EMS or fire. You can say it was a false alarm. If no on picks up the phone they then call the cops for you.
  11. I am using it in KY.
  12. hubzwave:healCompleted = The number of nodes that the Z-Wave network heal has completed optimizing hubzwave:healTotal = The total number of nodes that an in-progress Z-Wave network heal is optimizing. hubzwave:numDevices = Number of devices currently paired to the z-wave chip. ^^ This is how the Iris code breaks down the attributes. Now does this mean a node did not need optimizing? I don't know
  13. I can confirm if that is true I have 26 num devices and 26 geal total
  14. You need to download that for us. It says it needs a api key Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk