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  1. I've had the same thing going on with the Kwikset locks, but to be honest with you I think I have the away scene set to lock the doors when the last one leaves - without really specifying not to if they are already locked. I'll have to check and see, but honestly I haven't really worried about it.
  2. This update is actually working great. I'm impressed almost as much as I am surprised actually. For me it seems that the 'update brings all kinds of troubles' days are behind me.... Things are looking up.
  3. Interestingly enough, the KwikSet 910 locks I have installed have pretty much worked flawless since day one. The only issue I had was quite some time back trying to get the contacts PIN code to download successfully. It took several tries but eventually they all showed up. I've had the locks in place for months - probably the better part of a year and have had zero issues. Ironically the only real dropouts I have had to deal with have been the GE outlets but (knock on wood) they too seem stable now. If history is any lesson - since I've just bragged on the system, I have just jinxed the damn thing - starting in the next few hours the system is going to start crapping out....
  4. why should we ultimately have to turn to this forum in order to find out the status of Iris? I'm really kicking myself for going with iris at times, I've invested a lot of money and it's not doing near what it could a year ago...
  5. Also have missing items on BOTH accounts... Door Locks, 2gen Smart Switches, 1st gen Door Switches. One account is basically useless, other one is crippled to say the least. Thoroughly disappointed - once again - with Iris.
  6. Sad that this happened to begin with, but here it is what 4 days later and nothing...
  7. Wish I could say that... Mine is still having issues with some v1 contacts, and the GE outlets... But then the firmware update was about a week ago... that always seems to cause issues.
  8. I've seen the same login issues as described and also have noticed when I just close the app entirely and restart it it does in fact come up with me logged in. This has been going on for a while, several versions of the app as well as multiple versions of IOS. FWIW, the Iris App is the only app that I have seen this kind of issue with.
  9. Honestly, it's still a toy. It may well be a more refined toy than it was when v2 initially rolled out, it's still a toy. Until such time that off-line processing becomes a reality it cannot and should not ever be considered for a security or even a realistic automation platform.
  10. well, I can tell you what they didn't fix.. the connect/disconnect of devices... again......
  11. Mine are showing Battery "OK" no percentage to speak of
  12. happens every time there's a firmware and/or app 'upgrade'
  13. Received the email, and found the exact same problem trying to check out. After two calls without resolution I almost said screw it, and then I added a small item - 2.00 or 3.00 to pick up at the local store and the dang thing went through. Estimated ship sate was toward the end of this month for the modem - we'll see... I have two systems, only one with the modem. - I think I 'upgraded' that one manually several months ago.
  14. I certainly hope you're right. In all honesty, v2 Iris hasn't quite lived up to the hype... yet anyway.
  15. According to the last 'upgraded' terms of service that Iris imposed a full time internet connection is required... Doesn't really leave a lot of wiggle room on the local processing.... 2. ACCESSING THE IRIS SERVICE 2.1 System Requirements.... a wired Ethernet connection to an "always on" and always working broadband Internet connection or a properly functioning Iris compatible, cellular service