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  1. I had a scene fail around 8pm eastern. The history shows the scene itself ran, but none of the devices in the scene show as turning on (and they didn't...dark house again!). I was able to manually turn them on from the app about 90 minutes later when I saw the failure. I was home and my internet connection was up.
  2. And I, as has been the case lately, received none of them.
  3. I'd appreciate knowing why I don't get any of these emails.
  4. Mine is showing the firmware, but I never received a notice. So they didn't notify everyone who was getting it...
  5. No email here. But I don't have the cellular backup either. Maybe they are only updating hubs that have the cellular backup?
  6. I was in my local Lowes today for something else and saw they had 2 keypads on the hanger. One was open and ripped, the other looked sealed up. I didn't buy, but the hook was marked for the $16 price. I don't know what the website might say as it claims it's not available at this store V2 smart button was $10.
  7. The Iris Portal shows my bulb as this version: 1020325 You mentioned ".316" ... is the "325" in mine ".325"?
  8. It was more like $40 if I recall, it's the multi-color dimmable. It definitely wasn't $15. Any recommendations on a light that works reliably with Iris? If I recall, when I bought this bulb, it was the recommended way to go with Iris as there wasn't much in terms of other choices. I had another bulb before that...I'm trying to recall which...that was a nightmare of instability. The Osram I have is one of the SKUs that was supported in an Iris monthly update last year...if it's supported, then my feeling is it should work. If it's unstable on Iris after they claim that it is supported, that's a Lowes issue, not a customer issue.
  9. Anyone else having connect/disconnect issues with their devices lately? Twice in the past week I've had most of my devices all fall off at the same time and then over the course of a couple of hours, they reconnect or reconnect/disconnect/reconnect. (of course no notification from Iris...I usually notice when something doesn't work as planned). The most annoying part is items like my Osram porch light act strange when it coming on with a color setting. The other day, my wife calls to me...Why is the porch all blue? Ugh...hard to explain why Iris is good to have when these stupid things keep creeping up. And I would have come home to a dark house last night if it hadn't been a weekend and I was home to notice the lights didn't turn on. I had a motion sensor that "detected" motion when it reconnected...of course the actual motion was about an hour earlier. (So is the device "storing" the motion notification to send to the hub, or did the hub actually receive it real time but was falsely thinking the sensor was offline?) Devices affected include: V1 contact, V1 motion, V1 keypad, GE outdoor, Osram light, V1 button, V2 smartplug...they are all over the house, some within 20 feet of the hub. In addition to making the stupid 24 hour disconnect notification time configurable, it would be nice to have an immediate notification if something scheduled to have (like a scene that turns a light) fails to happen. I let the app run another ZWave rebuild...I'm not convinced it helps these things, but I'll try anyway.
  10. I don't have the cellular backup (v1 or v2), so I can't speak that part, but a little clarification about cell carriers. StraightTalk is owned by the same company as Tracfone (America Movil). StraightTalk is not limited to Walmart (although it is sold at Walmart). StraightTalk, Tracfone, and others like it are MVNOs, mobile virtual network operators. They don't own any cell sites...they lease block time from a major provider (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) and resell it, usually as prepaid. StraightTalk, like Tracfone, has different carriers that are used...but the specific carrier your device uses is a function of that device. Because StraightTalk "uses several carriers", doesn't mean you automatically get better coverage. In fact, you can have worse coverage with ST than a Verizon native device if the ST device uses AT&T and you don't have as good AT&T coverage. (just an example, I don't know what the Iris device uses).
  11. A caution for anyone who has a Utilitech leak sensor and put in the "GP" batteries that came with it. I bought one about 18 months ago with the sensor down in my sump pit (above the float switch line, so I'd know if it failed). Recently the Portal was showing the battery at 40%, so I decided to change them. Opened it up and the batteries had leaked all over the place. It was all "wet" inside. They were the ones that came with the unit. I cleaned it out and replaced them with name brand AAs. Had odd behavior, like the battery level still showing at 40%. I tried testing it and had no alarm or notification it was being tripped. I left it like that for a few days, but Iris did not show it as disconnected, yet the Portal still showed battery at 40%. I tried removing it from Iris and had to force it. I tried re-pairing with the 8 presses method and it wouldn't re-pair. I think the leaking batteries caused it to go south. I ended up buying a new unit. (which, by the way, you need to push the button once after the batteries are put in to get it to pair. The instructions included are old, refer to the website and don't say that. The App step-by-step pairing for that item does say to.)
  12. Not when you (the agency) is getting daily (or multiple times a day) false alarms from someone and each one requires a response. Same goes for Fire calls...the automatic alarm trips from steam from a shower, smoke from cooking, etc. We have some senior complexes here where there are multiple false alarm fire calls every week for these reasons. Each one requires a response until the (fire) officer arrives and determines there is no emergency. In the mean time, there is risk to the responders and the public as they rush to a possible fire. In many areas (including mine), if you have an alarm and want the PD notified (vs. just an audible), it has to be through a central station. They do not take kindly to direct dial alarms (way too easy for something to get messed up and it to bombard the PD's number with non-stop calls).
  13. Actually I've been thinking about the same thing. I use Blue Iris for recording my IP cameras (non Iris). While I record all the time (24/7) to local hard drive, I would like to do something on trigger. For example, if my front porch motion sensor (Iris) trips, Blue Iris FTPs/copies a clip to offsite (cloud) storage, creating an immediate backup if that person breaks in and steals my security camera PC
  14. From the album Motion sensor on porch

  15. From the album Motion sensor on porch