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  1. B I never had V1 so no parity and migration issues here. It does everything I want at the moment.
  2. Oh I love the irisstatus.org page and I think it's very helpful. No complaints. No need to code my own if I'm happy with what's there.
  3. All you gotta do is code your own portal and you can have it do the conversion for you.
  4. Yeah I actually have this setup for a siren outside. If someone walks up my driveway near the garage, the WIFI switch is hooked up to a 12V siren and it goes off. It would be nice to simply disable that rule instead of screwing with the schedule or removing the rule altogether.
  5. Yeah that finally dawned on me this morning when I looked and the box was unchecked. Which means it is inactive. I guess I can always stay up until 12am tonight and make sure it gets checked and becomes active. I was thinking that the check was for whether I wanted the rule to be used at all (i.e allowing the rule to be used or not). Thanks for the help.
  6. OK. That makes sense I guess. Seems like a weird implementation. One would think that the time would be noted when the rule is created or the box is checked to determine whether the rule should be active at that point in time. I guess I'll find out. Thanks.
  7. I think I may be doing something wrong. I have 1 motion sensor and 3 rules associated with it... Rule #1 sends me a push notification when it senses motion. It is scheduled to be always active. Rule #2 is exactly the same except it sends my wife a push notification. Rule #3 turns on a smart switch when that same sensor sees motion. It is active from 12am to 6am. The problem is that Iris always turns on the smart switch and ignores the schedule for Rule #3. Any ideas?
  8. History working fine for me on the "Homepage" using Chrome. And I get the last few entries on the history icon of the sensors page.
  9. Has anyone tried to convert/modify any of the sensors to use different batteries? I know it wouldn't be pretty. But if looks and size weren't an issue, it'd be nice to have more battery life. For example 2 AA batteries would yield 3V and have a much larger mAh rating versus a single CR2 battery. I'm talking mostly about the V2 motion sensor. A contact sensor on a window or door might be tough.
  10. Is it possible to put the hub battery level on the Battery Level page? I see mine is at 53 and it'd be nice to see that with the other devices.
  11. Yeah I don't have a picture. So it is literally wasting space Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Is there a way to hide the picture on the dashboard? I'd rather have the screen room versus seeing a pic of my house. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Works now. Good job. Looks good. Thanks again for this.
  14. Motion sensors are not showing up under Sensors for me
  15. Sounds like you would always need to schedule the alarm to disarm at 4:59 and then re-arm at 5pm.