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  1. Sad part is when they do add new devices most people bitch about parity. Personally I think parity should have happened long ago, but if they don't add new products there won't be new people to the platform and it is doomed to wither on the vine. I just hope we get local processing soon and a bunch of new products. Not just the same types of devices either. I really hope they look at other sensors out there and come out with turn key solutions. I too see Iris as the Apple of HA, it is pretty much plug and play, where ST often requires the end user to find new device handler to make something work. Not terrible hard but does scare a lot of people off, if Iris could market their system more effectively I think they really have a lot of room to grow.
  2. I think if they do this but keep them locked to Iris it will be a tough sell. To be honest I won't buy any V1 stuff unless it is a great deal or a V2 device isn't an option. I am hedging my bet and making sure whatever I add can go to ST. Also I know a lot of ST peeps are buying the Iris stuff so they would lose that sale as well.
  3. I sure hope so, just thought we should be seeing some new stuff showing up by now. The keypads have been out of stock awhile online and most stores have minimal stock too.
  4. I just figured I would update this thread in case someone searches it out later...the signal strength did come back up to 97% but it took almost a week to do so. Not sure why but give it time and you should see the increase as thegillion mentioned.
  5. Well I think I am about to throw this thing out. First the battery is back down to 33% according to the portal but more importantly I woke up this morning at 5am to hear water flowing. Even though this is set to come on at 9am for 10 minutes it was on at 5. In the past it has randomly turned on by itself and or ran way longer than 10 minutes. It has also missed waterings at least 50% of the days at the scheduled time. Even if my signal is bad this just seems completely unstable and frankly a poor design. If the hub pushes the schedule to the device it should be able to run this schedule without the hub's intervention and it certainly shouldn't be randomly watering things. Just makes no sense, time on the Orbit is correct and hub shows no activity for this mornings watering. Maybe I will try to swap it before I give up, but not holding out much hope.
  6. With the lack of product on the shelves, recent Lowes layoffs and now buy two get one free sales on door/window and motion sensors makes me wonder if they are trying to clear all this out before pulling the plug. I think recently the keypads were sub $5 in places and are no longer carried online. So are we about to see a bunch of new product or are they going bye bye? Honestly I hope they make it and dumping these products would be smart, then then new products will all have new reviews based on current stability not legacy issues.
  7. Uggh...damn auto correct.
  8. Well not sure if this device really works or not. First I tried a gen 2 plug. I had a lot of trouble rebuilding the X-ray network but eventually got it done. But after all of that I still couldn't get my GE plug in device to function. So I moved the gen 2 plug back to it's original spot and repaired the Aeotec. As mentioned before it shows up as uncertified. I tried to rebuild the network but it never completed, several times it locked up in the 90's. At this point I cycled all the other X-ray stuff and it was working so I decided to test the outlet. Still nothing. So I can't confirm if this thing really works or not, certainly no better than a gen 2 plug.
  9. Thanks, but my pool is about 3.5x's that size so I would need several of those and I just don't want an array of them through the yard. The roof on the house is just too far away but I am sure that would help add some more heat to the system. I guess I just keep living with a cool pool.
  10. Off topic but what kind of solar heater? I am in NNJ and we are hovering around 70.
  11. Damn...these things are awesome. I installed one back in December and it saved my butt within a week. Definitely recommend this device and their customer service and support is top notch.
  12. While messing around with thegillions portal to try to figure out some other issues I was seeing I noticed last week my keypad was showing a signal strength of 47% but the batteries were low so I thought it might be the cause. Over the weekend I swapped out the batteries and the portal does show them to be 100% but the signal strength is still 47%. This doesn't make sense since there are 4 door and window sensors near it all showing 100%. I mean the door sensor is less than 3 feet away. I did a search but didn't see anyone else mention this, it doesn't seem to drop off but is this normal?
  13. I didn't get a chance to look at this over the weekend but was just looking at thegillions portal and noticed the batteries that were installed last Wednesday now say 83%, it is connected and hasn't had any drops since Friday. From the 7th to the 9th there were multiple drops, not sure why there is a significant change in its behavior, the only other thing that happened that day was iris finally responded to my inquiring telling me to install more repeaters. Wonder if they did something that would make a difference? Also, does anyone's hose end device show up under signal strength? My pool motion shows 100% and it is about 20 feet closer to the hub but it would be nice to confirm what kind of signal it has.
  14. I think this one claimed to have 450' range. If I get a chance to test this I will put a GE plug in dimmer out by the pool pump and compare this to a gen 2 plug.
  15. But what is the range for those? Since Iris has recommended to me and others to add a couple of these scattered around the house it gave me the impression their range is limited.