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  1. I know. Every time I post that my GE switches are acting up you counter with yours are working perfectly. But others seem to have the same problem I do. Must be something here that interferes with mine but there is nothing out of the ordinary here in my RF landscape and the house is of common construction materials and I'm not trying to use them over extended distances. No device is more than 2 hops from the hub. I've tried relocating the hub, adding/reducing the number of devices that can repeat Z-Wave signals, exchanging troublesome devices for others, turned Wi-Fi off on my router which is the only other full time RF system running in the house, none of this has worked. I've checked with neighbors to see if they are running something which might create RF interference and come up empty. There are no medical facilities near me (within 5 miles) and no industrial facilities which might be generating RF. The only possibility is an electric fence for cattle or maybe a invisible dog fence but I asked my neighbors if they had dog fences and they all say no. So I don't know what the answer is, but just two nights ago my neighbor has someone steal his patio furniture and it irritates me that my GE in-wall switch which is activated by a motion sensor and operates our back door light has been off line for 4 days now and I can't get it working again. So for me it doesn't matter how reliable your GE Z-Wave switches are mine are a PITA. And if my Lowes had offered me the choice of the Z-Wave or the Zigbee model switches when I bought these I would have gone for the Zigbee. I guess my only choice it to order them online for those devices that they offer with either protocol but I don't believe the outdoor switches are available with Zigbee, only Z-Wave.
  2. I would stay far away from the GE Z-Wave switches, they have been nothing but trouble for me. I would swap them all out in a heartbeat for Zigbee if they would let me. Right now I am fighting trying to get my GE in-wall dimmer reconnected. I ended up doing a forced delete after 4 days of messing with it and now trying to get added back in as a new device.
  3. Speaking of new Alexa capabilities, Amazon has enabled phone calling and messaging. There is also this article online but I can't find anything to back it up.
  4. It's possible that the lower limit is more than a software limit, meaning that the range or accuracy of the thermistor used to measure the temperature starts to stray too far off linear below 20°F to be considered accurate.
  5. can't you just use your smartphones' browser to navigate to the iris web portal and do it from there? John, is the web portal setup to detect and support mobile browsers?
  6. Maybe this chart from Honeywell will help. Scroll to bottom of page. Find your connected Honeywell product to see which smart home brands are compatible. Click here to select your product Lyric Lyric™ T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat Lyric™ T6 Pro Wi-Fi Thermostat Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control Prestige IAQ + RedLINK Internet Gateway Wi-Fi 9000 with Voice Control Wi-Fi 9000 Wi-Fi VisionPRO® 8000 Wi-Fi FocusPRO® 6000 VisionPRO® 8000 + RedLINK Internet Gateway
  7. It's really pathetic that they can't fix this. This is just one of the problem devices, history for the rest is similar. Nothing logged since 4/18. Switch works manually but not through Iris.
  8. Well, with all the problems I have had with Z-Wave devices over the past year I'll bet there are a number of problems of the type you describe. John, any way to add a way to clean the mess up from the web portal that would save having to delete everything and starting over, because it sounds like that might be what I need to do to clean up this mess.
  9. Keep in mind I only have 12 Z-Wave devices total, and with #7 not in use/connected I would think the total would be 11. We've had a hub firmware update and reboot after this started so shouldn't the device count have reset at that point? Will running the Z-Wave heal routine flush out any orphaned devices.
  10. I'm thinking that the $8M write off was for 1st Gen inventory that would not be 2G compatible and the $50M was for launching the 2G iris system. Initial inventory, distribution to stores, advertising, etc.
  11. So here we are mid April and it's been about two months since I installed the Sense Energy Monitor and not much has changed. The app has been updated twice, most recently just 2 days ago. However, the app still says it has only found 18 devices and it doesn't know squat about most of them. It's STILL trying to learn about what it thinks is my electric dryer. Somehow the category for unknown, always on devices has NOTHING listed. That started after the last update about 10 days ago. Always On used to have about 300 to 350 watts showing all the time. IT supposed to be all those parasitic devices and instant on devices like TVs, computers sleeping, wall wart transformers used to charge portable electronics, etc. Since I first installed the Sense monitor there has been about 300 to 350 watts listed in this category, now nothing. The Unknown category has grown slightly though from 120 to 200 watts and now runs a constant 450 to 600 watts. It's almost like the Always On stuff got reclassified as Unknown. Right now as I write this the app thinks that the only three devices running are my Boiler Circulator Pump, my Kitchen Fridge, and 475 watts of Unknowns. But my computer that I am using to browse the web is on, a 32" TV is on, and a number of lights inside and outside the house are on. Now I can understand that it might have trouble detecting various light fixtures but my outside lights that are on a timer that Iris controls should be pretty easy to figure out. I mean they are set to go ON/OFF at sundown/sunup so after seeing the start/stop time shift in relation to the changes occurring with the seasons AND a one hour clock reset even a dummy like me might consider that this is possibly some night time lighting. The coffee maker draws about 1400 watts but it can't figure that our either. Same for the toaster which it calls "Unnamed Heat 2" sometimes, at other times it just gets lumped in with the Unknown loads. So after all this time all I can say is save your money or buy something else, as Sense is not ready to play nice. I may contact them and find out if I can get my $250 back, as this is a total waste so far. No web interface. Can't save log or download any historical data. Can't 'help' the app by identifying what just turned on or off. the list goes on.
  12. Number 7 was used for Christmas outdoor lighting and has been unplugged for over 2 months, and I have run a network heal routine at least once since then and it was removed from the system using the app. Seems like there is a problem there because I only have 12 Z-wave devices in my system and the parameter you ask about says there are 17 connected. "hubzwave:healCompleted":11 "hubzwave:healLastFinish":1489356943399 "hubadv:migrationDualEui64Fixed":false "hubzwave:healNextScheduled":0 "hubzwave:uptime":1418582412 "hubzwave:healSuccessful":11 "hubzwave:protocol":"4.33" "hubadv:lastRestartTime":1490893914109 "hubzwave:healPercent":0.0 "hubzwave:firmware":"4.33" "hubzwave:healEstimatedFinish":0 "hubzwave:isSUC":true "hubzwave:numDevices":17 "hubzwave:isOnOtherNetwork":false "hubzwave:isSecondary":false "hubadv:lastDbCheckResults":"ok\n" "hubadv:hardwarever":"3" "hubzigbee:power":3 "hub:state":"NORMAL" "hubzwave:healFinishReason":"SUCCESS" "hubzwave:state":"NORMAL" "hubzwave:healRecommended":false "hubzwave:healTotal":18 "hubzwave:healInProgress":false "hubzwave:healLastStart":1489356372810 "hubzwave:healBlockingControl":true "hubadv:lastRestartReason":"FIRMWARE_UPDATE"
  13. ALL of my GE Z-Wave devices have been disconnecting and reconnecting at various times over the past week. Some go AWOL for a hour or more, some for days. Right now looking on the Iris Web Portal 6 of my 7 GE Z-Wave devices are offline. You might say what about number 7, well number 7 is not currently being used and is not plugged in. They are all over the house and there does not seem to be any commonality between their disconnects or reconnects, meaning they seem to have no relation to one another as far as date/time goes. Just another of those undocumented features you get with Iris. Be sure and tell a friend. Really getting tired of this. Nothing has been changed or moved. Nothing new that could cause interference has been introduced into our home. No electrical work, lightning storms, visits from aliens, you name it and it didn't happen.
  14. I would have clicked on the like button but I can't like that we were misled so I will show my agreement with the above in this way. I like you post, I don't like that we no longer have energy monitoring and there are no plans to bring it back.
  15. How about giving us a choice of font size, how hard would that be? The old app version I could not read the tiny print, this new font size is so much better. No matter what I tried with my phones settings I could not change the font size to something that was readable for me. To have a phone with a 5.5 inch screen and those tiny letters about 1/16 of an inch high and no way to change it was ridiculous.