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  1. "Not the great forward thinking of users." So you're saying it's the end-users fault for taking a device they have and using it for something it was not meant to do, even though it does that function very well. And when the functions or features of that device are changed without any warning or interaction with the end-user and that capability is taken away it too bad for the end-user? Sort of like if the way the camera on your smart phone worked was changed by an update pushed out to you and the change made without your consent or knowledge then that's just too bad for you. Like that right? That's OK with you?
  2. Could you make it a page the we can customize like a favorites page that we could select which devices show up? Then we could group or place in the order we choose which switches, fan controls, etc. fit our individual needs. On the background option what about offering a few different solid colors as backgrounds that we could choose from. The files are small and would not put any load on servers or increase page load times.
  3. So how or when does the Web Portal drop a device from its list? I guess it falls back on what the Iris server has as active in that particular system. If I remove a device using the app from my system how long does (or should) it take to no longer show up. However, if a device drops out and loses its connection to the system will it ever be removed or does it stay on the list with its last reported values displayed. Meaning if the signal level was 90% and the battery was 85% and the temp was 70°F those values will remain until the device reconnects or is forcibly removed. Sounds like maybe I answered my own question at the end there but I am just trying to find out what the logic the system is built on since I don't recall how it handles these conditions being written down or discussed anywhere that the average user can refer to.
  4. Agree. It's been brought up before but apparently fallen on deaf ears.
  5. Most likely the calculation in the firmware to convert the thousands of points that the sensor reads to a meaningful scale that we all recognize got screwed up or forgotten altogether.
  6. All of my contact sensors are version 2.3, only one is used to monitor temperature and that is in the wine cooler so not that cold and no where near normal freezer temps. It's reporting normally, no issues. If this was a known issue, why was it known only to a few? Why not let us know with a simple "Hey gang, we've got a glitch in the last firmware update to your V1 contact sensors, no worries, it will be corrected soon enough, in the mean time your freezer is not on fire. :-) " Better to keep it to themselves and hope no one notices I guess. Or did they publish this in their blog or in an email sent out to everyone that maybe I missed? And why can't they let us know ahead of time when they will be pushing updates out so we can watch for such screw-ups?
  7. Looks interesting, but I will never get into a Kickstarter project again after being taken with about 70,000 others in the Z-Naps scam. If it makes it to full production I'd consider it. Looks like you can install a common outlet and swap out the center module to do whatever you want. It would be nice if they make an outlet with only one receptacle and two swidget slots, so you could have a camera plus something else in the same location. A plus is no batteries to replace since everything grabs power off the outlet.
  8. I was having problems with one a while back and had tech support on the phone trying to help me figure it out. They told me to trash it and sent me a new one right to the house. It was an early V2 smart plug. They didn't say if there was a bad batch or anything like that but what had happened was that the Z-Wave transceiver quit working which they figured out by looking at it remotely, It wasn't fried like yours. What were you powering with this plug?
  9. If your crawlspace floor is dirt you could pour a rat slab to cover the ground and block the moisture coming up. A rat slab is only an inch or two of concrete, not structural.
  10. He must have been looking at that half-baked solution Iris put out a few months ago. You know the one that is still in beta.
  11. Ran all day no more false alarms. I got an email this morning at 8:44 saying the battery level was low but it didn't give the battery level in the email. As I said I replaced the batteries and no more false alarms. The detector never chirped as I certainly would have heard it since I was sitting only 10 feet away this morning when both false alarms occurred. Fortunately it happened on a day when I was home. If it had been tomorrow I would have been 25 miles away and the wife could have been out and she would have a problem figuring what to do even though I have gone over it with her a couple times.
  12. How big (square footage and crawl space height) is the space and what size is/are the fan(s) you are running?
  13. I put the smoke detector back in service a few minutes ago and the battery level was reported as 80%. All the other smokes are at 93% or greater. They all received new batteries on the same day a few weeks ago and all the batteries came from the same package so maybe just that one of the batteries is weak. I put fresh batteries in and its back in service. We'll see what happens this morning, hopefully it won't start blaring again while we are out of the house today. Even with new batteries installed less than 15 minutes ago this smoke is reporting a battery level of 95%. Smoke 1 Shop 96% Smoke 2 Kitchen 95% Smoke 3 Garage 94% Smoke 4 Hall Smoke & CO 93% Smoke 5 Basement Smoke & CO 93% I've said this before and I'll say it again. It would be nice if there was a notes or comments field for each device where you could jot down when you last replaced the battery or some other bit of info that you are not likely to remember 6 or 12 months from now. How hard could that be to add to the app? Yes, it means adding another field to database and expands storage requirements a bit but it would be worth it I think. Just give us 40 characters or something like that is all it would take.
  14. This morning at 7:08:31 while I was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and surfing the web my First Alert smoke detector reported smoke and in that same second sounded the alarm. All the keypads are beeping at full volume along with the hub and my siren is blaring and no doubt waking the neighbors since it's early on a Sunday morning. Just 13 seconds later at 7:08:44 Iris says smoke is no longer detected I immediately get a phone call from Iris and I acknowledge receipt of the message. I go to the keypad and cancel the alarm. The keypads and hub stop blaring but the siren does not. I enter my code again but no change. I ended up going out to the garage and removing the power from the siren to get it to stop. So I'm thinking why did that just happen as I was right there in the room and I know there was no smoke, no one cooking or using the microwave, and no one in the house smokes. I figure just a glitch as I can't remember the last time I got a false fire or smoke alarm and I know I changed the batteries in this smoke detector just a couple weeks ago so a low battery shouldn't be the problem. I go back to what I was doing and as you can see in the log below about 4 minutes later it goes off again and again after a few seconds smoke is no longer detected. This time when I acknowledge the phone call and silence the alarm at the keypad the siren stops as it should. As I write this all is quiet but I still have the kitchen smoke detector on the counter with the batteries pulled. Going to try another pair of batteries AFTER I put it back in service with the current batteries. If I change the batteries now I won't know for sure if the problem was the batteries or something else. All the motion logs are me moving about the house and out to the garage to silence the siren. Notice that from 6:02 until the first alarm at 7:08 nothing is happening (or logged anyway), I didn't delete anything from the event log for the portion you see below. 07-09-2017 7:13:10 am Smoke 2 Kitchen Smoke was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:13:04 am CS 7 MBR Closed 07-09-2017 7:12:55 am Smoke Alarm by Smoke 2 Kitchen 07-09-2017 7:12:55 am Smoke 2 Kitchen Smoke was detected 07-09-2017 7:12:33 am MS 9 Breezeway Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:12:26 am CS 3 Back Closed 07-09-2017 7:12:22 am CS 3 Back Opened 07-09-2017 7:11:59 am CS 3 Back Closed 07-09-2017 7:11:58 am MS 9 Breezeway Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:11:55 am CS 3 Back Opened 07-09-2017 7:11:45 am MS 9 Breezeway Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:11:29 am MS 5 Garage Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:11:28 am CS 3 Back Closed 07-09-2017 7:11:23 am CS 3 Back Opened 07-09-2017 7:11:17 am CS 7 MBR Opened 07-09-2017 7:11:10 am MS 9 Breezeway Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:11:09 am MS 9 Breezeway Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:10:59 am CS 1 Garage Closed 07-09-2017 7:10:41 am SP 06 Garage Light Switched on by the rule Garage Motion 07-09-2017 7:10:41 am MS 5 Garage Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:10:38 am CS 1 Garage Opened 07-09-2017 7:10:35 am CS 3 Back Closed 07-09-2017 7:10:34 am MS 9 Breezeway Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:10:34 am MS 7 Living Room Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:10:32 am CS 3 Back Opened 07-09-2017 7:10:30 am MS 2 Rear Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:09:59 am MS 7 Living Room Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:09:56 am MS 2 Rear Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:09:48 am MS 2 Rear Motion was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:08:44 am Smoke 2 Kitchen Smoke was no longer detected 07-09-2017 7:08:42 am MS 2 Rear Motion was detected 07-09-2017 7:08:31 am Smoke Alarm by Smoke 2 Kitchen 07-09-2017 7:08:31 am Smoke 2 Kitchen Smoke was detected 07-09-2017 6:02:00 am Scene Run Scene Turn OFF Lights was run I should add that if it weren't for John's web portal I would not have that detailed event log, the Iris web site (which is STILL in beta) is a POC.
  15. Sounds like an attic vent fan might be of use. Most of them have a thermostatic control built-in. There are solar powered ones available too. They have a temperature limit switch that stops the fan from running in the winter when the temps are low. In my garage shop I have an indoor/outdoor thermometer which the remote sensor normally used for outdoors is in the attic space about the shop. Themax temperature the display will show is 140 at which point it starts flashing 140. When its in the 80s outdoors the temp in that space will reach 140+ any time the sun is out. I am getting a solar powered fan for this space to bring the temperature down which will make it cooler in my shop even though the ceiling has 9 inches of fiberglass insulation it still is warm when checked with a laser temperature gun. The fan should drop the temp at least 20 degrees I hope. Right now all there is are the passive ridge vent and soffit vents.