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  1. Great idea, thanks Scunny!
  2. I've had the iris system since it first came out. When the v2 came out I had a heck of a time getting everything stable as many did. One of the last things to get stable was the 3 GE Switches I have. I went out and bought a bunch of wall outlet Switches that act as relays. I though the problem was fixed but it continued and I just lived with it. Now I'm really getting sick of it. The light switches keep disconnecting and reconnecting. It happens everyday and sometimes I have to hit the on switch multiple times and they will reconnect and soon disconnect. They are only 20 feet away with a wall and wood door at most in the way. I have done resets, removal, z-tools, air-gap tricks, push button tricks........... I called tech support and they said if all of that has been done then that's all that can be done. should I just buy 3 new Switches zwave switches? Maybe all three of these are bad; I don't think so but maybe? Will the new zigbee be better? Everything else is Rock Solid!!!! Thanks Guys!!!
  3. Well it’s been about a week and everything is still connected! Covers are still off. Going out this weekend to get plastic ones. I would say this one has been solved! Thank You everyone!!!!!!
  4. So I ended up having to remove all the GE light switches. I also needed to use the z-wave removal tool and it was a real pain! I had to keep switching the lights on and off and the word switch would come up. You have to keep doing this until the word switch no longer comes up. I also performed resets on the switches and did Hub resets. Not sure if that’s needed or not but I was having a heck of a time getting the system to let go of the switches. In the end as I said, I just kept switching the switch on and off while in the z-wave removal tool. If it just won’t release, try getting out of the tool and reset the hub and also the switch and try again, eventually you will get it to release. The reason I knew it wasn’t released is because when I removed the switch, I couldn’t add it back. If you are unable to add a device, it could mean that the device was not removed/released from the hub even though it’s not showing in your device list. This is when you have to goto the z-wave removal tool. This I imagine is only for z-wave devices. anyway, everything is working now. I have the switch plate covers off and will see if the switches disconnect. I will let you guys know. Thank you all!!!
  5. Ok Thank You Vettester. Just so I have this straight; the two gen 2 Smart Plugs I have act as z-wave repeaters even though they are zigbee units?
  6. Now the weird thing is with the plates off it’s showing them connected but I can’t control the switches with the app! trying to figure it out now.
  7. Well I have to apologize guys!!!!! The dam covered are metal as well!!!! I though they were plastic! I just took them off and I going to see how long they stay connected.
  8. If I can’t get it worked out after Vettster reply’s I might try this. Thanks Scunny!
  9. Hey Vettster, I have 7 z-wave devises: 3 GE Switches, 1 Siren, 1 Water Sensor in basement, and 2 Thermostats which also give me trouble from time to time. I have 2 second Gen Smart Plugs and 2 first gen. I just noticed that the smart plugs are zigbee; are there Smart Plugs that are z-wave that I need to purchase or do the zigbee Smart Switches still help with the z-wave network? are the old first gen zwave Smart Plugs causing a problem possibly? Thank You!!!
  10. I just watched the switches disconnect. I have two that are in the same junction box and one on the other side of the house. One of the two in the same junction box disconnected, a minute later the other one in that box disconnected, and then about two minutes later the one one the other side of the house disconnected. Does that give any clue on what’s going on? still have to figure this mesh software out.
  11. Thank you very much Pavalov!!!! Ive been giving it a few days to see if things would workout with the new placement of the smart plug but it hasn’t. All switches are currently disconnect. I can go and click the on switch 9 times and they will reconnect and then disconnect. Funny thing is they seem to disconnect at the same time within minutes to seconds of each other. At least the two they are right next to each other. i will check out the tool. I have 7 z-wave devises. One is the siren, 3 Switches, water sensor.... can’t think of the other two off the top of my head!
  12. Thank you very much Soarc for your detailed explanation on how to replace the box. I do believe they are metal but will have to check. Thanks Vett and Scunny, I will get that count to you! I'm going to place the Smart Plugs Second Gen closer to the switches and see if that helps.
  13. Thanks Pavalov, nothing else is having a problem. Don't know how to check the mesh but will find out.
  14. Is this in the works? You can now do it with Echo on certain bulbs but not using Iris through Echo. Thanks!
  15. Ok Cool, thanks guys!
  16. Awesome thanks guys!
  17. No one know or has it been answered somewhere else that I don't see? Thanks.
  18. geofencing

  19. My iPhone 7 is now recognized by the App and I am receiving push notifications. Thank you IRIS!!!!
  20. The New Update Fixed the problem. My iPhone 7 is now receiving notifications and is listed in the app. Thanks IRIS!!!
  21. Do I need a new Hub???

    Ok, if this comes off wrong to people I apologize but I'm SICK OF THIS CRAP!!!!!!!! I've been putting up with my GE Indoor light switches connecting and disconnecting since the new hub, camera problems, the whole 9 yards. But it's just getting ridiculous now!!!!!!!! Every time I turn around something is disconnected. I setup two outside GE Light Switches for the Christmas Lights and they do nothing but connect and disconnect everyday!!! Sometimes one sometimes both. My indoor light switches are doing the same thing! I just looked before writing this and now MY THERMOSTAT IS DISCONNECTED!!!!!!!!!!! I've had this system since it first came out and like an idiot keep buying things for it! And to boot I'm now paying for the fastest speed internet and also bought a few new smart plugs to help with the network. Now my new IPhone 7 isn't recognized by the system so I don't get push notifications!!!! Something I rely on! Am I the only one with all these problems constantly? I know people are having the iPhone 7 problem. It would be NICE IF THE IRIS TEAM WOULD AT LEAST ADDRESS THE IPHONE 7 PROBLEM!!!! Just sick of having to waste SO MUCH TIME dealing with a this on a regular basis!!!!
  22. Do I need a new Hub???

    Now my thermostats don't work lol! The one is 15 feet from the Hub. Says it's connect and shows temp in app but can't be controlled by app! Never ending! I should be getting paid to keep my house lights on, heat on, house secure........ or maybe just hire a live in maid and Butler to keep things running! I took the batteries out for 30 seconds and put them back and still doesn't work.
  23. Do I need a new Hub???

    Thanks Terminal! It's just weird because I never setup scheduling or have any listed in the app for it. Probably related somehow to what you are experiencing.
  24. Osram Lights and Alexa

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give a heads up that I was having issues where I would tell Alexa to turn off or on Living Room Lights and my Kitchen Lights would also come on or off. This was never happening when I first set everything up and I never went back into the Alexa App until now. I found out under my group Living Room Lights, not only were my kitchen Lights checked but also my Thermostat and Front Lights. I did not do this. Unchecked everything that was not suppose to be there and it all works good.