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  1. I had a similar event with one of my First Alert Smoke (only) detectors. I called First Alert, who insisted that it was dust in the detector. During the call, I also learned something new about the detector: There is a switch on the side facing the ceiling that is used for end of life battery drain. This much I knew -- in order to set it for retirement at the end of its battery life, the switch is supposed to be pushed under a clip. What I didn't know is that there are two other settings for the switch. If the switch is next to, but not under, the clip, the unit is ON. If the switch is pushed away from the clip, it turns the unit OFF and will not test or sense smoke.
  2. I received something similar. We had a smoke event due to the overdone contents of a toaster oven. The email which reported that I had cancelled the alarm stated: "The Smoke Alarm at >>> Home was cancelled by >>>>. If you experienced fire related damage to your property and need assistance, click here." The link takes me to Lowes products such as escape ladders and fire extinguishers. I'm not sure how the escape ladders were supposed to help me with fire related damage . . .
  3. That IS a bit of a splurge, but appears to be just what you needed. Thanks for the review.
  4. Just talked to State Farm about this again. They continue to only offer traditional discounts for monitored burglary and smoke/fire. No additional savings for enhanced SH monitoring. They did offer some discounts on the Safe & Secure Kit in partnership with IRIS a few years ago.
  5. Email?
  6. They sometimes make credit adjustments due to problems we have with the system. Why not call and thank them for the modem and the gift card? That lays it out for them and gives them a chance to say whether they want one or the other back.
  7. This feels like the energy monitor marketing situation. During the V1 days, they offered them in less than 100 stores, and now argue that their "metrics" showed less than robust customer interest in that capability; hence they don't see it as a priority for parity in V2.
  8. There is a good bit of complaining going on in the reviews of the new update to the Alexa app. One issue raised is the fact that you must allow access to all of your Contacts in order to use the communication features of the update. I declined to do so.
  9. So are you now getting consistent, accurate and timely notifications? Mine seems to be making too many "hops" through my Z-wave mesh even after multiple rebuilds. Status does usually get reported, usually 10-15 minutes after the status changes. However, notifications almost never work.
  10. I've had a traditional alarm monitoring service that cost me about $225 a year, but it got me a discount on my State Farm home owners insurance. I've now switched to the IRIS Professional Monitoring, and will provide the certificate as proof. I've told my agent that SF needs to have an additional discount for Smart Home systems that provide more complete protection than the traditional monitoring. For instance, the other night my crawl space leak sensor was activated and of course the sirens went off. I had the problem identified and fixed within minutes (filtration system), so there were 10's of gallons of water in my crawl space instead of thousands. Traditional monitoring doesn't offer that sort of thing, and the insurance companies are going to benefit from the more complete monitoring that SH systems can offer. They should be incentivizing customers to install them.
  11. Now that Earl has shown me there is another source for queries besides the Cards, I can confirm that I am in the correct account.
  12. Wow! I wasn't aware of that feature. Upon check, I found that iOS has the same functionality. So to answer your question from a couple of posts back: Yes, Alexa is translating my voice to text correctly for the "Auxiliary Outdoor Lights" command.
  13. No problem. But you are able to run Scenes now with Alexa? If so, what convention are you using -- "Turn on . . . "?
  14. Even when I go through that browser address, none of my Alexa commands involving IRIS show up as cards. It does what I tell it to do re: devices, but doesn't record that fact in the Alexa app. I take it no one else is experiencing this? You all see each Alexa/Iris command as a card just like you would if you said "Alexa, tell me a joke?"
  15. I don't know! My Alexa app doesn't actually show any command that I make to Alexa, i.e., I get no voice feedback section when I give any command for Alexa to communicate with IRIS devices. I've tried it multiple times in the last hour, with multiple Alexa devices and with Reverb. Although it doesn't show up in the Alexa app, if I have told a specific device to do something, it does carry out the operation.