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  1. In the absence of an IRIS-compatible standalone humidity sensor, I've started installing Radio thermostats in my crawl space to monitor moisture. The CT-101 I have installed is working pretty well. Does anyone know if the CT-100's also report humidity well through the app?
  2. I've had mine give me a false "GDO opening" message three times since my last post. Observing the process, I see that it will stay in "opening" mode for about 10 minutes, but never report such to the history. Then it does report in History that it has closed the door. All the while, the door hasn't moved. A camera is a great idea for verifying its status.
  3. Thank you. That is now a very useful rule, which I will use instead. It puzzles me that they didn't make the same change to the similar Care Rule.
  4. I have heard from several CS sources that a new keypad is in process and should be out soon.
  5. The only Care Rule I use, "Door Left Open", still has the same minimum duration of 30 minutes in my app. Which Rules have new "less than 30 minutes" options?
  6. Otto: I missed that one. In what way have the duration rules been improved?
  7. Thank you -- that's nice to have off the "Problem" list on the Home
  8. There is a very good deal on the Avi-on indoor smart switches on e-Bay -- $10.97 OBO! Search for: GE Plug-In Bluetooth Smart Switch Wireless On/Off Light Timer Module 13867 By the way, the Remote Access Bridge (only needed if you want access outside of Bluetooth range) is now available at the Avi-on website; on sale for $80.
  9. Yeah, I just checked 20 stores in two states. They're all back at $209. If anyone wants to sell, let's talk about some shared savings!!
  10. I've had my IRIS GDO controller installed for 2.5 weeks now. Twice I've received a notification that the door is opening when it is not (I have a separate NYCE tilt sensor as back-up, so I can tell it isn't actually opening). Although I received a notification from the GDO that is open, it does not show in the history. The device page does show the status as "opening" for several minutes. Then I get a notification that the door is closed, and that DOES show up in the history. I seem to recall someone posting that this is a known issue that IRIS is aware of and working to fix, but I can't find that post. Is this a common occurrence for others, and is IRIS working on it?
  11. As always, you come through -- that solved it! Thanks.
  12. I've developed a camera problem. All 8 are connected. All fire manually. None are responding to motion rules, and haven't been for most of the day. Ideas?
  13. What are the changes to the app? I don't see anything that hadn't already come available the previous week. Interestingly, Tier 1 support is not getting much, if any, training on updates. I called yesterday for help with the humidity rules, and was told: "We don't have those -- they aren't out yet."
  14. I do that when I've got something in the fridge that I need to take to work . . . but there's always that moment of panic when I look at the key rack the next morning and my keys aren't there~
  15. Thanks! That's creative thinking. I have now created the two rules as described.