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  1. Otto and Terk had it right. I forced the hub to cellular and back and the message has disappeared from my screen shots. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks Terk. I called support (T1) yesterday and was told there was nothing they could do other than report it to the developers. I'll try your solution.
  3. The above message is showing on each screen shot of my cameras on the Camera Card. It's been there for the last two days even though I'm not on backup cellular. Streaming and recording of live video is currently fully functional. 1) I don't know why the message is there -- maybe an artifact as they prepare the next update. 2) If the statement is accurate, this is an additional limitation to the cellular service that I was not aware of. With the limited hours per month now provided by the cellular option, it seems an unnecessary limitation. My need for access to live streaming may well be greater when wifi is unavailable. (Think natural disaster when you are away from home, with a need to see the condition of said home.)
  4. Thanks for letting me know. Tier 1 is not aware of this. I tried twice.
  5. My app, and @Gillions portal -- which can only report the data that Iris sends it -- do not show when I have tested my Halo's. Whether I test them manually or through the app, they only report the initial installation test, not subsequent tests. Am I alone in this?
  6. Yeah, WU uses much more granular (read local) info than Yahoo. They incorporate monitoring from private parties. On another issue, I imagine this would make Shane's calculations much more complicated, but temperature is not my only variable when deciding whether to open windows. I monitor humidity levels almost as closely as temp levels. It doesn't help my indoor climate to bring in cool air that is overly humid, so I don't open windows unless humidity levels are low as well. Can Shane make that assessment?
  7. Yeah, that's how I read it, too. Sometimes auto-dictation/transcription will pull stuff like that on my phone.
  8. Good questions. I've wondered about how often the system reports as well. I have a thermostat and a panic button that reported low batteries through the portal. Even though I've changed the batteries, I'm still having the same low battery percentages being reported. In the panic button's case, the batteries have been changed for more than a week.
  9. Dakota: Welcome, and sorry you are having problems. To give you some perspective, the two guys who responded above probably have more than 350 devices between them. They've gotten there through trial and error, solved many problems, and have a good deal of wisdom regarding the Iris system. I'm thankful we've got guys willing to share that. So, I recommend you give their advice serious consideration because they often have solutions that Customer Service may not have thought of. Hope this forum can give you some assistance, and again, welcome.
  10. Same here. I'd done everything short of re-pairing the ones that wouldn't reconnect; even brought the hub to them. But I decided to wait and see if they would reconnect over time. It took about 12 hours, but they all came back.
  11. Preface: Iris needs to make available some humidity sensors. In the absence of them, I've been trying to create a web of Radio thermostats in my crawl space because they have humidity reporting capability. The following cautionary tale results. I have an IRIS-certified Radio Corporation CT-101 thermostat in my crawl space that reports humidity. Fine. I needed several in different locations. Enter some 2012 precursors to the CT-101 found on eBay: CT-100's. The CT-100s are z-wave devices, just not specifically certified by Iris. They should work, right? No. Twice, with Tier 1's generous assistance, I have paired them. Twice, they have blown up my z-wave network. Twice, within hours of pairing, several dozens of my z-wave devices have gone offline. GE switches and lamp modules, Schlage deadbolts, GDO's, thermostats, etc. have all fallen prey to whatever a CT-100 does to the system. 20+ devices went off-line -- power-cycling them, air-gapping them, cycling the hub, z-wave heal -- nothing was effective. Twice, with T2 help, I've removed the uncertified CT-100s, and then the healing begins. Some devices never come back, and I've had to un-pair and repair the recalcitrant devils. I've got three still off-line. Moral: Iris isn't kidding when they say uncertified devices can wreak havoc with your system. Approach with caution.
  12. You're right -- I was looking for the word "fan" in the description. Thanks.
  13. That's a good deal. I can't find any fan switches listed, though.
  14. Excellent idea. It is a sandy, dusty space, and I have been pondering what adhesive would hold in that environment.
  15. You taught me something new. I'd never heard of a rat slab. But the thought of retrofitting a slab in the crawl space!? Sounds expensive and difficult. As one contractor put it: "We have pumped concrete under existing crawl spaces over visqueen ( plastic ) It's miserable work." My two dehumidifiers are making headway. It rained hard today, but I've got the smaller space down to 55% RH. Larger space is down to 68%.