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  1. New iOS app 2.9.2

    Yeah, with the same list of improvements as the last version. I've not seen a difference since updating. Anyone noticed a change?
  2. Avi-on . . . the un-IRIS

    I now have 8 or 9 of the Avi-on products installed, and every night they do exactly what I've programmed them to do. With those units spread around the house, the Bluetooth "repeater" network is robust. Although it would be nice to have a Remote Access Bridge (especially since it will now integrate with Alexa), I can't find them for less than $100, and I just don't have that much need for remote access for what are essentially lights scheduled to look like the house has people in it even when it doesn't.
  3. Avi-on . . . the un-IRIS

    Well, I stumbled on to another type of SH system: Avi-on. GE makes switches for Avi-on that look just like the GE Z-wave devices (which explains why I now have 2 Outdoor Smart Switches off of eBay that won't talk to IRIS). The twist is, these are Bluetooth controlled. Seems really limiting, right? Well, yes . . . and no. Each device acts as a Bluetooth repeater, so the system can have a wider footprint than expected. More fundamentally, the programming resides on the device, not in an app, not in a hub, and most definitely not in the cloud. Here's how Avi-on describes it: Avi-on is built on a new technology called Bluetooth Smart Mesh: schedules and programs live on the devices, and the Internet is optional. Avi-on is a distributed architecture where the schedules and programs live on the devices. That means that once you have programmed a switch with sunrise/sunset, groups or other functionality, they work 24/7--without access to the Internet or your smartphone. There is a hub you can buy if you want to access these devices via internet; I don't. The distributed architecture allows me to use these in places where I want a schedule to run whether the web, hub, etc. is working or not. I'm thinking primarily security 'presence" lighting. I can set up 7 different on/off times per day.
  4. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Please do as scunny suggests. Even if you don't post a comment, please "Kudo" Gillion's original post. The Iris folks often don't pay attention to posts/requests unless they have been kudo'd at least 20 times.
  5. schlage touchscreen deadbolt function issue

    Schlage deadbolts are finicky about notifying Iris of its status. This has long been recognized by Iris, and apparently much time was spent on it to no avail. Here's a thread from almost a year ago: I routinely receive notifications of a change in status several hours after I've actually locked or unlocked the door. The development team assigned someone to solve my problem in mid-2017. We talked and tested for months, but they must have abandoned the attempt to fix it because it is no better and I don't hear from the "Schlage team" any more.
  6. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    I've found the system itself to be pretty reliable in regard to security. It's the monitoring service that worries me. See this post for a description of my experience: Even thought I posted over a month ago, I've never received a response from an Iris representative in the community forum. When I raised the issue with a Development Team member this week, he apologized profusely and said he would send the report up the chain again. He did say that I posted in a part of the community forum that may not be monitored as closely now that Professional Monitoring is up and running (It was an invitation-only section for early adopters of the service). I don't take much comfort in that, and still haven't heard anything back from my phone inquiries either. I'd at least like to be told that the third-party monitoring service was made aware of their failure that night, and that more resources are being added to that service's phone staff.
  7. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    Thanks for the tip. I got one for the same price. I wonder why these are getting put out now? They are clearly old stock -- the package has the old logo/1st gen hub pictured, and the battery was dated 7/13.
  8. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    On a related topic, an Iris Community Manager finally posted a response to a post started many months ago (July) in the Community Forum entitled "Is Iris going to be around much longer?": "Hi, Short of something unforseen involving zombies or perhaps a large asterioid, the end is most certainly not nigh for Iris. It is disappointing that your local Lowe's store's Iris display was not up to your (and our) expectations; we work with our stores to try to make sure your shopping experience is as good as it can be, and it sounds like this wasn't the case for you, which we will look into. In 2017, the Iris team added support for dozens of new devices, released an enhanced web user experience, introduced a reamped Security system and introduced Professional Monitoring, and shipped dozens of smaller features and fixes. Our 2018 plans are just as packed and we will continue enhancing and growing the Iris platform and ecosystem. Thank you for being an Iris customer and for posting here. Customers like you are why we do what we do. Happy New Year to you and your family! -Mike"
  9. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    Thanks sparc -- I'll be checking tomorrow!
  10. GE Devices Having Trouble

    I've had that weirdness happen, too. Tech Support is just going to have you remove and re-pair. If you give it some more time before calling them, you may find that every one of your devices comes back on-line without having to do the removal. Preferable, especially if you have Rules, Scenes and Schedules related to the devices.
  11. Light brightness on motion

    Then instead of scheduling an automatic full brightness in the morning, you could just manually turn the brightness back up when you first get up. Then the motion sensor will turn them on at that brightness until your evening Scene kicks back in.
  12. Cellular back-up service provider

    For the last four days, my cellular modem signal has been at 1 or 0 when it normally is at 3-5. Iris Tier 1 tells me that Tracfone is the provider and that I need to talk to them. Tracfone tells me they don't know what I'm talking about. Has anyone been able to make contact with someone who takes responsibility for the signal? Thanks.
  13. Merry Christmas!!!

    Thanks Vett! . . . I just sent that to my wife to let her know I'm not the only one.
  14. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    It's back up for me too.
  15. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I'm getting this message when trying to access the portal: "This page ( is currently offline."
  16. Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

    So with Vett's encouragement, I did. Crickets.
  17. A recent experience leaves me feeling queasy about the efficacy of the Professional Monitoring service. On a recent morning, some Christmas decorations caught fire at 6:43 am. I missed a call from the monitoring service at 6:44. They didn't call the FD until 6:48 (I checked the FD records later). The decorations were removed safely by us, but the house was filled with smoke and sirens for a while. I kept trying to call the monitoring service back to cancel the FD call, but for almost 15 minutes (until 6:57), my calls went to voicemail. After several failed attempts to reach the service, I finally called the FD directly and let them know, but they had dispatched two trucks which showed up some minutes later. Two things trouble me: 1) Why the five minute delay when they couldn't reach me? When I used a wired monitored system, we burned something on the stove and the call went out to the FD immediately, with the trucks practically at my door 5 minutes later. Minutes count. 2) It is unacceptable for the monitoring service to be unavailable for an extended length of time. When I finally reached the service, the FD trucks were just arriving, so I didn't have long to "chat", but the excuse for being placed on hold for so long was that they provide services to several different companies and they were having a busy night. I've expressed dissatisfaction to a Tier 1 CSR with promises they would run it up the chain but I've heard nothing back. I was encouraged to post on the blog to better bring attention to the issue. Wow. Poor show.
  18. Using Alexa to Run Scenes

    The Alexa app continues to be updated and improved, but I still cannot get it to run Iris Scenes. It "sees" them and lists them, but I cannot find a command word that will initiate an Iris scene. Amazon CS was of no assistance -- they told me the Iris hub wasn't working correctly. Who is having success running Scenes through Alexa? If you are, what wording convention do you use?
  19. Using Alexa to Run Scenes

    I guess you just need to figure out which one is the "piazza" as they say in Charleston.
  20. Camera App Connection Bug

    Sounds like just another way for you to tell when an update is in the works ;>
  21. Local Processing Is Here

    @thegillion, you continue to devise upgrades for us that are truly useful, and explain them as well! My Nyce tilt sensors that I use for redundancy on my garage doors were participating. Once I removed them and hit the new "hub to local" button again, my system went to local processing. Thank you! Now if we can just get Iris to include the water shut-off valve . . . and lights/switches!
  22. Local Processing Is Here

    Interesting decision on Iris' part: my Panic buttons show the Cloud icon beside them. I would have expected them to be included in alarm-associated devices and therefore part of local processing.
  23. Local Processing Is Here

    John: Please help me understand the significance of the symbols. On my All Devices page, I can now see which ones are local and which are cloud-based. Cameras, sensors, etc. are all showing the local icon. However, like Vettester, the cloud symbol is showing beside my alarm bell on the Home Page, which you indicated means that the system is set to cloud processing. Does it only switch to local if the hub loses internet connection, or does that mean that the system is not operating with local processing at all? Thanks!
  24. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    Most of my devices were the re-branded Radio Shack ones. I had read about the phase bridge but never implemented it. My device failure rate was just too high to stick with it: remote transmitters, alarm clock/controllers, switches, etc. all seemed to have a relatively short life span for me.