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  1. Thank you. That is now a very useful rule, which I will use instead. It puzzles me that they didn't make the same change to the similar Care Rule.
  2. I have heard from several CS sources that a new keypad is in process and should be out soon.
  3. The only Care Rule I use, "Door Left Open", still has the same minimum duration of 30 minutes in my app. Which Rules have new "less than 30 minutes" options?
  4. Otto: I missed that one. In what way have the duration rules been improved?
  5. Thank you -- that's nice to have off the "Problem" list on the Home
  6. There is a very good deal on the Avi-on indoor smart switches on e-Bay -- $10.97 OBO! Search for: GE Plug-In Bluetooth Smart Switch Wireless On/Off Light Timer Module 13867 By the way, the Remote Access Bridge (only needed if you want access outside of Bluetooth range) is now available at the Avi-on website; on sale for $80.
  7. Well, I stumbled on to another type of SH system: Avi-on. GE makes switches for Avi-on that look just like the GE Z-wave devices (which explains why I now have 2 Outdoor Smart Switches off of eBay that won't talk to IRIS). The twist is, these are Bluetooth controlled. Seems really limiting, right? Well, yes . . . and no. Each device acts as a Bluetooth repeater, so the system can have a wider footprint than expected. More fundamentally, the programming resides on the device, not in an app, not in a hub, and most definitely not in the cloud. Here's how Avi-on describes it: Avi-on is built on a new technology called Bluetooth Smart Mesh: schedules and programs live on the devices, and the Internet is optional. Avi-on is a distributed architecture where the schedules and programs live on the devices. That means that once you have programmed a switch with sunrise/sunset, groups or other functionality, they work 24/7--without access to the Internet or your smartphone. There is a hub you can buy if you want to access these devices via internet; I don't. The distributed architecture allows me to use these in places where I want a schedule to run whether the web, hub, etc. is working or not. I'm thinking primarily security 'presence" lighting. I can set up 7 different on/off times per day.
  8. Yeah, I just checked 20 stores in two states. They're all back at $209. If anyone wants to sell, let's talk about some shared savings!!
  9. I've had my IRIS GDO controller installed for 2.5 weeks now. Twice I've received a notification that the door is opening when it is not (I have a separate NYCE tilt sensor as back-up, so I can tell it isn't actually opening). Although I received a notification from the GDO that is open, it does not show in the history. The device page does show the status as "opening" for several minutes. Then I get a notification that the door is closed, and that DOES show up in the history. I seem to recall someone posting that this is a known issue that IRIS is aware of and working to fix, but I can't find that post. Is this a common occurrence for others, and is IRIS working on it?
  10. As always, you come through -- that solved it! Thanks.
  11. I've developed a camera problem. All 8 are connected. All fire manually. None are responding to motion rules, and haven't been for most of the day. Ideas?
  12. What are the changes to the app? I don't see anything that hadn't already come available the previous week. Interestingly, Tier 1 support is not getting much, if any, training on updates. I called yesterday for help with the humidity rules, and was told: "We don't have those -- they aren't out yet."
  13. This is something I've wanted for a long time. I have foundation fans and a dehumidifier in my crawl space, each operated by a smart plug. I've had to use time-based rules to run them -- fans for drawing in dry air during the day (lower cost) when the outside humidity is typically lower, and the dehumidifier at night (higher cost). But this doesn't work well when weather brings high humidity during the day. With humidity-based rules, I should be able to more accurately determine which devices to run, and when. To do so, I need humidity sensors both outdoors and in the crawl space. I've placed a CT-101 thermostat in the crawl space for the purpose of monitoring humidity, but I don't have a good option for an outdoor sensor. I'm hoping the new rules are a signal that a humidity sensor will soon be available. One serious limitation I have found with the new humidity rules is that they can only activate a device to run for a particular period of time. They do NOT give you the option to run the device until the humidity has dropped back below a certain level. This leaves you to guess how long they should run. I've also discovered that, if running the device for a set period doesn't drop the humidity back below the activation level you set, the rule doesn't fire again even though the humidity is still above the activation level.
  14. I do that when I've got something in the fridge that I need to take to work . . . but there's always that moment of panic when I look at the key rack the next morning and my keys aren't there~
  15. Thanks! That's creative thinking. I have now created the two rules as described.
  16. I don't think that one has connectivity functionality, i.e., z-wave or zigbee. The sensor at the link below is apparently the same thing that Smartthings used to sell, and has been out of stock for a long time. The description says it works with Iris. I was surprised to find any available: Can anyone vouch for the compatibility of this sensor with Iris?
  17. Thanks Otto. I found one as well, and installed it. Before installation, I usually had 3 bars, which would sometimes fall to 1 or 2, and might hit 4 occasionally. (I had to do the same crimp you did, b/c the fit was just too loose without it.) My improvement has not been as dramatic as yours. Now my signal dances between 3 and 4 bars, IF I have the antenna attached to a window. If not on the window with the logo facing out, the signal didn't improve. How have you placed yours, and does position change your signal level?
  18. No, I think your wording was accurate, and I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was saying that the door-opening remotes the manufacturers provide to put on your car visor also seem likely to open a GD without you being in sight of the door, so I wonder why they decided the phone app has to have more protection than the visor remote?
  19. Which seems silly because you can open them "remotely" with the mfg-provided remote, hence the name! But whatever they feel they need to do for liability purposes, it is nice to have Iris control there.
  20. This may be old news now, but I finally installed a GDO, and it does participate in both ON and Partial. Good grief though, the flashing warning lights and door opening alarm make it seem like a fire truck is about to come roaring out of my garage!
  21. I agree with you on the "cheese." Integration with Iris of an all-in-one package of fast fire, slow fire, CO2 and humidity sensors, though -- that is unique.
  22. They have a pretty heavy southern presence:
  23. I had a similar event with one of my First Alert Smoke (only) detectors. I called First Alert, who insisted that it was dust in the detector. During the call, I also learned something new about the detector: There is a switch on the side facing the ceiling that is used for end of life battery drain. This much I knew -- in order to set it for retirement at the end of its battery life, the switch is supposed to be pushed under a clip. What I didn't know is that there are two other settings for the switch. If the switch is next to, but not under, the clip, the unit is ON. If the switch is pushed away from the clip, it turns the unit OFF and will not test or sense smoke.
  24. I received something similar. We had a smoke event due to the overdone contents of a toaster oven. The email which reported that I had cancelled the alarm stated: "The Smoke Alarm at >>> Home was cancelled by >>>>. If you experienced fire related damage to your property and need assistance, click here." The link takes me to Lowes products such as escape ladders and fire extinguishers. I'm not sure how the escape ladders were supposed to help me with fire related damage . . .
  25. That IS a bit of a splurge, but appears to be just what you needed. Thanks for the review.