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  1. I am pleased (although puzzled) to report that the camera is back to normal. I was contacted by a member of the development team regarding another matter and raised this one with her as well. I was told that, unless it is an indoor camera acting this way, they don't pay much attention to the reports because it is so often due to wind. I explained that it must be a very selective wind path, because my other five outdoor cameras were immune to it.
  2. I have six outdoor cameras. Starting at about 9:30 am Friday, one camera (indoor/outdoor model) has decided to see motion practically every minute. I was getting 45+ notifications every hour before I turned off the notification rule. Checking the history I see the motion sensor is still firing almost constantly, but there are strange breaks in the pattern. Friday night from 8:37 to 11:57, it reported no motion. Saturday morning from 12:01 am to noon it only had 8 hits, but then went back to constant detection at around 1 pm Saturday, and has been firing constantly ever since, hundreds of times, until just before 10 pm Sunday. It has been on hiatus the last few hours. I've checked the sensitivity settings for the camera with the Gill's web portal -- they are no different than my other cameras. What gives? More importantly, how do I stop it?
  3. Local processing. According to the ST web site: "The Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2) is capable of local processing and has battery backup;" and "The Smart Home Monitor “child SmartApps” that can run locally include Alert with Lights, Alert with Sirens, Close Valves (for Leaks), and Unlock doors (for Smoke)."
  4. The canned rules are all we have to work with. You might post your request to set your own temp values on the Iris Community Forum. I imagine that there are many on this blog who would go there and "Kudo" the request. How did you determine where to place your sensor magnet inside the freezer, by measuring the depth of the door? I use the contact sensors in my freezers, but have not attempted to actually place the magnets with them to alert me if the door is left open.
  5. Robust humidity rules and devices have yet to be developed by Iris. The monitoring structure is there already, but the only things on the system that measure humidity so far are the CT-101 t-stats and the Halo smoke detectors. There is no rule that will activate a device based on humidity; only one that notifies you when humidity goes above or below a certain level. Iris needs to support a simple humidity sensor, and create a rule that activates devices based on humidity readings. That said, there is a crude work-around for your situation. Install a Halo or CT-101 in your basement. Then set a Climate Rule to notify you when humidity gets above a certain level. Activate your dehumidifier with a smart switch. Turn it off when you get notified by a second Climate Rule that humidity has dropped below a certain level. I've bought a CT-101 to use in this way in my crawl space, but haven't installed it yet. (It shouldn't have to be attached to an HVAC system; I'll just use it as a humidity sensor). BTW, there is one for sale in the Market Place section of this forum.
  6. I had the converse -- I have some floods that are supposed to come on for 1 minute when a driveway camera senses motion. Several times last night they came on when triggered but never went off until I noticed and turned them off manually.
  7. I have a number of Gen1 keypads, and the chimes have always cascaded from one to the other rather than chime simultaneously when a door opens. The delay is usually only a few seconds. Is your delay longer than that?
  8. Great town. Two generations back, my family hailed from the Vada/Primrose area, on the banks of the North Fork Ky River. Another user received the same message even though he lives in a metro area where there are many first responders. Apparently, it is a possible glitch which Iris is investigating.
  9. So the system failed to send you a notification of the temperature increase? I have the same rules set-up for my freezers (If the temp gets above 20 degrees, notify me). Last week it saved me from losing a freezer full of food. One of my kids knocked the garage freezer's plug out of the wall. IRIS sent me an email once the temp elevated to 20.
  10. Thanks for the updates. You took one for the team, because I'm sure several of us had considered going that route. I'm disappointed at the unfulfilled promises from Sense, but it all sounded a bit "magical' anyway.
  11. It appears that Care alarms are excluded. Panic alarms and CO2 alarms cause automatic notifications to Emergency Personnel: (From "What To Expect With Iris Professional Monitoring" in the IRIS Knowledgebase) Grace Periods When a Security alarm is triggered, a grace period begins, giving you time to cancel the alarm before the monitoring station is notified. After the grace period ends, and the alarm has not been cancelled either from your keypad or the Iris app, an attempt to notify the Monitoring Station will be made. Emergency Dispatch – Smoke & Security In the event of a true emergency, confirming the alarm in the app will expedite emergency dispatch. If the alarm is not confirmed through the app, the monitoring station will call the account owner and also the 2nd person in the notification list. If those 2 people are unable to confirm or cancel, the Monitoring Station will attempt to dispatch the authorities. Once verbally confirmed, emergency personnel will be asked to dispatch. In the event that no one can be reached by phone, an emergency responder dispatch will be attempted. Emergency Dispatch - CO Because carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and highly dangerous; detection of unsafe levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home will result in emergency personnel automatically being alerted without requiring the alarm to be confirmed. Once authorities are notified, the Monitoring Station will then call your Notification List until someone is reached to inform them that the authorities have been notified. For your safety, emergency responders cannot be cancelled if dispatched in carbon monoxide emergencies. Emergency Dispatch - Panic A Panic alarm in your home will result in emergency personnel automatically being alerted. Once authorities are notified, the Monitoring Station will then call your Notification List until someone is reached to inform them that the authorities have been notified. Cancelling an Alarm To cancel a Professionally Monitored Security, Smoke, or Panic alarm, simply answer the call from the Monitoring Station or call the monitoring station directly at 1-844-571-6006 to cancel the dispatch. Alarm TrackerTM will notify you if the police or fire station does not dispatch. If the authorities decide not to respond, you should call 911 or your local authorities immediately
  12. Yes, I registered.
  13. It was offered in at least my area of South Carolina one week ago.
  14. I have one of the 29 that only gets energized when another one has been energized "upstream" of it, but I don't recall others that have been returned. Then again, I've got a fair-sized network and don't remember all the changes I've done to it.
  15. Mine has three more Zwave devices showing in the system (33) than it appears to have healed (30), although "healTotal" is also 33: "hubzwave:healCompleted":30 "hubzwave:healTotal":33 "hubzwave:numDevices":33 Funny thing is, when I sort by "Protocol" in the Gill's Web Portal on the All Devices page, I only count 29 Zwave devices.
  16. I posted the below entry into the IRIS Community blog in January ( It is still listed as "New", meaning it has not been accepted for investigation. It has 12 "Kudos", and I am asking members here to go increase that number if this issue is important to you. Why? Suggestions don't seem to get IRIS blog staff's attention unless they reach "critical mass." Principally, I'm requesting that an "Edit" button be made available in more of the lists in the app. On the Lights & Switches card, I can drag the devices into the order I want them to be. That feature is missing from most other lists in the app. The worst one is the list of Temp Sensors in the Climate card. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their order. If, like me, you have contact and motion sensors in general use, then you have a lot of Temp-reporting devices in your list. I'd love to be able to group them. Same goes for the Total Devices List and the Camera card. If this is important to you too, please go to the blog page and "Kudo" the post -- suggestions don't seem to get the attention of the IRIS folks until there are at least 20+ votes. Thanks for your help!
  17. That's what Halo told me, but when I followed up just now with IRIS CS to verify that that was necessary, I was told it wasn't, and that IRIS will push the firmware updates through itself! (I'm not aware of IRIS providing 3rd party FW updates for any of my other devices.) In any event, I'll just run a few self tests and see if that solves the problem simply.
  18. Spoke too soon. It just chirped three times about 30 seconds apart. Battery shows 100%. Time to call IRIS.
  19. Good point! Upon checking, both show 100%. I'm not sure how long they've been at that level, but we've had no more chirping either.
  20. I installed one Halo and one Halo+ last night. Several observations: I've never had devices pair so quickly -- practically as soon as I hit the + button. The devices cannot be linked to both the IRIS hub and to the Halo app. Halo says they have worked with IRIS to give most of the functionality of the Halo app in the IRIS app. One functionality that does not appear to have been replicated in IRIS is "One Touch Dialing" of local responders' numbers. Alexa can turn on the light, but not the weather radio. The radio itself broadcasts pretty clearly for me, and automatically chose the strongest station in my area. On one unit, I am occasionally experiencing the chirp that Otto mentioned. When I called about it, the CSR said that it wasn't a low battery signal because the unit would also be vocalizing that the battery was low. He recommended removing the device from the IRIS system, then downloading and linking to the Halo system so that they could push firmware updates that would solve the chirp problem. Sounds like a lot of trouble to me, so I'm going to wait to see if they go away as Otto reports they do for others. Has anyone heard of a need to connect to the Halo app for firmware updates?
  21. How strange: This is what I see at the Halo+ page: $115.00 Was $129.00 Save 10% thru 04/26/2017
  22. While there were no signs to indicate it in my local Lowe's, the Halo and Halo+ are 10% off through 4/26 ($89 and $115, respectively). I found out at the register, and later confirmed it on the Lowe's web site.
  23. Running or ruining?
  24. Go to the Alarms card, Click More in top right corner, then Alarm Requirements at bottom of page.
  25. Sounds interesting. I'd have to know more about its security parameters.