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  1. It's really annoying too when you get home from work and come home to a house that's either cold or hot because your thermostat didn't change temp because the alarm was offline and the schedule didn't run.... I'm less annoyed by my outdoor lights or my living room lights not being on or off. I'll flip a switch, it takes a longer for my house to cool off or warm up. Granted it's all annoying.
  2. My alarm went off again today, same thing.... Garage door opened. Checked the camera, garage door is shut. Re-armed the alarm, it tells me I need to bypass the garage door. In the history it says it closed the garage door based on my rules, even though the garage door was never open.
  3. Phone call, the app, and I have an email.
  4. So since the new update I've added my GDO back as an alarm device. However today I had my alarm go off, because my garage door opened supposedly. I immediately opened the app, and viewed the camera in my garage, my garage door was not opening, or open. I believe what happened is the GDO disconnected for a moment and the alarm paniced, and went off. However there is nothing in my history to show that the device disconnected or opened? Anyone else?
  5. So at least Iris isn't killing systems for bad reviews.... : IoT garage door opener maker bricks customer’s product after bad review
  6. Its not on my Android version either yet.
  7. My cameras have always done this, ALL of them (At least since V2) (however not as short as you are saying). They are all set to record for 10 minutes. They never record for 10 minutes. The recordings area always for random lengths, however they always restart, so I have multiple recordings. So I may get 6-8 minutes continuous, then I get a 2-3 minute clip at the end. If I do get a 8-9 minute clip usually it just stops there and does not restart. Usually I find the problem is most likely to happen when I try and view the camera when the alarm is going off, while the camera is trying to record. However this is not the only time, as it does it entirely on it's on as well.
  8. Now I've been pretty critical of Iris on this site as well, but let me play devils advocate for a moment... First the alarm can be disabled by keypads, things of that nature, heck unplugging the hub (power or internet) since there is no local processing would have gotten you back in your house. Second this is America, everyone is sue happy. Unfortunately without some lawyer putting in verbiage allowing them to look at cameras tech support could help you with your camera, heck professional monitoring service could not look in when the alarm was triggered. I'm going to venture to say they are not randomly checking camera's all the time for nudes. Third, lets be smart with placement of our cameras, they shouldn't be in places they might see things like that (And if they do, oh well, I'm not that shy anyways). The credit report, again it's probably not anything nefarious they are collecting credit card payments. All CYA stuff. I'm not saying it doesn't suck, however it's crap you see in the fine print of all TOS anymore, because everyone sues over anything anymore. My coffee was hot, the cable man hooked a cord to the back of my TV, etc. Just my thoughts...
  9. The reviews are clear, most people just want the system to do what it did before. They need to go back to basics before worrying about all the new features. There are still several things V2 does not do that V1 did do. They keep adding in new features, some of which work, some of which just sort of work. The entire time all the reviews keep pointing to the fact that we want our systems to work the way they did before. My positive review is no review at all, because I can't give it a review. I'd be scared to recommend the system to anyone at this point, because I'm not sure how much longer it will be around. It's disappearing from stores. Stores don't stock items anymore. However a positive review says they are doing things right. In my opinion, they haven't got it right yet. So while you're right, my system mostly works the way Lowes / Iris thinks it should, it fails to do things the original product I purchased does. Do you know long we've been promised this or that has been coming. They just up and do things like decide garage door controllers don't need to be alarm devices anymore leaving our homes unprotected and don't warn anyone about the change. It's so aggravating because they could be great... They could be best system out there, they just keep narrowly missing the mark. They just refuse to listen and don't I know why. They are making attempts, but the changes seem to be coming very slowly. This may just be because they attached to a huge company, and have to deal with overhead that brings.
  10. Came across this today, think it fits here.... Google Home Gets 'Beauty & The Beast' Promo But Google Says It's Not an Ad
  11. If I have to pick one........... I'll give it a C, leaning on the C- side, due to lack of V1 parity.
  12. We have two V1 keypads, one mounted by both doors. We don't use them very often, but every time we go to use them they work. It does take a second. When I press Off, sometimes it's a delayed before the alarm actually disarms, just like the chime is delayed sometimes, but it does disarm.
  13. That's their own fault... They have a way to distribute their product in a nationwide chain of stores, as well on a website that is used by millions of people. They had an app that had good reviews on the app store until it got bombarded by bad reviews after their bungled V2 launch. Then failing to to listen to the user base and what they wanted. Even now, it's clear no one in the stores has any idea about the Iris products, and the displays look like garbage in many stores. Either take the product serious, or they will continue to be the small fish in the big pond. I will give them credit they are finally starting to listen, but after all this time I'm being cautiously optimistic. As for Google home, well Google has a long history of just dropping products and services randomly without notice, if they don't go how they want. So I'd be hesitant to put any real money in any Google product that relies on a Google service. I like their hardware, We have 5 Nexus tablets in my house, I've had nothing but Nexus phones for quite a while. However I really don't have much interest in Google home. Just like I didn't have much interest in Alexa, or any of the Amazon stuff. Just my opinion though.
  14. I had a similar problem and my 910 lock is actually ~3 away from my hub, and 1.5 half away from a GE wall switch. My problem so far seemed to being another device in my Zwave network with a low battery. Eventually my entire Zwave network went down, and I ended up figuring it out. My lock has been stable since i replaced all the batteries in the devices.
  15. I don't use any of the generics that come with the devices for this very reason. I've also noticed even when you get "brand name" batteries with a device generally there is a weight difference between those prepackaged with t a device, and the once you buy in retail store. These lighter weight batteries never last as long. I've had tons of Duracells leak, so I don't use them at all anymore. I only use Energizer's at this point, knock on wood, those have been pretty good for me.