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  1. My last interaction via support on phone was with US based support. Does anyone know if Lowe's has made a decision to keep IRIS in US? How about the new "monitoring product"?
  2. Vett, If I decide to go "Blue Iris" it looks like I will need to purchase and download the PC software for my Windows 7 system as well as one of the 3 Apps for my iPhone. Is that correct? Are you using the paid versions or the "free versions"? Also, does my PC need to be "on" all the time? Finally, can the camera be connected configured to IRIS and Blue Iris at same time? Thanks
  3. Thanks Vett! Helpful as always! I will check into "Blue Iris" but do you know if it an apple app? I had guessed that the "guest wifi" would not work for the reason that you mentioned. Gone back to a wifi channel on same network and system now working. Thanks to Gillian as well!
  4. Can anyone tell me if the Gen 2 camera sets up easier and operates better on the new hub (relative term) than the gen 1 indoor camera? The reason that I ask is that I have always struggled getting the camera set up correctly and always have to call Lowes which is becoming tiresome. My latest situation is that I attempted to get the Gen 1 connected to a "guest wifi" signal which is supposed to be more secure. Never did work and I could never get it re-connected to wifi even the regular channel it was on before. So I just left it connected to cable. However, it even stopped recording clips. I finally called Lowes yesterday and we got things back. I would VERY much like to get another camera installed outdoors (actually at my covered front porch) so the hard cable connection will not work. I am reluctant to spend the money for another camera until I become comfortable that the system will work reliably. So to summarize: 1. Will the version 2 camera pair more easily than the version 1? 2. Does the version 2 camera have the still picture display problem (no picture or very old picture). 3. Will the version 2 camera work on a "guest wifi" signal from my router? Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. Please help me with this. How does is relate to the topic, " Lowe's to lay off thousands, shift responsibilities of other workers".
  6. Thank you! I am guessing by definition then, there is no predetermined time for such a re-boot to occur. Is there any way that the re-boot are recorded so that the user sees when they occur?
  7. Thanks Otto, I had missed that earlier post from you. One follow-up question though: Can you clarify what a "watchdog" reboot is?
  8. UPDATE, I finally changed my V1 camera connection from Cat 5e to wifi since things seemed to have become stable for me regarding this problem. Did this Saturday. I had some issues on both Saturday and Sunday with the still picture updating. Yesterday I did a 2 second hub reset and got a new still picture. Things "seemed" to have stabilized to a more normal as of this morning (just checked). Can anyone explain why the still picture display seems a bit problematic? Sure would like to know what triggers the replacement or update picture and how often I should expect a "new" still picture when things are working as designed.
  9. To me key questions concerning the new forum are these: Will the format of the new forum allow for users to respond to problems noted by fellow users? Will the format of the new forum allow Lowe's to directly respond to problems of its IRIS users? Will Lowe's continue to monitor and post to this site periodically? Will this affect the participation of some of this site's senior "very technical experts" who have a loose connection to Lowe's?
  10. I did a re-boot of the hub about 8:15 AM and then force closed and re-opened the App and the still picture came back. From previous history, the trick is will it start working correctly from this point on? History say no! I did send an email back to Lowes yesterday indicating the problem had come back. At one point we seem to conclude that it could be due to an apple ios update but if the still picture is working on other user apple systems.....I don't know. Frustrating and mystifying.
  11. Already tried that several times. Only thing I have not done is re-boot hub.
  12. Thanks! Easy when you know how!
  13. Things seem to be heading south again. I am now only able to get the "blue screen" again. See attached.
  14. How do I post a picture? I have the "bluescreen" still picture bug back and have been trying to figure out how to post the screen shot to no avail. Can someone help please?
  15. Just opened the app and the picture that initially came up was one from 11:20 AM this morning (lights off). It is now 4:15 PM. I viewed "play" and the still immediately updated to a more current (lights on) configuration. I hope this does not mean things are going south again.