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  1. I bought two of these and they work great as well. Bosch pet immune motion sensor
  2. Nice, thanks.
  3. Can you post a picture of your setup? Thanks.
  4. One issue with that configuration is if you use the uab LTE modem it will not work when the hub is running off its backup batteries, or at least that was the case when I had the modem. I always hoped they would find a way to fix that.
  5. SmartThings has some support for the Ring (you can use its motion sensor in as a sensor in SmartThings) but the only Nest integration they have is developed by the community. I'd love to see the Nest Integrated so I could use my protects for alerting and rules in Iris, however I'd rather use the Ring app and the Nest apps for the thermostat since they are likely to work better and faster, especially the Ring app where every second counts if you are trying to answer a doorbell remotely.
  6. I put an Add A Motor AD80 D80 Drapery Motor on my living room drapes to automate my existing drapes for $100. I just plugged it into an Iris Smart Plug and it runs until the black hands on the front trip the switch then it will stop until power is turned off and back on. I just have it scheduled to toggle the Smart Plug at 8 am and Sunset and have a "Turn off a device that's been on too long" rule setup for 1 minute so it is ready between uses. There are a few limitations though I'm unable to set a favorite position, they are either open or closed (or whatever you set as open or closed when setting it up) It obviously cannot tell Iris it's current state so if you have already closed the curtains when sunset comes it will open them again. If Iris had a rule like "When a switch is turned on then toggle another switch" I could set it up to toggle the state of one of my other Smart Plugs that are just acting as repeaters to base my Sunset action on, if they would allow you to specify that the schedule should only happen when a switch is in a certain state. Because of this I moved this Smart Plug to my SmartThings hub and installed a Virtual Switch to keep track of if the curtains are currently open or closed so the morning rule won't close them if I've already opened them, since I can make the rules I need there via CoRE. The Axis Blind controller looks interesting, I'm looking forward to its release to see how well it works for a few of my other blinds. Does anyone know what the Spring Blinds are they said would work with Iris in the 2.1 announcement?
  7. The only false alarms I have had were when a contact sensor fell off a door because the tape failed. A few times I have forgotten to disarm the system before opening the shed door or a window and a few times the camera motion sensor in the shed detected motion in the middle of the night but when I looked at the recording I saw a moth probably drawn to the IR lights.
  8. I tried moving my locks to SmartThings around December with new batteries but they weren't any better there, in fact my front lock was worse than it had been on Iris before moving it, so I'm guessing Terminal's SmartThings network and mine differ in how many devices the locks connected to between the hub and lock. Also in the IDE I could see my pins being sent in clear text from the 3rd party lock manager so I decided to move them back to Iris. After moving them back I had to remove my Yale lock from the garage door and put it right next to the hub when removing it and re-pairing it then I replaced the batteries and it is working much better.
  9. Try logging out of the Iris app on that device then back on and see if it says it will start notifying you. You can also check the menu button in the upper left of the Iris app then Settings->Profile->Push Notifications to see if your device is in the list and if so remove it from there before logging off and back on. Or if the logoff/on doesn't work you could try uninstalling and re-installing the Iris app however that will clear any images, favorites, card layout changes you have made so I would do that as a last resort.
  10. The only issue you might have with checking your cameras while they are on hold is some mobile carriers like Sprint don't allow you to use cellular data when your using cellular voice, other carriers like Verizon I think allow this without issue. Of course if you are somewhere with WIFI that wouldn't be an issue. Do the Pro monitoring people have access to your cameras once an alarm is initiated, or ever?
  11. I received these tonight and they paired right away and are working as expected. They show as an uncertified device however they return the temperature and motion as expected and the system added them to "On" alarm only by default since they are motion devices.
  12. https://slickdeals.net/f/10110700-zigbee-wireless-sale-centralite-appliance I just ordered 2 "Bosch Pro-Grade ZigBee Wireless Motion Detector ISW-ZPR1-WP13 - Requires Samsung SmartThings Hub" for $25, when I receive them I'll update if they work with Iris. Although I imagine the deal is for a limited time, I'm not familiar with sidekick deals.
  13. According to support, they say the ability to switch from portrait to landscape was causing issues with many of their customers devices (I can only guess they mean something like the Nucleus or something), a lot of us used it successfully on our iPads to get the orientation we need. Also if you have cameras on your system it requires landscape mode to view those no matter the device so this really doesn't make sense.
  14. I do have some things setup in STs to call me using the IFTTT method however I could only find a way to have it call one number and there are times where my Wifes phone has signal but mine doesn't (Sprint vs Verizon) so I'd like it to alert us both and I haven't found a way to set that up with the IFTTT Call option. Are you aware if that is possible? Thanks.
  15. Is that 4TB cloud storage? How much do they charge per month? Thanks.