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  1. I have most of my lights and a number of sensors on SmartThings primarily because of Geo fencing. But I have my security related things on Iris still because of the phone call notifications.
  2. I have been using Alexa with Iris for about a year and Google Home with Iris for about a week. Google home groups things into "rooms"of course you can name the rooms then you just say "Ok Google, turn on all of the family room lights"and Google home will reply with "You got it, turning three lights on". The feedback you get from Google home is the only thing that really sets the two apart at this point. They both work almost instantly. Also the Google Home "hears" better although that may be due to my Alexa being on the bottom shelf of an open cabinet.
  3. I had this happen with one of my v1 outdoor cameras after a system update but it corrected itself after about 48 hours and has worked as well as the rest of my cameras since.
  4. Go into Google Home then tap the three bar (menu) option and choose Home Control, from there choose the + option to add the service and you should see Iris in the list. I was able to link mine and have all of my lights and plugs available to Google Home now and so far they work as well as Alexa. I really like the Google Home's voice confirmation of what it did with your command "Ok, turning the Living room light on" verses Alexa's "Ok"
  5. Did you put this change request on the official community site as well, https://community.irisbylowes.com since this site isn't monitored as often by Iris employees? I'm guessing you meant "We need local processing", which they said would be coming Q2, better late than never, although they said Q2 would likely just be security related offline processing. At the bottom of page 2 they state their plans https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Feature-Suggestions/Offline-processing/idi-p/107/page/2#comments Iris Community Manager ‎02-16-2017 11:18 AM Status changed to: Accepted We recognize how crucial this feature is to many of our users and are actively working to include this functionality. We will be prioritising Safety & Security features for this update, following your feedback, with a view to launching in Q2 2017.
  6. It requires creating a Scene with your lock in it then using the Run a Scene rule under Doors & Locks. I have one of my doors setup this way and it works well most of the time. Occasionally the lock doesn't tell Iris it was unlocked until after I have already closed the door then it will not auto lock.
  7. I believe you have to leave the web page open on a machine to get any kind of graph over time.
  8. Yes, the email read: We are reaching out to you personally because you have shown interest in our Professional Monitoring service through our website and we have determined that it is available in your area. Even though when I tried to sign up for it the site told me I couldn't get it in my area, although I'm in a suburb of a major city.
  9. The second one https://m.lowes.com/pd/Iris-120-Volt-White-Smart-Plug/999925330
  10. That seems to be true anytime someone posts a good deal they found at Lowe's, its frustrating.
  11. The only other thing I can think of that could allow it to work inside but not out is if the outlet your using outside isn't working, I'm guessing that's not the case but have you tried plugging something else in there?
  12. Sorry I should have pointed that out, many APs these days have both a 2.4 GHZ and a 5 GHZ antenna and you can control the channels independently, the 2.4 GHZ network uses the lower channels. The original Iris cameras are 2.4 GHZ, I'm not sure about the new camera but I'd guess it is still 2.4 GHZ.
  13. Sign into the web interface of your router/AP and on the wireless tab you should be able to select the channel something like the Control Channel at http://event.asus.com/2012/nw/dummy_ui/en/Advanced_Wireless_Content.html, you can see this one is set to Auto be default. That doesn't necessarily mean it will detect noise and move it though so I'd try 1, 11, or 6 if you have an Android there is a good app for detecting WIFI noise called Wifi Analyzer https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer
  14. Maybe try switching channels on you wireless setup, if one of your neighbors recently changed their router/AP it could be causing too much noise on the channel you have been using.
  15. I have the Ring Video Doorbell Pro "paired" (cloud to cloud account access) with SmartThings which gives you access to the motion detector however the camera is not accessable via SmartThings. The Ring will not pair with Iris at all. I still love the Ring even though it doesn't work with Iris as I just use their app which works perfectly most of the time. I haven't tried a Blink camera yet because they haven't had an IR version available yet so from what I can tell a brink LED will come on giving away the cameras presence (which in some cases may be good because it may scare someone away but in other cases will likely just get the camera destroyed). They are supposedly working on an IR version though. If anyone has one let me know what you think of it.