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  1. I currently have the Honeywell thermostat Click Here . Model number Model # CT-101-L. My HVAC is going to be replaced and I am considering a Duel Fuel heat pump. Will I be able to use the my current thermostat with a duel fuel heat pump? If there a Iris compatible thermostat that is compatible? Thanks
  2. How far away is the contact from the hub?
  3. Got it
  4. I understand you to say that if any of my other wired smoke detectors go off it will not activate Halo but will work the other way? Anyone have an idea of how I could test notification? Obviously I could just set it off.
  5. Installation went well. Easy to mount and wire. Paired immediately. Test went as described in the manual. Couple things: The light can be set to any color imaginable and put on a schedule. I set it to turn on sunset to sunrise just to see what it would do. The light is turning itself off in less that an hour even during the scheduled on time and does not remember the color. I go into the app and turn it on set the color then I walk by later and it's off. I would like to test the notification on my phone. Just running the test doesn't send a notification to my phone. Should it? I can run the test from my phone using Iris app so obviously it is connected. I guess I will have to light a match or something to set it off to test.
  6. That's kind of what I was thinking. If I can log into Iris and watch live video. Someone else can also. It would be a boring show but never the less... A door lock is a little different. For it to matter, the person hacking would have to be at my house. That changes the odds of it happening considerably.
  7. I will read up on the VPN connection to my cameras. Thanks
  8. I am considering a camera on the front and back door as well as a lock on the front door. I really don;t worry too much about a person with the know how to hack my door lock in my neighborhood. However, you can watch a camera from anywhere in the world.
  9. Has anyone ever been concerned that a camera could be hacked by an outside user?
  10. Thanks...I had no idea
  11. Does anyone know why the unit would stop working after 10 years.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Some of the workarounds people come up with are very creative to say the least. However, I think I'll just wait on the halo.
  13. First alert has one that says works with Iris but it appears to be battery powered. Click here to view First alert has the same one in hard wired version but it doesn't say works with Iris. Click here to view
  14. I have 6 hardwired smoke detectors Click here to view . I would like to add a wireless Smoke Detector to the series and connect it to iris. Is there a hard wired product that will do this?
  15. I installed a Z Wave GE LIght Switch. I have several installed and are working normally. However, the last one I installed did not go as usual. I wired the light, turned on the breaker, put the app in pairing mode and functioned the switch. The light turned ON as it should. Here's where the hiccup comes in. The app was just kept searching without finding the switch. I let the app search for about 3 minutes. Never found it. I backed out of the search, looked in "Lights & Switches" and there was the GE Light Switch. I named the switch thinking I was good to go. The light functions manually and with the app. However, when I function the light manually, it doesn't show the change in the app. Example: Light is OFF manually and in the app. I turn the switch ON manually. The app still shows OFF but the light is on. In order to function the light with the app, I must tap ON then OFF and the light will turn OFF. My thoughts were to use "Remove Device" but I have never done this before. I don't want to mess anything up because my system is working very well with 30 devices. What should I do?