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  1. I haven't received any emails about pro monitoring Did everyone fill out the "Register now to get updates" form on their site, or did these emails come automatically?
  2. I like the new app but I have one comment that I haven't seen anyone make. It's nice that the cards are smaller and take less scrolling, But they changed the font of the favorites and icons at the top. They made them bigger and I think it doesn't look as clean. I have a favorite called Thermostat, and it used to fit the entire word under the icon and now it says "Thermosta" and just the letter " t " us in a second line below. Seems clunky. Same with the history, it now takes up a lot of space but just 3 lines of data. I'd like to see the current format, but adjust the font size and layout to look a little cleaner
  3. I give my system a " A" A lot of C's and D's, tough crowd. It does everything I can could imagine and I rarely have any issues. A few new features or app UI improvements would be nice but I don't think it's accurate to say the system is a D. The Echo (Alexa) integration for turning on lights is life changing, the Osram multi-color bulb option is cool, ability to download video clips directly to your phones camera roll, ability to adjust thermostat schedule on app, free care card, and the more modern look of the app are all things I use daily that didn't exist in V1, so to be hung up on not having power monitoring or local processing I think is a little short sighted when compared to the new features and UI improvements over V1. I'm sure a lot of readers on the forum are power users and want the highest level of customization but I think the "average consumer" just wants to turn lights on/off with basic rules, control thermostat, etc. as is with the ~ 10 people I've referred to IRIS. My concern is in agreement with a post someone made a while back about posting POSITIVE reviews on Lowe's site. If you're rating the system a C or D, are you giving it a 1 or 2 star review on Lowe' and the app store? I think if you give it a negative review in 2017 based on missing a feature you had in 2014 or how the transition was isn't an accurate viewpoint for a new consumer reading the reviews online considering purchasing IRIS today. Just saying, negative reviews may scare customers away and one certainly could speculate that the more subscriber growth they get, you'd hope would allow for them to grow their development resources. Last rant, the competitor systems that have the greener grass, does a single one call your telephone if your alarm is triggered? (not just a push notification). I could be wrong, but to my knowledge Wink only sends push notifications? If my security alarm goes off at 3 AM while I'm out of town, I most likely wouldn't awaken by a push notification however when the phone rings (especially with a unique ring tone set for IRIS) I most certainly would wake up to investigate.
  4. I don't remember seeing a lot of discussion on their "preview" shown on irisbylowes's site but I think the screen shots look cool. It's simple but having the temperature displayed on the favorite icon looks nice. I wonder what "improvements to scroll features" means. I don't hate the current interface but it seems like it takes a lot of scrolling to get to the lower cards. An improvement would be nice.
  5. Wonder if we will see the V2 app this week. Looking forward to seeing the UI tweaks
  6. I picked up the V2 button tonight on sale for $15. Stuck it to the wall via included sticky pad, controls lamp by smart plug as intended. Seems to work just fine... no issues what so ever.
  7. Are there any good experiences for these buttons? I have plenty of good experiences with items that others find issues with, just wondered if anyone actually likes these. I want to add a button for a lamp on a smart plug and on sale for $15 seems like a good deal.
  8. New logo looks nice, I think it's an improvement!
  9. My echo would not control my Honeywell thermostat This update fixed it and it works great The dimmer switch %'s seemed wrong a lot This update fixed it and it so far works great. My 33 devices are all working and I dont think I have any bugs. Good work Iris team!
  10. I picked up a RGB bulb for $27 last night at Lowes. Can't believe the sale. Put it on the front porch and set to green for the holidays and thought the same thing, would be cool to switch between red and green like every couple hours.... or at min like you said have "favorites" so if I do it manually I can quickly find the Christmas-y green instead of the bright green. FYI the sale has pretty much all the bulbs 40% off. Said it was running until 12/3 but I checked and they're still on sale.
  11. lol that's how it started. Bought a dot on sale for $39 for a "fun" gift for sister and mom Decided to get the "no hub required" plug for $40 Saw the automation kits on sale for $109 with a free hub and decided to get that instead of the $40 stand alone plug Pretty good deals Clearly people on this forum are advanced users and would use rules, etc but I was just trying to understand how well the basic plan would work if my family aren't heavy users.
  12. Great. Thanks again Bummer about the smart button but I'm still hoping the basic plan will still do most of what my parents need.
  13. Thanks for the confirmations Forgot my last question, can you use the alarm without a keypad ?
  14. Sorry for sounding helpless , but I read that before posting and still have those questions. I didn't understand if account holder is defined as a person (log in) or device. Meaning can the same log in be used for two phones. For the smart button, I assume that to mean rule and require premium but wanted to verify
  15. I've always been on the premium plan so I didn't bother to understand the basic much, but after buying family members IRIS as holiday gifts, I want to understand what's the difference in plans in a little more clearly. Notifications: When I signed up on V1, the messages were text, so for myself and wife to get notifications it meant premium to receive notifications other than the account holder. On V2, it's push notifications instead but I have 2 phones and an ipad all registered to me. I do see that the system recognizes 'devices" but I use 1 log in. Under the basic plan, under my scenario (multiple devices, same log in) would that work or would that require the premium? Smart Button: The kit comes with a smart button, but is simply using a smart button to control a smart plug considered a rule, needing premium? Alarm: I have the keypad and use the alarm function, but if you don't have a keypad and only contact / motion sensors, will the system still function as an alarm (need to arm/disarm via app) despite not having the keypad to provide the audible alarm? and call/text you as normal? Help is appreciated!