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  1. Thanks, I'll try this out. I would really like there to be a delay though. In a scenario where people are going in and out (like people showing up for a family party), it would be better to have a delay.
  2. I've been searching around and have not been able to find out if this scenario is currently possible. But, my wife and I are becoming empty nesters and my wife can never remember to lock doors when she's home alone (she grew up in a small town). I know that locks have the buzz-in feature, but this bugs me as I do not want the door to re-lock after 30 seconds, because it might be open while we are bringing in groceries or unloading the car. Or, worse - if the door is actively being closed when the deadbolt pops out and damages my door frame. I would really like to set a rule that would lock the door once it has been closed for a few minutes. Yes, I would like this to happen all the time (whether we're home or not). Is this currently possible? Workaround?
  3. Had the same kind of thing happening with my deadbolt, next gen smart plugs seemed to help inconsistently. Last night, with everything in place, I rebuilt the Z-wave network and things have been solid so far today. I'm glad the rebuild came online with the last set of updates.
  4. I do not log into the forum daily. Sometimes not even weekly. I just completed the survey.
  5. Am I missing something with my new V2 hub installation, where did The ability to turn off a smart plug based on energy usage go?
  6. Thanks, I will do that. To tell you the truth, when I started with Iris, I was surprised this feature was not already available (as well as others). I'm going to keep thinking about a hack. I am pretty good with a ordering iron, basic electronics, and spreadsheet analysis - there has to be a way to monitor furnace run time within the Iris system.
  7. I know about Nest, but how many times must I replace my thermostats (since my Iris ones are fairly new)? I was trying find a way within the Iris system.
  8. I'm looking for a way to use my Iris system to accurately monitor the actual, daily run-time on my home's furnace. Mostly it is just curiosity, but I would like to be able to compare daily run time with outside temperature and also log changes when burning wood in my fireplace insert. I also wouldn't mind having longitudinal data to compare before and after home improvement (like an upcoming door upgrade/install).