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  1. My bad. I wasn't paying attention.
  2. You mentioned free account, energy monitoring and geo fencing. Which would you consider the most important?
  3. If you have either recently moved from one platform to the other, or if you were contemplating this decision, what would be the single most important factor you would consider in making this decision. Please list only one.
  4. I don't think there is anything to fix. The reason it requires a double push is to alert you something is open but gives you the option to bypass it. Imagine if you had a door or window open and did not know it. You hit the button once, the systems arms and you have an unprotected area you did not know about. The fix was allowing a device to rejoin the network after being closed or motion has stopped.
  5. I just performed this test and it works fine. A contact sensor rejoins the alarm device list immediately upon being closed and the motion sensor rejoins within a couple of minutes. So the solution for those using motions just double tap the alarm mode either on or partial. The alarm will arm with the device shown as bypassed and within a couple of minutes it will rejoin and be a participating device.
  6. The latest update is supposed to re add a device into the alarm if it is open or seeing motion while arming. Try double tapping the alarm mode to set the alarm and then see if that device is in fact participating.
  7. I rebooted my hub and echo started working again.
  8. Did you reset on the app or at the softener interface?
  9. My app is working but echo fails.
  10. My app is working but not echo. Maybe we're getting the advanced skills.
  11. There is no zwave on the softener. The board is easily swapped as I had to do that about a year ago. I would factory reset it and try to pair again. I doubt the board is bad since you can see it has an ip address. Sounds like a bad pairing.
  12. Done here also.
  13. This is why this forum is so important to our community.
  14. I've got a few of these and no.problems here.
  15. I have it sitting on top of a picture on the wall. It's height is 6'. It's mounted on a living room wall and covers the living room, dining room and a large part of the kitchen located at about 45 degrees to the right through an arched opening between the living room and kitchen. I have yet to see any motion during the day while we are gone but I've never had it fail to alert anytime a human is in any of those areas. We have two cats and a shepherd running the house all day.