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  1. The devs are.
  2. This is a known bug which was reported at device release.
  3. I suspect the next hub firmware update will fix this problem.
  4. I think you're just like Otto, just half ass anything.
  5. Why is it mounted crooked?
  6. There's an admin here "Otto" that has 16 devices in his master bath and Vett has probably close to 16 cameras alone so I don't think it's the number of devices you have causing your problem. What are the other devices you have that are causing problems and how recent?
  7. It's really not weird, they're just preparing early for global warming.
  8. I would replace a battery at anything less than 40%. The app will show a battery low level at 30% which is far way too low.
  9. Troubleshooting, all devices, sort on name. You should know what the devices you are searching for are named.
  10. I'm not sure when yours got updated. I have some accounts that have updated and some not. I'm guessing the driver updates are rolling out for something planned for the next platform update.
  11. And they will be until the driver gets fixed. The problem is in the 2.3 driver, when a V1 contact sensor is subject a very low temp, not sure the exact temp but somewhere in the freezer level they start reporting in the 7k range. It's a known issue.
  12. The only problem driver will be the V1 contacts.
  13. These will be v1 contact sensors. Check the portal and see if the driver has been updated to 2.3.
  14. Lowes stands behind its products and customers. I'd exchange it.
  15. Exchange it at your local store. Have support contact the store if necessary.
  16. If you were to give Iris a grade right now would it be A,B,C,D or F and please only list one item that you based the grade on.
  17. Did you see any New Device 1 items paired? Were you ever prompted to rebuild the z wave network? You probably are going to need to get this switch and hub close and then reset it using the z wave removal tool and then repair it again.
  18. It will be pushed from the devs and we'll get it when they push it.
  19. Iris pushes drivers to devices when necessary to accomplish a desired result. Look for driver 2.3 to appear on your security related devices any day now.
  20. I think you can set that thermostat for at least a two degree swing. Check and see what the swing setting is.
  21. You might try replacing the OEM batteries. I had the same problem, original batteries lasted exactly 3 months. I replaced them and have 6 weeks on the new batteries and according to the Gillian's portal I'm still at 100%.
  22. Yes, you can do this. Device on for too long rules, 1 to 45 minutes to 8 hrs duration.
  23. This is a requirement if you have Pro monitoring.
  24. Anyone having any issues with Echo failing to execute an Iris command at this time?