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  1. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    I'm with you on the Aeon meter but it's not going to happen. The list of supported devices can be found in the Iris app. Without digging into the app a few come to mind that were added last year. Google Home, Amazon Echo, Yale Locks and the Philips Hue line.
  2. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    The GE Zigbee devices report energy. I use one on my air handler to let me know when the ac has turned on or off since we no longer have whole house energy monitoring. But I can't really complain as we do have the Santa tracker. Can't wait a year to use it again.
  3. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

  4. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    Looks like the Amazon Fire TV has done the same. Not that I agree but I'm thinking that the wealthiest person in history ."Bezos" and a fortune 100 company might have a better insight in the need of their companies to participate at CES.
  5. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    2.8 Is the latest Android version.
  6. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    You can also do it from the mobile app.
  7. GE Devices Having Trouble

    I've seen this before. A hub restart and optimization should bring them back. It's like the network gets congested and devices lose their routing and it all goes to hell.
  8. Slippery Cloud Connection

    I would take this up the line straight to the CEO's office if necessary. FYI, the V2 modem sent to me came from a third party company out of Miami, not directly from Lowe's. I suspect Lowe's, if necessary, has enough muscle with that vendor to get you another modem, especially if the circumstances as you explained are accurate. Please keep us updated.
  9. Light brightness on motion

    I have not tested this specifically but it should work. A light will turn back on using it's last dimmer setting. Create a scene to turn the light on at say 25%. Schedule that scene to run at the time you want the dimmer setting to happen. Then create a 2nd scene to turn that light back off scheduled 1 minute after the 1st scene. This will put the light into the dimmer setting you want and should turn on at that level from a motion. You will have to create another set of scenes to reverse the dimmer setting and put the light back into the brighter mode. It's a shame we have to jump through so many hoops to accomplish what should be a simple dimmer setting on a motion rule.
  10. Merry Christmas!!!

    You too Vet. Thanks to you, the other admins and all that contribute and make this such a great forum.
  11. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I just clicked Pavs link and it took me to the portal.
  12. Iris vs SmartThings

    If you have either recently moved from one platform to the other, or if you were contemplating this decision, what would be the single most important factor you would consider in making this decision. Please list only one.
  13. New Kwikset Lock

    I think there's some long lasting problems and way over due fixes that should have been completed on zwave locks. I personally if buying again would go Zigbee on locks.
  14. Proximity "Tag" for Iris Camera On/Off?

    They have one they just need to publish it.
  15. Proximity "Tag" for Iris Camera On/Off?

    What exactly can you do with an Iris camera, Blue Iris and geofencing?
  16. Proximity "Tag" for Iris Camera On/Off?

    Geofencing is on the feature list but who knows when it will be available. In the meantime you could put the camera on an outlet or smart plug and have the plug turn on or off based on a fob presence or departure.
  17. Local Processing Is Here

    I was not able to in an earlier test.
  18. Local Processing Is Here

    I've actually got leak sensors from PEQ, SmartThings, Iris V2 and Utilitech and they're all on local.
  19. Local Processing Is Here

    The leak sensors are also local but not the shutoff valve which renders the sensors useless for local processing.
  20. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I'd call support and ask them if they can push the update while your hub is not armed.
  21. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Have you tried arming the system while online and then removing internet connectivity and triggering an alarm?
  22. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Do you have any unsupported participating devices? I just completed a test under a couple of different scenarios and mine worked as expected.
  23. I received a weekly flyer in the mail that contained a half page of smart home offerings, SmartThings starter pack, Ecobee, Ring, Smasung Smart Plug and Lutron wireless switch with hub. Not one mention of iris.
  24. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    This is funny. I saw this earlier in the week in a Google news feed. You should watch this guys other videos where he unpacks and IBM AT that had been sealed in its factory box for over 30 years.