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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    I've actually got leak sensors from PEQ, SmartThings, Iris V2 and Utilitech and they're all on local.
  2. Local Processing Is Here

    The leak sensors are also local but not the shutoff valve which renders the sensors useless for local processing.
  3. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I'd call support and ask them if they can push the update while your hub is not armed.
  4. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Have you tried arming the system while online and then removing internet connectivity and triggering an alarm?
  5. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Do you have any unsupported participating devices? I just completed a test under a couple of different scenarios and mine worked as expected.
  6. Iris vs SmartThings

    If you have either recently moved from one platform to the other, or if you were contemplating this decision, what would be the single most important factor you would consider in making this decision. Please list only one.
  7. I received a weekly flyer in the mail that contained a half page of smart home offerings, SmartThings starter pack, Ecobee, Ring, Smasung Smart Plug and Lutron wireless switch with hub. Not one mention of iris.
  8. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    This is funny. I saw this earlier in the week in a Google news feed. You should watch this guys other videos where he unpacks and IBM AT that had been sealed in its factory box for over 30 years.
  9. Fan control with alexa

    Interestingly the GE dimmers have the same interface but MIN on those devices keep the light on at what appears to be a minimal setting.
  10. Hub not updating?

    You have the current version.
  11. Fan control with alexa

    Really 5, min turns it off.
  12. Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    Who knows, I found it somewhat odd this video was available for public view as it seemed to be for store managers only but it hit my inbox so I posted it.
  13. New V1 stock?

    I was in a local but not a normal store for me this past weekend and saw the same 3 items for sale. Personally I think the build quality on the V1 stuff is far superior to the V2 devices in the same category.
  14. Hub not updating?

    You're going to have to call support.
  15. Hub not updating?

    You mention version on the site, have you checked the version on the hub device page from the app?
  16. I'd also pull the heat sink strips off of the right switch. Probably not worth much benefit but you never know and it'll take 10 seconds to do it.
  17. Camera Compatibility

    Probably not if it's not Iris branded.
  18. Iris App Version 2.6.0

    I'm guessing the caller was spot on.
  19. New to Iris, but not happy

    From the OP opening sentence... "I bought my hub and two kwikset locks this weekend, and ordered two IRIS motion sensors"
  20. Themostat problems this morning

    .52 was for Z-Wave improvements.
  21. For those having problems with Z-Wave and metal boxes, could you possibly perform a test? It's not safe and I would not suggest doing so if there are any children at home but if you could do it safely, maybe by taping off any exposed connections, but try pulling the switch out of the gang box exposing all sides and see if the problem goes away?
  22. What is the total zwave count? Pm me if you'd rather not disclose this openly.
  23. New echo to be smart home hub

    Am I missing something or haven't these commands been available for awhile?
  24. Power Outage Notifications

    Zwave continues to have issues.