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Found 4 results

  1. Are there any other 4g modem/routers that are compatible with Iris for backup or are we stuck with this one...
  2. Anyone know approximately how long the V2 batteries are supposed to last? With the exception of pairing does the system operate normally while running on batteries alone?
  3. I'm sure this has been covered but is it possible to use Wifi for the internet connection? or at least as a backup for internet, as I have 2 independent internet setups so it would be nice to use the 2nd as a backup via wifi at least until IRIS comes up with the promised 4G adapters.
  4. this post is to notify other iris users about a problem I have with the Verizon modem that iris support has duplicated and is working on. I feel that I should alert other owners about this issue because it was apparently unknown until I brought it to the attention of support and they notified me that they have verified that it is a problem by duplicating the issue on their own equipment indicates to me that it may be in other systems as well. While they did not expressly state that this is a completely new issue, i don't believe they would have gone to the effort to reproduce it if it was all ready known. also i only came across the issue after lengthy testing, which tells me that there is a possibility that most if not all other users are unaware of the issue because they've placed faith and trust in Iris without testing it. Now to quit all the qualification blather and get to the point, the problem I am having is that when on the cellular hub my system arms itself (sets to the away mod and turns on) by itself, even when i am in my home. the cellular can run up to several hours before this happens At this point the reader may be thinking (like I did) "what is the big deal, so it flips on, at least it isn't flipping off." Well, first of all i don't know that it will not because I have never tested it while away because I perceive it (cellular) to be unreliable and don't want it "protecting" my home when I'm away. But also I don't have a smart phone or the time or inclination to monitor it when away. What makes it unreliable is the additional fact when it self arms and I shut it off either before or after I've triggered the alarm,ALL MY DEVICES ARE OFFLINE until I switch back to broadband and reset the hub. this cellular thing cost $80. personally, when i plunk down that kind of scratch for something, i thoroughly as possible test it to see if it works properly. If you own one and haven't tested yours, I suggest you do so because it may not even be really paired. It took me a week to pair mine successfully even though it said it was, it wasn't before that. Also, it still gets all kinds of false reports regarding the connection and the signal on it's management page.