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Found 5 results

  1. Hello- I have switched to the basic plan, which means no more rules and no more Smart Buttons to activate them. Instead, we use Alexa turn things on and off, and it works pretty well and saves us $10 a month. I also have a USB modem that I was never able to use as coverage in my area is poor. For sale are: 18 v1 Smart Buttons - All include batteries and most have at least 80% life left I would prefer to sell these as a set to one buyer for $120. Otherwise, I'll list them one at a time on eBay. 1 v2 USB modem The modem is for sale for $50. I will include the shipping for free with both of the items. Please contact me if you are interested and thanks for looking.
  2. erichdd129

    V2 Smart Button problems multiple

    I received my V2 hub about 2 weeks ago and everything in my existing system seemed to work just fine. I decided to upgrade and buy a couple of additional items. Item 1: V2 Smart Button Item 2: Utilitech Indoor Siren The biggest issue is the smart button keeps disconnecting from the hub. I have tried to move closer, move the hub, reset the hub, reset the smart button, pair, un-pair, and repair all to no avail. After spending 2 hours on the phone with tech support they referred it to the design engineers and said it could take 24-48 hours to hear back. Today will be 48 hours. I will let you know. After spending almost 2 hours on the phone with tech support it seems as though the siren works as they were able to trigger it. However, my smart button will not. I tried a few different configurations of rules for the smart button all had mixed results (primary reason for failure stated above. Config 1: Smart button as panic button Result 1: Utilitech Indoor Siren would not sound. Dashboard shows button was pressed no sound from siren Config 2: Button as doorbell Result 2a: Hub beeps but very faint barley able to hear hub shows button pressed Result 2b: Hub makes no sound dashboard shows no indication of button press. Result 2c: Hub shows button disconnected Config 3: Button provides push notification to say it has been pressed Result 3a: Push notification successful Result 3b: Push notification unsuccessful dashboard shows no indication of button press. Result 3c: Hub shows button disconnected Has anyone else had issues with this button like this
  3. In the update notes it talked about being able to control a garage door with a smart button or key fob. I see that they have add the words "garage door" to the rules but it appears you still have to use 2 separate buttons one to open and one to close. Am I missing something because this is no different than how I already had a garage door set up with 2 smart buttons? I thought that this update would allow you to use one button and it would toggle the state of the door.
  4. Smooth1SITF

    Smart Button Usage

    SO, I bought my very first Smart Button yesterday to use it as a control for a light in a closet. I found you have to either select it as a "Panic" button, "Door Bell", or a "Magic Rule". You have to select "Magic Rule" to use it as a control. Now, for those of you that has these buttons, in the application I want to use it with, I want to be able to push the button and it turn on my light in the closet for 2 minutes. So far, I don't see where you can select the time on it. Does anyone know of a way to make it turn on a device for a short period of time? Im not seeing it so far, but I have been known to be blind. LOL
  5. I am looking to get a smart button to switch to night mode. There does not seem to be a magic control to do that. Only to toggle switches, plugs, and receptacles. Or to act as a doorbell, or panic alarm. Should have options to control locks, garage door, irrigation, alarm state, and thermostat.