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    Iris GL08_2 Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plugs

    Can someone explain to me how to use the Iris cameras independent of the Iris servers?
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    Lowe's gift cards expiring

    Unfortunately I got the answer I was expecting. So sad, too bad. Oh well my fault. (Amazon required the expiration date BTW) Still a winner, caused me to get off my butt and get Hubitat.
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    Thanks a lot everyone, I read through this thread and it really helped me to solve some issues with my device. You guys are awesome.
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    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    I bought 5 of the Samsung sensors, wish I had got double that. I deployed the 5 I had in addition to the 4 I already have in the system. They are much nicer than the Centralite which Lowes rebranded and sold under the Iris name. The contacts on the top and perfect for soldering leads to and adapting them to serve some other purpose. The price is right at ~$18. I will get some more. I can see using one to connect to a glass breakage detector from my old hard-wired alarm system on the slider and a couple other applications.
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    Careful with old Iris Cameras

    Is your question directed at me? If so the alerts I am seeing are not from Xfinity, I don't use any Xfinity supplied hardware. The firewall in my router catches them and emails me a report every day with the IP number of the attacker, the date/time, and type of attack (DoS, Port Scan, etc).
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    Really nice detective work Otto! Thanks for sharing.