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    Six weeks with Hubitat

    Using Homebridge installed on a raspberry pi I am able to connect Hubitat to Apple's HomeKit. Now I can use the Apple Home app to control my Hubitat connected devices. The WAF just went up significantly.
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    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    I replaced my Iris connected Orbit controller with a B-hyve Smart Timer and wasn't impressed. It wasn't watering according to the scheduling in neither the manual or smart watering modes. I took it back and exchanged it for a Rachio. Even though the Rachio was more than twice as much I think it was worth the money. As an added bonus it connects to Hubitat and is EPA certified so I qualified for $124 rebate through my local Water Conservation District.
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    Gen 1 device limit?

    I work with IP based mesh networks and wouldn't refer to mesh mapping as eye candy, but more of an etch-a-sketch mess.
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    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Otto, don't hold back -- tell us how you really feel.
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    Gen 1 device limit?

    They paired immediately and have been very responsive and stable on their own network.
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    Device that can show power failure

    It is a good way to know if the internet went down though. The only downside is I would need to turn on ICMP responses which I currently have off to attempt to limit the number of tries against it.
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    A little update here: I've been burning down on the list of open issues with getting Arcus working out of the box. Arcus still is not going to be something that the average user can (or should ever want to) run on their own. However, for experienced technical users, I plan to provide some Kubernetes configuration files which can be used to bring up Arcus on-demand within Google cloud. Unfortunately I will not be able to optimize the configuration part, where the user must go to a half dozen different service providers (e.g. SmartyStreets, Twilio, etc.) and create accounts, configure, etc. Also, there will be no mobile app(s) or push notifications, although I can confirm that it isn't too difficult to get at least the iOS app (although you'll have to pay Apple $100 if you want push notifications). Finally, the resource requirements for Arcus are not trivial to meet. You won't be running it on a Raspberry pi or other low-spec machine. Currently, the lowest I've been able to get Arcus to run on is about 10GB of ram (down from 16-20GB, through tweaking some configuration options). Expect to pay $60-100/mo in cloud hosting costs if you don't have a server on-prem to run Arcus. I do have plans to investigate running Arcus in some sort of on-demand compute model (e.g. Google Cloud Preemptible resources), but I don't expect the price to be below $40 even with that in mind.
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    vera hub goes offline?

    I've had the Zigbee network on VeraSecure go offline a number of times. You have to call support to have them bring it back up. They can't tell you why it went down. Oh, by the way, Vera's Zigbee network becomes unstable after 20 or so Zigbee devices have been added. They say that this is a known problem but won't say when it will be addressed. I had VeraSecure controllers for both houses, but after the incessant pairing problems with the first house, I decided to try out Hubitat on the second house. Almost everything pairs without issue, and it pairs most if not all of the Iris V1 sensors without difficulty. On VeraSecure, the V2 Iris sensors that it will pair become unstable and inoperative within a few days.
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    Device that can show power failure

    I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/CyberPower-CP1000PFCLCD-Sinewave-Outlets-Mini-Tower/dp/B00429N192/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_3 I have pretty good power which rarely goes down and usually only for a short time. It powers my Hubitat hub and everything necessary to keep my internet connection working. All that stuff draws little power so it will keep it working for a long time and nothing has to reboot. It's primary purpose is to keep my security system up and running if the bad guy(s) turn off my power which they have been known to do in an attempt to defeat an alarm system.