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    Here is a better one.
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    Where there's a will there's a way...
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    I have found that historical data can be very useful. It helps in making minor adjustments to my home automation system.. I typically monitor the last 6 hours but can go back as far as I need to. I’m exporting all my Hubitat events to an InfluxDB running on a Raspberry PI. The reason I bring this up is since SystronicsRF runs on a RPi it should be possible to integrate this functionality. Here are some examples of what should be possible.
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    With currently 88 devices running with the SRF Control System, system is performing very nicely. Have created a wall-mounted control panel using an older model leftover iPad. I, for the first time, have a control system that my wife is comfortable with and uses daily! Below is the Dashboard I created to manage and monitor the most significant items in my system. There are two half-height buttons in the middle of the page that link to two other dashboards for my use. One shows all four Iris cameras with light control buttons beside the camera views to turn on relevant lights for each camera. The other is a page showing activity and open/closed status of all door/window/motion sensors.