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    I've had V1 for over 3 years and it's worked flawlessly. Upgraded today via Migration tool. Migration Process Transferred name of all my devices over All showed up except GE Link Light Bulb and Camera Link bulb paired manually no issue Camera had to be manually reset and paired via wired to router V1 will no longer let me log in as expected Positive Impressions App loads quick Devices responder quicker App seems more upscale, nice interface Cool to add a photo of your home to the dashboard Simple to add rules/scenes, it's pretty straight forward Could be crazy but my Siren seems louder Cool that the care features are now free App is very customizable Chime via opening doors is identical to V1 Response time for phone call when alarm triggered was instant Bugs Camera has been disconnecting several times When viewing camera card, if I hit the PLAY button, it seems to save a recording despite me hitting PLAY not the red RECORD Questions Q1) What Camera Resolution / Frame Rate is recommended? I ran on 640 with 30 FPS on V1, as it was more smooth and I preferred the smoothness via higher res with a slight chop I tried 1280 with 30 FPS and the motion is smooth but the camera seems pixelated Q2) Anyone else think the Siren is louder? (could be I hadn't tested it being indoors recently) Overall Assessment It's definitely a step forward. Would prefer V2 to V1 in a heart beat Migration tool process is preferred I was also afraid I'd miss the website, but in all honesty, I used it to setup / view rules and once setup I never used it lately. Sure the screen is smaller, but the way rules are configured in V2 are more logical than V1, overall it's a huge step forward and I didn't miss the web interface at all I'm not doubting if you migrated early there were bugs, but as of today it seems to be working equivalent to V1 and I'm very happy. I'd definitely recommend the system to others
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    Free months...1 or 2?

    Just called and used the billing support option (option 2 I think). Only about a 1 minute wait. Rep looked and agreed it was supposed to be 2 months but couldn't figure out why I was set to bill after one month. He applied a one month service credit. So I'd definitely say anyone who migrated and got billed after one month should call.
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    Just Started My Migration

    After living with it a day, i can say the biggest issue is no web interface. The app is good for looking at stuff and turning stuff on or off, but it's awful on trying to configure this system. Even using bluestacks doesn't help that much, it's just hard to navigate. I do know that had I not been reading this forum ahead of time, i'd be lost on where to find various features.
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    Iris Survey

    I have posted several requests for a clarification as to the ultimate availability of a web-based interface to control IRIS ... 1. Whether a web-based management system will be available for IRIS. 2. When such a feature might be available -- No clarification or committed response has been received -- I have not received any request to participate in the survey that is being referenced I am retired with over 35 years of experience at designing, developing, testing, marketing, and implementing computer software. I am VERY puzzled and distressed by the way that the IRIS "product improvement and migration project" has been handled. I feel that the V1 Product was well designed and an effective solution with the web-based support for configuration and operation. My conversion to the V2 product has been quite disappointing ... thus far. When can we expect V2 to provide a similar type of capability and support ...?
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    Regrettably, if momma aint' happy, she doesn't tolerate my Iris habit. Just like the 2 cameras in the garage that I just bought off of E-Bay with a 3rd on the way.
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    I believe I snatched up the last one from this same listing... $12.44 delivered.
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    Free months...1 or 2?

    It is 2 months and was on V1. If you guys are getting billed early I'd suggest calling into support to get that 2nd month.
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    Iris Survey

    Received mine. Honestly the web portal was one of the biggest reasons I chose Iris. It is a differentiator for many of us due to it's utility. The small screen isn't good for everything. As mentioned above it appears to prioritize items and hopefully means a a portal is forthcoming.
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    The v1 fobs are still available on ebay and priced right. I am not a fan of the v2 fob. I just don't like the build quality and the buttons are prone to being accidentally pushed. You might also consider the smart things presence sensor. I think there were some folks having trouble getting them to pair but I haven't heard any complaining lately. I am not sure if that is fixed but I know that it is supposed to work. Edit: I am glad you posted this. I had been meaning to get a spare v1 fob while I could and just scored one on ebay for $12.44 delivered.
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    CT-101 Is kaput

    We have 3 CT101's, two in one house, one in anothere. House where there are two were migrated from V1-V2 and have never had a problem since first install 2 1/2 yrs ago. The single one gave little trouble with programs on cool for few weeks, then finally started working correctly, that was couple of months ago. I was told from the start to not use auto, so have never even tried it, always just use heat or cool, but all of them running on schedules. Well, grrr. While fixing another issue yesterday my home hub got deleted from my account and I had to pair back up everything from scratch. The CT101 paired back up, but now will not run the schedule. I set up the schedule but when I put the check mark in the circle to use schedule, I get a message to call tech support.
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    I prefer the v1 devices over v2 with the exception of the keypads and smart plugs. I think that the v1 devices have a little better build quality and you can remove them to change batteries and re-pairing without having to rip them from the wall. The v2 devices just are not well thought out in my opinion. Technically, the v2 devices use Zigbee HA 1.2 protocol, so they should perform better but I see no real performance differences.
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    The disconnect problem does not appear to be related to previous service on V1. I just installed my second CT-101 tonight. Brand new, never been on V1. It too has started the hourly disconnect. Tier 2 had suggested that such behavior was due to some vestiges of V1 programming in my first thermostat. The new one's disconnect dance disproves that theory.
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    Wait wait wait. You control your smart home product with a pc?!?!?! What wizardry is this? How do you deal with all the screen real estate? Are you confused by the large and easily read print? Is it difficult to use something you are already using at work every day? Besides, a keyboard and mouse are such cumbersome interface devices. That whole deal sounds terrible.