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    Cutting the cable

    Isn't the 1TB dual tuner channel master $349? The Tivo OTA comes with lifetime subscription (so no monthly fee) and is only about $50 more than the Channel Master. It also has 4 tuners instead of 2. Speaking of plex, the Tivo has a plex app as well as hulu and netflix. It boggles my mind why Channel master does not have apps for the 2 most used streaming services. I really think the Tivo Roamio OTA is the better buy. It's only $50 more, it has lifetime service, the user interface has been hailed as one of the best interfaces of any kind in history, and you get apps for the most popular streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime)... If you bought the $349 Channel master, you'd have to add another streaming device if you want netflix, hulu, or amazon prime. You can get sling.tv with the channel master though... but for me the price of sling defeats the purpose of cutting the cable. By the time I paid for sling.tv, netflix, and hulu, I could just go back to cable.
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    For those wanting to try Echo

    A new Dot that is connected to my stereo suddenly decided to quit playing the music sent by Bluetooth from my iPhone music app. It would still speak its responses through my speakers -- but not the music. I had to delete the Dot from my account and go through set-up again. Whatever glitch it had was resolved by "re-pairing."
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    For those wanting to try Echo

    I found a helpful use for Alexa today. I had installed the Trackr skill which will sound a ringtone on your phone even if the phone is set to vibrate/silent. This afternoon I was working in a customers home and misplaced my phone. My wife happened to be with me and tried calling it but I had it set to silent. Using my wife's phone I used the Lexa app to voice command Alexa to ask Trackr to ring my phone. Within a couple of seconds my phone sounded and I found it. Not at all why I bought Alexa but nonetheless this proved to be a very useful feature.
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    Battery notification

    I don't get notices from IRIS about low batteries nor off-line devices most of the time either. So, I installed this app called IRIS+ that can be found in the Google Play Store. IRIS+ has no endorsement from IRIS. I get low battery indicators and immediate notices of off-line devices. I get repeat notices if I don't deal with low batteries or off line devices ( I choose the frequency to be reminded again). Then there is a ton more features that this Android App does. I costs ten bucks. It does fifty bucks worth of stuff. Don't be a freeloader. The free version of this app is useless. Just pay 10 bucks BEFORE you try it. The author previously stated that he would refund your purchase if you asked within 24 hours. This app mostly does things that the IRIS app does not do. YOU STILL NEED THE IRIS APP. If you have a iOS phone, this app is a good reason to switch back to an Android phone.
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    For those wanting to try Echo

    Saturday I had one Dot that wouldn't respond at all, I would say the wake word and it wouldn't light up even pushing the action button did nothing so I unplugged it for a minute and plugged it back in. After the reboot I noticed one time that it truncated the time when I was testing it, so far that has been the only instance I have noticed.
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    With the unreliably of the camera system, I had to purchase a 3rd party software for a Linux system full time. Someone broke one of my lights on my wife car while it was in the driveway and the Iris system didn't catch it. I do see a little more improvement within the system, but it does have a lot more work on.
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    @IrisbyLowes, Can we get an update on Offline processing? Please