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    Iris saved my cat today

    So ,here is a true story. I was at work today and Iris called me saying my security alarm was triggered. The alarm was set off by the front door contact sensor. I thought someone had broken in or a false alarm.I looked on the app and no additional sensor were triggered.. I knew that we have a new door installed with. a new contact sensor and I assumed it fell off and that's what triggered the alarm. I decided to drive home real quick ( short distance) and check on everything.I pulled up and saw my front door open about 2 feet. Also, my (indoor only )cat sitting on my front porch scared to death. I got the cat back inside and check the house and everything was ok. To make a long story short, the new door didn't latch when I left for work , but Iris saved my cat .
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    Using thegillions web portal, I was able to determine that my backup modem had only one bar of signal strength. After doing some research I discovered that our modems have CRC9 antenna connections. I ordered an antenna as pictured below for under $15 to see if it would help the situation with the expectation of very little improvement. I figured at that cost it was worth a shot. Well that antenna arrived today and there were a couple of surprises. First this thing is much larger than I expected. I had envisioned that it was maybe a couple of inches square. Well it is six inches by six inches. The second surprise is that after plugging it in and setting it up I was at five bars of signal strength. Well worth the price and effort in my book. Edit: Turns out the connector needed is a CRC9 which is why mine needed a small squeeze to tighten up. I corrected the post above. Before: After: The Monster:
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    New Temperature Control

    Our local Lowes had the smart buttons on sale, so I bought a couple. They work fine but I discovered a previously unknown benefit. They have temperature reporting similiar to some of the other devices. But I noticed no matter where they were they reported the temperature as 68 degrees. So I put one outside and sure enough it said it was 68 degrees even tho the weather man said it was 25. My conclusion is IRIS is somehow controlling the weather. Based on that I'm going to leave it outside so it will be much warmer. And come summer it will make it cooler. Don't know if this affect extends much further than my area but if anyone doesn't like the weather you might try this to warm things up.
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    Maintenance notice from Iris

    The ratings on Android are improving also. Maybe someday we'll reach V1 parity and then some cool things coming:)
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    Another Leak Detector Save

    This morning at 12:15 am my Iris system alarmed on a water leak. The drain hose on my non-Iris water softener malfunctioned and started spraying water everywhere. The leak sensor I had placed on the floor next to the softener detected the water leak, setoff the alarm and turned off the main water valve so there was minimal clean-up required. This is the third time Iris as saved me from potential major water damage. Thanks again Iris!
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    This is a compliment to thegillion----> If 1 guy sitting at home can build the WEBUI over 3 months in his spare time and achieve 90% of the functionality as the offical Iris App, then 100 trained monkeys at Lowes should have had it done 2 years ago.
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    I am moving the portal over to Cloudflare to better manage data and cache. Also, I can add SSL to the portal too
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    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Maybe I can make a page for turning off and on devices just for people that want to do this.
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    Is Iris going out of business?

    I'd like to see them revive the production of the V1 sensors and smart buttons. The quality is just so much better on the V1 devices.
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    Community forums are a joke

    This is why this forum is so important to our community.
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    I have both Iris and SmartThings (which I purchased during the November Iris outage). After more than 3 months of SmartThings here are my observations: Iris advantages: 1. I have kept Iris as my alarm system due to it calling on alarm activation rather than a simple popup or even an SMS text since I can have my phone set to silence at night but allow known callers to ring normally so I will still notice an alert from Iris 2. I much prefer the Iris app with the "All doors locked and closed" or 1 light on. 3. Locks have much more support around them by default on Iris, although through community created DTHs and SmartApps locks can be fully managed on SmartThings 4. Cameras are fully supported on Iris, although there is no 1080p camera available 5. I much prefer the history in one location like Iris has over each device housing its own history like STs does 6. Iris's disconnect notices may take longer than some may want but STs doesn't do this at all by default and the community SmartApps I have found that do this have generated many false alerts due to no status from some of the compatible but unsupported devices SmartThings advantages: 1. Geo fencing! I have moved many of my light switches to SmartThings just to take advantage of Geo fencing since I have never been a fan of the Iris key fobs which take minutes for Iris to detect and longer for it to determine they have left. So some of my lights come on when I turn on my street and head toward the house and all of the lights turn off once no one is in the house. 2. IFTTT integration, making many more devices at least partially usable from STs like with my Arlo Q camera I can have STs trigger a 1 minute recording via IFTTT when a contact sensor is opened although I cannot have it trigger a recording when the alarm is triggered from any device 3. Compatibility, although not necessarily support for far more devices like Aeon labs micro switch, doorbell, Ring (motion detector only), Sonos (Play,Pause,Next,Previous,Mute,Un-mute), currently only three camera options for beta support (Samsung Pro 1080p, Arlo, and Arlo Pro) but still no sound capture or response in the ST app (however the app for the camera itself will support this for the Samsung and Arlo Pro) Many other cameras can be made to "work" with STs but in a very limited function (still shots or photo bursts) unless IFTTT integration is really good between the two, Harmony hub, better remote control options... 4. CoRE, community created rule engine which makes almost rule possible, even if it is not easy to setup 5. STs supports some devices in an offline fashion but not all, this is supposedly being worked on for Iris finally Other observations: 1. From conversations on the SmartThings community site the ST v1 to v2 conversion wasn't even as thought out as Iris' since they didn't provide any automated mechanism and users had to purchase the new hub, unpair devices from the old hub, pair them to the new hub, then re-setup all automations and alarm behaviors. Also, during this conversion STs pulled support for their dashboard which was gave users similar notices that we have in the v2 app about how many doors are unlocked/open or lights on 2. Just last week SmartThings finally got some builtin battery notification rather than requiring a community created SmartApp, although still it does not alert without a community SmartApp 3. Google home is supported on STs but is supposedly almost ready on Iris as well.
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    My iris grade is...

    I'm going to be honest here. The reason I started this thread is because I'm tired of the lingering issues we are having that have been reported to the team month after month after month such as the following. These are all V1 parity issues except for Echo. Scenes that properly control locks. Right now a scene will not properly lock more than 2 locks at a time. The problem has been going on for a very long time. Lighting duration rules that work with multiple trigger and target devices. It is impossible to keep a light on using two motion sensors at the same time. Care rule time options vs current minimum of 30 minutes. We need more choices that are less than 30 minutes. Battery percentages for less than 70% vs current 30%. Echo advanced skills. Based on the fact that Lowe's no longer sells Echo, I don't hold much hope for getting advanced skills. I invested heavily in Echos based on the fact that this was coming at one time. This is truly the most disappointing turn of events yet because Echo has been one of the few things that just worked properly upon initial release. Energy Monitoring is missing. Water softener flow rate monitoring with the ability to alert for excessive flow via email or push and associated shut off rules that were available with v1 is missing.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    @pavalov @RonLh @Terminal @Otto Mation @joelh @dusterp @EyeRuss Steve, Jim C, Steve To supporters and people that use the portal. This project started as something to show Iris it can be done and has now turned into many users go to for status and control of their Iris accounts. I see this in the forum and Iris community as "If you go to the portal", "Thanks to Gillion's portal", etc I love that I want to say thank you to everyone. I am still working on the portal and updating the portal this is just a simply post to say thank you. If you didn't get a tag its because I don't know your username on the forum.
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    @Smitho I am working on that. There is a big update coming and it will have a lot of fixes and addons in it.
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    Capabilities of basic plan

    My thoughts on this below... I've not tested as I have premium for the hubs I have these devices on. 1) You would only be able to manually control the light via the app or schedule it. So he could schedule it to come on via sunset and off at sunrise. Regarding the fob you can config buttons from the device page but you only have the option to set security to on/off/partial, play chime, or activate rule. So I assume you'd be able to do everything but setup the rule with it. Which isn't going to get you the option to trigger a specific light since you don't have access to rules. 2) You could have the zwave light switch for your kitchen light but again you'll only get manual control from the app or scheduling. Same goes for the light strip. No option to trigger lights with motion without rules. 3) Again no rules to turn on lights with motion which would turn it off after x minutes of no motion. 4) You would only be able to setup a schedule for the tstat and let it run. You don't have scenes to set up the mode the tstat runs in and no rules to trigger said scene. I don't think Iris will be able to go much longer without providing rules and scenes for basic users, IMO. The competition is to great in the smarthome market. This is probably the single biggest grip with Iris for new users wanting a smarthome when comparing it to other platforms. If rules and scenes were free then Iris would be more competitive by removing a major barrier for entry with new users. They possibly would get back several users that have moved over to SmartThings from Iris.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    Just letting everyone know i am still working on the portal had a few setbacks this week but back to it. The next update is going to be a big one.
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    2.1 firmware??

    It's probably one of Otto or Scunny's old hubs. They're always lightyears ahead of everyone else when it comes to updates.
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    Zwave maps

    In an effort to understand how well the Z-Wave network propagates throughout my house I took the zwave-map.gv file and mapped each individual device using the "devadv:protocolid". I then took a layout of my house and placed the device in the actual location. This was created on a Mac using OmniGraffle Pro.
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    Or you could attach one of these to the dashboard of your car. https://www.lowes.com/pd/PostMaster-Replacement-Mailbox-Flag-Kit/3024896
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    I have a 4TB limit on my video storage capacity through Blue Iris. Since I'm still on the Iris premium plan it's too bad I couldn't just "donate" my allocated Iris storage to someone else.
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    Parity list with v1

    And he's done it with one hand tied behind his back, he's got talent on loan from God.
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    PSA, echo now has bluetooth

    Without much fanfare Amazon pushed an update to the Echo now allowing connection to a bluetooth device for audio streaming.
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    Looks like the official Web UI will be available this week. https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/Initial-Release-of-Web-UI-Coming-Later-this-Week/m-p/1312#U1312
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    Love how they are calling it the "Web Portal" now. https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/Iris-Release-Notes-Release-1-0-Web-Portal/m-p/1330 and everything else is saying web UI or web interface.
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    "Hey, isn't that stock boy that works after school good with computers? We should pull him to the office and let him work on the iris web UI on his down time..." hahaha