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    This is a compliment to thegillion----> If 1 guy sitting at home can build the WEBUI over 3 months in his spare time and achieve 90% of the functionality as the offical Iris App, then 100 trained monkeys at Lowes should have had it done 2 years ago.
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    "Hey, isn't that stock boy that works after school good with computers? We should pull him to the office and let him work on the iris web UI on his down time..." hahaha
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    One motion sensor, 3 rules

    That is what the check box is used for if there isn't a schedule attached, it would be nice if there was an Enable/Disable check box and an Active/Deactivated check box. So we could disable scheduled rules without having to delete the schedule or change both times to inactive.
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    Just a thought, what about a column under All Devices for a firmware version. i.e. I have a smartplug that is sitting on "devota:currentVersion":"20015010" (it is new) and one of my older ones "devota:currentVersion":"20085010" I am sure that is for the V2 SmartPlugs only but it is a start and I can help get a field list together for the other devices that I own.
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    I do not have any smart vents to test so I can not add them to the portal. I do plan on adding temp graph to this. You can just leave the portal open in a new tab or minimized window.
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    One motion sensor, 3 rules

    Yeah I actually have this setup for a siren outside. If someone walks up my driveway near the garage, the WIFI switch is hooked up to a 12V siren and it goes off. It would be nice to simply disable that rule instead of screwing with the schedule or removing the rule altogether.
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    One motion sensor, 3 rules

    Only thing I can think of is you just created the rule and you had not let it get to 6am so that it would deactivate. When you create it it will be active and will not go inactive until the next deactivate time rolls around unless you manually deactivate it.