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    Last April, I posted this in another thread: "With my smart bulbs, a click "off" and back on turns the bulbs on locally at 100% brightness, so my family can operate the lights separate and apart from the app." Now, my smart bulbs have a different convention. If the light is Off, turning it On manually merely causes it to turn on for about a second, then switch back to Off. If it is already On through the app, it can be turned off manually and then back On and it stays on. Did a recent update change this? If so, I consider it a step backwards. It leaves people who don't have the app no way to turn lights on.
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    I kinda got side tracked and decided it would be nice to have a centralized control panel so I mounted an iPad in the the wall where my main thermostat was.
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    Cutting a hole in the sheet rock of that size is a true sign of commitment.
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    Why the V1 contact sensor is better!

    They can also be stuck/failed closed for devices that are in that state for a very long time, like a sensor on a window that rarely gets opened. When I refreshed an alarm system at my house, a couple of recessed windows sensors based on reed contact switches were stuck closed for windows I hardly remember ever opening. A couple of hard taps actually freed the reed switch and appeared to function normally afterwards, but I figured they just need to be replaced since you never know about their reliability and they're dirt cheap.